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Sometimes I rant.  I try not to.  I try to remember that civil discourse is the best way, that Theodore Roosevelt’s advice to “walk softly, but carry a big stick” is sound advice, and most days I succeed to a greater or lesser degree.  But sometimes the absolute idiocy of our world today, specifically of our government in this, the reign of terror Trump, gets to me and if I don’t blow off a little steam, I will have night terrors all night, yell at Miss Goose, and break another toe, all of which have happened in the past week!  So, brace yourself for Filosofa’s Headline Rants, based only on the headlines that made me say a bad word, even if under my breath.  Oh, and thank you, Roger, for giving me some new words to use, such as fornacazoni!

From the Associated Press

The White House said Thursday that Democratic efforts to obtain President Donald Trump’s tax records are “political games.”

Now, first off, I have never heard of a building speaking.  The White House said nothing, unless it groaned under the weight of the obese ‘man’ walking its hallowed halls.  Second, NO, whomever was speaking on behalf of the building at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it is not a “political game”.  Let me make this perfectly clear:  WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DEMAND TO SEE THE TAX RETURNS OF THE ‘MAN’ WHO IS MAKING THE DECISIONS THAT ARE RUINING OUR LIVES!!!

Yes, Ms. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and yes, Donald Trump, and yes, Mick Mulvaney … I am angry … no, scratch that … I am furious!  As the saying goes, ‘there’s something rotten in Denmark’, we know there is something rotten in the White House, and we’re pretty sure we know just exactly what it is.  I really want to know how much Donald Trump pays in taxes on average each year.  I will tell you that if it’s less than ten percent of his AGI (Adjusted Gross Income), then he paid less taxes than my daughter did, dollar per dollar.  I want to see for myself.

Every president since Richard Nixon has provided at least a few years’ worth of tax returns in the interest of transparency, in the interest of ethics.  Since Trump has far more questionable ethics than any other president in history, it is only right and just that Congress and the taxpaying public be given access to his tax returns.  Get over it, ‘White House’!

From The Guardian

San Francisco: residents of wealthy area shout down mayor over homeless shelter

Turns out the Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, was attending a meeting to discuss a proposed homeless shelter in San Francisco to house at least some of its 7,500 homeless residents.  But the rich snobs in the area actually launched a GoFundMe to raise $100,000 for legal fees to block the shelter!  As of Thursday, they had actually raised $92,000!  Damn, but there are a lot of snobs in this world!

But … there is some good news.  A group called Coalition on Homelessness started their own fundraising page to benefit a local advocacy organization, and they have raised $164,000 from more than 1,700 people, including big names such as the Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, the Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson and the GoFundMe organization itself.

The shelter is to be built on land owned by the city, but apparently the rich snobs are taking the “not in my backyard” tact.  You know … I’m pretty darn sick of rich people who think this country should be run to their benefit, and to hell with the rest of us.  And I propose that every person with a net worth of more than $1 million should be forced to spend one week living on the streets, just so they can get a feel for how the other end of the spectrum lives.  Ever been homeless?  I have.  It’s scary.

From The Root

Louisiana Town Swears in Police Chief Who Really Likes Racism

The town is Estherwood, Louisiana, and the new Police Chief is named Wayne Welsh.  Back in 2017, when Welsh was the Assistant Chief of Police in Estherwood, he posted this meme to Facebook …WelshAfter the resulting uproar when the post went viral on Twitter, Welsh took the post down, announced that he would tender his resignation and everyone was satisfied.  Only one little problem … Wayne Welsh did NOT tender his resignation because … his boss, Police Chief Ernest Villejoin, did not request it!  Although Villejoin had publicly said he “would not tolerate” this sort of behaviour, apparently after giving it some thought, he decided it was just fine and dandy after all, and Mr. Welsh continued in his position.

Then last year, Welsh was briefly named interim police chief until he ran unopposed for the seat in November.  Donald Popp, the new mayor of Estherwood, says he “doesn’t foresee any problems”, and that he “was hoping this would have been taken care of”.   He doesn’t foresee any problems???  I “foresee” plenty of problems!

Welsh sent a statement to CNN, saying …

“What happen [sic] two years ago is behind me and my punishment was done to me. And now I’m moving forward with my life and as the new chief of police.”

