Damn You, Donald Trump!

If the top experts in a field don’t give you the answers you wanted, don’t tell you exactly what you wanted to hear, then the best thing is to find people who will say precisely what you want to hear and abide by their opinions.  For example … say your tax accountant, a long-trusted Certified Public Accountant tells you that you owe a few thousand dollars in federal income taxes, and you don’t want to pay any more taxes, you can always find a shyster who will find illegitimate deductions and with a bit of creative accounting, can make your tax bill vanish into thin air.  This is what all the smart, wealthy businessmen do all the time … businessmen with last names like DeVos, Ross, Mercer, Koch, Craft and Trump.  That’s why they are so wealthy!

Now, my point today has nothing to do with income taxes, though I have spent the last three hours working on them, but with the science of climate change.  Trump doesn’t like the report that was issued last November by the National Climate Assessment (NCA).  He doesn’t like it largely because the results do not fit in with his grand scheme to roll back all environmental protections and give free rein to the fossil fuel industries, as well as others such as the auto industry.  And so, if the puzzle piece doesn’t fit where you want it, then grab a knife and whittle it until it does fit!

The NCA report is a result of the work of 13 different federal agencies, and I urge you to take a look at the section titled Summary Findings, at a minimum.  When the report was first issued, Trump summarily dismissed it, saying he is not among the “believers” who see climate change as a pressing problem.  Go figure, huh?

“One of the problems that a lot of people like myself, we have very high levels of intelligence but we’re not necessarily such believers.”

Did he really say “high levels of intelligence” as referring to himself???  What a son of a b**ch!  But on to the business at hand …

Trump has now decided to set up his own ad hoc group of select federal scientists to reassess the government’s analysis of climate science and counter conclusions that the continued burning of fossil fuels is harming the planet.  In other words, Trump is going to establish a group of climate deniers to state that the NCA report is wrong, thus giving him free rein to follow through on his policies that will bring about, in short shrift, the extinction of not only the human species, but likely all life on earth as we know it today.  Alarmist?  Nope … ask the real scientists.

Trump has tasked the National Security Council with establishing the initiative that would include scientists who question the severity of climate impacts and the extent to which humans contribute to the problem.  The group would not be subject to the same level of public disclosure as a formal advisory committee.  NSC officials said they would take steps to assemble a group of researchers within the government. The group will not be tasked with scrutinizing recent intelligence community assessments of climate change.

Understand that the NCA report was subjected to intense scrutiny by scientists worldwide before it was released and is not the only report to provide similar warnings.  Last year, a military-funded study warned sea level rise and other climate impacts could make more than a thousand low-lying islands in the Pacific Ocean “uninhabitable” by midcentury.  Just last month, the national intelligence director delivered a worldwide threat assessment that “climate hazards” including extreme weather, wildfires, droughts and acidifying oceans are worsening, “threatening infrastructure, health, and water and food security.”  In the words of Camilo Mora, a geographer and environmental professor at the University of Hawaii …

“When it comes down to climate change, we are talking about thousands of independent papers, from everywhere, finding exactly the same thing: that the climate is changing, that we are doing it and that most often than not, the impacts are pretty bad.”

A few very important things should be noted.  While I am admittedly ‘science-challenged’, I am fully convinced that humans have created environmental problems that have been ignored for far too long and are now at crisis stage.  Every other nation on the globe … every single one … have signed the Paris Climate Accord and are diligently finding ways to reduce their carbon emissions, as well as other climate initiatives.  But the United State, the second largest emitter of CO2, and the largest per capita, has reversed course and is actively increasing fossil fuel usage, refusing to take advantage of technology that allows vehicles to become more fuel efficient, and has taken every step imaginable to further increase carbon emissions!Co2 emissions by nationOur carbon emissions do not simply affect the atmosphere directly over the U.S.!  Our emissions affect people in every nation on the globe! Put yourself in the place of a citizen of the United Kingdom, a country that has reduced its carbon emissions by some 43% since 1990, a country where clean, renewable energy has reduced much of its reliance on coal, where industrial pollutants are strictly regulated.  Yes, there is a price … some industries have taken a hit and there are other ramifications, but at the end of the day, they are doing their part … the U.S. is not.  Plain and simple.  Germany is doing its part. Even China is taking climate change far more seriously than the U.S.!

