The Donnie & Bibi Show …

Apparently, the new trend in politics world wide is for leaders of nations to interfere with the results of the elections in other nations.  It has already been proven that Russia played a role in both Brexit and in the U.S. election of Donald Trump.  And now, perhaps Trump feels a need to “pay it forward” by interfering in Israel’s upcoming election.  Or, was Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu part of the scheme by Russia to elect Trump and he’s now repaying the favour?  Either way … he is blindly delving into a situation that he does not understand and where he has overstepped his bounds.

Briefly, Israel seized the Golan Heights area from Syria back in 1967 during the Arab-Israeli War.  Israel annexed the area in 1981 and has claimed it as their own ever since.  However, Israel’s right to the land has been in dispute and the United Nations does not recognize Israel’s claim, as it is contrary to U.N. resolutions that reject the seizure of land by force.  Washington has recognized the Golan Heights as Syrian territory under Israeli occupation since the 1970s, subject to a negotiated settlement between the two nations still technically at war.

Donald Trump, however, signed a “proclamation” recognizing Israel’s authority over the Golan Heights.  Just to be clear, he can recognize or not, and it makes little or no difference.  Well, it makes no difference in any real sense.  What it does do, however, is makes Netanyahu look good to his people, and that is helpful to a man who is under criminal investigation, especially when there is an election coming up.  And, it gained Trump some high praise from Netanyahu …

“Mr. President, over the years, Israel has been blessed to have many friends who sat in the Oval Office, but Israel has never had a better friend than you.”

He went on to compare Trump to Cyrus the Great, Lord Balfour and Harry S. Truman, and called him a “very special ‘man’”.  Oh please.

This isn’t the first favour Trump has done for Netanyahu, either.  He pulled the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear agreement, which had long been a thorn in Netanyahu’s side, and more recently relocated the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a move that increased tensions between Israelis and Palestinians and put Palestinians at greater risk.  Experts in Middle-Eastern policy fear Trump’s proclamation may heighten the already existing tensions in the Golan Heights.

Like Trump, Netanyahu has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, so to speak, and is not only under investigation in his own country, but has been indicted on a host of charges, including bribery and corruption.  Additionally, he is locked in a tight race against Benny Gantz, a former army chief of staff. The latest polls have Gantz’s Blue and White party leading Netanyahu’s Likud.

“While the entire democratic world sees Trump as an unfortunate historic accident, a harmful, childish imp, for Netanyahu, the U.S. president is … his own private Santa Claus, all year long.” – Yossi Verter, Haaretz

The Middle-East is difficult to understand, and it is a volatile area where one seemingly small thing can lead to violence.  Donald Trump does not understand the situation, has not bothered to try to understand it, and did not even consult, apparently, with his advisors who might have given him better advice.  No formal U.S. process or executive committees were initiated to review the policy before Trump’s decision, and the diplomats responsible for implementing the policy were left in the dark.  Trump panders to Netanyahu in much the same way he panders to Russia’s Putin.  One has to ask the question:  Why?  Trump does nothing unless there is something in it for him.  Think about it.

27 thoughts on “The Donnie & Bibi Show …

  1. Thanks for sharing!… it is Trump on a ego trip, simply doing what he is doing to impress his following… whatever the subject matter he is doing it simply because he can, much like an actor playing a role, not considering the consequences or thinking of others…… and he is slowly digging America into a hole with the world community…. i often wonder how loyal America would be to Israel if J.C. were born in another country… 🙂

    “The thinking that got us to where we are is not the thinking that will get us to where we want to be”.. Albert Einstein

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    • I honestly believe that Trump is missing something in his chemical makeup that keeps him from even caring about another person. Best guess is that he has never known what love is, for it doesn’t appear that he has any affection for his wife or children, but rather that they are tools to help him achieve a goal or satisfy some need. Under other circumstances, I might actually feel sorry for him, but since he is destroying lives, then I cannot. Good Einstein quote … so very true!


  2. It’s always black and white decision making with King Trump. Reward those those who flatter him with praise and damn the rest . No compromise or attempt at unity is ever made. Unilateral recognition of Israel makes little sense as they must coexist with the countries around it to survive.

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    • As many who have left his employ have said, it isn’t about whether you do a good job or not, but it’s only about your loyalty to him. Remember when he tried to get James Comey to pledge his loyalty to him? Yes, you and I understand that this is a global world and no nation can stand alone, we must all rely to some extent on our neighbors for trade, national security, etc. But Trump is not known for his understanding of international relations … or anything else other than making money, for that matter.


  3. Dear Jill,

    You and friends have the picture. This US recognition of Israel’s rule over the Golan Heights is done to pave the way for it to be annexed to it, in part or whole, of the West Bank which has been a long time talking point on the hard right, the followers of President Trump.

    This is a dangerous move done solely for political expediency to benefit personally for President Trump and PM Netanyahu. They have no qualms if their actions keep them in power but are counter to the best national security interests of Israel and the USA.

