White Fascism

Fascism is a form of radical, right-wing, authoritarian ultra-nationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy, which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.

White nationalism is a type of nationalism or pan-nationalism which espouses the belief that white people are a race and seeks to develop and maintain a white national identity. Its proponents identify with and are attached to the concept of a white nation.

Of late, it’s been called ‘white nationalism’, and it is that, but it is so much more than that.  It truly is fascism, for it is supported by authoritarian dictators and wanna-be dictators, and it is spreading.  Donald Trump denies that it is a growing problem, and also that he has anything to do with it, but the truth is that he is the personification of white fascism.  Even the New Zealand mosque shooter, Brenton Tarrant, cited Trump as a part of his ‘inspiration’.

Let’s take a look at just two of the many manifestations of the ever-growing white fascist movement.

Corinne Terrone was a school teacher in the Hamden, Connecticut school district. Last Friday she was shopping with her two children at a ShopRite supermarket in East Haven.  There is a video recording of what transpired when she confronted an African-American couple who were also shopping for groceries.  I choose not to post the video here, for it is disgustingly vulgar, however here is a brief synopsis of what happened:corinne-terrone.jpgThe video begins with Terrone screaming, “…I will. Don’t you dare talk to me like that in front of my children motherfucker.” A few words are inaudible until she’s heard saying “they’re fucking ni**ers in East Haven, that’s why.”

The man to whom she was directing her rage can be seen heading toward Terrone as people he’s with hope to calm him down, saying, “Don’t do it.” But Terrone yells, “put your hands on me. Come on. Come on,” and then points her phone close to his face as if to record. Another man attempts to get between them when the first man pushed the phone out of her hand and walks away.

But Terrone hurries after him shouting, “Oh you motherfuc*er, you motherfuc*er. That’s why there’s ni**ers in East Haven.” And when a person who appears to be a store employee comes toward her Terrone yells: “Fu*k you, ni**er.”

Terrone comes at the couple and spits at them. Twice.

Keep in mind that Ms. Terrone was a school teacher who has a role in building ideas in the minds of our nation’s young people, our future.  Ms. Terrone is a white fascist.  The East Haven police department is considering criminal charges, but the victims of her attack have chosen not to come forward, at least for the moment.  The Hamden Superintendent of schools responded with a public statement condemning Ms. Terrone’s actions and notifying her that an investigation is pending.  Ms. Terrone thereby tendered her resignation.  The school superintendent also reported the incident to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, since her two children were with her and were exposed to her horrid language and behaviour. The town’s mayor also issued a public statement condemning Ms. Terrone’s behaviour.

Just one woman, you say?  Just one incident?  No big deal?  According to the FBI, hate crime numbers jumped more than 17 percent in 2017, and that may be a low figure.  Now is it a bigger deal?  Consider the incident involving Jill Cronenberger who was eating at Tampico Mexican Restaurant in Parkersburg, West Virginia last month.  Cronenberger happened to overhear the restaurant’s owner, Sergio Budar, speaking Spanish.  Seems logical in a Mexican restaurant, owned by a Mexican-American man, yes?  But, apparently Cronenberger failed to see the logic and immediately lashed out at Mr. Budar.

“I lived in California for 20 years. English is our first language, so you need to speak English.  Get the fu*k out of my country.”

When Mr. Budar tried to reason with her, explained that he is a U.S. citizen, and even told her he was sorry she was upset, she came back with “Will you shut the fu*k up!”  Ms. Cronenberger is a white fascist.  The man who was with her merely hung his head and apologized for her behaviour, saying that she was “just a friend”.

Mr. Budar showed remarkable restraint and at the end of Cronenberger’s tirade, he simply said that he would pay for her meal and asked her to please leave.  And then …

“I got raped by illegal aliens and you want me to be nice to you? You’re a rapist. You’re rapists!”

Sound familiar?

trump-face“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” – Donald Trump, 16 June 2015

These are but two of hundreds of examples of this sort of behaviour in the past few months.  Friends, it almost feels as if we are living in the pre-civil rights days.  It almost feels as if we are living in Germany in the 1930s.  Now, I have been mocked for making Trump/Hitler comparisons, but I stand by my assessment.  We have a demagogic person at the helm who is a white fascist, who has denigrated quite literally people of every other ethnicity or religion in the nation.  He has taken upon himself power that was never intended for the president.  He has bypassed Congress and made a shamble of the system of checks and balances.  He has locked Hispanic children in cages, far away from their parents.  How many steps are there between a ‘detention camp’ and a ‘concentration camp’? And worst of all, he has in essence said to those who feel ethnically superior, that it is “okay” to be a racist, that it is okay to hurt anybody who doesn’t fit the WASP mold.

