Well, folks, it is finally here, the day we had all hoped would give us our lives back, Wednesday, 20 January 2021.  Inauguration Day.  Or what would have been inauguration day.  Instead, it’s just another day of life in a nearly four million square mile prison.

Remember how excited we were a year ago?  Or even a few short months ago?  It was an election year, Trump’s base had dwindled to a scant 30% or so, and all the polls were predicting a huge win for the democratic team of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  For the first time since Barack Obama left office the majority of us were once again hopeful.  Hopeful that the United States would re-join the Paris Climate Agreement, would re-implement regulations on the coal, oil, gas, auto and other industries to cut way back on carbon emissions.  We would Tear Down That Wall that was built without our consent or advice last year.  We had hope that our voices would once again be heard and count for something.

Then came that fateful Friday, November 1st 2020 … just four short days before the election.  I remember waking to see the blue light flashing on my phone, reaching for glasses and phone, nearly knocking the lamp off the night table in the process.  I immediately knew something terrible had happened, for there were “Breaking News!” updates … no less than five of them … from WaPo, NYT, Reuters, The Guardian, and my local news station.

“Breaking News!  Donald Trump has declared a State of National Emergency, claiming that North Korea is planning to launch nuclear missiles aimed at the United States.” 

My heart stopped, but not because I was afraid of North Korea lobbing nukes at us.  Heck, they couldn’t hit their target if they tried, and although tensions had been on the rise between our two countries, there had been nothing to indicate this level of conflict. In fact, my best guess is that the tensions were manufactured by Trump and Kim Jong-un. No, I was afraid for another reason.  I knew.  I just knew that the next move, or the one after that, would be to ‘postpone’ or cancel next week’s elections.  Trump, after all, studied under the best … Putin and Erdoğan.

And then, sure enough, like clockwork on Monday morning, the day before what would have been election day, more breaking news …

“Breaking News!  Donald Trump has announced that tomorrow’s elections will be postponed indefinitely due to the ongoing threat of war by North Korea.  Stay tuned …”

And a few hours later, this …

“Breaking News!  There has been an unsubsta …

Then nothing.  I well remember trying to log onto The Washington Post … nothing but a little circle twirling round and round, and finally … “This site cannot be reached at this time – please try again later.”  The New York Times … same thing.  I tried BBC, Reuters and about ten other news sites … nothing. I stepped outside … the world looked normal … no tanks in the street, no sound of military jets overhead, no big mushroom clouds on the horizon.  But the world was not normal and never would be again.Democracy dies in darknessI paced.  I texted my daughter … no reply.  I tried to call her … no answer.  I simply had to know what was happening!  I tried Facebook … I was able to log on, and everything appeared normal, but there were no recent posts by any of my friends, and when I tried to use Messenger to get a message to one of my friends in the UK, a message popped up saying “This service is temporarily unavailable.”

In the two-and-a-half months since that fateful day, we have been largely isolated from any credible news.  I am occasionally able to receive worried emails from friends in the UK, Australia and Canada telling me what little they know, but those messages are few and far between, and they bring no hope – only more despair.  Life goes on.  I clean house, cook, and most of all I’ve kept writing.  The grocery stores and shopping malls are still open, and one could almost believe that this is all a figment of my imagination.  People seem to go on about their daily business without even noticing.  Perhaps I appear that way too.

I have written every day, although WordPress was shut down in early November, so my words are silent cries.  Today would have seen the inauguration of President Joe Biden had our republic been allowed to survive the reign of Donald Trump.  I can no longer live in this nation, a nation where we are no longer free people.  I am leaving my writings from the past months in the hands of my daughter, in hopes that someday she can find a way to send them to a friend across the pond who will know what to do with them.  Rest in Peace, United States of America.

United States of America, July 4, 1776 – November 5, 2020liberty cries

Note to readers:  The above is, I hope, a work of fiction, a figment of my over-active mind.  Let’s all do whatever we can to keep it a work of fiction and never let this become our reality.

65 thoughts on “Darkness

  1. I love it! Way to get people thinking and expect the possibilities of the worst. This has been talked about many times by clever politicians and advocates for change in the United States. Its certainly a possibility! As a Canadian, I extend a personal invitation to you to come and join us as soon as possible! 😂😋


    • Many thanks, and Welcome! Yes, we need to be considering that there is a very real possibility of Trump finding a way to remain in office and turn the presidency into a de facto dictatorship. I already see signs of that. Thanks also for the invite! I have been considering a move to Canada for a couple of years now, but … then I think I need to stay here and fight this abomination in the Oval Office. Sigh.


