It’s Saturday … and what better time to have a few laughs at the expense of he who most deserves to be laughed at, yes?

toon-1toon-2Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon - tt_c_c190217.tiftoon-5Bruce Plante Cartoon: Hillary?toon-8toon-9Bernie and AOCtoon-11toon-12toon-13toon-14Bruce Plante Cartoon: Trump's national emergencytoon-16

38 thoughts on “Chuckles!

  1. Dear Jill,

    I like the constitution / toilet paper mishap cartoon as well. But my favorite one is the one with the dogs. President Trump is the only president in our life times that doesn’t have a dog. The cartoon is right. He doesn’t need one as he has so many lap dogs.

    Actually, I liked them all.. Hugs, Gronda

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  2. ☺️ Needed that smile today. Unfortunately, while we laugh, there is so much wrong with the fact that Trump seems to be an indestructible force. Perhaps he is really a ‘Terminator.’ We need Arnie to come back and take care of this Terrible force.

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    • He does seem to be Teflon-coated … invincible … but I think that, as Keith says, he is in a death spiral and when he hits bottom he will hit it hard. They all fall eventually, and Trump is no exception. The question is, how will his downfall come about? I’ve run through a number of scenarios, and all of them include a major catastrophe. I’m not typically given to gloom-and-doom, but in this case, I simply don’t see a painless solution. Nixon had a conscience and a brain. Trump has neither.

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  3. At least Trump has provided plenty of material for the cartoonists.
    I have to admit my favourite being Bill Clinton and the incoming lamp (Blame my Tom & Jerry upbringing)

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          • I wonder if he would have written that if the skin tone had been…shall we say lighter..….?
            There will always be revisionists Jill. There’s one guy who even made it onto Audible Audio books with his tome which ‘proves’ how misunderstood Jospeh McCarthy was.
            And those are the least of it!

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            • No, I think we all … at least those of us who use the grey matter in our heads … know that the foundation of all the criticism of Obama was race and skin colour. Plus, he had a desire to help the people who most needed it, and that doesn’t sit well with some. Joe McCarthy … misunderstood??? HAH! That’s like saying Ted Bundy or Jack the Ripper were really great guys, just misunderstood. BAH Humbug!

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                  • Yep, be it the straight-forward idiocy of the Alt Right or the ‘Let’s tie ourselves in knots of contradiction’ of the ‘Hard’ (between the ears) Left.
                    I’m going back to world of my book(s)….
                    🙋🏿🙋🏻 🙋🏼 (collective..’Hi Jill!)

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                    • Hi Girls!!! You’re all looking so good! I’ve missed you! 🙋🏻 Keep the ol’ man here in line … he seems to be filled with a bit of angst these days, as most of us are. Hugs to you all!!! 🤗🤗🤗

                      And Roger … yes, do go back to your book! I’d like to still be breathing when you publish it! 😉

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                    • They send hugs back (emojis not working?)
                      Hey it’s on its way. One of my son’s friends is a graphic artist and is working on a cover for me.
                      Also Vol I is going to be relaunched.
                      Suddenly I’m taking it all seriously…..

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                    • That’s great that you will have help with the cover, and even better that you’re back into the groove! I can tell a difference in your mood. You da man! This is for you … 🥇


                    • Aww thank you Jill.
                      I’ve been cool, truth be known. It just I had to go in deep this time to write Vol II with a mature ending mixing comedy, drama, action, pain and hope.
                      Hence somewhat distracted.

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