‘Toons To Make You Laugh … Or Cry

Tonight I am inundated with the utter ignorance of the republicans and Fox “News” who have all decided, wrongly, that Robert Mueller’s report exonerates Trump and his court jesters.  It does not.  But, I seriously do not feel like arguing the point with the fools tonight, so instead, I shall relieve my own angst, and hopefully yours, with a few well-pointed ‘toons.  Have a Happy Sunday, if you can …

First, there is Donald Trump, white supremacist and racist of the highest order …Trump-white-supremacy



And what about Trump’s code of morals, eh?Trump-morals

Remember the big deal about Hillary using a private email server?


I think this is spot on for how most of us feel these days …


And lastly, there is Trump the Duffer … er, ‘golfer’ …




41 thoughts on “‘Toons To Make You Laugh … Or Cry

    • So it would seem. And if, as is predicted, he pardons Manafort and Flynn, then that just reinforces it, doesn’t it. Whereas you or I would sit in a prison cell for several years for a much lesser crime than these thugs have committed.


  1. In my world the creature has moved beyond the realm of having anything funny to say about it. By all means create cartoons I’ll see them as stern and condemnatory.
    A quote from our Oliver Cromwell to the Long Parliament which is apt, but not that Trump would understand the gravitas involved:
    “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately… Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

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    • Yeah, it’s pretty much the same in my world. Especially after Barr’s partial summary of the Mueller report. I am unable even to find a spark of humour with which to create a “Jolly Monday” post, so there will be none. I love the Cromwell quote … mind if I borrow it?

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      • Jill, I understand. Though trump may feel exonerated, he has not overnight become a worthy leader deserving our respect or support. He is still the same a-hole he was last Friday before Mueller’s report came out. We must remember that. What goes around comes around and someday trump will get his.😎🙏

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        • Yes, and he is still guilty of a number of crimes … though I doubt he’ll ever pay the price. Me? I’d be locked UNDER the jail by now if I’d done half of what he’s done. It isn’t over yet … but the republicans are acting as if he’s already won re-election! Sigh. Thanks Larry! You’re a good man.

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          • I’m OK for a Democrat.😁 A co-worker of my partner (she believes trump was sent by god to save America) reacted in horror upon learning my party of choice, “You mean he’s a Democrat!”


  2. Thanks for the toons. On a positive note, it was leaked that Mr. Biden will declare soon, with possible running mate Stacey Abrams! Polls have him as the strongest candidate for winning 2020, looks like we’re in great shape!!!!


  3. Jill, being from Florida, a golfer better not crawl in the high grass in the rough. One might come upon a gator or, these days, one of those pythons that are rampant. That is also a good metaphor for what lays ahead for The Donald and select kin, Do you know why there is a touchdown dance on Fox? They know he is guilty and think he got away with it. Keith

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    • Oooohhh … now there’s a lovely idea! For Trump, not for anybody else. Though I think an alligator or a python would take a single look at him and turn tail & run. I hadn’t thought about it that way, but perhaps you’re right about the Fox Fools. But … it would seem he has mostly gotten away with it. He is as guilty as they come, but apparently his minions covered his tracks well. Sigh. I hope he pays for his perfidy, one way or another, but meanwhile, we have to put up with the gloating, the dancing in the streets by the fools who still think he’s Mr. Wonderful. I swear I want to jump off a cliff!

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      • Jill, as I mentioned to Gronda, I think there was surprise in the Trump camp on the lack of findings on collusion. Per CIA testimony, Trump at a minimum, is an unwitting participant in Russian interference parroting placed phrases and stories. Yet, there is too much lying going on to be only that. It may not have been a bridge too far, but he is no choir boy on this issue.

        It would be nice if the Southern District of New York indictments come soon. There is clearly campaign finance issues and Mr. Kushner can match his father-in-laws conflict of interest issues.

        But, I must confess disappointment in the Mueller report. So, maybe I should temper my expectations. Keith

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        • I’m disappointed, yes, but also angry. How, after everything that has come out about the Trump Tower meeting between Kushner, Junior, Manafort and the Russians … after all that, how can it be that Trump and co are found not criminally liable? They are as crooked as any humans who have ever been on this earth. Not to mention that the report specifically did NOT exonerate them, but the Republicans act as if he is pure as the driven snow and has already won next year’s re-election. I’m literally sickened, not so much over the findings of the report, for it isn’t over yet, but by the reactions of the fools in the right-hand corner. And Trump needs to sit down and shut up, rather than making thinly veiled threats. Sigh. I guess New York is our next best hope. Soon would be good.


          • Jill, reading his sycophants chest-beating, the threats are not so thinly veiled. I think they are trying to put a fork in anything else that may transpire. This is why it is imperative that the Southern District of NY announce something soon. Mueller would have had to have known this would be the reaction to his report, so may be he staged the timing. At this point, knowing the kind of man the President is and has always been, to not find any fault is unheard of. Keith

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            • You’re right, come to think of it … they aren’t really veiled at all. They also made a huge leap and are already self-congratulating over winning in 2020! I like to think that there is method to the seeming madness of Mueller’s timing, and I do know he is wise and also a man of conscience, so … I guess we wait. I do want the report released, though. Funny, if it is so favourable to Trump, you’d think the republicans would be eager to get it under the public microscope, wouldn’t you?


  4. Hello Jill. Again another grand thought provoking set. I especially liked the email one and the confused one. I wish every TV news show would ask every Republican why they are not demanding Jared be locked up. Hugs

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    • Heh heh … if he was my father or grandfather, I would move as far away as possible and deny I had ever known him! But, your idea of a safe environment is a good one, as long as there are bars to keep him from getting loose!

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          • In my seventy-seven years, I’ve seen a lot of guys come and go. A few of his followers may try something and get locked up. The rest will fade back into the woodwork and grumble, making the lives of their families miserable. The police and military won’t support him and his ego. His power will be gone once out of office. Care of him in his dotage will be the thankless task of his children. He may show up at ultra-conservative gatherings where he feels appreciated. He’ll probably spend as much time, or more, watching TV, playing golf, and tweeting as he does now. Fox TV may ask his opinion to keep his old followers, their viewers, happy. He still has his business until his mental capacity and/or lack of ability to borrow from a bank doesn’t allow it anymore. Since he’s been voted out, the Evangelicals won’t think God wants him in office anymore. He’ll just be one more old ex-president. —- Suzanne

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            • I can only hope you’re right, but looking at the populist movement, the wave he rode in on, on both sides of the Atlantic it seems to be gaining momentum. The biggest reason I can name is the influx of refugees, particularly from Middle-Eastern nations, and my thoughts are that it won’t end once Trump is out of office. But again, I hope you are right!


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