Still More Snarky Snippets …

Will there ever come a day that I can read a news story and not want to throw something?  I wonder.  I had a greater plan for today, but as you may have noticed, my plans often go awry.  Today, I slept too late to finish the post I started last night, so instead, I bring you more snarky snippets …

Abandoning ship?

Donna-BrazileDonna Brazile has long been associated with the fight for liberal causes.  And yet, this week Ms. Brazile joined none other than state television network, Fox ‘News’.  Why?  Brazile is far above the likes of Jeanine Pirro or Ann Coulter.  I first saw Ms. Brazile on This Week with George Stephanopoulos many, many years ago, and she impressed me with her intelligence, knowledge, her ability to speak well on nearly any topic and the warmth she projected.  So why would she align herself with a network known for its extremely right-leaning views, and outright conspiracy theories?

“I know I’m going to get criticized by my friends in the progressive movement for being on Fox News. My response is that, if we learned anything from the 2016 election, it is that we can’t have a country where we don’t talk to those who disagree with our political views. You can be darn sure that I’m still going to be me on Fox News.”

Hmmm … that almost makes sense.  We do have to talk to each other, to try to understand those on the “other side” of the aisle.  Perhaps this should be looked upon as an opportunity for Trump’s supporters to actually hear a reasoned voice, a logical opinion for a change.  I simply have no respect for Fox at this point, and do not trust them or their motives.  I will reserve judgment until we see the results.  Will Fox allow Ms. Brazile to “still be me”?  I have my doubts, but time will tell.

Score one for Planet Earth!

Judge-Rudolph-Contreras.jpgThumbs up for Judge Rudolph Contreras of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia who ruled against the Trump administration and in favour of the environment.  Judge Contreras concluded that the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) “did not sufficiently consider climate change” when making decisions to auction off federal land in Wyoming to oil and gas drilling. The judge temporarily blocked drilling on roughly 300,000 acres of land in the state.

While the judge did not void the leases, what his decision does is to force the BLM to perform environmental impact studies on hundreds of projects currently under way in Wyoming.

The Interior Department began to take into account the climate impacts of federal oil, gas and coal leasing toward the end of President Obama’s second term, but Trump jettisoned those plans almost immediately after taking office.

No doubt Judge Contreras’ ruling will be appealed and will work its way up the judicial ladder, but it is a start … a step in the right direction.

Two peas in a pod …

two-peas-in-a-pod.pngYesterday, Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro, visited Donald Trump in the White House.  Bolsonaro had nothing but the highest praise for our Idiot-in-Chief:

“It gives me great pleasure to be here in the United States, to take part in this visit, after decades on end of anti-U.S. presidents in Brazil. We will certainly work toward the benefit of our two nations. Just as [Trump] wants to have a ‘great’ America, I…also want to make sure we have a great Brazil. We have a great deal in common. I have been highly criticized because of this but I will not, of course, deny what I do think. … I’m willing to open my heart up to him and do whatever is to the benefit of both the Brazilian and the Americans.”

Pity the poor people of Brazil!  I cannot help but wonder if Bolsonaro’s election was bought and paid for by Putin, just as Trump’s was.


Two peas in a pod — Bolsonaro & Trump

Since Bolsonaro took office, police in Rio de Janeiro have averaged more than three killings a day, and residents have accused the police of brutality, including waging unauthorized sniper campaigns and firing indiscriminately from a helicopter.

Bolsonaro’s embrace of fiery populist rhetoric has also frequently boiled over to galvanize supporters into acts of violence, specifically targeted at opposition supporters and the media.  Sound familiar?  During the Brazilian election last November, the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism documented more than 140 cases of violence against reporters, mostly by Bolsonaro supporters.  Sound familiar?

On Monday night, Bolsonaro appeared on Fox ‘News’, and said …

“The vast majority of potential immigrants do not have good intentions.”

Sound familiar?

“Brazil and the United States stand side-by-side in their efforts to ensure liberties in respect to traditional family lifestyle, respect to God, our creator against gender ideology or politically correct attitude and against fake news.”

Sound familiar?  Pity the people of Brazil … and we of the United States.

And that, folks, is a wrap.  Have a great rest of the day!