  2. I read your tale late last night and the first part of a quote came to mind, but I could not remember the rest. I was tired and feeling less than my best, so left it for this morning…and then promptly forgot. But, I have found the entire quote that I shall share. By the way, I was quite impressed by several of your follower’s stories. I would hope that one of those becomes reality, not yours! Unlike them I am not a good spinner of tales and must rely on the words of my betters. “Fiction is truth’s elder sister. Obviously. No one in the world knew what truth was till some one had told a story.” – Rudyard Kipling. Thank-you!

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    • I’m sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well … perhaps too much shoveling of the white stuff? Ahem. Great quote! And yes, I liked David’s, Larry’s, Colette’s and Gronda’s versions better than mine, also. Mine is the one that keeps me awake nights. Sigh.


  3. Jill : Around the country my wife and I go in hope that my road trip blogs will find a ray of optimism for the future of our country. You and I obviously could use a break from the negative political atmosphere.

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  4. Dear Jill,

    Of course, I thought your scenario for this post was brilliant and all too realistic. But I much prefer Larry Paul Brown and David Prosser’s version better.

    Here’s mine:

    Of course, President Trump along with Russia’s help was certain that he would win the election on Nov. 8, 2020 but surprise, surprise, the polls showed that he would lose big-time, by at least 10 million votes. He was desperate as he needed to win to stay out of jail, otherwise more than one law enforcement agency would be ready to arrest him and his son and son-in-law. What was he to do?

    The answer was a wag-the-tail con job. Fortunately, the IC Community, both here in the USA and around the world had been listening to his every contact by phone or otherwise that he had made. For weeks, his every move was monitored.

    Panic hit him when all of a sudden he realized that he was no longer able to reach his buddies like President Putin, MBS, Kim Jong-Un. Too many of his friends were already behind bars and they were not too friendly as some had been counting on a pardon.

    He knew what to do. He would tweet his millions of supporters to order them into action. But guess what? Twitter was not working for him, either. Before he knew it election day was upon him. At the last day before the elections, the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stopped by for a visit. While she waited for her tea and cookies, she advised him of a once-in-a life time opportunity.. If he would lose graciously by acting presidential for once by conceding the election with dignity and if he instructed his numerous supporters to give the new president a real chance, then the law enforcement agents would not be waiting to arrest him for his numerous crimes as soon as he left the White House. But if he deviated from this deal in any way, this agreement would be null and void, and then he would be subject to arrest. In addition, she would make this plea deal public. He would have to act like a gracious loser, like forever. The president accepted Speaker Pelosi’s terms which he absolutely hated. This ending made him so sick that he passed away 6 months later..

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Hello Gronda. While there is a beauty in his having to admit defeat it doesn’t seem like enough payment for all the horrible acts committed by his administration during his 4 years as president. The children taken from loving parents and placed with strangers who will never see their families again deserve better. Hugs

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    • Thanks Gronda! Well, now … I was liking David’s, Larry’s and Colette’s versions much better than my own, but then along came yours, and I must declare you the WINNER of the contest that I hadn’t even thought to start! It would have been fun to write my version, then have a contest to see who could come up with the best version, but since I didn’t think of it, I declare you the winner anyway! That is a great way for this saga to end!


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  5. Very realistic scenario Jill! But I think an assassination plot would have developed… And ol Donnie would be holed up in his secret bunker with poor Melania and Baron, his captives. Only people allowed in would be McDonald’s deliveries (in armoured vehicles). I believe David’s scenario of choking on a big Mac could be helped along with a few additional ingredients. Of course, that meal would be called ‘The McTrump Burger,’ as by then, he would have threatened the famous chain with litigation unless they created a ‘whopper’ with really special ingredients and secret sauce just for him. 🍔😉

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    • Now, I like your scenario just fine … in fact, it gives me a bit of glee! But I would only argue one thing … Melania would have grabbed Barron and left Trump before she would have set foot in the bunker! She has no love for him, only for his money. 😉

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  6. Jill, apparently you have not received the news. It is 21 January 2021. Over 10 million patriots led by Oprah and AOC have stormed Washington DC and taken over the Halls of Congress, the Justice Department and the White House. Even as Trump State News, aka Fox, is declaring Trump had a bigger inaugural crowd, all military personnel, the FBI, CIA and law enforcement including the Secret Service have joined the insurgency. Initial reports from rogue news sources CNN & MSNBC declare a victory for the newly formed WE THE PEOPLE Party headed by Beto O’Rourke and Ellen Degeneres. Trump and his family will be displayed in cages in designer orange “IVANKA” jump suits for 1 week after which North Korea will receive them as honorary prisoners in one of its gulags. (Okay, okay I’ll take my thorazine and go back to bed)
    Jill, yours is a scary scenario, but America will not let it happen. Too many of us are willing to die before allowing that to happen. We might be old and decrepit but we make damn good shields.😎

