Meanwhile, Up In Canada — A Guest Post By Rawgod

We here in the U.S. are so absorbed in the daily dose of Trumpism that rarely in the past two years have most of us looked outside our own borders.  Oh, sure, we have the most basic knowledge of the Brexit battle, and we make note of such things as the two recent mosque shootings in New Zealand, but for the most part we are so inundated in all things “trump”, that we are almost buried in the detritus.  But, our situation is not unique in this, the year 2019.

Our friend rawgod lives in the western Canadian province of Alberta, and they have problems that are very similar to our own, and in many ways tied directly to our own.  I have long argued that no nation can afford to take an isolationist view, for this is a global world now, and no nation can survive without cooperation in many areas:  technology, trade, national security.  So, when rawgod offered me this guest post, I was happy to be able to present a first-hand, up-close-and-personal view of what is transpiring outside the U.S.  By the way … I always welcome guest posts any time somebody feels so inclined!  Thank you, rawgod, for helping to open my eyes about what is going on up north!Text dividers800px-Alberta_in_Canada.svgIn Alberta I am told that over 100,000 people are out of work because the Oil Sands production has been reduced. This is partly because of Paris Accord commitments to cleaner air, but that partly is too small. The biggest reason is because we are producing more oil than we can move to places whose people are willing to process our oil into usable form. The province’s population is crying for pipelines to move our oil, not caring whose land the pipelines might cross or what ecologies might be damaged. Mostly the land they want to use is owned by First Nations people, and government-protected wildlife areas.

Meanwhile, it is mostly white people who are clamouring for these pipelines to be built without ecological studies. Who cares how the pipelines hurt Mother Nature or First Nations people OR THE ATMOSPHERE WE BREATHE as long as they make their money. Oil Sands wages are extremely high, as wages go these days. The people who want those wages do not want to be retrained to make clean money or clean air, they want to keep on making their dirty money for dirtying the atmosphere. They care nothing about others, they care only about themselves and their wallets.

Alberta has an election coming up in April, and who is making the loudest noise about pipelines–you guessed it, the United Conservative Party, led by a man named Jason Kenney, who cheated to get the party leadership, a man who may have actually broken the law, one who definitely broached political ethics, to make sure he won. Now he wants to become Premier of our province. AND PROBABLY WILL! Alberta has, until the last election, always been a conservative-voting province since its inception.

Yesterday this party did a big flip flop, it went from wanting to expose non-straight children in our school systems to saying it wanted to protect them from exposure, after years of loud politicking that non-straight kids needed to be exposed. Does this sound like a true policy change to anyone? Or does it sound like an insincere political attempt to attract more liberal-minded voters to its march to taking over the province.

After just one day, the leader of the UCP changed his tune about Gay Straight Alliances in schools, which are what I was talking about yesterday regarding exposing those who feel they are not heterosexual. For most of the past three years he has been demanding that schools expose kids who join Gay Straight Alliances, no matter what their reason. He wanted to promote homophobia. Yesterday, he said kids needed to be safe from exposure. We all knew he did not mean that. Today, ONE WHOLE DAY after saying kids needed to be safe, he clarified his policy. IT SHOULD BE UP TO THE TEACHERS TO EXPOSE GSA MEMBERS IF THE TEACHER THOUGHT IT WAS NOT IN THE STUDENTS’ BEST INTERESTS. Who would get to decide that? Religious teachers? Of course. The teachers themselves do not want that responsibility, as a group, but particular teachers do, the ones who believe it is their right to tell parents their children might think they are gay. Or the children may want to just understand their friends who think they might be gay. That is what GSAs are for. To promote healthier relationships. To stop homophobia before it starts.

So much for a new UCP policy. The politicians want to hide behind the teachers. Gutless wonders. Homophobes every one. Suppress healing. Divide. Divide. Divide!

Oh, did I say many of their party faithful have had to pull out of the race after having their racial hatred and white superiority statements brought to light, or even just threatened to be brought to light. They made statements on social media sites before they decided to run for office, and now those chickens don’t want to be roasted with their own bigoted words. Surprise! Surprise!

These are the people who mainly make up the UCP, including their cheating leader. These are Alberta’s Trump-lovers. And these are the people who are probably going to win the election, because their policies of hatred and greed resonate with a huge portion of Albertans.

Vive Jason Kenney! Vive Donald Trump! Vive the death of humanity! Vive climate change! Barf… Barf… Barf…

36 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Up In Canada — A Guest Post By Rawgod

  1. Sorry to hear right wing insanity has infected Canada. It seems America leads the way and the world follows. Let’s pray we can all course correct in 2020 and take the fight back. Amen!


  2. Jill, thanks for the guest post. Rawgod, thanks for the enlightenment. In short, governing is hard work when we use data and have civil discussions. It is nigh impossible to come up with the right solutions when we do not. When politicians spread fear and blame others and/ or when they make up things to support that fear or over-simplified solutions to solve more complex problems, we just don’t get to the right answers.

