They Walk Among Us …

I stopped doing my Idiot of the Week feature around the end of 2017, for a few reasons.  It was fun, but rather irrelevant.  There were so many idiots that it was difficult to keep up.  And a few people felt it was in poor taste, an insult to idiots everywhere.  But I have to say that looking at the news every day, I’m thinking about starting it back up!  They are everywhere you turn!  Three in particular stand out today, and if I were still doing the IotW feature, these would be the first three I would choose.

Da Godfather wannabe?Matt-GaetzIt really does seem that Representative Matt Gaetz from Florida has a problem.  I wrote about him just a few weeks ago (February 7th) for making an utter fool of himself at a House Judiciary Committee meeting on gun regulation whereby he piped up and said we need to build a wall.  This left most of us scratching our heads.  And now, he has opened himself to an investigation by the Florida State Bar Association.  Is he begging for an Idiot of the Week award or what???

What did he do this time, you ask?  He tweeted the following to Michael Cohen on the day before Mr. Cohen was scheduled to begin his testimony before Congress …

“Hey @MichaelCohen212 — Do your wife & father-in-law know about your girlfriends?  Maybe tonight would be a good time for that chat. I wonder if she’ll remain faithful when you’re in prison. She’s about to learn a lot.”

I’m beginning to think Mr. Gaetz works for Don Corleone!  Sounds like “tough mob” talk, except from an amateur.  His excuse was … wait for it … he was “witness testing”.  Where I come from, it is called witness intimidation and witness tampering, both of which are quite illegal.  But then, as I wrote earlier this month, Mr. Gaetz has, like his hero in the White House, never been particularly a fan of the law and follows it only when it suits him, hence the picture on the right (above) in prison orange!

Wah wah wah …

kellyanneIf Kellyanne whines as much at home as she does in the media, it’s a thousand wonders that George (Conway) hasn’t sent her packing already.  All she ever does, it seems, is complain and point her knobby finger of blame … most always toward people who have a bit of good sense.

“There’s no question the Republican House failed, and they failed us in securing the border, but they also failed to make good on the promise to him that we would get that money for the wall They completely lied about that.”

Can’t you just hear that nasal whine in her voice?

No, Kellyanne, the republicans who did not support the building of Trump’s ego-wall, finally realized that for once they better listen to the people of this nation.  The people of this nation … at least the large majority of the people in this nation, do not want a stupid wall on the southern border that would be inhumane and also interfere greatly with the economies of the border states.  You, madam, need to study a bit and learn some facts before opening that mouth of yours!  Ask your husband … he can enlighten you!

From bad to worse …

Earlier this week, in light of election fraud committed by a member of Mark Harris’ campaign staff who went about the ninth district of North Carolina collecting people’s absentee ballots, destroying the ones that weren’t for Mr. Harris, Mark Harris removed himself from the upcoming repeat election.  At first, I was pleased by this, but then I started wondering who would replace him as the republican candidate.

Remember Georgia’s own idiot, Brian Kemp, who liked posing for campaign ads with a gun, and in one case with a rifle pointed at his daughter’s boyfriend?  Well … I guess that in the South, every state, by law, must have at least one such idiot!

Meet Mr. Stony Rushing, the new republican candidate replacing Mark Harris …Stony-Rushing

Mr. Rushing is, as you might guess from the above campaign poster from when he was running for Country Commissioner, yet another gun nut.  Even better, he has fashioned himself after Boss Hogg from that ol’ television show, The Dukes of Hazzard!

See the resemblance?  Note the white costume and the cigar?

Rushing owns a gun store and shooting range, and is an advocate for keeping the Confederate flag flying.  It is likely that ol’ Stony will have to share the stage with at least two other republican candidates, and let us hope that at least one of them is sane!  Think about it … this guy could be sitting in the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill in just a month or two!  {shudder}

Where do all these people come from? I’m not sure, but there is one common denominator, in case you haven’t picked up on it yet – they are all members of the Republican Party. Need I say more?

