We The People — A Letter

Dear Attorney General Barr,

I write to you on behalf of the majority of We the People of the United States of America.  You may recognize that line from the Preamble to the United States Constitution. Or perhaps not, though I believe this is a document that, as Attorney General of the United States, you have sworn an oath to uphold.

My reason for writing today is that we … that is We the People … are concerned that once the investigation by the esteemed Robert Mueller is complete, we (the People) will not be privy to the results and final report of said investigation.  This, Mr. Barr, is … unthinkable.  Simply put, it will not be accepted by the majority … of We the People.

Since early in 2016, we (the People) knew that something fishy was going on with Trump’s bid for the highest office in the land.  His calls for protestors to be beaten, his chants of “lock her up”, and his brazen calls for violence set our noses to twitching. Then there was the day that, on national television, he called for Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails!  Some people thought it was funny, but to the vast majority of us, it was a defining moment … one that defined Trump as mafia-esque, as a brute.

When the investigation into Russia’s attempts (successful, obviously) to meddle into our election was announced, we all applauded … well, most of us applauded.  Some of those who knew Trump to be a criminal but voted for him anyway kept their hands in their pockets.  And then came the incontrovertible evidence that some in Trump’s inner circle had helped Russia, and we were … what?  Appalled?  Certainly.  Horrified?  Without a doubt.  Pleased?  Yes, even that, for if it would lead to the downfall of the Idiot-in-Chief, it was worth having been played for fools.Robert-MuellerRobert Mueller is the person most qualified to have led this investigation.  He is a man of good conscience (a word vastly misunderstood in the Trump administration), and a man of ethics.  Personal feelings aside, we knew from the start that he could be trusted to do the right thing.  For nearly two years we have patiently waited.  As I often told friends who wanted to rush the process … it is a very tangled web and it will take time to sort through all the filthy filaments.  And so … we waited … mostly with patience, for the outcome would surely justify the wait.

But today, we are in doubt whether we will ever know the truth.  Why?  Because it is said that you may or may not allow us (that’s We the People to you) to know the full truth.  Or even part of the truth.  Let me make something perfectly clear to you, Mr. Barr … We the People will settle for nothing less than the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!  The ‘man’ who sits in the Oval Office is a shyster, a crook!  We all know this, but what we need is verification to convince the not-so-bright among us.  You know it too, but you … well, you owe your job to that ‘man’, so your view is not without prejudice, is it?  That said, though you may owe Donald Trump for your job, your allegiance, lest you have forgotten, is to We the People, not to the faux president who occupies the Oval Office.

We (the People) demand a full accounting.  We demand to know what Robert Mueller has found – every last dirty detail of it.  We demand truth and justice.  If we don’t get it … if you withhold certain facts and evidence from us (that’s us, as in We the People), there will be a hue and cry, the likes of which have not been seen in this nation since, perhaps, the Vietnam War. For there is no longer a nation if Donald Trump remains in office.  If you withhold Robert Mueller’s report from us, then there is no longer a Department of Justice, by the very definition of the word, “justice”.

We have heard that you are a good man, an intelligent man, and that you can be trusted to do the right thing.  When you declared that you might not be willing to share the results of the Mueller investigation with us (the people), my level of trust in you dropped quite significantly, and I think I can say the same for a majority of the people.  Make it right, Mr. Barr.  Do the right thing.  Remember the Constitution that you swore to uphold.  Remember the people who work hard every day to pay your salary.  Restore our trust, not only in you, but in the laws of this nation, in truth and justice, for that trust has been gone for more than two years now and if this nation is to survive, the people must be able to trust their government.  Restore that trust, please, else suffer the consequences along with the rest of the dirty blokes in Washington.  We the People have had enough.


Jill Dennison, on behalf of We the People

23 thoughts on “We The People — A Letter

    • Double Oh, bother!! I am in a rush to go back out to shovel the snow that has fallen since I shoveled at 6 AM! That followed the shoveling that started last night at 8 PM and again at 10 PM. My back and shoulders are aching. But to use a Benjaminism…I am the happiest of happys, we can build snowmen tomorrow ( as long as it doesn’t melt until then)! Thank-you Winter Storm Ryan!

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      • Ellen, Ellen, ELLEN!!! Can you not pay a neighborhood kid to shovel for you? Shoveling is hard on the back, yes, but also the heart at our age, and I would not wish you to leave Benjamin without his Gem!!! I do hope he gets to build his snowman! If he does, would you email me a picture of him and the snowman … or, snow person? Now stop with the shoveling already!


