Good For A Few Laughs …

I promised Larry there would be toons today, for we are all past due for a few laughs.  And so … bring on the TOONS!

Fox Newsdelusion-1flag-1flag-1flag-2Bruce Plante Cartoon: Trump says whateverJared-2koreakorea-2korea-3kushnerrepubstoon-1Security clearancesDishonest DonTrump-Pottymouth


25 thoughts on “Good For A Few Laughs …

  1. Great choices, we have to find some humor to get us through the day. There was little doubt that the political cartoonists would have a field day with Trump’s flag hugging stunt, and they did not disappoint. The talk show hosts took advantage of the opportunity to ridicule Trump too. Stephen Colbert said : “I believe that is the first time a flag has ever volunteered to be burned.” Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue was hysterical. Thank-you!

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    • I will definitely have to check out Colbert and Kimmel, for I am seeking humour at the moment, and those two rarely let me down, as well as John Oliver. Glad you liked the ‘toons! How is Benjamin doing? Better, I hope?


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