‘Bout Time For … Snarky Snippets!

It occurs to me that I haven’t done a Snarky Snippets post for nearly two weeks!  Whatever is wrong with me?  Well, let me make up for that oversight now, okay?

A “new direction” …

Earlier this week I wrote about Goodloe Sutton, the editor of the Democrat-Reporter, a newspaper based in Linden, Alabama, and his call for KKK night riders to ride again and for mass lynchings to “clean up” Washington.  Well, sometimes things work out for the best, and Mr. Sutton, who inherited the newspaper from his father in the 1980s, has stepped down from his position as editor and turned the job over to Elecia Dexter — an African-American woman from Chicago who had served as the paper’s front office clerk.

Ms. Dexter, a graduate of Eastern Illinois University, has worked for the paper only six weeks, and began making plans to leave when she saw the brutally offensive editorial written by Sutton.  Instead, she says she and Mr. Sutton had a long talk, and on Thursday he told Dexter she could carry on the legacy of his family, which has operated the Democrat-Reporter for decades, by taking the paper in a “new direction.”  Will wonders never cease?

On a related note, a couple of letters to the editor in response to Mr. Sutton’s editorial made my blood boil …goodloe-sutton-letters

A change of heart?

Ron Highland is a republican representative in the Kansas state legislature.  Highland is one of seven sponsors of Kansas House Bill 2320 which, in a nutshell, is a 9-page document  with more “Whereas” than I can count, that is as scathingly anti-LGBT as anything I have ever seen!  A few excerpts …

WHEREAS, Instead of having a cross, the ten commandments icon, or star and crescent, the LGBTQ secular humanist community has the gay pride rainbow colored flag to symbolize its faith-based worldview …

WHEREAS, The government’s endorsement of LGBTQ ideology has amounted to the greatest sham since the inception of American jurisprudence …

WHEREAS, There are no ex-blacks but there are thousands of ex-gays …

WHEREAS, All forms of parody marriage equally erode community standards of decency …

WHEREAS, Marriage between a man and a woman arose out of the nature of things, and marriage between a man and a woman is natural, neutral and non-controversial, unlike parody forms of marriage that do not involve a man and a woman …

Well, you get the idea, right?  It concludes by saying that only marriages between members of opposite sexes will be recognized.  Since the Supreme Court has ruled differently, the bill is against the law.  Simple.  States have certain rights, but in this case, federal law trumps state law (no pun intended).  The bill hasn’t a snowball’s chance of becoming law, thankfully, and the Kansas legislature wasted massive amounts of time writing a piece of garbage legislation.

But to the point … Mr. Highland helped draft the bill, but his daughter, Christel, was disappointed that her beloved dad would even participate in such an abomination.  Christel, according to her Facebook page, is “a proud member of Kansas City’s LGBTQ+ community, a Mother, a Partner to the love of my life …”  She wrote her dad this letter …christel-letter-e1550992350539.png

Wow, huh?  Shortly thereafter Mr. Highland asked that his name be removed from the bill, saying …

“The bill that I should not have signed on to cosponsor contained some hateful language which I do not condone, and it is against our Lord’s command to love our neighbors.”

While Mr. Highland should never have condoned, let alone co-sponsored the bill in the first place, you have to give him credit that he listened to his daughter, and that he admitted he was wrong.  Not many would have done so, I think.

Another billionaire donor gets a reward … ho hum.

So what’s new in Trumplandia?  Not much.  Oh yeah, another one of Trump’s billionaire friends got her early (or late, whichever way you choose to look at it) Christmas present in the form of a nomination for U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, replacing Nikki Haley who left last year.  Why am I not ranting, you ask?  Because it’s the same ol’ story … only the name and the face have changed.


Kelly Knight Craft

Kelly Knight Craft is the most recent nominee for the position, after Heather Nauert withdrew because she had hired a nanny who hadn’t the proper working papers, and had failed to file timely tax papers.  But let’s take a quick look at Ms. Craft’s ‘qualifications’ for the ambassadorship …

Ms. Craft is married to Joe Craft, president and chief executive of coal producer Alliance Resource Partners. The couple are major Republican donors, having given about $1.5 million to GOP candidates in 2016, including $270,800 to Trump’s campaign committee or his joint fundraising committee with the Republican National Committee.

