Forty-Seven Lousy Months …

Forty-seven months.  Forty-seven lousy months is all Paul Manafort, who could have gotten as much as 24 years, was sentenced to on Thursday afternoon!  This is an abomination!  It is a miscarriage of justice!  It is a freak show!  A slap on the wrist for the man who worked for the Russians and with them, who dodged his taxes so that he could buy ostrich skin jackets, and who sold our country out, not to mention working to help elect another criminal to the highest office in the land.

Angry?  Moi???  Hell yes I’m angry!  If I run a stop sign or write a bad check, I will likely get more jail time than this greedy, rich turncoat got!  Why?  Who knows.  The judge likes Trump or felt sorry for Manafort?

Manafort-wheelchairManafort entered the courtroom in prison greens (did they stop using orange?) in a wheelchair!  Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that man that a smack upside the head wouldn’t take care of!  He claims that the last nine months in jail have taken a toll on his health.  Well, Paulie, y’know what???  The last two years with the jackass you helped get elected has taken a toll on the health of every thinking, sane person in the United States of America!  Sympathy?  You’ll get none from me, Jack!

But perhaps the wheelchair (which was naught but a stage prop) played on Judge T.S. Ellis’ sympathy, or perhaps it was his whining that did it … wah, wah, wah …

“The last two years have been the most difficult my family and I have experienced.  To say I feel humiliated and ashamed would be a gross understatement.”

Hardly an apology or a statement of remorse, is it?  The judge noticed that too, saying …

“I was surprised that I did not hear you express regret for engaging in wrongful conduct. I hope you will reflect on that and your regret will be that you didn’t comply with the law.”

Even so, Judge Ellis apparently took some form of pity on Paulie, for while the sentencing guidelines for his crimes in this case called for 20-24 years, Ellis sentenced him to a lousy 47 months, with time served, meaning that he will spend only 38 months, just over three years, in prison.  And Ellis had the unmitigated gall to claim that he believed Manafort had “lived an otherwise blameless life”Say WHAT???  The man has been a greedy crook all his life, playing both ends against the middle and making money hand over fist!  He killed animals so he, instead of they, could wear their skin, for Pete’s SAKE!

Manafort had cut a deal with Robert Mueller to cooperate in Mueller’s Russia investigation in exchange for a lighter sentence, but he blew that by lying to the FBI, the OSC (Office of the Special Counsel) and the grand jury concerning matters that were material to the investigation, including his contacts with his Russian associates during the campaign and later.  And the reason he has been sitting in jail for the past nine months is because his $10 million bail was revoked last June after it was discovered that he had tried to influence the testimony of two government witnesses.

Next Wednesday, Manafort faces a different federal judge for sentencing in his other case involving acting as an unregistered foreign agent for Ukraine, money laundering and witness tampering.  Let us hope that judge, Amy Berman Jackson, will better understand the seriousness of Manafort’s crimes and sentence him accordingly.  Jackson is the same judge who finally tired of Roger Stone’s games and subjected him to a gag order and a threat of jail if he screws it up again.  She is also the judge who revoked Manafort’s bail last year, so I don’t think she’ll smile as kindly upon Manafort as Judge Ellis did.

Whether Manafort’s two sentences will run concurrently or consecutively is up to Judge Jackson.  I hope she sees fit to make him serve the maximum time – hopefully the rest of his life – in prison garb.  Paul Manafort ripped our government out of millions, defrauded banks and tried to sell our country’s interests to foreign powers, and yet today he received a lesser sentence than a black person in some parts of the country would get for smoking marijuana.  Equal justice for all?  I think not!

End of rant … for now.

32 thoughts on “Forty-Seven Lousy Months …

  1. Mr Manafort is still scheduled to be sentenced next week by the DC court in a separate illegal lobbying case, having pleaded guilty in that case in September. Presiding over the D.C. case is U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson, the same judge who last month slapped former Trump adviser Roger Stone with a gag order.
    Then there’s the question of whether Manafort will face additional charges in New York, where Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. is said to be preparing a case against him.
    Potential charges in New York would stem from alleged unpaid states taxes as well as loans, a source told Reuters last month. They would also be part of an effort to saddle Manafort with state-level charges in the event he receives a pardon from President Trump on his convictions in federal court.
    It’s not over until IT’S OVER! Manafort will pay!


  2. Well, buy me ruby slippers and call me Dorothy…cause I must be in Oz! I’ll know for sure after Manafort’s second sentencing next Wednesday, when in all probability Trump, our own bumbling wizard, will issue him a pardon. Thank-you!

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    • Hi Dorothy!!! I think his sentencing next week will be much different than this one was, for Judge Jackson is not as kindly disposed toward Trump’s cronies as Judge Ellis. But you’re right … I don’t think he’ll do it right away, but I think rump may well pardon him. Sigh.


  3. The smell of corruption and misuse of power is growing. It sadly just feels like this is only the top layer. Will we ever get to the real stuff going on. I’m not sure we will ever get to that level of detail.

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  4. May I add my YUK? I would take this a step beyond color or race. It is a matter of wealth and power claiming privilege which they don’t deserve. Hopefully, the crimes for which he was not charged – collusion, conspiracy and treason will catch up to Manafort.

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  5. And of course tRumpsky is strutting around saying “No Collusion! No Collusion!”

