Last Week Today

I was reminded that I didn’t do a post with ‘toons last week, so consider this to be last week’s post this week.  Rather like the title of John Oliver’s show, Last Week Tonight.  Much was in the news this week, but the cartoonists grabbed one topic as their central focus … the college admissions scandal.

collegecollege-1college-2Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon - tt_c_c190314.tifcollege-4college-5college-6college-7college-8college-9

Then there was Trump’s ludicrous budget proposal …

budgetbudget-2budget-3Federal budget

The tragedy of immigrant children, separated from their parents and kept in ‘detention centers’ …

immigrantimmigrant-2Bruce Plante Cartoon: DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen

And a few just about Trump and his circus act …

Reduced sentence

TrumpA Trump embraceTrump-3Trump-4Trump-5Wall

Have a great week!

20 thoughts on “Last Week Today

  1. Dear Jill,

    What’s worse about the bookworm black child is that if she does get into an elite school, she’ll be stuck with a student loan burden that’s the size of a mortgage.

    I truly enjoyed your cartoon selections. My favorite was the last one. That’ makes for an outstanding wall.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Jill, these are always funny, but sad as well. Whoopi Goldberg said it well today. The man in the white house has enough problems to deal with to focus on such BS. His commenting on John McCain this weekend was “pathetic” as Meghan McCain called it. It showed an incredible lack of judgment. This sentence would define the college parents as well. Keith

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    • Agreed. The humour is almost gallows humour these days. The ‘man’ in the White House apparently doesn’t have time to read his daily briefings or try to catch up on world news, for he is so busy tweeting, ranting, and putting down people that I don’t know how he would ever find time to do his job! He grabs onto a perceived “enemy” and never lets go. He still has them chanting “Lock her up” at his rallies, is still criticizing McCain, and is still blaming Obama for whatever goes wrong. And yet, I have read a couple of articles by respected analysts in the past few weeks that say he could very well win re-election next year!


      • Jill, sadly he could. Yet, more is coming which should scare the you-know-what out of Republicans. Also, sadly, the man gets his briefings from Fox’s opinion folks and acts. The McCain BS came right from Fox – he never questioned if it was true. So, he is paying for his bad judgment. I think he lies so much and he chooses not to study, he does not know when he is being lied to. Keith

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        • I’m sure you are right … he doesn’t know when he is being lied to, and frankly, as long as he is told what he wants to hear, he likely doesn’t care if it’s a lie or not. Remember the song that the scarecrow sings in The Wizard of Oz? “If I Only Had A Brain”? I think I may dedicate that to Mr. Trump! ♫


    • Yes, it makes all the sense in the world, and it is what I think every time I do a post of political cartoons. There is humour … if only it weren’t reality. But, these cartoonists have so much talent, don’t they? I fear, my friend, that neither you nor I will live long enough to see a world without hate. If it hasn’t happened after thousands of years … 😥


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