44 thoughts on “Still More Snarky Snippets …

  1. Not being in the USA it is hard to talk in a balanced away about Fox.
    However where a nation is so polarised and one side believes Fox while to the other it is a toxic brand it’s not going to matter much whether they get involved in the Democrat debates on not……HOWEVER, if Democrats are put into the Fox arena it will be good training for the heat of 2020. (Live fire exercise?)
    Trump and Bolsonaro getting on together?..Like wow, man…..colour me….. ‘Shocked’!

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    • I have mixed thoughts now, after listening to both Keith and Scottie on the Fox and Democratic debates issue. But I think you make a good point … it would be good practice. Still, my own opinion is that for the most part Fox is not a serious news venue, but is filled with conspiracy theorists and those who will praise Trump no matter what and blame democrats for anything that goes wrong. It might well turn the debates into a three-ring circus, although if Chris Wallace were the moderator, it might be more … um … moderate?

      Yeah, Trump & Bolsonaro … great pairing, eh?

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          • Mark Slackmeyer on his public Radio is phone interviewing Rupert Murdoch over Fox’s news presentation.
            He comes to a part where he asks Murdoch to comment on the News presenters having to read out all comments from a scripted presentation.
            Murdoch replies:
            ‘Hey look some of them aren’t very bright. Show a little love here,’
            Jeff Danziger’s take on Fox featured two presenters, a grey middle aged fellow ‘Lark Lumpkin’ and a rather vacant looking young woman named ‘Perky Pushup’ (she has a mirror with a label on the back marked ‘face this the other way’)

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    • Hello Woebegone. I read your comment with great interest and thought on it. While it will would seem a candidate has to be prepared to answer the attacks coming, I don’t think a debate format is the place for the toxic content Fox would try to smear the candidates with. Right now Fox is basically an echo chamber and a closed bubble. The people who watch fox are not going to watch anything else and will believe whatever line Fox toutes. Most of the other side rarely if ever goes to Fox and does so only to try to argue against the Fox line , which Fox ignores anyway. So you are left with a Fox hosted debate that will not help the candidates get their message to the fox viewership and will alienate the other parts of the population the candidates need to reach. There is simply no real win as far as I can see for the candidates if Fox gets to run the show and devise the questions. IMO. Hugs

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  2. Jill, our world is scary, but it will be interesting to see the developing alignment of world autocrats. We need to remember that the good ole USA, along with the rest of the world governments, does not have a historical resume of kindness and compassion. 🏳‍🌈🙏

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    • You are so right … these are interesting (read: ulcer-inducing) times and the fun is far from over. The U.S. does give itself too much credit for humanitarianism, when there are a lot of instances where we were as cruel as any. Slavery, Japanese internments, Jim Crow, turning away of the St. Louis. And now, the increasingly white supremacist, Islamaphobic movement. I often wonder why it is so difficult for people to just treat everyone with kindness. Hugs!

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  3. I think Fox is trying to attract more Dem supporters to their news channels so that they can try to brainwash them. Only a theory.
    My real question is how does the Disney buyout affect the Fox narrative. I know Disney in his day was a racist capitalist conservative, but he is gone. What are the new directors and board members like? Would’t it be nice if el dumpo lost his private fake news media providers?

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    • You may be right … I wondered that, too. Hopefully, it will work the other way, and Ms. Brazile’s more moderated viewpoint will be heard by those who get their news only from Fox, ie, Trumpeters.

      I’m not sure about how the Disney buyout will affect Fox, but I’ve read that they may plan to sell it. I have to do some more research on that. I wasn’t aware that Disney was a racist! Had no clue! Yes, it appears that Trump has been quite angry at Fox, and has been defending Pirro and Tucker Carlson, both of whom were admonished by the network. Perhaps ‘state t.v.’ is about to turn around a bit? I will laugh if they stop pandering to Trump and actually call him out on occasion.

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  4. Dear Jill,

    I cannot go much longer without enjoying your snarky snippets. Judge Rudolph Contreras and the judicial system have been the one institution that has been holding the Trump’s Administration in check. Also, Thank goodness the Trump’s administration is proving to be incompetent. The courts have only ruled favorably on behalf of the White House’s petitions at a rate of about 6% versus what’s normal at about 70%.

    The one exception is the US Supreme Court.

    As for Ms. Brazile, I’m strongly in favor of her being part of FOX TV’s list of pundits. FOX has the largest market share of viewers against all the other cable and non cable news stations. The share averages around 19%. Not all the viewers are conservatives. This is our chance to provide some truth, facts, food for thought, etc.