There seem to be a hell of a lot of people in this world today who believe they are better than others simply because they have pale skin, or because they claim to be “Christian”, or because they chose to love somebody of the opposite sex, or … you name it, there’s an ‘ism’ for it.  What makes these people tick, what makes them believe that they are superior?  I don’t know, but I do know that the leader of this nation is feeding them, encouraging them, and on his shoulders must lie a portion of the blame.  Donald Trump is not alone in his white fascist ways … there are many around the globe, and I would call most of the evangelical leaders in the U.S. white fascists, for they send the message of hate and supremacy, rather than the message of love and peace.

Hate crime is rising, not only in the U.S., but around the globe.  We simply must put a stop to it soon, else we will destroy ourselves.  We must carefully choose leaders who open their arms to people of every race, colour, religion, and gender.  We must choose leaders who will unite, not divide.  And we must choose leaders who are capable of moderate speech, who do not incite their citizens to violent acts.

Just a few … just a small group, says Trump.  Judge for yourself

49 thoughts on “White Fascism

  1. For all our ‘buddies’ in the neo-Nazi groups
    I’m going to throw this one in.
    Great Fascist Leaders
    Adolf Hitler: Committed suicide in the ruins of Berlin 30 April 1945
    Germany Lost War II . Estimated Military dead, very conservative figure 4,000,000. Estimated civilian dead 1,000,000
    Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini: Hung by his fellow countrymen 28 April 1945
    Italy on loosing side WWII. Estimated military dead 300,000. Estimated Civilian dead 150,000
    Some records…yeah?
    You guys ready to sign up…?
    Blood and Soil….you kids don’t even know the meaning of the words.

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  2. Dear Jill,

    We here in the USA got stuck with our own White Nationalist living in the White House, when we’re in desperate need of a leader to help head off this rising tide of right wing extremists. I’ve been arguing that the president’s ugly rhetoric towards immigrants has been used as his his coded language tapping into peoples antipathy towards other minorities. For example, a racist in a neo Nazis type group will almost always be also anti-Semitic and anti- Muslims. That’s why I don’t get why any Jewish individual could support the Trumpian Republican party.

    It is not by accident that President Trump is the one leader’s name mentioned by the mail bomber, the white supremacist coast guard and the synagogue shooter? Even, the New Zealand terrorist mentioned Donald Trump.

    Hugs, Gronda.

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    • I agree … I believe there can no longer be any doubt that Trump is extremely prejudiced against every race that is not Caucasian and every religion that is not Christian. His prejudices play well with his base, so he barely even bothers to disguise them. It speaks volumes that the mosque murderer, the mail bomber, the New Zealand terrorist and the Coast Guard white supremacist all made reference to Donald Trump as their inspiration. What we have is a so-called president who panders to the minority, giving them and their bigotry a much louder voice than it would otherwise have … a much louder voice than they deserve. My hope is that the younger generation sees these prejudices and shuns them, realizes that we are all a part of the human race, regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexual preference. Meanwhile, yes, Donald Trump is a bigot and a racist and is doing the exact opposite of his slogan.

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  3. Hate crime is rising, not only in the U.S., but around the globe. We simply must put a stop to it soon, else we will destroy ourselves.

    From your lips to God’s ears…

    If you’ve never heard of the term cliodynamics before, then look it up when you get a chance. I’m not a 100% believer in it myself, but it does explain why it appears the summer of 2019 is going to mirror the summer of 1919 here in the US. I hope I’m wrong, but I have been preparing myself for just that kind of an ordeal.

    As long as 4Chan, 8Chan, Reddit, and other websites exist, we will have a problem with this extremism.

