Evangelicals Have Out-Size Influence In President’s Crafting Of US Foreign Policy

When I read this post by Gronda earlier today, I was most disturbed … as I told Gronda in my comment, this was likely the most disturbing thing I have read in years, and that says a lot! Frankly, while I try never to criticize another’s religion, I have to say that what is described here is not religion — it is insanity! Thank you, Gronda, for the thought-provoking post … and for the nightmares I will surely have tonight!

Gronda Morin

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For the rapture end times Evangelical Christian true believers, their thinking regarding the Middle East is flawed. They are very versed in discussing their thinking/ version of biblical end times, including the rapture doctrine.

The two members of the republican President Trump’s administration who are steeped in these faith based dogmas are his Vice President Mike Pence and his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

I’ve no problem with Evangelicals practicing their beliefs even though I genuinely do worry that they are being led astray, but when this thinking seeps into the formation of US foreign policies, then I have a problem.

That the Evangelical community have been exerting an out-sized level of influence on current US policies  is exactly what I believe has been happening. What’s worse is that President Trump is very dependent on their support to keep his hold on power. Evangelicals comprise about 35% of his base…

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22 thoughts on “Evangelicals Have Out-Size Influence In President’s Crafting Of US Foreign Policy

    • Quite so … which explains, in part, why the framers of the Constitution made it clear that there should be no state religion, that church and state must remain two separate entities. But, this is where people like Mike Pence scare me, for they would, given half a chance, make laws favouring only the Christian religion, I think. I do not wish to live in a nation that is governed by one religious group.


    • Quite true, and since the U.S. is a secular, not a Christian nation, they shouldn’t have the influence they do. But, welcome to the era of Trump, where if you speak nicely about him, donate money, and vote for him, he will pander to your whims.


  1. This goes along with my belief that el dumpo is trying to start a war in the Middle East that will destroy Israel and the Arab nations. If that happens, well, who cares about global warming, it won’t matter to evangelicals, they believe they will all be in heaven before that happens anyways.
    But I have a few questions, starting with how do people still anticipate the rapture as “coming soon” when if you look into it, or just pay attention to what you read, as I do: people have believed that the rapture was coming in their generation ever since catholicism/christianity took over Rome. Every generation thinks this–and every generation has been wrong! Past history denies it will happen anytime soon.
    Secondly, if christ is going to raise all dead christians from the grave, that means no one is going to heaven yet. They are all trapped 6 feet under. So when all the people who have had religious experiences during Near Death Experiences, who are they seeing when they are being taken to the golden gates? They certainly are not seeing their christian ancestors, so they must be seeing those non-christian forebears. The christian ones are dead, awaiting revival. That is what god said, is it not?
    And, thirdly, if the world still goes on after the rapture–the meek shall inherit the earth–what happens to future christians, or will there even be any. If christ takes away all the christians, living and dead, who will be left to spread god’s word? No one. So does that mean all future generations will not need to know god’s word because he aint coming back again?
    Just going by what the bible says…

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    • And let’s not forget about the fairy godmother who turned the pumpkin into a carriage! You already know my thoughts … I don’t buy into any of their beliefs, and would just as likely believe in the veracity of Harry Potter! And frankly, Harry Potter is much nicer than the god the evangelicals are imagining. And now I shall hush before I offend somebody with my ill humour. 😉

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        • Oh, nobody really minds my ill humour, in fact some actually like it. But … I avoid religious discussions as much as possible, because my views tend to be offensive to some, including some of the people here that I really like. So, I try to tone it down, but these days it gets hard, with the utter idiocy of the evangelicals.


          • I hate to say it, but religious discussions tend to be offensive to someone, yet how else do you work towards understanding? Evangelicals aside, most christians are taught to spread their word, meanwhile they forget most everyone on this world has already been exposed to them, and their choices have already been made. If only they could realize spreading the word is not about saving souls, but about feeding the coffers of religious leaders. Religions like Catholicism and TV evangelists take a lot of money to run, the one because they have a lot of non-productive leaders like the bishops, cardinals, and the pope, while the TV preachers have high and expensives lifestyles to maintain. Why does any religious leader need a private jet, or homes all over the world, while they expect people who live in slums to support them.
            What would happen if all the people at the bottom rungs of religion suddenly stopped paying for the excesses of those nearer the top? I wish they would try it, because they would have a lot of surprises to learn. Their money is helping the would-be rich, not the already poor.
            But no one listens… They would rather believe lies than discover unacceptable truths!

