Just Two Things …

On Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg …

rbgIf I had to pick a favourite among the current Supreme Court Justices, it would be Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  The woman is intelligent, has spunk, and her heart is in the right place, unlike some others.  She has gone through a lot, but she bounces back.  Since her most recent bout with cancer, she has returned to the Court, heard oral arguments, authored opinions, and even made a few public appearances outside the courtroom.  But yet …

There are some who claim Justice Ginsburg has been dead for weeks, and that democrats … of course, it’s always the democrats … are covering up her death in order to keep the jackal in the Oval Office from nominating another one of his sycophants for the seat.  Say WHAT???  How can a person who is in the public eye, who goes to work every day and is seen by her co-workers and others, be believed to be dead?  What rock have these people slithered out from under?

According to The Hill

The Supreme Court has been bombarded with Twitter users demanding evidence that Ginsburg is still alive, while some online videos allege her public appearances have been manufactured.

There are also claims that audio of her from recent Supreme Court oral arguments has been doctored and is nothing more than phrases pieced together from earlier recordings of her remarks.

There’s little chance the Ginsburg conspiracy theory is going away anytime soon, experts say, mainly because the biggest proponents are unlikely to accept any proof that she’s alive.

I have a solution.  Invite them all to visit the court at a specified date and time, then let Justice Ginsburg go ‘round the room and poke each one of them in the eye with a stick.  Perhaps that will convince them.

It seems, though, that Donald Trump is hoping for Justice Ginsburg’s demise, for he has already decided on a nominee for her replacement:  Judge Amy Coney Barrett.  Barrett, not surprisingly, is known as a “superstar” among the religious right.

Barrett is young (46) and has vociferously made known her willingness to overturn Roe v Wade, which, along with Obergefell v Hodges seem to be the only thing the religious right cares about when it comes to the Supreme Court.  Take away women’s rights and take away the rights of the LGBT community, and Trump’s biggest fan base will be happy.

Personally, I hope that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg stays healthy for at least another two years.

Not tough enough???

Kirstjen-Nielsen.jpgThe big news of the day is that Trump apparently forced the resignation of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.  Now, I’ve never liked Nielsen, always considered her to be rather a cold, heartless bitch, but apparently she wasn’t heartless enough to suit Trump, and that should concern us all.  It will likely thrill his base of white supremacists, however, who would like nothing better than to line the southern border with armed guards who are told to shoot first and ask questions later.

Bruce Plante Cartoon: DHS Secretary Kirstjen NielsenRumours abound, as they will when facts are not made available.  One, the most probable one, is that Trump is eager to reinstate his horrendous child-separation policy, taking children from their parents when they cross the southern border.  Ms. Nielsen rejected the plan, in light of the fact that a federal judge struck down the policy last year.

Another theory was proposed by Josh Campbell, the former FBI agent turned CNN national security analyst.  Mr. Campbell believes it possible that Ms. Nielsen was the author of the anonymous OpEd in the New York Times last year that caused such a stir.    The basis for his conclusion is stylistic similarities between Nielsen’s letter of resignation and the OpEd.  Not much to go on, but if she was the author of the OpEd, now that she has resigned from her position she has nothing to lose by coming clean, so … maybe?

I’m still stunned, though, that she wasn’t ‘tough enough’ to please Trump, even after she authorized the use of tear gas to repel a large crowd attempting to break through a border fence on New Year’s Day.  I’m also stunned that Trump has plans to defy Judge Dana Sabraw’s order and reinstate his cruel, inhumane child separation policy.

Are there no longer any restrictions or limitations on the power of the presidency?  Has Donald Trump, in fact, become the dictator he always wanted to be?  He shuts the government down in an attempt to get his way.  That doesn’t work, so he declares a state of national emergency to get his way.  That hasn’t worked yet, so he demands the resignation of the Secretary of Homeland Security to replace her with a man who is even more cruel and heartless.  Where does it end.  When do We the People finally say we have had ENOUGH???  Or do we keep burying our heads in the sand, believing that somehow, in some way, it will all work itself out.  Believing that our Constitution, or next year’s election will stop him.  Think about it.

