Jolly Monday!!!

Good Monday morning, friends!  I bet you’re all glad to have that pesky weekend behind you and eagerly looking forward to the next five days, otherwise known as “the work week”, yes?  Hey!  Don’t throw that!  I was only joking!  Okay … so how was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?  Yes, Hugh … I know what you did all weekend … shoveled snow!

Grab a bite and a cuppa and let’s find fun things with which to start our week, shall we?

Speaking of donuts …

gold-donutThis is the world’s most expensive donut.  Last week, a Florida doughnut shop celebrated its grand opening with a $100 donut containing 24-karat gold and Cristal champagne.

Bjorn Delacruz, pastry chef at Enter Through the Donut Shop, in Miami Beach, said the Gold Cristal Ube Donut is loaded with luxurious ingredients.

“It’s created from a base of ube, which is a sweet purple yam from the Philippines.  Within the ube mousse we suspend little bits of Cristal gelee, basically Jell-O shots made from Cristal. We cover it with Cristal icing. I airbrush it with some gold, and then I guild it with about with six to nine sheets of edible gold.”

The donut costs $100, or if you’re shopping for a bargain, you can get a dozen for $1,000.  Please do not buy me one, for I don’t eat anything that costs that much, and I don’t eat gold and I don’t like champagne!

Snow, snow, and still more coming …

I mentioned that poor Hugh has been snowed in for most of the winter, with record snowfall totals.  Look at some of the cool pictures I found of the snow in his state …snow-1These guys were having fun playing on the Ice on Lake Superior near Duluth, Minnesota in the wake of a blizzard that dumped a foot of snow in many places.

Some people used the snow as an opportunity to show off their creative talents …

I look at these pictures and can only be thankful for our relatively mild winter …

But the dogs don’t seem to be minding it too much …

A joyful reunion …

hugo.pngThe parrot’s name was Hugo, despite the fact that he was actually ‘she’, and she was found on a runway at the Dublin (Ireland) airport during a routine inspection.  The airport launched a social media appeal to reunite the African grey parrot with her owner, but four people came forward claiming she was theirs!  But only one, a man named Lubomir, claimed that the parrot speaks Slovak.

Airport management then had the idea of recording an audio clip of Lubomir talking to the parrot in his native tongue and sending it to the animal shelter in Kildare, where the bird was being kept.  When they played the recording for Hugo, she got so excited that it was obvious that was her daddy!

Hugo and Lubomir

The reunion

And speaking of parrots …

This one’s name is Rocco, and he was living in comfort at the National Animal Welfare Trust sanctuary in Berkshire, UK.  But Rocco had a bit of a problem with … um … his language.  Oh no … Rocco could speak quite well, plain as day, and that was the problem.  He was rather like my late brother-in-law John, who could not speak without using profanity!

Finally, as Rocco’s language was becoming a problem with the visitors, staff member Marion Wischnewski took Rocco home to live with her in Oxfordshire.  Well, at first it all seemed harmless and even rather cute that Rocco took up with Alexa, Marion’s Amazon smart-device that can be used for all manners of things.  Rocco would ask Alexa to play music or tell jokes, and that was all fine & dandy. Rocco-AlexaBut one day when she returned from work, Marion found that her Amazon shopping list was … hefty!  Turns out that Rocco had ordered strawberries, ice cream, and a kettle!  She canceled that order, and a few days later checked to find that Rocco apparently had a hankering for watermelon and raisins!  Over the next few days, Rocco tried to order broccoli and a light bulb, among a number of other things.  Marion has learned to check her Amazon account each day!

Tulips?  Or Turnips?tulipsYou’ve got to feel just a little bit sorry for Allan Harris of Hartford, Kentucky.  The guy’s heart was in the right place, but his hearing … maybe not so much.  A few days before Valentine’s Day earlier this month, he was trying to get an idea what his wife might like, when she (Nina) mentioned that she would like to have some tulips to plant in the yard this spring.  Easy enough, right?

But Mr. Harris somehow misunderstood and thought her heart’s desire was actually turnips, so …Valentines-turnips.jpgCute little container though.  According to Nina …

“When I got up, I had my first cup of coffee, and he said, ‘Oh, your turnips are here!’ And I said, ‘Turnips?!'”