Joe Craft was also tight with former EPA head Scott Pruitt, to whom he provided certain ‘perks’ in exchange for special considerations for his coal company. (See June post titled Enough!!!!)  And … the Crafts also have been repeat, high-paying customers at Trump’s hotel in Washington.  In fact, the Crafts were listed as gold-level members of the Trump Card rewards program and have stayed at Trump’s hotel a minimum of 20 times.

So, there you have the qualifications for the position.  No, it isn’t necessary that she have an understanding of world politics and alliances, or some of the important issues that are dealt with at the United Nations, such as climate change. You will remember that it was the UN that sponsored the Paris Climate Accords that Trump so stupidly disavowed.  But, when asked for her thoughts on climate change, she had a great answer!

“I believe there are sciences on both sides that are accurate. Both sides have their own results from their studies, and I appreciate and respect both sides of the science.”

Oh yeah, she’ll be great … not a hint of a brain in her air-filled head!  Will the Senate confirm her?  I imagine so, for they have rubber-stamped almost all his nominees so far, and this one has high praise from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a fellow-Kentuckian.  Need I say more?

And with that, I have run out of steam, though not out of topics!  Fear not, I shall return with renewed vigor and more snark in the near future!

31 thoughts on “‘Bout Time For … Snarky Snippets!

  1. Dear Jill,

    Thanks for your snarky snippets.

    The Democrat-Reporter is in better hands with Ms. Dexter. Mr Sutton’s attitude didn’t fit the name of this paper.

    Its a good thing Mr. Highland’s daughter got her Dad to act like a decent human being. There was another similar incident that happened in NC 9th district when John Harris testified at the NC Board of Elections that he had warned his Dad Mark Harris against hiring the guy who orchestrated all the election fraud. The Dad Mark Harris was forced into doing what’s right by calling for a new election.

    As for Heather Nauert, I never did buy into the story that she withdrew her name for consideration to become the US UN ambassador because of a nanny issue. President Trump is known for having hired undocumented workers and his Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross had similar issues. Now I know the answer. The mega GOP donor Kelly Knight Craft wanted the job.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I agree … it was obviously time for Mr. Goodloe Sutton to step aside. Let’s hope Ms. Dexter can salvage the paper and repair the damage! I have kept up with the North Carolina 9th District election fiasco since first reading of it on your post! Let us hope a new election puts things to rights. I was touched when I saw Mr. Harris Sr. in tears. I hate seeing grown men cry! I have to give you credit! You figure things out quicker than I do, for I had not made the connection between Heather Nauert’s stepping down and Craft’s nomination! But I think you’re right … as soon as she expressed interest … well … Heather Nauert doesn’t have billions of dollars and Ms.Craft, though she hasn’t a brain in her head, has tons of money! Sigh.

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  2. Kelly Knight Craft, doesn’t that sound like it should be part of Trump’s “Space Force”? Much the same as his 6th Military Branch, she probably started out as a joke until becoming another of his self described “great ideas”. It didn’t hurt that Mitch McConnell recommended and pushed hard for her nomination. It is known that Mr. & Mrs. Craft donated $2 million to Trump’s campaign and inauguration. It is hardly a stretch of one’s imagination to believe that some of their money has lined McConnell’s pockets. A government of the people, by the people, and for the people that have enough money to buy it! Add to that, when supported by Mike Pompeo’s saying she is “extremely well qualified”, you know it’s questionable at best. Her 2017 comments in Canada about Climate Change…ridiculous! Benjamin has a better understanding of it than she does. As for Goodloe Sutton, there is something to this story that does not quite add up correctly. Ron Highland may have done the right thing in the end, but would he have done so if not for his own daughter calling him out on his hypocrisy. Frankly, Kansas would do well to dump Ron and put Christel in his place. Thank-you!

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    • Oh, bother! Your blog is the only one that if I neglect to enter the details before hitting post comment, doesn’t highlight the areas in red and tell me to enter them or it won’t post the comment! There is something about this blue anonymous with my comment that annoys me immensely, unless of course I wish to be anonymous. Thank-you!

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      • Truly? Mine is the only one? I will double check my security settings, for I don’t know of any reason you would have to go through that! But don’t worry about being anonymous, for you never could be, in truth. I always recognize you from the first sentence!


    • Truly Ms. Craft is an airhead extraordinaire, and if Trump were to get approval for his idiotic ‘Space Force’, he might well put her in charge of it. She knows as much about that as she does international relations and climate change. A bimbo, she is. Maybe even worse than Kellyanne! Sigh. I wondered, too, if there were more to the Goodloe Sutton story, but I think it may be as simple as seeing his life’s work go down in flames. As for Highland … who knows? His daughter, however, is wise beyond her years, isn’t she?


