They Just Keep Coming … Snarky Snippets

While I’ve always been known for having a quick comeback, and rarely at a loss for words, sometimes snarky, acerbic words, I have never in all my life had as much cynicism and snarkiness bubbling from my being as I do these days!  I hope you aren’t tiring yet of snarky snippets, for they just keep rolling right off my fingertips!  Whatever will I do if things ever return to a semi-normal state in this world?sarcasm-quote-1

Surely you jest!

This morning, when I opened The Washington Post’s website, the first headline I saw was this:

With social program fights, some in GOP fear being seen as the party of the 1 percent

And I darn near choked on my coffee!  “Seen as the party of the 1 percent”?  No, they are the party of the 1%!

“A spate of policy moves in recent weeks by Republican lawmakers and Trump administration officials has driven the party’s agenda hard to the right, giving new fodder to Democratic presidential candidates eager to shift the national debate to such issues as health care and jobs ahead of the 2020 election.

The administration’s budget released this month, for example, includes massive rollbacks of programs including Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security Disability Insurance, as well as cuts to the Special Olympics, Meals on Wheels, and programs related to autism and other developmental disabilities.

The policy blitz reflects the deeply conservative agenda at the core of Trump’s administration. It is led by many influential aides and appointees who are unflinching ideologues, even as Trump prefers to call himself a “nationalist” or a businessman with “common sense.”

Coupled with fallout from the 35-day government shutdown that ended in January and a GOP tax plan that delivered major benefits to the wealthy, Republicans once again find themselves on the defensive — fending off Democrats who say they’re not just the party of Trump but also of the rich and powerful.”

class-systemThus far, ever since 2010, I have not seen so much as an ounce of compassion for those who are, shall we say, less than wealthy, from the Republican Party.  I think that what Bill O’Reilly said after the Las Vegas massacre speaks their motto best:  “This is the price of freedom.” No, republicans, this is the price for letting a bunch of greedy, wealthy old men run the country.

Who does he think he is???

Did you hear that Trump wants The Washington Post and the New York Times to have their Pulitzer prizes rescinded?  Why?  Because the joint prize was awarded for their coverage of the Mueller investigation.  Ahem. Who does he think he is and in what country does he think he is living?  Would one of his staff please slap his face a few times and wake him up?

“So funny that The New York Times & The Washington Post got a Pulitzer Prize for their coverage (100% NEGATIVE and FAKE!) of Collusion with Russia – And there was No Collusion! So, they were either duped or corrupt? In any event, their prizes should be taken away by the Committee!”

fascism.jpgThe New York Times’ communications team tweeted: “We’re proud of our Pulitzer-prize winning reporting on Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election. Every @nytimes article cited has proven accurate.”

Don Junior re-tweeted Trump’s tweet … of course … he is naught but a parrot.

NEVER another Trump in the White House!!!

Kushner IncSpeaking of Junior … a new book was published two weeks ago by British-born author Vicky Ward, titled Kushner, Inc., about Jared and Ivanka’s “rise to power”.  I have not read the book, nor am I likely to, but one thing I found interesting in the synopsis I read is that Junior and Ivanka are in a bit of a dispute … over which will be the next Trump in the White House.  I was horrified!  One Trump in the White House has been one too many!  NEVER AGAIN!!! 

According to the summary of the book …

“Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are the self-styled Prince and Princess of America. Their swift, gilded rise to extraordinary power in Donald Trump’s White House is unprecedented and dangerous. In Kushner, Inc., investigative journalist Vicky Ward digs beneath the myth the couple has created, depicting themselves as the voices of reason in an otherwise crazy presidency, and reveals that Jared and Ivanka are not just the President’s chief enablers: they, like him, appear disdainful of rules, of laws, and of ethics. They are entitled inheritors of the worst kind; their combination of ignorance, arrogance, and an insatiable lust for power has caused havoc all over the world, and may threaten the democracy of the United States.jared-ivankaWard follows their trajectory from New Jersey and New York City to the White House, where the couple’s many forays into policy-making and national security have mocked long-standing U.S. policy and protocol. They have pursued an agenda that could increase their wealth while their actions have mostly gone unchecked. In Kushner, Inc., Ward holds Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump accountable: she unveils the couple’s self-serving transactional motivations and how those have propelled them into the highest levels of the US government where no one, the President included, has been able to stop them.”