And now, the head of our government has undertaken a new mission to form a group of climate deniers to tell the American people that CO2 is not actually harmful to the atmosphere and that we should all support the coal and oil industries, that we should all drive big vehicles that get 10-12 miles per gallon as opposed to more fuel efficient cars that average more than 40 miles per gallon.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry has written an OpEd in The Washington Post titled “Disband Your Climate Denial Panel, Mr. President” that is well worth the short read and is further proof that those who are thinkers, those who have education, knowledge and intellect, understand that man has abused the environment just about as long as he can, and we are on a path to destroying the very resources we need to survive.

When our cities look like this …China-pollutionThere is one person who bears the responsibility:  Donald J. Trump.  Damn you, Donald Trump!

32 thoughts on “Damn You, Donald Trump!

  1. Oh, bother…or as Benjamin is most likely to say, “Crikey”! Yesterday was all about Mister Rogers and I never came back to read your comments on the comments of this post from Tuesday. Except, coming back just now, I find that there can be no comment on my comment because there is no comment by my anonymous or Ellen! In my haste late Tuesday, I must have neglected to hit the post comment button. Nevertheless, I shall add it now because it was mostly quoting an article that I had read on Feb.25th in Common Dreams. It is titled as “Evidence of Human-Caused Climate Crisis Has Now Reached ‘Gold Standard’-Level Certainty, Scientists Say” and it is well worth taking the time to read and is pertinent to your post. I will add part of it here : Scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California found that the information available can now be classified as “five-stigma” – a standard in the scientific community meaning that there is a one-in-a-million chance that the same data would be observable if humans were not causing the planet to grow warmer through activities like fossil fuel extraction. “The narrative out there that scientists don’t know the cause of climate change is wrong,” Benjamin Santer, who led the study, told Reuters, “We Do.” Donald Trump can put together as many groups or panels of deniers that he wants, but the incontrovertible truth remains…human activity must change if the planet is to survive! Thank-you!

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    • Between Mr. Rogers and the snow shoveling marathon, you had good reason to be distracted! I found the article you mention and bookmarked it to read a bit later this evening. I would forward it to Trump, but there are some words bigger than what he’s capable of reading and comprehending, so I won’t bother. Y’know … I think ultimately, at least in this country, it will have to come to blows, for those of us who understand, who believe the scientists, we cannot forever sit by and watch the deniers wreck this planet for our grandchildren and future generations. Sigh.


  2. We are facing dire consequences of climate change. While Britons are gleefully celebrating record breaking Feb temperatures above 20°C, admiring the daffodils and hyacynths that have appeared 5 weeks early, our meteorological scientists have just announced that this year will see more CO2 released to the atmosphere than last year.

    Our scientists are just about spontaneously combusting themselves as they desperately work to get our attention on the cascade of perils coming and very soon. Today sees Saddleworth Moor on Fire (again). A friend who works for one of the water companies, tells me that the lack of rain this winter will cause severe water shortages unless we get some rain soon, and all in all, it is all bypassing our UK Government who seem determined to self destruct over Brexit, while the opposition party self destruct over anti semitism and lack of direction.

    Tomorrow (Thursday), our illustrious House of Commons is supposed to discuss climate change (emergency) for the first time in two years. Given that most debates in the Commons usually only result in mud slinging and accusations on both sides (or even on the same side these days), I don’t reckon that much will get done or even discussed.

    It has got so bad here in Britain that three high profile Naturalists, Chris Packham, Mark Avery, & Ruth Tindell, have formed a new organisation called ‘Wild Justice.’ They intend to use this avenue to hire solicitors to take the Government to task over the lack of action on wildlife crimes. Britain is one of the most depleted wildlife countries in the world. We just haven’t valued our wildlife, and it is getting very close to extinctions in some cases.