And Allan says …

“I went and got the bucket and put the turnips in the bucket that says ‘I love you’ on it. I went in there, got her coffee — and here you go!”

You’ve really got to feel sorry for him, but maybe next time he’ll pay attention?  After that fiasco, Mr. Harris went back out, got the tulips, some candy & balloons to make up for what he calls his “boo-boo”.

Instead of an animal video today, I came across this and I think you will find some of these people truly amazing!

jollyWell, friends, I see gorgeous smiles on your faces and I hope they stay in place all week long!  I also hope you share them with others who aren’t wearing their own.  Keep warm, keep safe, and have a great week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly!!!

44 thoughts on “Jolly Monday!!!

  1. If this were the music post that isn’t, or that is and wasn’t…I would have told you that I love this song and perhaps add some trivia for you. But, it isn’t and in my excitement over the archive that isn’t, but is…I forgot to ask if you have ever listened to “Pentatonix” or as abbreviated by them too, “PTX”? I have their first album released in 2014, actually all 3 that were released in 2014 and every album since. If you don’t know them, they are the Acapella group from Arlington, Texas that won the 3rd season of NBC’s “The Sing-Off”in 2011. Anyway, they just released a cover of “The Sound of Silence” on Feb.15th and it is so fantastic!! Please give it a listen, you will be so glad that you did! Last comment, pinky promise! Thank-you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hadn’t heard of Pentatonix, or at least had never heard their music. I did go listen and they are awesome! I was amazed, and went and listened to two other songs, Bohemian Rhapsody and Little Drummer Boy, before returning to this comment! Thank you for introducing me to them!


  2. Jill, having just read your comments on my comments, I have to comment! YOU did not know who Madame Alexander is??? I may never recover from this…I’m experiencing palpitations, I’m short of breath, I need a glass of wine, this may necessitate glasses of wine! I remember my first Madame Alexander Doll, it was a Christmas present when I was 6 years old. Sadly, I could only see her being held by others outside the door of my room, as I was in quarantine with Scarlet Fever. I cried and cried, she was the Bride Doll that I had asked for in my letter to Santa. The joy when I could finally hold her was immeasurable and unforgettable. More sadly, my eldest sister buried my doll in a plowed field at my Gram’s farm several years later and that is a long story!! I have been a collector of Madame’s dolls since I was 10 years old, even collected them for my unborn daughters…I knew both pregnancies that they were girls. I continued collecting for them for years. In the last 20 years, I mostly have only purchased the 8 inch Wendy holiday themed dolls. I have also collected many other dolls, I have always loved dolls.
    My propensity for loquacity is jet propelled and I almost neglected to tell you that when I checked the above mentioned music post from this morning, it still says the same thing “Oops! something or other about the page can not be found. More importantly, the archive that I mentioned is functional, at least for Feb. 2019 as that is all that I checked, although I plan on returning and trying earlier years. If not by YOU…then WHO? Total aside, the music post for today did not materialize in my inbox. It appears that I could access it from this page, it is listed at the bottom of this post. I’m hesitant to do so, I don’t want to make the archive mysteriously disappear…so please do not send it!! Thank-you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I just went back to the post that isn’t and went into the archive that is the oldest and opened August 2010. It has a post dated August 9, 2010 “Nine Years Later…”! WOW, I am recuperating and may not sleep at all tonight as I must begin at the beginning! Thank-you!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wow. That was my first post on this blog and I had forgotten even writing it! I went back, after your mention of it, and looked at it again. As best I can tell, you are the first person to ever read that post! It had no likes, no comments. Well, in fairness, I had just started this blog and had no followers, so likely nobody ever saw it. Thank you for reading my first foray into blogdom!!!


    • Sigh. I knew you would be disappointed. Scarlet Fever???? And they wouldn’t even let you have your new doll? That stinks! I’m glad you survived, though, for I cannot imagine what I’d do without my daily dose of Ellen! I am sorry to be such a disappointment, but as I said, I just never had any interest in dolls. Now daughter Chris loved dolls, but she never had any Madame Alexander ones as far as I know. And granddaughter Natasha is like me … she never cared at all for dolls, though like me she loves stuffed animals!


