Friday’s Dose of “Humour”

Anything I would write today would be highly acidic, and anyway … it’s Friday … so better to try to have a few laughs to lead us into the weekend, yes?

toon-1toon-2toon-3toon-4toon-5Ralph Northamtoon-7Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon - tt_c_c190212.tiftoon-9toon-10toon-11toon-12toon-13toon-14toon-15toon-16toon-17

Have a great weekend, dear friends!  Do something fun!  Hugh … here’s a little something to help keep you warm up there in the frozen tundra …


24 thoughts on “Friday’s Dose of “Humour”

      • I have found there is othing like denial and dissociation sometimes–and chocolate. I spend a lot of time reading older Regency romances, set between 1811 and 1820, and their society has it all: racism, classism, sexism, the vast Napoleonic war that wrecked a lot of stuff, and yet there is still a few layers of decent people, from servants to aristocracy. It gives me hope, and has me keeping a portrait of the first Duke of Wellington in my bedroom. He was great, defeated Napoleon, severely punished his own soldiers who rioted after victories or tried to assault civilians, and insisted on paying the local people for the food and supplies his vast troops used, unlike Napoleon’s who stole everything they needed at his orders and lost the affection of the people as a result. Wellesley/Wellington became Prime Minister, and refused to allow the extreme rightwing bunch to influence government. He’s my current fantasy president–

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