Just A Snarky Snippet Sunday … BAH!

We had plans to go to out to dinner, then a trip to the Fresh Market, and then perhaps the bookstore today.  Instead, I am sitting here watching it snow.  Bah, humbug.  Thus, I am feeling an urge to write a few little snarky snippets …

From ostrich to orange …

This jacket belongs to Paul Manafort. ostrich-jacketIt is made of ostrich skin … an ostrich died so that Mr. Manafort could have this jacket.



This jacket cost Mr. Manafort $15,000. Yes, folks, fifteen thousand U.S. dollars to kill an ostrich or two and stitch them together for a jacket for a narcissistic crook.  Manafort spent more than $400,000 … nearly a half-million dollars … on his personal wardrobe in one single year!  I spend, on average, $60 per year on mine!  Other items included a $9,500 vest made from ostrich and a $18,500 jacket made from python skin.  Seems he liked to go about wearing the skin of animals that were killed for no other reason than for his pleasure, though I cannot see what pleasure anyone gets from wearing the skin of an animal, for knowing that they are responsible for an innocent critter being murdered.  At any rate … here is what Mr. Manafort’s wardrobe looks like now …prison-garb

And no animals had to be killed for this one.

Dumb, dumber and dumbest …

Roger Stone is not too bright, but then, anybody who has a life-size tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back cannot be said to be among the best and brightest. stone-angryStone is in a heap of trouble, but either he is truly too stupid to realize that he may well spend the rest of his life in prison wearing an outfit to match Manafort’s, or he honestly believes that Trump will pardon him and he can get on with his merry little life of crime.  You may remember that he was under a partial gag order by Judge Amy Berman Jackson to keep him from discussing his case in public venues, but then he posted this picture …berman… on Instagram and earned himself a full gag order with the judge stating in no uncertain terms that Stone “is prohibited from making statements to the media or in public settings about the Special Counsel’s investigation or this case or any of the participants in the investigation or the case.”

Apparently, though, Stone either does not understand what this means, or thinks himself to be above the law, it came to the attention of Judge Jackson that Stone has written a book that is ready for “imminent general release”, and that he had failed to inform the Judge of this minor little detail.  Judge Jackson has now issued a new order requiring Stone’s lawyers to identify “the specific date of the ‘imminent general release’ of the book,” and to explain “why this matter — which was known to the defendant — was not brought to the Court’s attention” during previous filings of during the hearing regarding the Instagram post.”


Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

Bad taste?  Or reality?

Donald Trump didn’t invent bad taste, but he is about the biggest offender of the 20th and 21st centuries.  His bad taste and really lousy judgment have opened the door, and people are streaming through that door at an unprecedented rate, as you can see every day on any of the media sites.  So, is it any wonder that artist Jim Denomie painted this …


Standing Rock 2016

Denomie says his painting “Standing Rock 2016” is an imagined landscape inspired by protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

“I have a history of painting about history. And I saw this as history in the making. I’ve learned over my experience making paintings especially about important events that I receive information from the spirit world. It comes to me from somewhere, I don’t know exactly where — but I often come away from these paintings with a better understanding of the story or the events.”

In the painting, the Missouri River glows Technicolor orange and pink. The attack dogs have been given two heads — an allusion to Cerberus, the dog in Greek mythology that guards the gates of Hades. President Trump is seen groping Lady Justice, while former President Barack Obama is portrayed as a sitting duck. Men in suits clink martini glasses and smoke cigars. Brightly colored frogs emerge from the river, and what appear to be spirit creatures float in the sky above. It’s as though both the natural and spiritual worlds are joining the protestors in the fight to protect the land.

Minnesota State Representative, Josh Heintzeman, took umbrage with the painting, saying …

“On public display today, funded by your Legacy Art’s board, at a cost of $10,000. There’s a number of very controversial depictions but President Trump’s is especially offencive [sic]. If “artists” create this kind of thing on their own time fine, but not on my dime.”

First, Mr. Heintzeman, it isn’t “on your dime”, second Trump brought this very image upon himself with his own words and actions.  Nobody, not even the most slavish of Trump’s supporters, can possibly deny that.  Go get a life, Heintzeman … personally I think this painting is quite representative of the world we live in today, thanks in part to you and your ilk.

And with that, I need to step back for a few minutes before I throw something, for my computer has re-booted itself twice while I was writing this short piece!  I think somebody has cast a spell on it!  Have a great rest-of-Sunday!

24 thoughts on “Just A Snarky Snippet Sunday … BAH!