    Sadly, fear sells. Democracy is hard work. We have to study and talk to one another. We have to highlight truths and shed light on falsehoods or outdated truths. I often hear (even today) old arguments that may have been true at one time, but are not now. An easy one I just wrote about – renewable energy has become cheaper than coal. Yet, people would be surprised by that. Economics is killing coal, just as you note about the glut on the oil sands.


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    • Thank you. It was Jill who inspired it, as it started as a comment on one of her other posts that got, shall we say, a little long. And truly, it could still be longer, but I think this shows what politicians in this new world are capable of. Anyone who wants to win this badly should not be a politician, but an evangelical preacher. Let him or her preach to the faithful, and leave the rest of us alone!

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    • Oh no, we definitely haven’t cornered the market. Look at Brazil, who recently elected a Trump-clone, Bolsinaro. Or look across the pond at the likes of Jeremy Corbin, Nigel Farage, Marine LePen, Norbert Hofer, and more. Populism is a growing movement and I fear one that is not going to be stopped anytime soon.

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    • Lol. We could use a good injection of centrist and left-leaning voters to our province, and our entire country. That would be an easy way to deal with these thugs, as John calls them. You and your friends are more than welcome to “cross the line” anytime you desire. Just please leave your right-wing conservatives at home. We have more than enough of our own already.

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    • My pleasure. Like you, I always saw Canada as the sanest nation in North America. Well, I still do, actually. But in the last few years, they have seen the populist movement creeping in, as it has here and in the rest of the world.


  3. Well said, Rawgod! As an Ontario citizen “ blessed” by Premier Doug “the Thug” Ford, I feel your impending pain. Too many Coservative party members, federal and provincial are despicable people who will stoop to any level to achieve their agenda. God help us all!!

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    • Yes, John, I feel for you and your fellow Ontarians. But it’s funny how since Ford got elected our news services stopped talking about the things he is doing there. We have to watch Ontario news on satellite to get the truth. If you listened to only Alberta news, you would tnink he is doing unreportable good things to you. Slanting the news by not reporting it would be a conservative tactic for sure!

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  4. It really does seem that the centre ground is being deserted for the lunatic fringes, all over the world. The success of openly bigoted ‘politicians’ such as Trump appears to give permission to every racist, homophobe, misogynist and self-serving despot to not only air their views, but demand everyone agree with them.

    As you so rightly put it: Barf…barf…barf…

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  5. Scary stuff. Another Trump in the making.Surely if it’s thought (known) that Kenney cheated he can be investigated by National Government and impeached if it’s proven? I’m guessing Canada has a similar election system as the U.S.

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    • I have never heard of a Canadian politician being impeached. If memory serves me correctly a process does exist whereby an electorate can recall an elected official, but I cannot think what it is right now. Meanwhile, the easiest way is to not elect this person, and we won’t know till April 26th for sure what the final result will be. But I also cannot remember the last time a party leader of any kind was rejected at the polls.

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    • He is being investigated as we speak, but he claims his tactics were not illegai. What he did was bring what they are calling a “Kamikaze Candidate” into the leadership race who destroyed another candidate’s reputation by innuendo (just so happens it was Kenney’s biggest oppostion!) and as soon as he accomplished his goal he stepped out of the race willingly, directing his followers to vote for Kenney. The proof is there, a long list of emails going back and forth between the two campaigns. And it is not forbidden in leadership race rules–because no one else thought of it. Ethically it is unthinkable. What the RCMP is investigating right now is the legality of one candidate donating money to another candidate’s campaign, which it is believed Kenney did. But the election had to be held by a certain date, and the investigation will probably not be complete by then. The conservatives are pounding the fact what is known was not illegal, while the main opposition party is pounding the fact his illegal funding of another candidate looks very suspicious. It’s a what do you want to believe question now. Only time will tell who gains the electorate’s ear.

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  6. Thank you, Jill, for letting the people of the world get a glimpse of what is happening in my part of the world. It is horrifying, to say the least. Politics is no longer about governing–politics is about forcing your ideas on a population BY ANY MEANS AVAILABLE! Win at any cost.
    What it is about so-called populist thinking that is so attractive to so many? Fight diversity! Make the populace look the same, act the same, think the same, AND HATE THE SAME.
    We already are all the same. We are all human. And looking at the bigger picture, we are all living beings, sharing the same world with millions of other species. Why cannot we share our world in peace? Someone please tell me why we have to hate!
    I, for one, do not want to hate. How about you?

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    • It was my pleasure to share, my friend! Any time you feel so inclined, I welcome your take on things from your part of the world.

      As to what makes populism so attractive to some, I have puzzled over this for years now. I can only conclude that it is the fear of ‘other’ that has been instilled into them by the loud, obnoxious voices of those like Donald Trump, Norbert Hofer, Marine LePen, Doug Ford, Nigel Farage and many others. Those who are un-or-under-educated are susceptible to the rhetoric, for they don’t bother to read, study or think, but rather accept what they are told.

      Like you, I do not want to hate. Today, with the constant bombardment of hatred all around us, it’s hard not to, but we try. Somehow, some day, peace must win over hate, else the human race will simply self-destruct. It would seem we are well along that path already.

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