Trump Has Gone Off His Rocker By Declaring A National Emergency Over Funding His Wall

Gronda has said this as well as I could have, so I ask you to read her timely post. Thank you, Gronda.

Gronda Morin

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The republican President Donald Trump has gone and done it. On the 15th of February 2019, President Trump has agreed to sign off on the budget agreed to by the US Congress avoiding another US government shutdown but he has decided to declare a ‘National Emergency’ to use reallocated taxpayer monies to fund his SW border wall to the tune of an additional $6.5 billion for something that is a non emergency. He even started off this announcement with the words “I didn’t have to do it, but…

It’s the US House which appropriates taxpayer monies which the president has acted to usurp. Of course this action will be challenged in the US courts, but this high risk tactic should have been avoided as it sets a dangerous precedent.

See: Presidents have declared emergencies 59 times since 1976 – ...

See: What exactly is a national emergency

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14 thoughts on “Trump Has Gone Off His Rocker By Declaring A National Emergency Over Funding His Wall

  1. Naw, he hasn’t gone off his rocker. To go off his rocker, he’d need to be ON HIS ROCKER, and that hasn’t happened since the last century. Although, reading his comments, I think, we’re trapped in some absurdist’s vision of hell.

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    • Funny, but I’ve had that phrase crossing my mind for months now. I genuinely fear for the future of this nation. Even if Trump were removed from office tomorrow, the damage he has done will take years, more likely decades to repair. And, we are running out of time … Sigh.

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  2. Jill, while the US President continues to ignore the constitution, an interesting development occurred in New England as reported by The Guardian.

    Former Governor of Massachusetts Bill Weld is the first Republican to challenge Donald Trump for the GOP nomination in 2020. He cited the words “grave peril,” to define the country under Donald Trump. Per The Guardian today,

    “In a speech in Bedford, New Hampshire, he (Weld) criticized the president as a threat to American democracy and said it was time for patriots to stand against.”

    So, I have a question for Mr. Hannity. Why would a Republican say that?


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      • Jill, I hope Weld’s campaign announcement draws others into the mix, like Ohio Governor John Kasich. The GOP leadership needs to find that spine (Mark Shields called them “invertebrates”) and look to alternatives. The US President is in a death spiral. It will not get better for two simple reasons – all of the lies have yet to be determined and he is not going to stop lying. This was in evidence yesterday, The “why” questions need to pick up in earnest and I think they need to be posed directly to the sycophants like McConnell, Hannity, Limbaugh, Huckabee-Sanders, et al. Here is a good one – why is the President’s data points for action being contradicted by his own government agencies, such as Intelligence, Defense, EPA, NASA, NOAA?


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        • I fully agree, and I would love to see Kasich throw his hat in the ring. But … what chance does any republican contender have if half the states will not hold republican primaries? I find that unconscionable … dictatorial. It reduces the rights of republicans to have a choice. It may well cause even more to leave the republican party, and as I see it, the GOP really can’t afford that.

          As to your ‘why’ questions … indeed, why do the people with actual knowledge contradict him? It would be one thing if he actually understood any of it, but he has proven that he has no concept and when he says he “trusts his gut” more than he trusts his advisors, I feel ill. His ‘gut’??? Seriously??? Sigh.


  3. I hope he’s buried in law suits. Anyone who would try to draw money from already allocated funds like Hurricane Damage etc shows no care for the people he governs on either side of the political divide.He and his Dark Money providers have already shown how little they care for the people over Obamacare and health care charges as well as the recent tax changes following the tax reduction for the obscenely wealthy last year. In fact, I hope he’s buried alive in aw suits never to resurface again.

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