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    • Oh Larry … I LOVE your scenario!!! You’ve made me both laugh and cry at the same time! I especially like the part where they are displayed in cages in their orange jumpsuits. I think the public should be allowed to come and throw rotten tomatoes and other fruits at them while they’re on display! And yes, you are right … I would gladly give my life if I could help prevent my nightmarish scenario from coming true. Thanks again … your story is much nicer than mine!

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  7. Jill, with the state run feedback loop between Fox’s opinion on-air people and Trump (or is it the other way around?), anything is possible. Trump is everything Cohen said he is. I would add he has done illegal and traiterous things, so yes he could do this to save his hind end. Keith

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    • Isn’t it funny … as another reader commented, two years ago this would have been laughable, I would have been asked what I was smoking. But today … it is all too credible. Yes, he is everything Cohen said and then some. Sigh. And still, those who follow him cannot see what is before their very eyes. If they could, we could avoid any possibility of my imaginary tale becoming reality.

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    • Thank you! Yes, it is scary and two years ago I would have been accused of sensationalism, or of being off my bloomin’ rocker. But today, nobody questions, for it’s a scenario that is all too believable. Sigh.

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  8. Friday Nov 1st 2020, I remember that day so well. Despite all the rumours upsetting everyone that Trump would declare a State of Emergency, I opened my computer that morning to he news that Trump had been assassinated by a large chunk of BigMac, it gave him a massive stroke. It was decided not to go ahead with a day of mourning as the elections were so close. President Pence was ineffectual in office until Jan 2021 and there were a rash of resignations starting with Betsy de Vos who is apparently emigrating. Joe Biden took the time out to make a moving speech of thanks on behalf of the people to MacDonalds when it was found that Trump had intended to delay the elections quoting Emergency Measures.

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    • Oooohhhh … I DO like your ending so much better than my own!!! What a grand reality that would make! I think I’ll send ol’ Donnie some McDonald’s gift cards next week!

      Thank you for making me laugh, for I was teetering on the brink of that rabbit hole and needed this.
      Cwtch Mawr

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    • Thank you, my dear friend! It is my fondest hope that this will not come to pass and that we can all breathe a sigh of relief and then have a huge PARTY!!! 🎈 I guess the answer will come soon enough. Thanks again for the hug … I need lots of them these days. 🤗

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    • Ha ha … thank you, my friend, but I’m no writer of fiction. I cannot do it all the time, not even very often. Sometimes an inspiration strikes me, but those are few and far between. This one actually came to me while brushing my teeth this morning, and then kept nagging at me while I cleaned the kitchen and finally I just had to set it to paper. And frankly, once I did, I felt … sad, drained, and ready to scurry back into the rabbit hole. I think I managed to frighten myself with my work. Sigh. Huge HUGS!!! 🤗

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      • I’d say your subconscious has been pushed to the limit and needed an outlet. So glad you wrote it down. Even more glad you posted it. Things are much more scary when they’re possible. 😦

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        • You are so right! When things keep you awake night after night, it’s time to get them out! And yes, the possible is much more frightening than fantasy. One reader said she didn’t read this post because she thinks writing things like this will cause them to actually happen. Sigh.

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                  • Turnbull’s own party ousted Turnbull about 6 months ago. The one chosen to replace him is Scott Morrison, an evangelical with a background in advertising [I think] who has about as much charity as one of the lumps of coal he loves playing with.
                    We’ve gone from a weak, but relatively well-intentioned conservative to a smarmy, lying bastard that everybody hates. The only thing going for him is that everybody hates another bastard, called Peter Dutton, even more.
                    Our politics is different to yours, but the underlying bastardry of the right wing is the same. If they stay in power by some miracle I’m moving to New Zealand. :/

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                    • You’re kidding! I missed THAT? I have had my head buried too deep in Trumplandia for too long!!! Sheesh!

                      Just that word “evangelical” sets off red flags and alarms in my head. I have to catch up on your politics, for it sounds like you’re heading down the same path as us! Hang in, my friend, and strap on the seat belt, for it is a rough ride! Hugs!!!


