Open Letter to Donald Trump

Disclaimer:  This is a rant that is much needed in order to preserve my own sanity. 

Mr. Trump,

I have not written to you since last June, and frankly had hoped that I would never have occasion to write to you again.  However, you haven’t learned a damn thing and cannot seem to keep your mouth closed and your thumbs off your tweety-machine, and thus I am once again compelled to write.

Two issues need to be addressed.  The first is your attempt to denigrate Senator John McCain, a true hero.  Yes, Donnie, Senator McCain is a war hero … you can choose to believe what you wish, for that is your right, but it is not … I repeat it is NOT your right to publicly make the sort of statements that you have been making which strike grief in the hearts of every person in this nation, but especially Senator McCain’s family.

John McCain’s plane was shot down by a missile on October 26th, 1967 and he was severely injured and taken prisoner.  Tortured daily, he nonetheless refused the early release that was offered to him by the North Vietnamese, stating “I will accept neither parole nor special favors from the enemy”.  This, Mr. Trump, was a man of honour.  Meanwhile, where were you?  Oh yes, that’s right … your daddy paid a doctor to lie and say you had blisters, or some such thing, and thereby you were able to dodge the draft, while Senator McCain was being tortured in a POW camp.  I hope you understand when I tell you that Senator John McCain was a thousand times better man than you will ever be.  Perhaps you could learn about being a man by reading this wonderful tribute to Senator McCain.   Whatever you do, stop causing his family grief!  This is beneath even you, and makes you look the fool, not him.

Now, about those sanctions against North Korea and your buddy Kim.  Let me make myself perfectly clear, on behalf not only of myself, but on behalf of the entire nation:  You do not own the United States of America.  You are an employee of the people.  Your job is to do that which is in the best interest of the nation in accordance with the law of the land.  The United States Department of Treasury, under your own choice, Steve Mnuchin, imposed additional sanctions on North Korea just yesterday.  Those sanctions were determined by people who understand far more than you, to be just and appropriate.  It is not … I repeat it is NOT … your place to rescind those sanctions!

You have proven, twice now, that you are incapable of convincing Kim Jong-un to relinquish his nuclear weapons program and have made yourself look a fool to both North Koreans and your own fellow-citizens.  Cease and desist, already!  Admit your defeat and move along now. Leave these crucial negotiations to those who know what they are doing.

These latest sanctions were against two Chinese shipping companies for their role in evading U.N. sanctions against North Korea.  Every indication is that the sanctions were just and proper.  Who the Sam hell do you think you are to decide otherwise, against the opinion of experts?  When asked to explain this dangerous action on your part, your own spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, could only come up with “Trump likes Kim”.  Right … you like Rodrigo Duterte and Vladimir Putin, too.  You overstepped your bounds on this one, Donnie.

There is so much more I could address here, but it would fill several volumes, so I leave it with these two.  I realize that you believe you are popular, but among the majority, among thinking people, you are not.  You are a pariah.  You did not win the election, you won only the electoral college.  You are not a president, but rather a moron sitting in the chair that was occupied by presidents, men of intellect, for many years before you.  The best thing you could do for this nation today would be resign, but as I realize your egotism will not allow you to do that, then please do the next best thing for the remainder of your sole term:  Sit down, shut up, and do nothing.  Let the rest of government function in its own right without your interference.


Jill Dennison, citizen, voter, taxpayer, member in good standing of We The People

37 thoughts on “Open Letter to Donald Trump

  1. I think we’ve learned over the last two years of Trump that Presidents are well insulated from being held accountable for the actions they have taken. Putting your letter in that context, our President feels no fear of political ramifications of his John McCain and North Korea misguided statements. Nonetheless I will continue resist the “dumb and getting dumber”cancer that is growing in this country whenever I can.

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    • Yes, we must keep up the pressure, keep making our voices heard, and keep resisting the most dishonest president making the most stupid policy decisions, for if we stop, if we throw up our hands and say, “Whatever”, we lose. We lose the whole kit and kaboodle. I still believe we can make a difference, and I still believe that somewhere along the line, Trump will be stopped before he plunges this nation into the middle of a war that cannot be won. Sigh.


  2. Good letter Jill.
    To an intelligent and mature person.
    Although you’d loose him after the first five or six words, far too complex.
    You could try:
    “Hey Klutz!
    Were does a draft-dodger like you get off being critical about a hero.
    Screw you”
    That’s should be about his capacity and attention span.

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    • Thanks! Yeah, I keep saying I expect to wake up some morning to see men in dark suits, dark glasses, driving a dark government-issue car at my door! And you know what? I don’t care anymore! I’ve had that nightmare enough times now that it doesn’t scare me anymore. Bring it on! In fact, I sent a copy of this letter to Trump via both email and Twitter. I doubt he’ll ever see it, but it made me feel better! Yep, we’re both in about the same boat. One of my other UK friends, Mary, said she’s stocking up on coffee and wine, just in case!

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        • I mentioned that to a friend in Wales, who is on many meds that keep him alive, and he said he wasn’t worried. It’s funny … rather like here, I guess … some people are very concerned, others not at all, or at least much less so. I assume you signed the petition to revoke Article 50? Heck, I almost wanted to sign it myself. Roger, always the levelhead to my hothead, says it will only serve to further divide the nation and cause hatred and bitterness. Sigh. It seems a no-win situation, doesn’t it?

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          • Country is dangerously split. Unless someone has the balls to admit this and push for a compromise. Yes leave but maintain the single market. It pisses both sides off but it’s the only way to stop the growing anarchy. Yes it will rupture both main Political Parties but frankly they have mutated into self serving, narrow minded stupidity.

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            • I agree fully. There is no point ‘throwing out the baby with the bathwater’ as my mother used to say. Surely the single market can be salvaged. I read on another blog tonight about the EU Copyright Directive which seems to me a gross overstepping of the EU’s authority! Sigh. Can’t anybody get anything right anymore? 😥

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    • Thanks David! Yes, let us hope that Barr doesn’t either withhold it or redact the heck out of it. I was a bit disappointed that Mueller didn’t issue indictments for Kushner or Junior, but … perhaps the House will be able to drill down on those two.

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