A Good Week For The Toon-ists!

There was so much fuel for the gristmill this week, and the cartoonists didn’t let us down.Β  In fact, there were so many fine ones that I may have to do two ‘toon-posts’ this week!

First there was the “summit” with Trump and Kim Jong-un which was, as we mostly knew it would be, a complete waste of time and money … our money.

toon-1toon-11toon-12Bruce Plante Cartoon: Trump goes to Vietnamtoon-14toon-15toon-16toon-17toon-18toon-19

Then there was Michael Cohen’s testimony before Congress


And a few bits ‘n pieces


And now, let’s say ‘good-nite’ to Mr. Trump …


33 thoughts on “A Good Week For The Toon-ists!

  1. As much as I love political cartoons, I would like to have a day or hopefully a week when Trump does not provide unlimited material for the cartoonist’s pens. They have made great use of what he has given them this week! Thank-you!

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    • He surely did! Most people didn’t think anything would come of the summit to begin with, so we were not particularly disappointed, but I thought it was funny how he spun it, and then we hear the truth from North Korea. It’s a sad state of affairs when I trust the word of an evil dictator over the word of a U.S. “president”. πŸ™‹ Glad you liked the ‘toons!


  2. Jill, I just added this comment to a post of mine. It seemed apropos here, so please let me repeat it as I define what I mean about Trump being in a death spiral.

    I used this analogy recently, but picture a death spiral as follows. At the children’s science museums, they usually have a large bowl like structure with a hole in the bottom center. The idea is to roll a quarter from the top and watch it circle slowly, then gradually increase its speed as it descends. As it speeds up to the bottom, it eventually will drop through the hole. Trump’s Presidency is the quarter and it is already in motion. His GOP sycophants cannot stop it. They may be adding friction, but added revelation and future lies are the grease.

    It would be my strong advice to the GOP leadership ranks to remember to what they took an oath. It will be painful, but it will be save their party and, more importantly, our country and planet, if they act now. The House reps did not want us to listen to Cohen, as they feared what he would say. They should have been fearful. But, now they should be very afraid, because their ultimate boss has a very hard time with the truth and it looks like he does not plan to stop lying.


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    • The oath they all swore was to the God of Money, and the more they get the closer they can buy their way into the innermost circle. The thing is, they had to swear to having no other gods before Money. As long as Trumpelstilskin is holding them hostage, We the People can keep on screaming “Grow yourself a pair!” but they don’t know how, they worship the orange hare.

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