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    • I did take a quick look at cliodynamics, but quickly realized it is not going to be a 30-second read, but will require some time and thought, thus it will have to wait until tomorrow. 😉 However, I will take a look tomorrow and let you know what I think. That said, you are so right that as long as the internet hosts those hate sites, as long as even the likes of Alex Jones are allowed to spew hate and conspiracy theories, we are going to continue to have a problem. The problem, though, is two-fold: ignorance — people too uneducated to bother to research the facts, but willing to buy into whatever they are told; and almost unfettered freedom of speech. Now, don’t get me wrong … I am a staunch advocate of free speech, and realize all too well that when you start to impede free speech, it is a very slippery slope. But with free speech there is an implied responsibility, and today we see many not taking that responsibility seriously. Sigh.

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  4. It’s starting to engrained in many media outlets. We have two national newspapers which spouts this crap. Sadly the BBC is not far behind. They often give unchallenged platforms to extreme right wing politicians. They often hand select interviews with so called examples of average Britain’s who spout the right wing narrative. Today a highly respected BBC news programme did a hatchet job on the speaker of the House of Commons. They helpfully pointed out that 4 speakers have been executed in the past. That is the BBC.

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    • I will check out your post in just a bit! Yes, I think many of us are on this page at the moment, for everyplace I’ve travelled on the internet has had something about ‘white nationalism’. Is Trump a white supremacist? Beyond a shadow of a doubt he is!

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This so very concerning to me … it’s worldwide!! … ‘Hate crime is rising, not only in the U.S., but around the globe. We simply must put a stop to it soon, else we will destroy ourselves. We must carefully choose leaders who open their arms to people of every race, colour, religion, and gender. We must choose leaders who will unite, not divide. And we must choose leaders who are capable of moderate speech, who do not incite their citizens to violent acts.’

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    • Many, many thanks, my friend! It is a growing problem … more than a problem, really … a crisis, at least in my book. Why can we not just live and let live. Don’t like somebody? Fine, stay away from them, but for Pete’s sake there is no need to harass or harm them! Sigh. I swear I am coming back as a wolf next time! 🐺 Hugs!!! ❤

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  6. Hmm … sounds like USA to me? Has done since before JF Kennedy. Then don’t really have history of it before? USA or Washington DC is actually a Corporation, of City of London. The bankers. Same bankers, that own your Federal Reserve. Fascism by definition is State-run and controlled by state. Where quotas are dictated, etc. Sound familiar? Abraham Lincoln was one. The world we live in? Is now right-wing? That’s always an interesting term. So easily the centre is subverted? Where is the centre? Easy to accuse something of being, right or left wing. It is doublespeak. To use on people with poor education; to make assumptions from. Once the state has control of your guns? Watch out. I am not arguing for them, particularly. Once the state controls the guns. Then you’ll see right wing fascism. The guns are but a small part of, “freedom for the people”. That is what is threatened. The bankers own both sides. Cheers Jamie

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  7. I’ve taken a much needed rest and I’ve thinned some blogs and Facebook sites to help stay balanced. But I watched a little of Lawrence O’Donnell “s show last night on MSNBC ( he was absent for the night) and this subject of white nationalism was the topic.

    This is so scary and so reminiscent of pre WWII. The stories in your post I’ve seen and they are disgusting people and there are many like these and also some white nationalists in the military, evidently.

    The amount of hate in the world is unbelievable to me. This will grow and it is so sad that hate is a far stronger emotion that love and kindness. The stark difference between trump and the Prime Minister of New Zealand is a sharp picture of good and evil. Trump is a cancer that has and will continue to metastasize.

    Here is an article with a lot of information..

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    • I do hope you’re starting to feel a bit more in balance? I know … this is all so stressful … it seems like one hit after another before you even get to come up for air. Step back as much as you need to, my friend.

      White nationalism, white supremacy, is pretty much the topic everywhere I turn these days, and rightfully so. You are so right about the difference between the PM of New Zealand and Trump … the difference is night and day. But then, they don’t have the NRA buying up politicians right and left, either.

      Thanks for the link! I stay pretty much on top of SPLC updates, but will check it out! Hugs!