Go figure.

Betsy, Betsy, Betsy … 🙄

Ms. DeVos may have been thrown under the bus regarding her budget line that would have de-funded the Special Olympics, but that doesn’t stop her from coming up with still more really ridiculous ideas.  The latest?  She has decided, contrary to decades of study and data, that a higher student-to-teacher ratio (ie., larger classes, fewer teachers) is actually better for students.  But then, remember, this is the same woman who long ago advocated guns in classrooms in case of a bear attack!

“There is no evidence that the Federal taxpayer investments in existing professional development programs or class-size reduction have meaningfully improved student outcomes. In fact, students may be better served by being in larger classes, if by hiring fewer teachers, a district or state can better compensate those who have demonstrated high ability and outstanding results.”

When asked where she got that information, DeVos was unable to cite any research or study.  Take a look for yourself

And THIS is the Secretary of Education???  Seriously???  Oh my aching head.

Okay folks, I’ve taken up enough of your weekend, so I now return you to your regularly scheduled … or preferably spontaneous … weekend activities!  Have fun!

42 thoughts on “They Just Keep Coming … Snarky Snippets

  1. Hello Jill. Devos worked hard and spent a lot of money to ruin the public education system in MI. She championed charter schools and then forced through measures that transfer money from the public schools to private church schools. Why are these people trying so hard to destroy any progressive thing that made our country better? Why do they insist on dragging us back to a the 1800’s? I do not understand the drive to destroy this country. Hugs

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    • Yes, and last I heard, which was probably a year or so ago, the charter schools she helped start in Michigan were failing miserably. Why, you ask? Good question. Much of it, I think, is to appease the evangelicals who comprise the largest portion of Trump’s base. Another part is that I believe there is a push to ‘dummy-down’ our future generations so that only the very wealthy will have educations that qualify them for leadership positions. Hugs!

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  2. Much like for political cartoons, Trump & Co. provide endless fodder for your Snarky Snippets! Betsy DeVos is what Charles Bukowski was thinking about when he wrote : “The problem with the world is that intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence.” Thank-you!

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    • They surely do provide endless fodder, and really, I wish some days that they didn’t. I’m really getting just a wee bit tired of writing about these buffoons!!! Great quote from Bukowski!!! So true, too.

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  3. I have to wonder how this lot survive with just one working brain cell between them. here must be moments when more than one need it, but perhaps that’s when Betsy DeVos gives it up and comes up with her brainless ideas.

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    • I don’t know … I wasn’t even sure they had that one brain cell, but if you say so, I’ll take your word for it. DeVos, Wheeler, Bernhardt, Pompeo, Bolton, the list is endless. All rich fools who think we all owe them their lavish lifestyles at the cost of our own lives. We’re expected to applaud when they make another cool million from our blood, sweat and tears. Meanwhile, our own children go hungry. Bah Humbug. 😥

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  4. Jill, snark away. For those who believe the President was completely exonerated by the Mueller report and that it was a witch hunt that should never have been launched, I encourage them to read the piece by Chad Day of the Associated Press who recounts the facts in “Mueller revealed quite a few facts as inquiry unfolded.”

    I believe there will be a concentrated effort to prevent AG Barr from releasing the redacted Mueller report. The President has seized his talking points and he and his sycophants are painting the story the followers want to hear (good example is Mark Theissen’s editorial today).

    My guess is too few people realize that Mueller’s investigation continues under the tutelage of district attorneys and Roger Stone is facing trial. Keith

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    • Thanks Keith! Like you, I think the republicans are hearing only what they want to hear, and also like you, I believe there will be an effort to stifle the report, to keep it from being released at all, else it will be so heavily redacted that it is of little use. I went in search of the article you mentioned by Chad Day, and before coming to it came across another that, if true, is chilling. Your thoughts?