  1. I agree with all your posts Jill. That painting really sums up what is wrong with the world and the current people who govern our lives. I feel change coming, but it will not be peaceful or pretty. Soft words of reason, truth or civility will not overcome the current evil that grips this world with corruption, lies, avarice, lust and a host of other immoralities. There will be a shift to disobedience, to rioting, to dissention within communities and it is not long away. The first signs are already showing. Such a sad state of affairs!

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    • Thank you! Did you look closely at the picture? Did you notice anything about the man with the cigar in his mouth standing behind Trump? It took me a bit, but I finally saw it. 😉

      Yes, the first signs are showing and I’ve been saying for a while that the divisiveness cannot continue to escalate indefinitely before we start seeing blood shed in the streets. Here and there … and elsewhere. Even Canada is starting to fray with the latest scandal involving Trudeau. If we don’t doom all life through climate change, the world will look much different 50 or 100 years from now than it does today.


  2. Winter Storm Scott arrived in Rhode Island just a bit ago, according to the Weather Channel. True it is snowing, but I had thought that the 5+ inches of snow that I shoveled on Saturday morning was the gift of Winter Storm Scott. Apparently that was not a winter storm, statistics being what they are, just snow! This present snowfall is expected to go through the night, heavy at times, but then turn to rain by early morning. I don’t remember another winter with so much rain on top of snow, it is despicable! Speaking of despicable; Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and Donald Trump are fine examples of the word…much more so than rain on snow indeed. Despicable 1 and Despicable 2 are hoping that Despicable 3’s presidential pardon pen is poised and ready to sign on the dotted lines for them, what are friends for? Well, if you will excuse me now, I must ready myself for the imminent shoveling. I have had no success finding a neighborhood kid to do it. Ranging in age from months to almost 4, they are not interested in gainful employment and it is past their bedtimes. Thank-you!

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    • This, I fear, is what happens when you complain about not enough snow, dear Ellen! You mean there are no teenagers in your ‘hood? I wish I could send you some from my ‘hood!!! Actually, I wish I lived just down the street and could come help you both with the shoveling and with the reward afterward! 🍷🍷 Just please take it easy, take breaks, etc. Anyway, if you just wait a week or two, it will melt on its own! And yes, they are all a despicable bunch of jerks, but I’m happy to see at least one in jail, another one headed that way, and hope that eventually D3 will end up there too!


  3. I agree. Funny how these same folks who care nothing for the actual horrors perpetrated against the innocents they have victimized, yet are so easily “offended” when forced to look into the mirror of truth. I could vomit.

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  4. I can think of much better uses for ostrich or python skins now that the unfortunate creatures are already dead. A cat o’ nine tails comes to mind, to be used daily on the whole lot of Pets and Psychophants, as well as Trumpmandias himself.

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  5. Jill, I am sorry the snow got in the way of your plans. Let me start in the middle – Paul Manafort and Roger Stone are peas in the same pod – one grown out of deceit and malevolence. Taking pride in being a dirty trickster is like wearing a sign that says don’t trust me.

    As for The Donald, his choice in art is less important than his choice in friends and associates. Why is it so many of Trump’s associates have been caught lying? We should throw Jeffrey Epstein in the mix, someone Trump calls a great guy. This great guy is a high rolling pedophile who likes his girls under age, introducing the girls he exploits to his friends. Recognizing that Trump supporters still say he tells the truth, if that is the case, then he is guilty of a horrible judgment hanging around so many deceitful people. But, I would push back on those supporters by simply saying it takes one to know one. Keith

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    • You are quite right … Stone, Manafort and a number … a large number, it seems … of others are all cut from the same cloth. I would include Trump, but he is in a category all by himself, for his dishonesty and cruelty supersedes even these dolts. Epstein, too, is in a category by himself, and frankly I think he is the sleaziest of them all. That Trump calls him a friend tells us all we need to know, doesn’t it? And I have to wonder … his supporters don’t condemn his actions, so we must assume they are okay with them. That, too, speaks volumes. And they thought Obama was such a bad guy???????


      • Jill, I think I will write a post on this, but letter after letter to the editor by Trump supporters say people just hate Trump, that is why they are against him. This line of thinking comes straight from the horse’s mouth.

        The response I give is I hate people lying to me, especially when I know they are lying. I hate people bullying others or denigrating them because they disagree. That is a sign of a fragile ego, that he cannot take criticism.

        That must be out focus. But, we also need to ask Trump supporters a lot of why questions. It will give a chance for rebuttal. Keith

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        • Excellent idea! You’re right … I have seen the same comments stating that we just ‘hate’ Trump. I hate his actions and his speech, I hate what he’s done to this country, and when asked why, I am able to provide facts proving my points. Those who support him cannot do that. I look forward to your post!


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