  1. Heartfelt… You know, I read that Cohen statement released by Reuters today… And listened to the BBC report. But because Cohen lied under oath before (hence his pending jail time to be served), there doesn’t seem to be enough people to believe him. The testimony is damming against Trump but there is no proof except Cohens word, and the GOP will make sure that he is discredited as a liar.

    The Mueller investigation is being muffled and disarmed with every twist. I hope Robert Mueller has got an ace up his sleeve, because I really think he will need one. There is something very nasty going on in Washington and it is a lot smellier than Donald Trump’s underwear! It is a mass pile of stinking manure!

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      • You’re right … this nation is on the brink of violence, one way or the other. It really annoys me to think that somebody as utterly ridiculous as Trump has managed to create such chaos and bring such destruction in such a short time. No, it will not end well. I’ve lost several nights’ sleep this week pondering this and every scenario I can imagine involves violence, destruction and loss of life.

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    • The GOP can try all they like to attempt to discredit Cohen, but it won’t work. First, he has documentation for much of what he is saying. Second, he has absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose by lying now. He’s already going to prison for three years, and if caught lying again he could get as much as another 5 years added on to it. He’s got no reason to lie, and everything he is saying adds up. The republicans are trying to put out a raging wildfire by spitting on it. Not going to work. But to your point, yes, there is a huge garbage heap in Washington and really, across this nation. I have lain awake the last two nights with my mind concocting the various ways in which this could all end, and not a single one of them are pretty. Sigh.

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  2. Jill, at today’s testimony by Cohen, who the Trump sycophants are trying to discredit, it will be interesting to see the reaction to actual documents which point to criminal activity by the President.

    Cohen is being painted as untrustworthy by the Trumpeters, but they overlook two key facts – the President is also untrustworthy and he surrounds himself with untrustworthy people, some of whom are going to or in jail. As Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked for Trump for years, tried to tell us back in 2016, “Trump lies everyday, even about things of no consequence.”

    The Trump presidency has already begun its death spiral. My guess is Cohen’s testimony, while discredited, will have enough fire to show why there is smoke.

    The question that continues to stymie me as I ask GOP Senators, “Is this the man you want to spend your dear reputation on?” The lies have not all been discovered, and he will keep lying.


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    • I didn’t watch any of the Cohen testimony, but have been keeping up on it through the day, and have read the WaPo annotated transcript, which I’ll be writing about tomorrow. The Trumpeters can squawk and bleat all they wish, but it’s so obvious to all that Cohen has the goods on Trump that they are wasting their breath. Surely even Trump’s base is smart enough to see the truth. And the thing I keep remembering is that Cohen has absolutely nothing to gain by lying at this juncture. He’s already going to prison for 3 years, and if he is found lying to Congress now, they could add an additional 5 years to his sentence. He has hard evidence, documentation, and no reason to lie now, so the argument of Ms. Sanders and Matt Gaetz and the like are simply pathetic attempts to stop that death spiral you mentioned. Ulcer-inducing … this whole two years has been one lonnnnnnnnnng nightmare!


  3. Dear Jill,

    I say, AMEN! Mr. Barr had better get the message otherwise, the protests of the past will look like nothing seen in US history. They will be peaceful, but you will see peoples on the streets from sea to shining sea. We all know that the US House has the power to impeach but they need everything barring some classified stuff that Mr. Mueller uncovered. The excuse that the president can’t be indited while in office, does not mean that your office can withhold material that the US House could use to start impeachment proceedings.

    In the past months, the DOJ has shared 1000s of pages of even classified data requested by GOP lawmakers in the US Congress and your prosecutors gave into their demands. They were warned that they were setting a precedent that they would regret. Guess what? That time has come. It’s not time to get religion, now. Only over 80% of the US public want the entire FBI Mueller report to be made public.

    I want to give Mr. Barr the benefit of the doubt until he acts but the time is near for him to do the right thing.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I’m not even sure at this point that the protests will all be peaceful if he withholds Mueller’s report. My first draft of this post included a threat by ME to burn Washington to the ground! And I’m a peaceable person! We’re tired of being lied to, tired of hearing only what ‘they’ want us to hear. Enough is enough!

      Sure, the House can impeach, but without the Senate to convict and remove him from office, I suspect our situation would be even worse than it is now, and the Senate would definitely not be able to muster the 67 votes needed. Unless there is evidence that is so damning that even Trump’s base wants him gone. Sigh.


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