    I pray that the Israelis have better sense than to reelect Mr. Netanyahu as their leader.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • It is indeed a dangerous move by a ‘man’ who does not understand the politics of the Middle East, nor does he listen to his advisors. He was strongly advised NOT to move the embassy to Jerusalem, but did he listen? He says his ‘gut’ is smarter than all the advisors, but in all likelihood, his ‘gut’ will result in new hostilities arising in the region. Like you, I hope the Israeli’s vote Netanyahu out of office.

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  4. Now I understand why some Jewish people I know support trump. It’s all about Israel.
    And Scottie is right on about the evangelicals and the end times. They live and breath it…waiting to die.

    So will wars start up again in Israel or more terrorism against the US?
    Will Trump and Putin reap the spoils of those wars?
    Will white nationalism eventually effect the Jewish people everywhere? Remember Nazi Germany
    And while the evangelicals wait and wait and wait, the republicans will own them and their ignorant death cult ways.

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      • Jill, my local newspaper buzzes with ‘letters to the editor’. Yesterday a writer detailed the traits of a narcissist. Each point described POTUS to a T. Unfortunately, narcissism is not a crime, but it surely is unbefitting a world leader.

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        • No, being a narcissist is not a crime, but I think that many of the things he has done because of his gigantic ego are, in fact, criminal. Even before he found his way to the Oval Office, there are records of him robbing contractors, discriminating in both employment and in choosing his tenants. I could possibly overlook the narcissism, but it is the fact that he’s delusional and cannot see the truth. When told he made a mistake, he says that it was the greatest thing any president has ever done. Sigh. He is destructive.

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    • Yes, a bit of knowledge of the history of the area, the strengths and weaknesses of each nation’s leaders, and an understanding of the conflicts might have been nice, but Trump is ignorant of all the above. Add to that the fact that his Secretary of State and his National Security Advisor are both war-mongers, and it’s a recipe for disaster. Sigh.

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  5. It has been a while since I had reason to say this, but Trumpelstilskin is set on destroying whatever peace there is in the Middle East, and there is not much. His goal is long term, a renewed Arab-Israeli War that neither side can win, but in which Russia and the US can move in behind to divide the territory up while committing genocide on both the Arabs and the Israelis. Netanyahu sees him as a friend right now, but he doesn’t see the shiv Traitor-Trumpmandias is hiding behind his back. Good bye Jews. Goodbye Muslims.
    Hello Oilfields!

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    • You paint a bleak picture, my friend, but one that may well be accurate. I hadn’t considered it, have believed that Trump is too uninitiated into the politics of the region to make any wise choices. Is purposeful destruction his plan? I can’t say, for I still see him as a bumbling ignoramus, but … maybe. Especially with the likes of Putin and Erdogan in his court. Sigh.

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      • It is just the way “I” see things. I hope I am wrong, because there xre millions of people in that rehion of the world. But few of them are what evangelicals call white, so they aren’t really human, are they?
        Well, they matter to me. And they matter to themselves. That, I think, is what counts…

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        • Your vision is typically quite clear, and I don’t think you’re far off base this time, either. They matter. They should matter to everyone, but it seems that people with a lot of money and/or power forget that we are all members of the same race: the human race.

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  6. Hello Jill. tRump gets two things from doing anything he can that supports Israel. One is his evangelical base is in love with Israel because their holy book has a prophecy about it before their god comes back and kills all the non-Christians including the jews. Also the AIPAC is a huge lobby that gives large sums of money to supporters of policies favorable to Israel. So tRump and party get lots of donations. Oh and one other thing. Sheldon Adelson said he wouldn’t give anymore money to the republicans unless the Embassy was moved to Jerusalem, but did offer to donate 30 million if it was moved. It was moved and he paid up. It is his dying wish. That is bribery as far as I can tell. So that is what tRump gets out of supporting Netanyahu. Hugs

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    • Jill, the are definitely two peas in a pod. They like nice things, preferably if someone else pays for it. And, Netanyahu likes calling fake news just like his bro. Scottie summarizes it well as to the reasons. There is one glaring disconnect and that is Trump’s fondness for white supremacists. Jewish Gary Cohn decided to leave the White House after Charlottesville, but stayed until the end of the year to get the tax bill passed. Keith

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      • Indeed they are. Wanna-be dictators who would suck their nations dry in their own self-interest. Yes, I thought Scottie was spot-on, too. Trump is not pro-Jewish people, he is only pro-Israel. There’s a difference.

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    • I’m sure you’re right … funny, though, about those evangelicals, for they are largely anti-Semitic! Ah yes, I keep forgetting about Sheldon Adelson and his wife, who Trump gave a presidential Medal of Honour to last year! So … he will wreck the tenuous foundation in the Middle East to give on single rich man his way??? Somebody really needs to lace this ‘man’s’ big Macs!!! Thanks for your insight! Hugs!!!

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