    Like you, I pity both the US and Brazil.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • You know you never have to go more than 2-3 days without hearing Snarky Snippets from me! I cannot seem to do otherwise, for if I kept it all inside, I would burst!

      Agree … the judicial has been the only branch of the three to stem the tide, but I am concerned with the current demographics on the Supreme Court what might happen when these cases are appealed and end up at the highest level. Perhaps the best we can hope for is to buy some time, get Trump out of office, then hope that common sense can once again reign supreme.

      I mostly agree with you and Keith about Donna Brazile … I’m just not sure what Fox’ motivation was in hiring her. I keep feeling that there is something we aren’t seeing here. But, time will tell, and if she is able to bring a more moderate and sensible viewpoint to those who watch only Fox, then thumbs up to her.


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      • Hello Gronda and Jill. My problem with Her being hired to do commentary on Fox is that Fox sets up any dissent to be slaughtered on air. If you do not appear to have lost Fox cancels you appearing on any more shows. So she won’t be able to effectively argue for any progressive opinions nor moderate the far right talking points of Fox and its party line. So I think it is not going to accomplish anything but frustration and in some ways make Fox’s hardline viewers believe they were correct all along. Also she is a POC and we know how the majority of Fox viewers feel about POC. Hugs

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        • Eh … there’s Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith, both of whom are fairly moderate, middle-of-the road. Time will tell with Ms. Brazile, but I think we should at least give her a chance and hope that maybe she can bring a voice of reason to the dialog. If nothing else, it will be fun to see Trump get pissed when she takes a more liberal stance!

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  5. Hello Jill. About Brazil, it is worse than we feared. The first thing this poor excuse for a human did was to slash protections for the indigenous natives, removing protections for them to keep their lands. He also at the same time passed orders to stop any positive mention of LGBTQ in schools, he revoked civil rights, and declared them evils of society. Basically think an evangelical Christian with the power to do what they wanted to the LGBTQ communites. It was so bad an openly gay member of their version of our congress had to flee the country and can not return. It really is what I fear would happen here if Pence and his kind have their way. People like Secretary of State Pompeo who has in the past said LGBTQ should be imprisoned or killed, who just had a “religious media” only briefing. People do not want to think it could happen here in the US, but look how fast all rights for LGBTQ were rolled back and deleted as soon as the new populous president was election. It scares the pants off me. My marriage could go away or mean nothing. Our legal protections gone, our equal rights destroyed. Hugs

    Liked by 5 people

    • I did know some of that, but could only include so much in a snippet. However, much of this is news to me, such as the gay member of their legislative branch having to flee the country! I share your fears about Pence, for look what he did as governor of Indiana. But … here’s the thing. Even if Trump is impeached, which is highly unlikely at this stage of the game, and Pence becomes president, it would be for a short (likely less than a year) tenure. Pence on his own could never win an election, so come January of 2021, he would be gone. I think that the damage he could inflict during that time would be minimal. At least, my fingers are crossed. Hugs to you and Ron, my friend. I am with you all the way and will keep speaking out against the inequalities you face. Hugs!

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  6. Jill, I hope that I’m wrong but I’ve Donna Brazile talk about her faith over the past months and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, I don’t like when Fox puts a spin on religion. In a Fox interview that I saw today she was taking about her Lenten sacrifice. Again, I’m not saying that’s bad, I just don’t like Fox interpretations the Christian faith. Let’s see what the coming months bring. Can she separate religion and government?

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    • I haven’t seen Brazile for a couple of years, ever since I quit watching television, so I haven’t heard her talk about her religion. But, I share your concerns in general about her joining Fox. Time will tell.

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  7. Jill, Fox needs to have people like Brazile who are more acquainted with facts and our ideals. I saw the Judge’s ruling on considering climate change. That is excellent. He is saying do your homework. I thought the same thing about the two autocrat wanna-bes meeting in the White House. Keith

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    • I’m sure you’re right, and I do think it can be of real value for those who view nothing but Fox to see a more moderate viewpoint. I simply don’t trust Fox and wonder if there is something we’re not seeing. I certainly have become an untrusting wench these days, haven’t I?

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      • Jill, I also feel it is a mistake to avoid Fox with the Democrat debates. To try to reach people, you need to go to where they are. They need to hear about healthcare, job retraining, climate change, nurturing allied relationships and honoring (and improving) multi-lateral agreements, et al. Keith

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