  3. Those folk doing their ‘things’ are truly amazing at first I was going to pick the cute tot and the golf shots, but seeing them all again, it just wouldn’t be fair to choose one over the others…..Incredible. Thanks Jill!

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  4. Some people are outright talented–others are downright crazy.
    Mr. Harris missed a great opportunity. By slicing the turnips like radishes, he could have designed a bouquet of turnip tulips for his wife. Oh, if only I had been there…

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  5. As Benjamin says, “Crikey”!! I just went to the music post and it said “page can not be found” or something like that. What I did find is a monthly archive!! I have been patiently waiting for this, now lo and behold, what do I accidentally stumble across but an archive! The only question that remains is…why is this not listed as available on each of your posts?!? Many bloggers have the archive over to the right side of my screen, along with a list of recent posts or other choices. Until I find that option on your posts, I will save the unposted music post page. THANK-YOU!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, bother! In my excitement I neglected to fill in the details. Each time that I do that I am reminded of the words of Madame Alexander (you do know her, right?)…”Love is in the details.” Apparently love isn’t the only thing found in the details! Thank-you!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Um … how much trouble am I in if I tell you that I had no clue who Madame Alexander was until one minute ago when, after reading your comment, I quick ran to Google to look her up? I know, I am a constant disappointment. But see … I never played with dolls … I preferred fire trucks, matchbox cars, and Lincoln Logs!


  6. Benjamin and I had checked earlier this morning and did not see a Breakfast Post from Miss Jill. Now after coming back I found this post amidst the emails that came in last evening, along with today’s music post! Benjamin loved the snow dinosaur and can not believe that there is so much snow everywhere but here…not a single snowman could be built this entire winter! He loved the video and has watched it two more times. He was very happy to find his juicebox and sprinkled donut, he is ready for a mid-morning snack. BUT, he is going to check his bank at home in the hope that he has enough in it to buy a “Gold Donut”, because : “Crikey, I want to p**p gold, that will be so funny!” A noble ambition indeed! He sends a neckbuster hug & kiss to Miss Jill and placed a kiss on Jolly “cause I love both of you!” Thank-you x 2!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, Ellen, it’s like this. Miss Jill was exhausted and in a serious funk last night (Sunday) when I finished the Jolly Monday post and as I was scheduling it to post at 3:00 a.m. as I always do, I hit the wrong button and it posted at 11-something on Sunday night. I just left it alone, knowing that to delete it and re-schedule would mess up those who, like yourself, receive notifications by email. Then, I began work on my music post for the day, and I inadvertently hit the “Post immediately” button AGAIN!!! But this time, I had to delete it, for it wasn’t finished. So, it was successfully completed and scheduled later and did post at 11:00 a.m. I have no idea why you saw an archive, for I haven’t (obviously) completed one yet! Yes, it is on my list, but no, I haven’t gotten to it yet. My list is long, and now here it is tax season. Sigh. 😥

      I’m glad Benjamin enjoyed the post, but I do hope he doesn’t waste his life savings, all 5 years of them, on a gold donut!!! Though I can understand the allure of pooping gold! 🤣 I’m sending a jumbo HUG from me and Jolly! I hope you both have a wonderful week!


  7. Good post, Jill. I loved the bird stories. My dad used to tell about going through the Suez Canal with the ship he was on after WWI and how one of the sailors acquired a foul-mouthed parrot. I don’t know what happened to the bird but Dad thought that was quite funny. 😀 — Suzanne

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  8. I think Allan’s tale may keep a smile on my face for a while. Whatever you think you heard you never go out and buy turnips unless it’s a packet of seeds which you accompany with a huge bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it snuck right out! I was trying to schedule it for 3:00 a.m. as I always do, but instead I hit the wrong button and … ZOOM … off it went! I did the same one with my music post, but I killed that one, for I wasn’t done with it yet. I’m thinking perhaps I should go to bed soon! 😉

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