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            • Well, having a discussion about religion for the sake of understanding is one thing. But, opining about the religious beliefs of others in an offhand comment can sometimes offend somebody that I wasn’t intending to offend. For instance, I said I thought the whole thing with ‘rapture’ and ‘end times’ sounds like insanity to me. And it does … I find it hard to believe that people actually buy into all that. However, a number of my friends here are Christians, and I would not wish to offend them with my opinions about their religion, of which I know very little and want to know even less. It’s funny … when I was a little kid, I believed in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and Santa Claus, but I never really believed in a god. Now … I believe only what I can see.

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    • Dear Rawgod, while we appreciate your sardonic repartee, (hopefully) most Christians understand the Bible to be a figurative account of timeless parables. Reasonable ppl do not await for end-times/ rapture to fall upon us “any day now” or literally believe will Christ raise all dead Christians from the grave etc.
      Your speculation of Trump’s hidden motive to start a major conflict in the M.E. may or may not pan out. Don’t forget Trump is just a puppet of the warmongering deep state. So ask yourself, who benefits most from war?
      Oil interests would stand to make a killing, with the middle east being the mother of all wars (possible WWIII).
      Russia is a major player now and has Bibi’s ear. For the Russian economy, war in the ME would be good for business, oil prices would sky rocket benefiting their oil revenue. Yet Putin values global stability above all. Notice Putin sent Russian troops to stabilize Syria and is doing the same in Venezuela to counter the US regime change takeover. Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Bolton, most recently Elliott Abrams had been recruited as special envoy to Venezuela specifically for the purpose of starting a hot war and overthrowing Maduro.
      With all this going on there seems to be stalemate, a power détente among the superpowers to counterbalance each other. Relative peace might be the result. So to answer your question, no- thank God, I don’t see any major war breaking out in the near future.
      As far as global warming goes… we may possibly experience the 2nd great flood in our lifetime! Cheers 🙂

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      • I know this was for rawgod, but I am compelled to respond to just a couple of key points, respectfully of course.

        First, your claim that Putin values global stability. I would say that Putin values anything that helps him grow his ’empire’, for he lusts after a new Soviet-style empire and I believe will stop at very little to gain it, including causing global INstability by playing a role in both Brexit and the election of a madman in the U.S.

        Second, I see a very real possibility of a nuclear war in the future, for there are too many who lack sanity, who lack the ability to reason, but who have their fingers on those proverbial buttons.

        Thirdly, we the human race are well on the way to self-extinction via climate change and other environmental disasters, and yet we are too greedy, too stupid to change our ways. If the idiots ruling parts of the world don’t get trigger-happy and push their little buttons, thereby destroying most of life on earth, we will soon enough see the results of our folly in air that is unbreathable, water that is undrinkable, and food that cannot be eaten. It’s times like this I am glad to be near the end of my life. Sigh.



    • Every time I see a trump rally, I think of Jonestown….

      Trump is like Joel Osteen on steroids..
      Money greed and profit…

      Anyone who believes this endtimer nonsense needs a psychiatric evaluation.

      The level of ignorance mostly orchestrated by religion, is astounding.

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  2. Up front…I’m not a religious person at all. In the days of the past however, I did feel “to each his own”…but that has all changed. I think the leaders in the evangelical religions know exactly what they are doing and it surely is not their god’s work.

    Seems they have gotten caught up by greed and power just like some corporate giants. And they know how to indoctrinate, persuade, threaten with damnantion and hell and coerce their flocks. They also see their power growing by having persuasive influence in the White House.

    If I was a religious person, I might think trump was the anti christ, so many of them thought Obama was. And I might think it was the devil himself that was leading these folks astray..the leaders for their evilness and greed and the flocks for their blind and willful ignorance.

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    • Right. ‘To each his own’ means just that … to keep it your own and not enforce it on others. The evangelicals seem to forget that this is NOT a “Christian nation”, but rather a secular nation that welcomes people of all religions. Where did that idea get lost? Sigh.

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  3. This is a very well researched post, thank you Gronda and Jill for this important update. I find it interesting that Trump has influence over both Christian and Jewish groups. Whether he’s a believer or not, Trump is politically astute to play both sides for votes, and that makes him very dangerous. One wrong move in the middle east could potentially set off a major conflict evocative of the Rapture. Thus this situation may very well become a self fulfilling prophecy.
    This certainly doesn’t bode well for our collective future, but what can we possibly do to counter religious beliefs of a group of fringe zealots who could not be reasoned with? Worse yet Pence and Pompeo are highly visible officials, lending credence to these evangelical beliefs. Separation of church and state doesn’t apply in this case, ya can’t prevent someone from voting their beliefs. Scary times we live it.

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    • Agreed. As I said to Mary, the evangelicals appear to have forgotten that this is not a “Christian nation”, but rather a secular one that welcomes people of all religions. We don’t, however, welcome people who try to shove their own religion in our faces. And we certainly don’t need a president who makes foreign policy decisions based on the religious beliefs of the evangelicals … beliefs that seem radical and cruel to me.

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