22 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom

  1. Dear Jill,

    Every GOP lawmaker needs to be reminded of those words by Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956. If the shoe fits..I just used that photo in my last blog which I intend to send by Twitter to every GOP legislator in the US Congress.

    Thanks for finding this gem..

    Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Wise words from Ike, I’ve always admired this man. He’d be rolling in his grave if he saw what became of our 2 party system, both conspired to work against the ppl they supposedly represent. Jill, if inclined plz research the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee). The Democratic Party is sabotaging/ stifling it’s own progressive candidates just like Hillary did with Bernie during the 2016 primaries. Plenty of dirty tricks being played to promote their own pro-establishment candidates, ie friendly to Big Oil, Pharma, Banks, Wall St, Military Industrial Complex etc.
    The Dems have lost their values and their interests have aligned with Republicans – basically they’re moderate Repubs (Obama said it himself!)… which is exactly why they lost to Donnie. If they keep it up, history will sadly repeat.


  3. Wonderful words of wisdom indeed, from a very wise man. It did not pass my notice that today marks 50 years since the death of Dwight David Eisenhower. I should like to add these words included in his first inaugural address on January 29, 1953 : “How far have we come in man’s long pilgrimage from darkness toward light? Are we nearing the light – a day of freedom and of peace for all mankind? Or are the shadows of another night closing upon us?” Thank-you!

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  4. Such an apt quote, and it that leadership that is so lacking around the world ~ except, I believe in New Zealand. Which, brings me to make a suggestion….I have just been watching the memorial to that terrible massacre in Christchurch. Yusuf Islam (aka Cat Stevens) played ‘Peace Train’. I wondered if it would be an appropriate song, given the connection to Christchurch, for one of your music posts. Keep up the good work!

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