Who Says It’s A … Jolly Monday?

Welcome friends!  I can’t believe it’s Monday again already!  At least it’s warm enough to be out without coats, hats, and gloves!  I’m so happy to see flowers starting to bloom and buds on the trees.  I haven’t seen a single bee yet, and that disturbs me a bit.  Plenty of ants, though!  Did you all have a wonderful weekend?

Grab a bite and a cuppa and let’s kick off this week with some fun, shall we?  Sorry rawgod, but I ran out of tea … have a juice box for today and I’ll get some tea before next week, I promise!

A lot of love … and patience

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this one.  D.W. and Willie Williams just celebrated their wedding anniversary.  Their 82nd wedding anniversary!dw-willie-williams

D.W. (left) is 103 years of age, and Willie is a mere 100.  What a beautiful couple!  When asked the secret to the long success of their marriage, Willie answered …

“I don’t have a secret, just be nice to each other.”

Hmmm … sounds like excellent advice, don’t you think?  Congrats to D.W. and Willie!!!

Hee Haw …

Payton Dankworth is a high school student in Ballinger, Texas.  One day not long ago, she received a call from a friend who had been out riding (horses — it’s Texas, remember) and stumbled across a baby donkey.  The donkey was not well … malnourished and dehydrated.  The friend’s parents absolutely put their foot down and refused to keep the little donkey, so he asked Payton, knowing she had a soft heart.Jack-1

Jack-3Payton took the little guy in, bottle fed him and nursed him to health, and from that day forward, she was his momma!  She named him ‘Jack’, a fitting name for a donkey, although I likely would have named him Eeyore.Jack-2“He became really playful and now loves playing with my dogs. Right now he sleeps inside with me since he’s still so little and I give him a bottle about every two hours and then take him outside to use the bathroom. Jack also will not go to sleep unless my dog is with him. He will cry all night instead. I grew up showing steers and I’ve had my fair share of what you would call life on the farm. I don’t actually live on a farm but we do have property with other livestock animals on it.”

Since Jack came into her life, she has been inspired by his transformation to the point that she is now determined to look after animals for a living.Jack-4“Jack’s transformation has been the greatest thing ever to watch. It’s been so heart touching watching him thrive.  From watching him barely have enough strength to stand up to watching him run around and play with my dogs has been the greatest thing ever!”Jack-5There’s a saying that they grow them big in Texas … I think this young lady’s heart is proof enough of that!

Dance On, Wika!!!

Wirginia Szmyt, also known as DJ Wika, is eighty years old and still going strong.  She is Poland’s oldest DJ.  Donning yellow trousers, shiny platform shoes, red lipstick and headphones, she stands behind the decks, mixing party music in a huge Warsaw club.DJ-wika-2

“I don’t care if someone likes it or not that I am dancing or jumping behind the console, because I cannot play and stay still. When I play, I feel the melody, I feel the rhythm.”


Every Monday night, she entertains about 1,000 people at the Hula Kula club, smashing stereotypes and empowering seniors as she plays everything from disco and rock to samba and ballads.

“I do not fit the stereotype of an elderly person. I don’t see a reason why my age should determine my life norms.  I used to work with young people and I kept this youthful outlook and youthful expectations … My message to youths is that your life does not end when you are 70. They would say ‘Miss Wika we are already 40, we are so old’. And I am twice as old as you and … I am not old, by no means.”

What an awesome outlook, don’t you think?

Here are a few humorous memes I happened across last week …



And what would Jolly Monday be without a cute animal video?

jollyAnd on that note, I shall send you off to your Monday duties, hopefully with a bit of a smile on your face, one which I will no doubt relieve you of later today with my next post.  Sigh.  Have a great week, my friends, and remember to share your smiles & hugs … we all need a few extras these days!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly!


29 thoughts on “Who Says It’s A … Jolly Monday?

  1. Dear Jill,

    Kudos to D.W. and Willie for being happily married for 82 years and for having a great attitude, I bet they could write at least a couple of books. They’ve seen a lot.

    As for that donkey. I’m jealous of Payton, as jack looks adorable. She has a huge heart but she’s also having a lot of fun.

    As for Wiks, she reminds e that I need to get off my derriere to become more active.

    The animal videos are always fun. I loved the mouse chasing the cat.

    Thanks a million for your jolly Monday posts.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  2. These are purrfect!! Love the couple and his advice ! And oh that donkey is adorable! I would have named him Eeyore too. 🙂 Thanks for helping start Monday with smiles! May your day be filled with smiles!

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  3. At approximately 10:45 PM Mountain Time Sunday night, April 7, 2019, a new little filly came into our world. Sired by Gin Fizz, out of Halory Clanton, the dark gray baby with a very white face took her first step about 8 minutes after birth. At this point she appears to be healthy, though with new-born horses that is not easy to confirm. 🐎
    Her name for now is Ginny Clanton, half-sister to Tricksy T Clanton. (Thoroughbred horses’s names must be confirmed by The Jockey Club of America, generally just a formality.) Congratulations to the proud parents!
    No tea is alright, I think a wee gin fizz is in order this morning, a virgin one of course.

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    • What wonderful news!!! Congratulations to the parents, the … what are you and Gail, the foster grandparents? And I will be expecting to see a picture of little Ginny Clanton soon! Had I known earlier, I would have made a batch of virgin Gin Fizzes for Jolly Monday! 😊


      • If you send me your cell phone number, if you can receive pictures, you will have a few pictures forthwith. Look in your email and I will send you Gail’s number. Text us, and and we will send the pictures. I have no idea how to take pictures off a phone and send then on WP or Fb. We have no young folk to teach us, lol.

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      • BTW, we are just the grandparents, same as with all our four-footed friends. They are our kids, and their kids are our grandchildren. Depending on what our adoptive parents do with our grandkids, who knows how many grands we can add by now. Considering my first four footed children came into my life back in the 50s when neutering was not common, and that cat had hundreds of children, I suspect I’m a great-grandfather many hundreds of times over.

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    • Congrats rg, you must be over-the-moon! I can imagine those four little spindly legs holding up a very pretty foal.

      Drinking a Gin Fizz in her honour. 🍸🥂🍾

      Actually, perhaps you could just add a bit about Gin Fizz to one of your posts on Saturday Jill? I’m sure rg could write a few words about how she’s doing. I’d love to see her. 😀💓

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