To me, it says as much about the townspeople who voted him in as it says about Welsh himself.  He’s proven he’s a racist bastard, but now the people of the town have proven themselves as well.  The town, by the way, is less than 3% African-American.

And this, my friends, is the wave that Donald Trump rode into the White House.  Racism.  Call it whatever you like, but it is intolerance and hatred of any who are not WASPs, pure and simple.  Racism is built on ignorance and we seem to have an awful lot of ignorance in this country today.

Okay, folks … I could go on, but it’s Saturday and I have other things to do, as do you.  Thanks for letting me vent a bit!  Have a happy Saturday!

38 thoughts on “Filosofa Rants …

  1. Dear Jill,

    The residents of Estherwood, Louisiana who voted for the sheriff who didn’t think twice about tweeting out his racist, ugly cruel meme will rue the day, as one day, he’ll turn on them. Mr. Welsh is the kind of man who shouldn’t be put in charge of anything.

    As for the guys at the homeless shelter, I hope they take extra care to water these rich neighbors’ lawns, appropriately. It’ll drive their dogs, crazy.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  2. I think the Children just leaving school are different to previous generations. They don’t listen to adults. They have their own ideas. They are less materialistic and more health conscious. They are still capable of bullying, but this is less tolerated, and less prevalent than in previous generations. I believe when they are old enough, political change will come. Until then, we have to hope they are not corrupted by the rest of us. 🤔

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    • I agree with you, but your final sentence says it all. Weren’t we once young and idealistic? What happened to us? Sigh. And the other thing is that if this generation doesn’t get busy and start cleaning up the environment, the next generation may not get much of a chance to change the world for the better. Sigh. But, we can still hope …

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  3. Society often changes when older people die off to be replaced with younger people with more modern ideas. People often don’t change. We should teach our children to be better people from the beginning. Let’s hope there’s a better generation coming. —- Suzanne

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  4. Jill, a look at recent history would yield the following – Trump initially said he was not releasing his tax returns because they were being audited. Then, it became the Americans need not see them. Now. It is politics. There are one of two reasons – he does not want people to see how little he paid or there are some financials that are questionable ties.

    As for rhe racism, we must call people out. It is not right in a person in leadership. Keith

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    • Right … and somewhere along there he said that we were all too stupid to understand his tax returns, for they were very “complex”. Well, if they are so complex, then he doesn’t understand them either, for he cannot even understand simple concepts like where his own father was born, and that windmills don’t cause cancer. But to me, that was a slap in the fact to the citizens of this country, saying he thinks we are all dumber than him. If we were, we’d still be wearing loin cloths, dragging the womenfolk around by their hair, and carrying big clubs. Yes, he has something to hide, else he would have gladly released them by now. I just want to see what it is … not that it would make any difference to his loyal followers.

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  5. –Imagine what Welsh would have done if his daughter (I damn well hope he doesn’t have one, or a son!) ‘s first crush was a non-white girl? Drowning would have been too easy!
    –When I was growing up, WASP stood for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. Now I think it stands for White Anglo-Saxon Puritan. I’ve got a few others, but I won’t say them on your blog.
    –Trump fill out tax forms? He can’t even read, how would he know what to answer. Most of his income is illegal, he wouldn’t admit that on paper. “No paper trails!”
    –I used to work in the tax department. Even got a return from a prostitute one year. They fined her for not putting in her tips. Did Trump tip Stormy Daniels? I doubt it. He probably made her pay for their hotel rooms–in Trump Towers!

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    • I can’t find out if Wayne Welsh has children or not, but I found a picture of him, and he looks like a typical Southern redneck, what we call a knuckle-dragger here. I still think of WASP as standing for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, for that is what most of the radical right, white supremacist evangelicals are. I was reading something yesterday where one of them said they thought everyone who didn’t come from a European ancestry should be thrown out of the country, claiming that he and his ilk were “Europeans” and wanted to keep the U.S. “pure”. I wanted to scream, “Then go back to Europe, FOOL, for this is the U.S. and it is not a part of the EU! Sigh. No wonder I’m in a black humour. Hah! I doubt Trump gave Stormy much, but remember, he did pay her that $130,000 in hush money in 2016 so that she wouldn’t talk about their affair and maybe offend some of his religious followers.

