Cory Booker: The 7 Issues Guide

Today I am happy to bring you the next in TokyoSand’s series, The 7 Issues Guide, which is introducing us to the democratic candidates running in the 2020 presidential election. Today’s piece is about Cory Booker, the U.S. Senator from New Jersey. Now, I like Cory Booker, he has many times stood up for what he believes in, and he generally shares my beliefs. He does, however, have a bit of controversy in his background, but I suspect we won’t find a single candidate who doesn’t. Thank you, TokyoSand and your diligent volunteer helpers, for all your hard work in preparing this series.


booker2Let’s get to know Cory Booker!

The Democrats have a big field of candidates running for President in 2020. To briefly use a sports analogy, I see our candidates as the starting players on the Blue team, each bringing their own unique strengths to the table in a bid to take our country in a very different direction than the one we’re on today.

But as we well know from 2016, the media (and especially social media) gets fixated on non-substantial issues that take up all the oxygen. Plus, they don’t give the candidates the same treatment or the same amount of airtime.

In order to help voters get to know the Democratic candidates, I’ve enlisted the help of a team of terrific volunteers who have helped gather quotes and information about what the candidates have said or done in regards to the 7 issues that midterm voters identified as…

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    • Thanks, Roger! I’ve seen Cory stand up to the bullies in Congress, including Kirstjen Nielsen, the Secretary of Homeland Security, and Jeff Sessions. For that, I like and admire him. But yesterday, he failed to go against Trump on the vote for the initiative to stop Trump’s national emergency declaration, and that disappointed me.

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