    • Yes, I know … I bet you guys will be happy to get rid of her! I wonder if I could qualify for the position? Oh wait … no, for I don’t have lots of money and I don’t say nice things about Trumpo. Oh well, it was a thought. 😉


  3. I think that I want to go live with the ‘Clangers.’ This world gets crazier doesn’t it! Ah… “Who are The Clangers? ” (I hear you ask). All is revealed here.


    They are a lot cuter, and more harmonious than any humans. Even when faced with adversity, they are peaceful creatures (if imaginary). Sometimes the innocence of childhood is the best place to escape to when faced with contrarian people intent on control, greed and sanctimonious goals. Sigh!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Well, this is one of the episodes that I remember. There is much more tolerance and attempt to understand those that are different, in this little episode, than all of the politics that have rolled out of governments for decades. Simple as it is, the message is for trying to find solutions to complicated differences…

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        • Agreed. And the message is much clearer when put forth by cute little critters! Perhaps this is the key … perhaps in order to help the Trump supporters understand things like climate change, immigration and other subjects, we should present it in videos with cute animals! I’m a genius!!!

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  4. Jill, did Sutton and Highland find a conscious, or were they shamed into action. The spotlight and condemnation on hate speech is critical. When people spew such vile, it is incumbent on the more rational people to push back. The letters from the Klansmen in support of Sutton’s hateful words speaks volumes about the dark side of America. Keith

    Liked by 1 person

    • Now that’s a good question! In the case of Highland, I like to think he was reminded of his conscience, but … he knew his daughter was gay all along, and yet he still went along with this bill. Did he think she wouldn’t find out? Or did he just have a temporary lack of good sense? In the case of Sutton, I suspect he knew his newspaper would be bankrupt within six months if he didn’t step down. But who knows what goes through a person’s mind?


      • Personally, I think he (Sutton) had a moment of clarity, and could not believe where his mind had taken him. Giving his paper over to a person of colour would not be the move of a racist, but of someone who saw the need to shut himself up. As for the KKK supporters, I wonder if they actually used their proper names and places of residence. Most are too scared to ever admit their true identities.

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        • ‘Tis possible, since he seemed to be a man of conscience and values once upon a time. Senility? Of late, it seems that the kkk are more emboldened and have been more willing to use real names, though I cannot be sure if that is the case here. They no longer seem to feel a need to hide. I wonder why?


  5. You couldn’t make it up. It’s like me putting the cat in charge of the food shopping trip. Might be logic to it but just can’t see it currently. We could go through our Government and argue the same thing. Hunt our Foreign Secretary wrecked the NHS then became our main man abroad. He has the ability to look gormless, demonstrate no knowledge of international politics and his only talent is to accidentally insult the countries he is trying to build bridges with.

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    • Your guy sounds like our ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell. The first week he was there, he started trying to tell Angela Merkel how to run her country and the Germans almost sent him home! As it is, he is a pariah over there and largely ignored.

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  6. Kelly Knight Craft :Rich people rewarding other rich people. Sounds familiar.
    A very dignified and thoughtful letter from Christel Highland to her father, who give him his due has stepped back. There is hope

    Liked by 2 people

      • The scary thing is Jill in the current world of Climate Change Denial she’d probably be classed as a dangerous moderate.
        It’s almost sweet.
        ‘Like you know. I mean totally, there’s this Climate thing. Y’know, it makes the rain, and sun and snow an’ stuff. An gee I like the snow. Totes. But y’know people get flooded an’ stuff and gee that’s bad. But y’know, I mean you need oil for cars, right? And this weather stuff has been around for, like y’know for a really long time. Y’know?’
        I bet she was a wow at The Mall back in her younger days……
        So cute
        (Now where did that good mood come from?)

        Liked by 1 person

        • Heh heh … yeah, can’t you just picture her standing around with a gaggle of girls, chewing her gum with her mouth open? I guess that if you have billions of dollars, you don’t need to have brains, eh? Sigh. Don’t know where your good mood came from, but I thought about you earlier today when David said you guys had some spring-like weather and even sunshine. I thought, “Roger will be miserable!” 😉

          Liked by 1 person

          • The picture says it all Jill….Totes!
            The the good mood is a bit of a mystery to me too, it must be flowers coming into bloom and the big bumble bee which has chosen our garden to hang out in.💐 🌷 🌹 🥀 🌺 🌸 🌼 🌻 🐝

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