      As for Mark Theissen … that man almost always makes me want to throw something! I do hope that the ongoing investigations bring the facts and the players into the light of day for us all. My fear is that they will be halted or somehow compromised. It seems to me that the indictments that were handed down by Mueller, the fact that Manafort and Cohen are sitting in jail today, and Roger Stone is likely to soon follow them, all point to the fact that yes, there was a concerted effort on the part of the Trump campaign to rig the election in his favour. And common sense dictates that there is no way he and Jared and Junior were unaware of it. But, perhaps common sense has taken a backseat for some.

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      • Jill, the Stone trial will proceed and it will be covered by the news. There will be other indictments as well and, unless plea bargained, those trials will proceed. The metcurial man will blow a gasket and cry foul. He will distance himself from the accused. It is not a surprise when Jared Kushner was accused of using a non-sanctioned device to conduct government business, his father-in-law said he knew nothing of it. Keith

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      • Jill, it is all there. What you and Gronda have reported in detail is not a surprise nor is unrealistic. Setting aside my belief the President is compromised, the evidence of collusion may not have been as clear. It may have been less necessary as the President was unwittingly a “stooge” for Russia. The disinformation campaign worked so well with such an uninformed man, collusion may have been less effective. Trump may have been a “wind-up toy.” Plant a few stories, get the conspiracy nuts to re-publish or comment on them, and when the candidate utters the words written by a Russian hacker, it was gold. My guess is the hackers kept track of such and reported it to Putin.



  5. I can’t believe what is happening!!!! I was always of the belief that good will triumph over evil, but trump is prevailing!!!! Trump, Betsy, Ivanka, Jared, Don Jr , now Barr… all of them ….a pack of sociopathic jackals. and the Republicans continue to support their immoral, hateful, greedy agenda! It’s horrifying!!!! I keep thinking that they’ll be that one thing that will make the republicans stop the madness, but their lust for greed and power …seems to win them over every time!!!!! The horror of the children in cages , the threat to close our borders and stop funding people in crisis is beyond my comprehension! His quest for power has escalated and has been fueled by Barr’s absurd review of Mueller’s report!!!!! You try and make sense of it all, and I appreciate your posts so much!!!! When I read your blog, at least I don’t feel alone. 💙

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    • I think that for good to triumph over evil, good people have to become activists, have to make their voices heard in whatever way they can. Too many people whose hearts are in the right places are sitting back, trying to wear blinders, hoping that this will all get sorted out, somehow. The republicans are the minority these days, they are committing atrocities against humanity, and yet they win. Why? Because they are louder, because they are greedy and dishonest. Can good triumph over evil? Maybe, but it’s going to take a lot of work by all of us. No, my friend, you are NOT alone … we’re all in this mess together. Hugs!!! ❤

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  6. Let’s see, we left Britain to get away from royalty, we slaughtered the people we found here because we wanted their land more than they were able to defend it, and now we have King Donnie of Trumpland, Princess Ivanka and her consort Jared, and Queen of Bad Education Cruella deVos, and a whole caste of 1% royalty (or is that a cast around the 99% peasantry to keep them from complaining). Where did we go wrong?
    Oh yeah, we brought the ever so peaceful Puritans with us to control our morals amongst whites, but to give us free reign over red, black, brown, olive, and yellow. That gave us our manifest destiny to rule the world! Well, how can we rule the world when we can’t even rule ourselves?

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  7. Where on earth or outer space does this woman come up with her ideas? She should know private schools who charge tuition use smaller class sizes per teacher as a selling point to parents. She is a typical example of one of Trump’s “the best people”. The only thing she brought to the post was lots of money. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • It’s funny, but she was on record as saying that she didn’t believe in nor support public schools, and yet she was put in charge of … public schools. Our next generation … ??? Perhaps they will be able to read simple books, eh?

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