28 thoughts on “They Walk Among Us …

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  2. Dear Jill,

    I posted this comment on one of Keith’s post:

    I’ve accepted the fact that the president’s base of voters stick to him like glue because they’ve nowhere else to go.

    Someone who’s a White Evangelist who is anti-abortion; anti-LGBTQ rights, anti-climate science will never vote for a Democrat.

    Someone who’s anti-immigration will not vote for a democrat.

    Someone who’s a staunch 2nd amendment hardliner who’s against any gun control measures will not vote for a democrat.

    Someone who’s a White nationalist, neo-Nazis, a racist will not vote for a Democrat.

    Someone who only wanted his/ her tax cuts plus the elimination of business regulations and who doesn’t care about anything else will not vote for a democrat.

    Someone who’s involved in the fossil fuel industry or who’s does not believe that climate change is for real will probably not vote for a democrat.

    Those dark money GOP donors are going nowhere near the Democratic Party.

    It’s my opinion that the above voters are what the Republican Party leaders consider to be their coalition /bloc of voters. GOP lawmakers cannot cross these folks by being perceived as attacking/ standing up to President Trump. These supporters will start a twitter war against the recalcitrant republican legislator, FOX News pundits will pile on and the big GOP ‘dark money’ donors will cut off funds for those who don’t tow the line.

    These GOP members are choosing their job security over doing what’s right. Most of them have already sold their souls.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • You’ve summed it up well. Now, we must hope that there are more people of good character, people of conscience, people who care about humanity and about the planet Earth than there are all those who claim the label “Republican”. They have sold their souls, yes, but they have also sold the people of this nation downriver. Can we recover?

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    • I think the best of them have already left the sinking ship and I have no idea why any of the rest have stayed. Fame and Fortune??? Even if it isn’t exactly of the noble kind? I suspect that once he is out of office, we will hear a whole lot of things that will and won’t surprise us. If he goes before he drives us to an early grave, that is.

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        • True, but considering that Kellyanne has a law degree, she could earn a pretty decent living sans Trump. And I’m pretty sure her mother could learn to live on her Social Security like the rest of us do, if she had to. There is more to life than being wealthy, and you’d think some of these people would have learned that by now. Sigh.

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  3. I’ll start at the bottom and work to the top, although some Zantac might be needed long before I arriving there. Stony Rushing is the antithesis of “Good Guys Wear White Hats”. He views himself as Boss Hogg, who probably had more scruples. Why is it not surprising that this guy owns a gun store, a shooting range, still wants to fly the Confederate flag and share his goals by attempting to pass legislation after winning a seat in Congress? I seriously doubt that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and he will have similar goals. Kellyanne Conway is proof that education does not necessarily make one smarter. It would seem that she and hubby limit their interactions to other than talking politics. Matt Gaetz, another fine example of the face of the Republican party and Trumpian voice, I hope he likes orange. Thank-you!

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    • Glad you’ve finally finished the shoveling! Have a glass of wine … better than Zantac. Stony Rushing is unlikely to have much in common with any in Congress, even the republicans, but I’m sure they will welcome him with open arms anyway. As for Gaetz … he needs to go back to school … the man is an idiot and too stupid to realize it!


  4. Why do they wear white suits. They’ve been used in parodies of crocked southern politicians even before ‘Dukes’? An’t it just asking for a bird with a sense of humour to fly over, and around again and again. AS for his big gun sticking up in the air….over-compensating for other aspects or what?
    As for Gaetz….. Mrs Gaetz get out there now and drag your son home by his ear and get him to clean up the yard or something.
    Kellyanne….Remember the other day Jill we were talking about ‘those girls’…”Like y’know? Totally? And it’s ssssooo unfair my Muthurrrrr wants me to clean up my room! Like I did it y’know six months ago!”