    This is one of the biggest miscarriages of justice that I’ve seen/heard about in a very long time. Let me qualify that by adding …. for a WHITE, no-good, cheating, lying, ass-kissing, CROOK! As rawgod says, color tells the tale.

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    • Trump reminds me of a parrot … he has certain phrases that get repeated over and over, ad nauseam. You’re right … but wait … on Wednesday he won’t be so lucky with Judge Jackson. BUT … there is always the possibility (probability?) that Trump will pardon him.


      • Well, you know, he’s really a “good guy” and this is nothing but a miscarriage of justice. So yes, I would say there’s a good chance a pardon is in his future. Grrrrrr! 😠

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        • Oh that’s right … he has lived an “otherwise blameless” life, after all! The good news is that the State of New York is preparing to charge him on state charges if Trump pardons him on the federal charges. Trump cannot pardon state charges!

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  6. I hate to say this, but white folk don’t get sentenced the way of other folk. Just being white these days says that you were a bad boy, go sit in the corner and think about what you did. We know you’ll realize your mistakes, and be a better person for it. Meanwhile, if you aren’t white, they throw the book at you because you cannot understand what you did is wrong, and you’ll never change, so stay there!
    Manafort got coddled, if not outright cuddled. The wheelchair? What was that for? Did someone in prison break his legs? Not yet, but I guess we’ll see which prison he gets sentenced to, Club Hell or Club Med? GenPop or VIP detention?
    Time will tell. Throw him in Club Hell! or whatever that chant is…

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    • You know you’ll get no argument from me about that. The discrepancies in sentencing … heck, in even charging … white people vs black that even a moron could see it. But, the public is so used to it that it doesn’t even register anymore. According to what I heard, the wheelchair is because he has “gout”. Now, you know what causes gout? Too much rich food. In prison! And he claims that prison has affected his health! 🙄


    • That’s true … he was obnoxious throughout the trial, and he also has a long history of treating ‘white-collar’ crime with a slap on the wrist. I think next week’s sentencing under Judge Amy Berman Jackson will be a little bit different. 🙂


  7. Jill, here is an excerpt from my post this morning called “Friday follies.”

    “Here in the US, Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was sentenced to 47 months in prison. While a much lighter sentence than many felt, he does have another sentence coming in another court. If Trump is as innocent as he proclaims, with the guilt of Manafort and other Trump associates, Trump is not very good at judging friends and associates. Yet, as I have witnessed time and again as a consultant, an organization takes on the personality of its leader. So, if subordinates are guilty of lying, cheating, and criminal behavior…”

    Manafort is a judged crook. His buddy Roger Stone awaits a trial, while others – Flynn, Gates, Cohen, et al – have pleaded guilty to lying. Trump has publicly stated he has obstructed justice, he has made money off the Presidency, he has no business ties to Russia when he did, he has believed three tyrants over crimes they sanctioned rather than his world-class intelligence officials, and he sexually assaulted and/ or harassed women and teen girls. These are his public words, but there is so much more. Nixon incorrectly said he was not a crook. Trump has admitted to being a crook. Keith

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    • I just finished reading your Friday Follies a bit ago, and commented there. I’ve long heard it said that you are judged by the company you keep. If that be the case, then what else could Trump possibly be but a thief, a con man, and a crook? In my book, he is more crooked that Nixon ever thought about being, but really, the degree of crookedness doesn’t matter now, does it? Bad is bad. Let us remove this man from our lives as quickly as possible before he brings in more to add to his den of thieves!


      • Jill, I would agree Trump is more corrupt than Nixon and the latter was a crook. Nixon could not market like Trump and did not have the benefit of a state news arm like Fox or Sinclair. Keith

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  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Angry? I an BEYOND angry!! This is a mockery of the justice system of this nation … ‘Forty-seven lousy months is all Paul Manafort, who could have gotten as much as 24 years, was sentenced to on Thursday afternoon! This is an abomination! It is a miscarriage of justice! It is a freak show! A slap on the wrist for the man who worked for the Russians and with them, who dodged his taxes so that he could buy ostrich skin jackets, and who sold our country out, not to mention working to help elect another criminal to the highest office in the land.’ … no moral ground at all!!

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  9. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!! It’s an OUTRAGE!!!!!!! Everyone is on the take! “A Blameless Life??????” What planet does this judge live on?????? Dear Lord!!!!!! There is NO Accountability!!!!! It’s a free for all!!!! I’m flipping out!!!!!!! Will we ever wake up….. from this NIGHTMARE??????

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    • I know … my reaction was the same as yours … I was so infuriated I wanted to punch something … instead I wrote my rant! Back in the summer, during Manafort’s trial, Judge Ellis was combative toward the prosecution, frequently interrupting and chastising them, so I guess this sentence should come as no surprise. The one next week will be very different, I think. I hope. I don’t know if we will get the chance to wake up or not, but I certainly hope so. I think much rests on the shoulders of William Barr and Robert Mueller at this point.

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    • Thanks! I suspect Trump would wait to pardon him, if he’s going to, after the second sentencing next week, then issue a blanket pardon. I’m not sure whether he will or not. No, it’s only federal charges that Trump CAN pardon … state charges he can do nothing about. Unless, of course, he decides to write an “executive order” to change that! All of Manafort’s charges, at this time anyway, are federal. Sigh.

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