Sociologists Unravel The Mystery Of President Trump’s Supporters Who Continue To Back Him

It could be that this report that Gronda has written about is the answer to the question that has been keeping us awake at night: What does it take to shake Trump supporters awake? The report is disturbing if it is correct, but well worth the read and worth pondering, for it does answer a number of questions. Thank you, Gronda, for bringing us this information and allowing me to share.

Gronda Morin

Anyone who’s a ‘Never Trumper’ from the left to the right have been pondering the question, who are those peoples who continue to back the republican President Donald Trump despite his bullying, abusive character flaws, just for starters. The Washington Post has numbered his lies as exceeding 9,000 whoppers since he became president in November 2016.

At the start, I had excused away President Trump’s supporters allegiance to him based on my personal theory that many of them were suffering from economic anxiety especially in rural areas where good paying manufacturing/ plant jobs were more scarce. But over time, I did note that there had to be other reasons to explain those who continued to back President Trump, as many of his policies were counter to their economic well being.

Finally, over time I arrived at the following conclusion:

I’ve accepted the fact that the president’s base of voters stick…

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19 thoughts on “Sociologists Unravel The Mystery Of President Trump’s Supporters Who Continue To Back Him

  1. Dear Jill,

    I appreciated these 2 sociologists publishing their findings where we are forced to face the reality that his followers are going nowhere. This tells us that we from the left to the right who are ‘Never Trumpers’ have to back the Democratic Party presidential candidate 100%; to avoid the in-fighting and purity tests, We have to bury these Trumpian GOP candidates where a clear message is sent. The USA is a country that values diversity, tolerance, decency, the rule if law, truth, etc.

    What’s sad, is that GOP lawmakers have to be fully complicit in all of this or they have to be appalled. This Trumpian Party is not one that I would want to be associated with in any way.

    Again, thanks a million for your support and for this reblog.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I think the GOP lawmakers who pay homage to Trump are the lowest of low, for they chose greed over doing the right thing, chose the unconscionable over the people they get paid to represent. That old saying, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is quite true. They got a taste of power and sold their souls downriver … and We the People along with them.

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  2. Downer for sure, Trump totally defies logic and reason, or common sense for that matter. It’s simply his cult of personality (or lack thereof) that has his followers so enthralled. I guess ppl just want a father figure to believe in, even though it’s all an illusion. His approval rating just gone up, WTF??? *Sigh*


  3. I think I agree with the analysis that there is a huge demographic out there who are misogynistic, racist, bigoted, etc, etc. I see myself as strongly liberal, but think I am realistic enough to know that everyone has prejudices, and recognise that a lot of people have an awful lot of prejudices. I certainly see it here in the UK, and of course the Brexit divisions have brought a lot of them to the surface. As we’ve discussed previously, what has happened recently, in a number of countries, has seen not so much, I think, an explosion of intolerance, but in people believing they now have permission to display that intolerance, where previously they had felt they should keep it hidden.

    As for education, I think the pertinent point, which the article misses, is that this education needs to take place in someone’s formative years. The eleven or twelve year old is going to be far more open to ideas alien to their home culture than is someone in their thirties or forties, for example. By then it is simply too late.

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    • I agree with you on all counts. I would have likely rejected the notions in this report two years ago, but over the past two years, since Trump took office, we have seen the prejudices rise to the surface time and time again, and we have seen him encourage them. I still don’t understand it … certainly we may all have some prejudices, but I cannot understand the person who hates enough to kill, only because of the colour of one’s skin, his religion, or ethnicity. And I definitely agree about education … it needs to start as early as possible … children need to learn about other cultures and that being different is a good thing, not a bad one. But, I think we are a long way off from doing that, and today’s problem still exists. I don’t know how we overcome it. Sigh.

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  4. The results of this study are what I call “loaded” with potential explanations, and will probably do more harm than good in the short run, if not in the long run. There are a lot of people in the world, but most importantly in the USofA, who are borderline on at least one, if not more, of the factors that divide–racism, genderism, sexism, religion, greed, riches, abortion, gun owning, etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum. I would suggest those on that borderline voted against Trump in 2016, because WHO WOULD FALL FOR THAT B.S.? But now they have seen who fell for it, and elected Trump by so doing. Who are they going to vote for this time? If even half of them make that leap, it will be a landslide for Trump come November 2020. And this what he is counting on, as well as buying the votes of those in the electoral college.
    How will his opposition fight that? Smith and Hanley, the sociologists, seem to think the Democrats are going to use education as their main weapon, and they predict that will fail. And if they continue to separate college graduates from non-graduates the Democrats probably will fail. If they continue to assume they have the non-white vote, without offering some kind of realistic reward to that voter bloc, they will fail. If they continue to assume they have the majority of the women’s vote, they will fail.
    The Democrats, as a party, and as individual candidates, will have to get out there assuming that no one is going to vote for them, and they have to fight for every vote they will get.
    Assume nothing but failure! And give the voters, all of them, reasons to help them win!

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    • I simply don’t know anymore what is driving his supporters or how the democrats can win in 2020, but win they must, for an additional 4 years of Donald Trump will be the death of the United States. Or, should I say, the DIS-United States. Much of what Smith & Hanley say makes sense to me, for we have seen the blatant racism, homophobia, misogyny and the rest of the various forms of bigotry among his supporters. And … trying to find any other logical reason for their slavish loyalty to a cruel ‘man’, a foolish ‘man’, one who has made mistake after mistake, who has done the exact opposite of what was needed in every single instance, is an exercise in futility. The thing that I think is most crucial now is to work on getting voting rights squared up. Re-districting gerrymandered districts and taking a close look at voting laws that discriminate unfairly against the low-income and minorities. It would pay to remember that Trump did not win the majority … not even close … but he won through gerrymandering, voter repression, and of course the electoral college. I would love to see the electoral college abolished, but that isn’t even a slim possibility at this time, so we must work on the other things. And … the democrats must put forth a viable and electable candidate.

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      • We are about to have a provincial election in Alberta. Granted our population is under 5 million, as compared to over 300 million in the USA, but we just learned yesterday that there will be a WEEK-LONG advance poll before the actual election date, and any registered voter can vote at any polling station in the province during the advance poll. This means NO GERRYMANDRING! Meanwhile, it might mean a time-delay in calling close elections since no votes will be counted until all polls are closed election day. I am proud of our provincial government for designing this type of election. It makes casting a vote possible for everyone who wants to take part.

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        • What a great way to do it! People must feel more confident that their vote will count, and also it makes it possible for those for whom logistics and scheduling might otherwise be a problem. And it definitely removes 99% of the excuses people come up with for not voting. Good job!


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