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    • 🤣🤣🤣 Oh Yes! Roger’s humour is restored! I laughed more over this comment than I have laughed in days! Especially the part about Kellyanne — yes, you hit the nail on the head! Hard to believe she has a law degree, isn’t it? But about the bird flying over and the white suit, I just have to share a ‘funny’ story with you that really happened. I worked for Honda in Marysville, Ohio for a few years, and we had to wear white uniforms. I had, at the time, a cat and a dog. The cat was litter-box trained, but of course the dog had to be taken on a walk around the neighborhood on a leash each morning before I went to work. So, here I was, freshly showered and in my nice white uniform, walking the dog a few blocks over form my house when … yep, you guessed it, a bird went over and suddenly I felt something in my hair, and on my uniform jacket. The jacket might not have been a huge deal, for I had others, but the hair? Nope, that had to be re-washed, thereby making me late for work, and Japanese companies thrive on punctuality! It’s funny now, but that morning it wasn’t particularly so.

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  5. Jill, you picked an interesting quartet of characters. Gaetz is being investigated for his threats toward Cohen. Conway should head a key message of Cohen’s to the GOP Congress members – he defended Trump for ten years and it won’t end well for you. Kemp cheated to win and does not seem to care – but we now know his name and Google Kemp and cheating. As for Rushing, it surprised many that Mark Harris endorsed him when he stepped down.

    We need more people to pay attention to the people and not the party affiliation. Keith

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    • Glad you liked my assortment of Looney Tunes! Yes, I was surprised that Harris endorsed Rushing, for despite it all, I think that Harris has a conscience, whereas Rushing reminds me more of Alabama’s Roy Moore than anyone. Surely he cannot win a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives … can he? And I agree with you re: Kellyanne … if she were smart, she would get the heck out of Dodge while she can, but I don’t think she’s the brightest bulb in the pack, despite her law degree! More and more strange birds coming out from under those rocks, my friend.


  6. Holy Cow!!!!! They are a gang of Idiots!!!! Pretty unbelievable, but there they are right out there….acting out their craziness, everyday!!!!! Since trump…. anything goes!!!
    The only thing holding me back from leaving this country right now ….is my little Maltese mix of a dog! If I thought she could survive the trip, I swear I’d get the hell out of Dodge! She’s a rescue with GI issues, triggered by anxiety and fear! And what about Jordan, the ranking Congressman from Ohio? What an idiotic, hateful, psycho bastard!!!! I could go on and on!!! I’ve got my own anxiety triggered by the gang of idiots known as ….the Republican Party!!!!
    This is one massive nightmare!!!! Somebody PLEASE…..wake me up!!!!!

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    • Yep … they were always there, but they pretty much stayed under their rocks until Trump came along and overturned those rocks. Now, they are everywhere you look. Awww … poor puppy! If you were to go somewhere, where would you go?

      Jim Jordan (unfortunately from my state, though not my district, though mine is also a member of the Freedom Caucus and almost as bad, is a jerk. Has always been a jerk, and he has been implicated in the big Ohio State sexual abuse scandal, yet he points the fingers at others! He is a climate change denier, is against women’s rights, and denies that Trump has ever lied to the American people! If I ever met him in person, I would spit in his face.

      Every day I make the same plea, for somebody to wake me from this horrid nightmare. Sigh. Hugs, my friend.

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    • Ouch! They’re devolving to a new low in the Repub party. Gronda is right, we can no longer consider them to be the Grand Old Party of old. This gang is beyond anything resembling conservative ideology, they’re quite the fascist bunch of……..*@#!

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        • That’s a good one! Comedian Bill Maher came up with “Grab Our Pussies.”
          Also “Gang of Psychos”, “Gas, Oil and Petrol”, the classic “Greedy Oppressive Pricks”
          Pertaining to Trump’s takeover, “Golf, Oil and Prostitutes”
          The list is endless 😉


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