Kamala Harris: The 7 Issues Guide

With nearly 21 months until the 2020 presidential election, the democratic candidates and potential candidates are stacking up like pancakes! How to sort through it? Who stands for what? I had been considering doing a series of posts with the platforms, ideologies, pros & cons of each candidate, but as it is an overwhelming task, I kept pushing it to the back burner. And then, last night I discovered that blogger-friend TokyoSand has enlisted a group of volunteers to help and has taken on the very project I had in mind! And she has done a far better job of it than I ever could, so … why re-invent the wheel, right? I asked and received her permission to share with my readers, so please take a few minutes to get to know the first in the series, Kamala Harris! Thank you, TokyoSand, for this excellent work and for allowing me to share with my readers.


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The Democrats have a big field of candidates running for President in 2020. To briefly use a sports analogy, I see our candidates as the starting players on the Blue team, each bringing their own unique strengths to the table in a bid to take our country in a very different direction than the one we’re on today.

But as we well know from 2016, the media (and especially social media) gets fixated on non-substantial issues that take up all the oxygen. Plus, they don’t give the candidates the same treatment or the same amount of airtime.

In order to help voters get to know the Democratic candidates, I’ve enlisted the help of a team of terrific volunteers who have helped gather quotes and information about what the candidates have said or done in regards to the 7 issues that midterm voters identified as the most important. I hope…

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24 thoughts on “Kamala Harris: The 7 Issues Guide

  1. Political Charge was just recommended to me by my neighbor on Sunday while we were having our “Sunday Tea” and catching up. She was already solidly behind Kamala Harris, this just supported her position. The 7 Issues Guide is exactly what is needed to get beneath the surface and into what the candidate’s platforms are going to be in the 2020 election. I’m sure many of your followers will find this as enlightening and necessary as I do. Thank-you!

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  2. Unfortunately, the liberals still have Jussie Smollett and his ilk, who lie and make stuff up. Also The Washington Post and countless others that defame 16 year old kids, and now will answer in court for their ignorance. If this Mueller investigation comes up blank on Trump, the Democrats, unfortunately, will pay for this party’s crappy leadership. Again……

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    • Sigh. What does one have to do with the other, Jerry? If you wish, feel free to write a guest post and email it to me so we can discuss whatever it is you have to say. You keep telling me you’re not a Trump supporter, but you surely sound like one.

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      • What i’m getting at, is that it will be a very uphill battle. Especially with the numbers running. Look at what the Republicans ended up with, because of so much dilution. Those were just two things that really make it harder than it has to be. That’s all. I apologize, I just didn’t convey that well enough.

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        • Granted, the number of initial candidates dilutes the field, but I’m hoping that by the end of the year it will be narrowed down to 2 or 3. I’m also hoping we can have an election based on issues, platforms and ideologies rather than mud-slinging and conspiracy theories, and that goes for all sides! No apology needed … I thought you were just trying to get my goat, and I’m too exhausted to spar with anybody right now. 😉


    • True, but many will be weeded out quickly enough, I think. I’d like to see it narrowed down to 2 or 3 by the end of this year. You are right … it’s what happened in 2016 when rather than focusing on their own platform, the candidates engaged in mud-slinging and back-stabbing. That makes for greater voter apathy, for neither candidate looks particularly appealing at that point. I read yesterday that the Labour Party may well cease to exist at this rate.

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      • It was always a broad church. Now it’s riven with hatred and fundamental differences in how they see the world. The media seize on this and the splits have exploded. Strangely a few conservatives have now joined them. Maybe it’s the new middle party. However the political divide on many issues is greater now with the Tory and labour colleagues than was present in the Labour Party.

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    • TokyoSand gets all the credit, for all I did was re-blog, but I do love the way it is laid out and the comprehensiveness! More to come. Like you, I’m not even ready to think about who i will support, but Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar are high on my list at the moment. Subject to change on a whim. 😉

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      • VP Biden has a stellar reputation and star power. Aside from his age, he certainly has the best chance of overthrowing the dictator. I hope Obama goes to bat for Biden and the Democratic Party rallies behind this most deserving man. As one of your readers stated previously, the travesty would be dilution of the Democratic message, or worse the lack of one. On paper Kamala does look great, but she has skeletons in the closet that would play against her as the election nears.
        The problem with Trump, you can’t make him look any worse! The walking disaster thrives on negative publicity, lies, twitter rants. Any negative criticism of him results in a canned response… media witch hunt, just incorrigible.


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