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      • Yeah, like Europeans have so much to be proud of, giving bacteria and virus laden blankets to the original inhabitants of the Americas. But you already know how proud I am of that half of my ancestors. Talk about blood boil!
        Trump’s hush money, meanwhile, was a drop in the bucket, esp since it came from campaign funds. It wasn’t even a worthy bribe… His WASP following needs to be clarified, IMO. There are a lot of believers who dislike the Orange Dump/ Junk Truck as much as we do. HE is not a good role model for anyone.

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        • Sigh. Quite true. There isn’t enough money in the universe to convince me to even so much as let that sorry-excuse-for-a-“man” shake my hand! You are right, and I don’t really lump all Christians together as being trumpeters, but the evangelicals? Yes, they seem to all be of a mind that “God” put Trump in the Oval Office to accomplish their purposes and I cannot tolerate much more of that nonsense. I swear, I’m gonna end up in jail for beating the crap out of somebody with my rolling pin yet! Sigh. Don’t mind me … I’m in a royal funk. Sigh. LuL


  6. I think if Trump submitted his tax returns for public scrutiny, he would start a new ‘Witch Hunt’ into possible tax evasion.

    I honestly cannot see why muck doesn’t suck Trump into the depths of controversy. He certainly creates enough of it. But somehow, he always steps out into Rose petals. No JUSTICE! It is like the story of the King with no clothes… no one is brave enough to tell Trump to his face. His staff fawn over him in a crawlingly butt-kissing fashion, just so they can keep their jobs. How will you ever get him out of the Whitehouse, when he has grown fangs and claws to hang on to the bricks?

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    • I’m sure you’re right that his tax returns, if they are ever made public or even just released to Congress, will open a whole new can of worms. Like you, I do not know how he keeps falling into a pile of sh*t and coming out smelling like a rose! I’ve called him Teflon-coated ever since about mid-2016 when, no matter how obnoxious and vulgar he was, he kept gaining followers, and no matter how many lawsuits, how many women he had unquestionably abused and bragged about it, it just didn’t seem to matter to his supporters. And it’s still that way! I don’t understand it. Why, if President Obama had spoken the way he speaks, shown the same ignorance and lack of respect he does, or done as many stupid, stupid things as he does, they would have had Obama impeached overnight! It seems we cannot get rid of him, so I have taken to hoping he chokes to death on his Big Mac one of these days. Yeah, I know … not nice, but lately I’m turning into a sour person.

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      • Hello Jill. You ask how tRump could be crude and vulgar and still gain followers. I think it is because those people wished they could be just as crude, racist, bigoted, and vulgar as tRump is and get away with it like he does. They admire him and want to be him. They see themselves in every coarse unacceptable thing he does. Hugs

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  7. Jill, you are justified in ranting and most likely are joined by many others (myself included) in the need to do so…better than acting out one’s worst impulses. I came across this piece moments ago in the Mother Jones In the Mix by Russ Choma dated 12:35 PM, April 6, 2019 titled “Stephen Colbert Hits Trump Where It Hurts – His E-Score”. The 5 minute and 40 second video of Colbert’s show provided much mirth and tension relief. I think that I will go watch it again! Thank-you!

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    • Dearest Ellen … you have just saved my sanity! I have struggled for hours … literally about 4 hours … on my post for this morning, and just as I gave up, decided that there would be no post this morning, I decided to take your suggestion and go watch Colbert for a few minutes. And presto, I had my morning post! Thank you!!!


    • I’m not Jill, but I’ll try. I assume you are referring to the meme related to the police chief.

      The wording at the bottom of the meme is “When your daughters first crush is a little negro boy”.

      The picture appears to be a drawing of somebody drowning his daughter in the bathtub.

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      • Thank you for the description. Someone in public life should have more sense than to post such a deplorable thing but then when have common sense and politics ever paired together well? I find it absolutely disgusting that in the 21st century there are people who haven’t gotten past the notion of only looking at the skin color, sexual orientation or other immutable characteristics of an individual as a basis for judging that person.

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