                    • There are definitely some pluses to compulsory voting, and I’ve thought more than once I wish we could try it here, for voter apathy is one of the things that put the madman in the White House. Along with the electoral college, which is a joke — a bad joke at that! Our problems, though, are obviously not unique to the U.S., for Trudeau in Canada is having troubles, France, your country … not to mention the UK’s Brexit nightmare. Sigh. Have a great weekend, my friend!


                    • Yeah, there seems to be a collective madness at work across the Western world, and I’m going to be really radical and put the collective blame on the capitalist ideology that’s allowed corporations to turn into feudal robber barons.
                      One of our latest scandals is that a coal giant hired a company to create and run a campaign to make people think that coal is ‘good’ and even necessary. The campaign was two fold – dig up whatever dirt they could about Greenpeace et al, and pay groups on social media to spread disinformation about renewables themselves.
                      In hindsight, I know I’ve clashed with some of these paid propagandists on Twitter without realising it. I couldn’t work out why they kept pushing discredited information despite my fact checking. Now I know.
                      Basically, social media has been weaponised by big business.
                      Even closer to home, there was the story of the Seven Eleven franchise, that’s worth billions, deliberately and systematically underpaying its employees [overseas students, immigrants, easy targets]. Yet that kind of blatant /theft/ is not classed as a crime!?!
                      Sorry, but I see so much wrong with the system. It’s debasing our ideals and undermining the very foundations of democracy…-sigh-

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                    • I definitely agree with your assessment and laying the blame at the door of capitalism. Now, I have no issue with capitalism, but today what we are seeing is capitalism run amok. Everything is geared toward those of wealth, to the exclusion of the other 99.7% of us.

                      The situation with the coal giant in your country seems very much like what has been happening here! They tout “clean coal”, when in reality there is no such thing. Coal is killing the environment in two ways … the mining of it and the burning of it. But … we mustn’t take the profit away from those coal barons who are already millionaires many times over. And, they help Trump so that he will help them in turn.

                      I don’t do much on Twitter or Facebook any more, for that very reason.

                      I hadn’t heard that one about the 7-11 franchise, but it isn’t even a little bit surprising. Sigh. That’s part of the problem too … nothing even shocks us any more, so inured to it all are we.

                      No need for ‘sorry’, for you’re right .. there is so much wrong with our system and yours and many others that I don’t know where to begin some days.

                      Hugs, my friend … it’s all I have to give!


                    • I fear that the West is slipping into a decline from which it may never recover, and I blame the idiot who think that if a little bit of capitalism is a good thing, capitalism with the breaks taken off must be heaven. And I suppose it is, for that tiny % you were talking about. Humans are just no good at self-regulation, even when our long term survival depends on it.
                      ‘We live in interesting times’

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                    • Indeed we do live in interesting times, with ‘interesting’ being defined as ulcer-inducing! I fear it will get worse before it gets better, and if we don’t get off our patooties and clean up our environment, we may not need to worry about it. But, on the upside … um … well, let me get back to you on that! 😉


  9. Hello Jill. Seems the subject of tRump leaving the white house willingly is being talked about a lot. More and more people seem to feel he has gotten way with ignoring all the other laws and norms why would he care about breaking a few more. I think we are smart to be worried. Hugs

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    • I’ve had it on my mind for over a year now, for at some point I realized that I couldn’t picture him turning over the reins. He is such a volatile and cruel little man that I put no evil deed past him, and I think we must be aware and prepared. Hugs!!!

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  10. Interesting read. It is interesting to me that people believe America is a free country. It’s never been anything more than illusion of freedom. I liked the story though. It would make a great movie script. I encourage you to think about making it one!

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        • Yes but when people usually say “oh we’re better off then country so and so” they generally think that means there’s no room for improvement. Not that you’re saying that, but I can general. It doesn’t mean there aren’t grave issues with the systems we’ve integrated into our society and government. And talk about the ability to live in peace without fear: in the states, that’s not even a reality for many POC at this point. I enjoy more freedom as a white person than some of my friends. I think there’s definitely freedom in power. When we are empowered we can speak out, enact change, and make real decisions for ourselves instead of buying into the illusion that we have a choice. That’s not what the people in power want. They’d rather we say “the US is relatively free” because people who are content don’t push for change.

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    • Freedom is relative. Relative to people living in nations ruled by the likes of Putin, Erdogan, Kim Jong-un or Mohammed bin Salman, we in the U.S. are free. We are free to say or write whatever we like, even to criticize our own government.

      Glad you liked the story! It might make a good movie, but I fear I haven’t the talent to write a movie script! But thanks anyway! 😊

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