  8. Everyone must be fed up of me saying this. But
    It never went away; once it stayed indoors, muttered in bars and taverns, voiced amongst ‘their own people’. With rise of the social media and the criminal opportunists such as Alexander Emric (or Emerick) Jones, then those who jump on the bandwagon to get into places of influence thrive.
    There will of course be kickbacks. The woman from East Haven might well get some fan mail, but generally she is now a poster-girl for intolerance, will find herself a target of abuse and threats from the mirror images on the Left and generally polite folk would rather not be seen with her (invites to barbeques will take a nose dive). She will go on the net and find she had been photoshopped in the most uncomplimentary ways…
    Welcome to an even lonelier and bitter life kiddo. Take a Time Machine back to 1945 and see where that ‘white’ stuff led. Ask your sisters who resided in eastern Germany and fell into the hands of advancing Russian troops how well that ethos of supporting such a cause worked out for them? You might start this stuff, but you don’t get to finish it.
    It never really occurs to them that they are in the minority, they can gather every twisted, hate filled mis-reader of the US Constitution, the Bible, and The History of The Third Reich in one writhing mass and they will still be outnumbered. Sure they can attack, but they don’t get to write the ending.
    They have the capacity to splinter the USA, true, but they will pay a blood price that very few of these bar-room wannabe militia warriors are ready for. They an’t ready for the fields of Antietam, the slow march up Cemetery Ridge, the torn landscapes of 1918 or the frozen degradation of the German 6th Army in the winter at Stalingrad, because that is where all this can lead, and if they were made to just take one peek at the screaming or suppurating ways to death on offer, they would run away screaming.
    Yeah, Destiny beckons.
    And Destiny has the last laugh.
    It has a cruel sense of humour.
    Warning ya, folks….Not that your types will listen. You never, ever do.

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    • Jill, I chose to put my comment here as Roger speaks the necessary truth. The main reason this has reared its ugly head is social media. Now, people who would be ostracized if these views were made public, can find supportive hate groups online. They feed off each other – the NZ mass murdering terrorist cited the shooting at the Pittsburgh synagogue and Charleston AME Zion church.

      While Trump also got a thumbs up from the NZ terrorist, he did not invent white nationalism. But, he most certainly is using it and greasing the skids for it. So, he has made it easier for these hate groups to come out from under the rocks.

      Yet, let me also note the role Vladimir Putin and his hackers play in all this. He is shooting fish in a barrel, stoking these lingering hatreds that Roger talks about. This is what he did as a KGB agent and now he has the easiest of platforms to create fights. He wants Russia to be preeminent and what stands in the way is a unified west. So, he helps cause refugees into Europe which puts pressure on markets. He winds up hate groups using this angst and influx. He aids and abets Trump. He aids and abets Brexit. He aids and abets the Brazil Trump.

      We must shine spotlights on these hate groups. Their numbers dwarf all others. Keith

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      • Dear Keith, I can see Putin aligning with state-sponsored hackers manipulating our social media for political gain, and to help Trump win by using him as an unwitting puppet, that is clear. And yes Putin is Russo-centric promoting Russia at the expense of his “western partners”, his job is to rebuild Russia and restore it’s former Soviet Union glory following the 90’s collapse.
        Not sure the claim that he caused refugees to migrate into Europe in order to stoke tensions and sow discord is correct. Where did you hear that he’s responsible for mass migration, Brexit, and Brazil? It seems western media takes poetic license in blaming Putin for everything, unjustifiably, which in turn questions their own credibility and news worthiness.
        Hence the alt-right fascist movement in this country and around the world crying fake news and radicalizing with their own bs propaganda. See how this can spiral out of control with everyone on either side distrusting the other.
        I propose we hold town hall style meetings and shine light upon these hateful issues, not allowing hatred, bigotry, white supremacy ideology to fester in the shadows. Hatred in general stems from ignorance and corruption of the mind and soul. Ppl become unreasonable, unstable as highlighted by the shootings, and individual bigots in the post.
        I like to use Daryl Davis’ example, “When two enemies are talking, they’re not fighting,” he likes to say when explaining what he views as his personal crusade against racism.
        I believe Jill had a great post about Mr Davis, who befriended members of the KKK, eventually getting 40+ white supremacists to give up their robes and their hateful ways.
        It is through communication and humanity uniting together may we overcome these distortions in consciousness. Perhaps as a nation of kind, compassionate loving ppl, may we strive to help our world leaders see the light. Trump is only a symptom of our collective dis-ease. *Peace out everyone* ❤


      • Thank you Keith.
        And well said.
        The trouble we have here in the UK is what I call The Apologetic Left section of Socialism who, whereas they are quick to condemn anything that the USA does are very queasy and evasive about even thinking Russian leaders might do something bad. It has been a very old problem with Socialism in Europe in general.
        They will not admit Russia carries out its own dirty tricks and military actions. Whereas from a Russian perspective, it is to be expected. Russia is as Russia does.
        Springtime for Putin and Russia.

