♫ Running With The Night ♫

I’m in the mood for some Lionel Richie tonight … what do you say?

Richie co-wrote this with the lyricist Cynthia Weil, and co-produced it with James Anthony Carmichael. The electric guitar solo was played by Steve Lukather, best known as a member of the rock band Toto. Lukather sat down in the studio and the engineer played the basic tracks of the song, for him to hear for the first time, so he could plan his part. As the music played, he jammed along on his instrument. At the conclusion of the tune, he said to the engineer, “Okay, I’m ready for a take.” The producer replied, “That was a take.”  Some adult contemporary stations edited out Lukather’s guitar solo “to make the song less rock-sounding.”  That makes no sense to me, but what do I know?

When a young Richard Marx moved from Chicago to Los Angeles and was amassing rejection letters for his demos, Lionel Richie gave him a shot, and had him sing backup on this track. Before he hit it big as a solo artist, Marx lent his vocals to several other Richie recordings, including All Night Long.

Running With the Night
Lionel Richie

The heart of the city street was beating
Light from the neons turned the dark to day
We were too hot to think of sleeping
We had to get out before the magic got away

We were running with the night
Playing in the shadows
Just you and I, till the morning light
(We were running, running with the night) oh

You were looking so good girl, heads were turning
You and me on the town, ooh, we let it all hang out
The fire was in us, we were burning
We were gonna go all the way and we never had a doubt

We were running with the night
Playing in the shadows
Just you and I, till the morning light
(We were running, running with the night) oh

We were so in love, you and me
On the boulevard wild and free
Giving all we got, we laid it down
Taking every shot, we took the town

We were running with the night
Playing in the shadows
Just you and I and it was so right
Girl, it was so right

Songwriters: Cynthia Weil / Lionel Richie
Running With the Night lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

19 thoughts on “♫ Running With The Night ♫

  1. I have nothing against Lionel Richie, actually I’m quite fond of him. However, I must yet again chide you on your choice for this day. I will overlook that you missed poor Whitney Houston’s sad anniversary of death on the 11th, as you have highlighted her in past posts. But today is the 4th anniversary of the demise of Lesley Gore, the “It’s My Party” girl! I still play the 1963 “I’ll Cry If I want To” album and later the same year’s “Lesley Gore Sings of Mixed-Up Hearts”. Her last album that was released in 2005, “Ever Since”, has an updated version of the memorable “You Don’t Own Me”. It was produced by Blake Morgan, the songwriter and founder of ECR Music Group, who had known her since he was 11 years old. During the promotion of the album he was worried about the issue of her lesbianism coming to the forefront. To which she responded : “Well, how can you come out if you’ve never been in?” She had lived her life quietly since 20 years of age and had been with her life partner, Lori Sasson, for 33 years by the time she died. I will not recommend the August 2015 Trevor Tolliver book “You Don’t Own Me : The Life and Times of Lesley Gore”, unless you are a devoted fan, but it was interesting and is the only book about her. Thank-you and might I add, did you really miss my propensity for loquacity, be warned…it seems to be making a comeback despite my continued lamentable health!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yep … you’re feeling better!!! I have been properly taken to task for my lamentable oversight, but in my defense, I didn’t have you to remind me of these all-important dates! I wasn’t a huge fan of Leslie Gore’s music, but I did like some of her music, such as Sunsine, Lollipops and Rainbows, and of course, It’s My Party. But I was/am a huge fan of Whitney Houston and am still saddened by her life and the way it ended. And YES, my friend, I have most definitely missed your P for L!!!! I’m so glad to have you back! But sorry to hear your health continues to be lamentable. I suspect that having young Benjamin around all next week will be just the thing to perk you up! Hugs!!!


  2. I loved this! I completely forgot it. Luke (Steve Lukather) is still touring with Ringo and Todd Rundgren and that bunch this year, as far as I know–and I agree that you can’t take the guitar solo out of the song without gutting it completely and pointlessly.

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      • Ringo has his bunch whom he loves to travel with, doing the greatest hits of all the guys’ groups, and the only reason I know that is because I know Todd. he said Ringo is the nicest guy ever and the most inclusive, having them all travel on his private plane etc. instead of being distanced and snooty like, um, some other living Beatles might be said by some people to be.

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