    To be honest Jill, Donald Trump is just the blaring mouthpiece example of a very large proportion of people who just don’t give a dam about the natural world. They could care less if we have no wildlife, no trees, no breathable air, places to grow food or drinkable water. They have different hidden agendas that do not include those things. I don’t know why I think this, but I can see no other reason for the lack of action to save our world. It is truly depressing. 🙁

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    • You are so right, my friend. I’ve even talked to a couple of friends who until recently I considered to be reasonably intelligent people, but in this, they are Stupid! Why? Because to admit that the scientists are right would mean they no longer have an excuse not to make changes to their own lifestyles that might be … inconvenient. And we all know that people deserve their lives to be convenient, right? And the response that I’ve heard a few times that literally makes me want to throw these people into the sea is that “God” gave this planet to humans for their ‘pleasure’, and he will make sure it continues to thrive. Bullshit! Now, if these people don’t mind living in a world where they have to wear an oxygen mask in order to walk to the mailbox, then so be it, but they do NOT have the right to condemn all of us to such a life just so they can drive their bloody car to the trash dumpster at the end of the block! Yes, the lady across the street actually does that! People, for the most part, aren’t going to police themselves, for it is inconvenient, so if the governments don’t do it, then I guess the human race will just become extinct, and maybe that isn’t such a catastrophe, but the sad thing is, as you note, that we are also causing the extinction of other species that don’t deserve to be killed off just so humans can drive their gas-guzzling SUVs everywhere and keep buying plastic bottles and tossing them aside and … sigh … I’ll come up for air now. I don’t actually think that people disbelieve the science, but rather that they have chosen to bury their heads in the sand and ignore it, for it is inconvenient.

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  3. Dear Jill,

    The Democrats need to start doing ADs regarding how the president plans to address climate change problems by setting up a panel to declare climate change a hoax. This along with their efforts to kill Obamacare; their attitude making light of over 1000 children having been sexually abused by HHS contracted workers as these children are in detention (refugees at the US SW border); the US deficit rising to $22 trillion dollars; should be enough to bury republican candidates even in red districts.

    Frankly,at some point, every last GOP lawmaker in the US Congress will have to face how despised their actions are.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Ads … hmmm … not a bad idea! Frankly, I think if we don’t make the decision to work toward combating climate change soon, we will start paying the price by other nations, either through broken trade pacts, sanctions, or an outright declaration of war. Who can blame them? We aren’t just screwing up our own environment, but that of the entire earth!

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  4. Doesn’t this man plan to breathe in the future? The most polluted country in the world, even China is mindful of climate change, willing to sacrifice some profit for breathable air. This issue is really not an option… Mr. Trump.

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    • I’m sure he doesn’t … he doesn’t seem to think about much of anything other than his own self-interests. It does have to be tumbled, and if we don’t do it, I’m sure that before long somebody else will do it for us. And the scary part is that the thought of another nation or coalition of nations taking action against the U.S. doesn’t even frighten me … I hope they do!


  5. Trump is being used by forces outside the White House to further their agenda, the core issue being wealth… Trump is not the issue, he is just a pawn.. the issue lies in those forces in the background who resist change because of power, profit and ideology… 🙂

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    • This is true, but he has the power, if he so chose, to change it. Sure, the fossil fuel industry has contributed mega-millions to his campaign and likely have already contributed to his next one, but still … if he had a conscience, he is the one with the power to “just say no”, as Nancy Reagan advised us. Power and profit … what good will those do these uber-wealthy people when the air is un-breathable and there isn’t enough food to feed the population and the water is un-drinkable? And, as David mentioned, what about their children and grandchildren who they are condemning to a life of misery, if not finally extinction? Sigh. So many fools with more $$$ than brains.

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      • Trump has the power but he also has an ego and a image to maintain…. those in the background with the real power know how to fuel that ego.. 🙂 you have already witnessed how he reacts to anything or anyone who disagrees with him, that’s one reason why his parents sent him to the New York Military Academy (that and avoid going to Vietnam perhaps)…. they are not worried about their children or grandchildren or anyone else but themselves… all they care about is their image and their wealth.. 🙂

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        • Sigh. Yes, I know this is true, but it’s just so hard to process, hard to believe that any human being could be so … sans conscience, sans compassion. In my nightmares, Trump has replaced Frankenstein, the Loch Ness Monster, and Pennywise the clown all! Grimm’s book of fairy tales has nothing on him and his evil cronies. Did you watch or read any of Michael Cohen’s testimony before Congress today? Some interesting things there, though the GOP claim he is lying, but he has documentation to prove enough of it to further discredit Trump. Surely by now even his base must understand what a crook he is? But, as you say, he is but a tool and if impeached, we will be left with Pence who will likely pander to the corporate barons AND try to force a state religion!


