The Mountain

A few days ago, I came upon a poem.  Typically, I pass right on by most poetry, for unless it’s very short, like a limerick, I rarely understand it.  In college, poetry thoroughly defeated me, even the simplest of them.  But, for some reason this one caught my eye and I read it … once, then again. And I thought, “BINGO!”  This is how I sometimes feel, as if I simply can’t do what needs to be done.  However, being a stubborn wench I typically give myself a good ‘talking to’ and get on with the business at hand.  But this poem struck a chord, and its message is, I think, beautifully and yet simply conveyed.  The poem, titled The Mountain, is by Laura Ding-Edwards of Herefordshire in the United Kingdom.  Since I enjoyed it, I thought perhaps you might also …

The Mountain

The Mountain

39 thoughts on “The Mountain

  1. Dear Jill,

    Thank you for sharing this poem. I needed it and it did pick me up. I’ll be reading it daily as a form of antibiotic to protect me from all the ugly stuff that are bombarding all of us on a daily basis.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I used to hike on occasion with my friend Herb, and he always said it is “all mental”. All about attitude. And I believe it, for some mornings if I get up and tell myself how tired I am, or how poorly I feel, I seem to just drag. But, once I say to myself, “get over it … you’d feel fine if you just got busy”, then I forget about tiredness, aches & pains, and live life. Attitude … or, as my dad always said, “the mind is powerful … you can talk yourself into or out of anything”.

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  2. Jill, this is nice. We often see a huge obstacle and simply not try. Taking it on in small steps is a way to tackle it. I used to tell my kids when they did not know how to do a math problem, to write down what they do know. Just starting makes a world of difference. Keith

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  3. Yes, brilliant and I do think often a rhyming poem is eaasier to read and the rythmn of this adds to the soothing effect. I don’t write or read poetry seriously, but why shouldn’t we appreciate the poems we understand straight away.

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    • A poetry critic, who shall remain nameless as he is still around on CBC radio, once told me I am not a poet. “You’re not hiding anything,” he said. “You can’t call it poetry if the meaning is clear and available.” And I asked him, “What good is a poem if no one understands the hidden message?” He just ignored me. So I ignored him. And the publishers ignored me in their turn. Everyone has their own idea. If a poet says it is poetry, it is poetry. If a reader says it is poetry, then it is good poetry.

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      • Your poetry critic is a snob. For me, poetry is like what some say about visual art such as painting, I know what I like or don’t like, though I cannot say why, cannot analyze the reason. Nor do I think one should be forced to analyze reasons, hidden meanings, etc. I take things pretty much at face value. It isn’t, after all, rocket science, but rather an art form.


    • Exactly! Some believe a poem must be cryptic, have hidden meanings, in order to qualify as good poetry. But, for a literalist like myself, we need to be able to garner the meaning from the words, not from what is behind those words.


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