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        • Roger, thanks. 1earthunited, Putin’s fingerprints are everywhere he can find to diminish the EU, NATO and US and promote the reemergence of Russia. The French discovered Putin’s attempts to get Marie LePen elected. A EU reporter on NPR noted that Putin gets so involved in disinformation campaigns in the Baltic States, the most popular show on Sunday night TV is one that reviews all the Russian disinformation for the week. He has courted relationships with Venezuela, Brazil and other South America countries just as the Soviet Union courted Cuba.

          As for Brexit, leaving the EU is such a negative influence on both the EU and UK, he will get a two-for-one result for his intrusion. As for the refugees, do you hear of Russia taking in refugees?

          Back to the NPR interview with the EU reporter. He validated what I heard a TV producer say – Putin is involved in all communications to the Russian people, even the entertainment shows.

          I agree it is good to talk, but we must be wary. Keith

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          • PS – I focused too much on Putin in my response; please forgive. Talking is key, no question. The story of a black man listening and talking to KKK members getting them to cede their robes is a beautiful example. We need more of that. Keith

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            • No you didn’t! Your response was spot on! And yes, I remember … I wrote a post about him, but cannot remember his name off the top of my head, but he was definitely a beautiful example of someone trying to understand, trying to make the world a better place, one person at a time.

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            • No forgiveness necessary, thx Keith for sharing your POV. Now’s the time to put aside differences and come together as a nation, with full awareness. I feel the only way Putin can “win” is if we destroy ourselves with petty partisan politics. Putin may have stirred the pot, but he didn’t make the meal… we did, and it’s time we all took responsibility for that and work it out for the good of the nation. Yes we are calling Trump out for all his misdeeds, but how can we use that to turn the animosity around, so the right can see the error of their ways, as well as Trumpistas making amends with the left so we can work out the real issues that affect all our lives.
              …Some food for thought! 🙂


          • This is where History is such a clarifying force.
            In the long journey of nations and empires, it has been a standard practice to try and undermine the opposition or seize another state by exploiting weakness within.
            This is one of the basic tenants of politics at this level, there is no cynicism here and there is no easy solution. Humanity is flawed like that.
            Russia as a nation in terms of centuries is of young middle age, a character made brooding and suspicious by centuries of invasions and the trials of keeping such a vast land intact under one ruler. Consider Stalin and you will find parallels with Peter The Great and Ivan the Terrible. At the risk of repeating myself it is not Putin’s Russia; he is Russia’s Putin, for Russia’s over all strategy is to make Russia safe and to make Russia safe Russia will seek to surround itself with compliant buffer states. That is how it is.
            Folk can complain, folk will say this is demonizing a nation (while doing the same about their own fashionable choice). However it is a far safer to policy to accept this is what is going on and thus meet Russia on an open field, and by deft political means send the message:
            ‘We know what you are up to. Yeh, we get it. Now let’s stop it and get this world worked out,’
            To do otherwise is to either ratchet up the war footing or swallow the propaganda (a far more elegant word than the tabloid phrase ‘Fake News’- Trump uses that, thus I try to avoid it).
            The hard world of realpolitik is sometimes the only current option.

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            • Well said Roger, i agree with your assessment of Russia, and the underlying geo-political dynamics between countries. Totally agree with airing out perceived differences and strengthening diplomacy on equal footing. I believe Trump tried to do that at the summit but botched it up, he is a rotten deal maker. No respect for Putin’s lapdog.

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              • Thanks 1EarthUnited.
                Trump is a bumbling egotistical amateur who is a gift to those sharper minds with their own agendas.
                We can hope Humanity will blunder through this adolescent stage in its development in a better and more honest place. In the meantime to avoid us wiping ourselves out geo-politically we sometimes have content ourselves with the Least Worst Option.
                While at a personal level we should all work towards Compassion, Respect and Tolerance and judge a person’s worth by those benchmarks.
                Neo-Nazis….how well did 1945 work out for your hero…huh?