          • Well, Trump is arrogant and egotistical and for him being President is nothing more than a ego trip… the Republicans do not care who is president as long as that person will agree to help them further their agenda or the Republicans can manipulate the person into helping (in Trump’s case fuel his ego)…
            As for supporters/voters it is not that they cannot see but that they do not wish to see… they have established their comfort zone, have become closed minded in their ideology and will reject change or compromise.. therefore one has a puppet government being controlled by an element of American society interested only in two things; their wealth and their image… 🙂

            “Life is a process of becoming… a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.” Anais Nin

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            • Your analysis is very astute. I wonder what makes those who care only for their wealth and image different than you or I? Is it the money that made them greedy or would they be that way under any circumstances? And how to explain those who have no wealth, those who live payday to payday as most of us do, yet fully throw their lot in with Trump and have a defense of everything he does? He’s certainly done them no favours, and yet … they think he has? Something in the water, perhaps?

              The quote made me stop and think for a bit, for yes, if I could turn the clock back to 2009 when Obama first took office, I would happily do so. Ah well, in that case, as they say, “This, too, shall pass”. 😊


  6. Let’s not put all of the blame on Trump. The Republican party has demonstrated that it is corrupt and unprincipled. The leaders of conservative Christianity have demonstrated that they are corrupt, unprincipled and unChristian.

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  7. You started off with an advantage, we knew that Trump is a screwball, you didn’t have to prove it. Nor did you have to suggest his idea is a mockery because any panel he makes up will be of climate deniers. What he’s missing (apart from common sense) is the thought that if he’s wrong (possibly he never is????) he’s condemning his daughters and his sons plus any grandchildren to a miserable life.Apart from coastal flooding taking out Golf Courses it will deprive a lot of people of their homes and businesses. Still maybe thanks to Trump lawyers might be able to sue the Government for compensation.

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    • Yeah, I know I didn’t have to prove it to you or anybody else with a brain, but it needs to be shown over and over again to those who slavishly fall at his feet every time he opens his ugly mouth. And besides, my mood was … um … not very happy and I felt a need to vent a bit. Your point that he is condemning his own children and grandchildren to misery, if not outright extinction, should be first and foremost in his mind. The fact that it isn’t, tells me that he has no love for any of them, but only for himself. HIS convenience, HIS pleasure, HIS satisfaction are all that matter. The rest of us, including his offspring, are naught but tools for him to use to obtain whatever it is he wants. Sigh.

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  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    CLIMATE CHANGE … and the future of the world!! … ‘Former Secretary of State John Kerry has written an OpEd in The Washington Post titled “Disband Your Climate Denial Panel, Mr. President” that is well worth the short read and is further proof that those who are thinkers, those who have education, knowledge and intellect, understand that man has abused the environment just about as long as he can, and we are on a path to destroying the very resources we need to survive.’

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  9. Jill, this issue must be one, if not the top three issues, that is pushed by Democrats. More concerted actions are needed by 2030 or we are in a heap of hurt. I have heard two climate scientists (one in the US and one in Sweden) say Miami is already a lost cause. Yet, the two Senators from Florida deny the science.

    To be frank, people need to demand action and vote accordingly. Our ability to suffer fossil-funded stooges like Trump, Rubio et al in the GOP has gone. I left the GOP twelve years ago, primarily on their stance on global warming then. My crazy thesis is why should I support a party that is purposefully and deceitfully denying the greatest threat to our planet.

    A question I would love to ask Trump, is if you do not believe in climate change, why did your coastal Scottish golf course petition the government in writing to build a sea wall to hold back rising sea levels due to climate change?


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    • Good point! I think that it is only a matter of time before other nations take action of some sort against the U.S. if we continue to push against their efforts to save the planet’s viability. How can they not? We are partly undoing their costly efforts and I cannot imagine they won’t eventually take action. I imagine they are waiting, hoping that the people of this nation elect a new leader, one with a conscience, but if we re-elect Trump in 2020, then I doubt they will wait much longer. I think that we must make our voices heard loud and clear on this issue, if no other. That would, indeed, be a good question to ask him, but I suspect he would answer that it was so he didn’t have to see the wind turbines that he so criticized!

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    • Germany has done some great things with renewable energy, but have fallen behind in reducing carbon emissions. Still, at least they are making an effort, while Trump actually blocks some of the efforts the states are trying to make. Yes, Sweden, France and many others are heeding the call and should really be shunning the U.S. Ultimately, I expect the U.N. to call for sanctions against the U.S. if we don’t make some serious changes.

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