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                • Precisely, enough of humanity must do the right thing or else risk wiping ourselves out.
                  Funny thing about history, it is written by the victors. Initially banksters & industrialists from the UK/ US financed Hitler’s ambition with loans, heavy machinery, chemicals… thinking Germany and Russia will wipe each other out, leaving dominion to the West. It was a good plan until it wasn’t b/c Hitler had other ideas. For the survival of humanity, US finally united with Russia to save the world from a madman.
                  Ironic the state of the world we’re in today, yet another egotistical whackjob madman with yuge aspirations at the helm. This time around we-the-ppl cannot let him divide us! We have to fight politically against fascism as we did in WWII! Our future really does depend on all of us coming together and doing the right thing.


      • Yes, Sir Roger is wise in the ways of the world and always brings me back to earth when I go off on a tangent.

        I agree … we must not bury our heads in the sand, but need to keep shining the light on the hate groups, bring them out into the open and not allow them to hide behind a shield. Would it help … would they lose members … would the haters go back under their rocks if Trump were no longer president? I doubt it, for I think the evil has been unleashed, the haters have found their voice, and I don’t think they will simply slither away.

        You are right that Putin is playing with the West as a cat plays with a mouse, and it almost seems as if he is winning. My greatest fear at the moment for the U.S. (other than the hatred and divisiveness, of course) is that Putin is already set to interfere with next year’s elections and nothing much seems to be being done to stop him.

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    • You are always so spot on in your analyses, dear Roger! You are, of course, right. But, the question remains … how do we stop it? How do we replace hate with love? Or at least with tolerance of ‘other’. And … the part about “mirror images on the left” … it made me stop and think, for sure. Am I one of those mirror images, I wonder? Does my hatred of her behaviour make me more like her than not? Sigh.

      The moggies send their love! 😺😺😺😺😼

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      • Firstly:
        Hi you guys! Be good for Gwannie.😺
        How do we stop it? To steal out of Hamlet ‘Aye, there’s the rub’.
        Well you’ve got the Socialism by Roger The Brooder which states. ‘Anyone who disturbs the stability of the state and safety of The People by the pronouncement and promotion of Hate, Intolerance or Bigotry is a Social Criminal to be tried under due process of law and committed to a term of incarceration and re-education’…. and that’s fine until ‘The State’ expands the meaning of ‘Hate, Intolerance and Bigotry’ to mean ‘anyone who steps out of line’…it’s an old problem.
        You’ve got the ‘Let’s Kick the Crap Out of Them’ approach and there are cautionary enough examples of that around the world to see where that leads.
        There is a courage esoteric approach of genuine believers in their religion and Humanists which in Christian terms runs along the lines of ‘Hate the sin. Love the sinner’. And that one really takes some strength, guts and a whole lot of determination.
        There’s the ‘Hearts & Minds’ strategy which is not bombing the stuffing out of folk, but an alternate media campaign which cautions folk as to where following this supremacists crap leads them (A bit like the warning against smoking adds, only with lots of photos of WWII of dead Axis troops and bombed out towns).
        There’s the hard work of trying to build bridges with those who are no too far gone.
        In short it is tough, tough, tough.
        Christianity in its more clearer forms teaches use we are all sinners (not the flagellation style) and we have to battle against this urge to hate constantly.
        Islam makes reference to the Jihad within (I think I got that right…my apologies to my brothers and sisters in faith if I have the wrong wording).
        Christ teaches me (looking at you Roger on Facebook…who me Lord? Yes you!)
        Matthew 10 verses 12-15
        As you enter a house, wish it peace.
        If the house is worthy, let your peace come upon it; if not, let your peace return to you.*
        * h Whoever will not receive you or listen to your words—go outside that house or town and shake the dust from your feet.
        Amen, I say to you, it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town.
        Which when relating to folk who spout hate means trying then turning your back on them…quoting that passage too.
        No it’s not easy Jill.
        Worthwhile things are not

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        • We’re ALWAYS good, Uncle Woger. 😸😸😸😸😸😸

          The moggies lie.

          I think I like the “Hearts and Minds” strategy the best, but when you likened it to smoking ads … well, we all know how much good THOSE did! So, back to square one. I try to turn my back and ignore, but it doesn’t work, for my head keeps turning back around for another look. But the quote “United we stand, divided we fall” keeps coming into my head, and I think we must keep trying to build bridges over that huge chasm. Maybe even if they are only narrow foot bridges, they help a little. Somehow. We just keep trying … ’tis all we can do.

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