30 thoughts on “Just Two Things …

  1. Women, women of all ages, owe a debt of gratitude to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Not only for what she has accomplished as a Supreme Court Justice, but also for those times that she tried without success and continues trying under unfair odds. I was appalled when I read this piece in yesterday’s The Hill, that quickly shifted to outraged tears. Then when I saw, as expected, it was part of your post I wrote a comment that was most assuredly not acceptable for posting. I am not given to profanity, except under extreme distress, and try to never say anything that I may later regret…my comment was both. I have long admired the Chief Justice and felt compelled to return and belatedly berate the Twitter Twits that are pushing this fallacy . It is equally appalling, and most likely true, that Trump is gleefully awaiting her demise to fill the vacancy with more of his like minded judges. One of the many books about RBG that I have read over the years is “Ruth Bader Ginsburg : A Life” by Jane Sherron DeHart that was just published last October and is perhaps the best to understand the woman. I had read some time ago her response to what she would like to be remembered for and I liked it so much that I jotted it down in one of my many little notebooks : “Someone who used whatever talent she had to do her work to the best of her ability. And to help repair tears in her society, to make things a little better through the use of whatever ability she has.” Words to live by! If one prays, pray that Ruth Gader Ginsburg remains able to fulfill the demands of her position for many more years. The only thing left to say about Kirstjen Nielsen’s coerced resignation is the sad truth that Trump has a swamp filled with worse than the worst creatures to fill his created vacancies for anything and everything…qualifications are unnecessary, he has a one fits all mentality. Thank-you!


  2. as usual, you guys conveniently decide not to recall that this crap of putting children in cages was happening under Obama as well. Yes, it’s happening a lot more under Trump but why was there no outrage whatsoever when this was happening under another administration? If you care about children as much as you claim, why not outrage over just one being separated under a different president? This all sounds hipocritical to me actually.

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  3. As for the notorious RBG. Well, those same arseholes also often harass trauma survivors whose photo is taken by the media as crisis actors. Once I learned about that, I all but gave up on humanity, intellectually and morally… 😦

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    • Quite so. It was Alex Jones who started and pursued the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory and the parents of those children who died have been hounded and harassed by the ignorant masses who believed Mr. Jones. The good news, though, is some of those families are now suing him and likely to win their lawsuits. Like you, some days I have trouble believing in the goodness of people. Other days, I look around and see more good people than bad.


  4. My response to that political cartoon, knowing how serious the crisis in housing for low-income families is, and how over capacity family shelters are is…is all of the above a valid answer? I’ve seen what passes for safe housing in low-income neighborhoods and group facilities of various types. Ive read Evicted – and its succor studies. What I don’t see is how we justify further destroying what remains of the social safety net for any of these domains (immigration, healthcare, housing, education) instead of fixing them. Our country would be stronger and more financially stable with open immigration and a social safety net.

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    • I fully agree with you. Why is it happening? Because this nation has become a plutocracy, one run by a small group of very wealthy men who make the laws to the benefit of the wealthy and to heck with the other 99%. You are right … if we had significantly more income equality, and welcomed immigrants for the skills, talent and cultural diversity they bring, we would be a much better country.


  5. I’m sorry, Jill, but some Americans–in fact a large group of them–are crazier than looniebirds during a full moon. Ginsberg is dead? Who (no one with the initials DJT) thought up that one! And el dumpo trying to restart his policy of separating families at the border? Is he going to hire a bookkeeper or something this time? I doubt that! I hope he will at least keep them at Mar-a Lago. They can dive for golfballs in the water traps.

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  6. Get Kavanaugh to do something honest, put him on TV saying he’s seen Ruth Bader Ginsburg alive. Maybe the rednecks will believe him-again. It’s a pity the author of the op-ed in the NY times didn’t try to get some of the Senate onside and declare Trump unfit for office, The pain that would have been saved of Democrats tearing hair from their heads.They could have carried on the way Republicans normally do, with all the same old conservative policies but in a much better atmosphere. Not that I approve conservative policies or even think that they work but it could have avoided two years of Hell before the Democrats got back in.
    I’d like someone to confirm for me that having the judges of the Supreme Court stay on for life is a firm policy or just a habit. If as I think, there’s nothing in the constitution about it I think two judges should be removed after the next election- guess who- and replaced by two other more acceptable Republican judges since they were put in during a Republican period.

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    • Hey there’s an idea … they should surely believe Kavanaugh, Trump’s own hand-picked lackey.

      The lifetime appointment of judges and justices is actually state in the Constitution and would require an amendment to change it. Article 3, Section 1: “The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour, and shall, at stated Times, receive for their Services, a Compensation, which shall not be diminished during their Continuance in Office.” They can only be removed for misconduct, or “Behaviour”. Sadly.

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      • Kavanaugh’s lying to the senate surely counts as misconduct, and surely using the laws of probability they could oust him and his other sex pest for conduct unbecoming a judge. I’d love to see Kavanaugh grind his teeth again..

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        • One would think that lying under oath would count as misconduct, but somehow in the Era of Trump, words like ‘misconduct’ have taken on a different definition, an ‘alternative meaning’, and nobody except people like us seem at all concerned about his lies, or Trump’s for that matter. Sigh. Yes, I would like to see Kavanaugh pull another of his little childish tantrums as he’s led out of the Court and told to go play somewhere else.

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  7. Dear Jill,
    Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was willing to do the President’s dirty lifting but she wasn’t willing to break the law. The former AG Jeff Sessions couldn’t have done more for the president, but he wasn’t willing to break the law.
    Don McGahn had to quit as he would not break the law.

    The pattern is clear. If one goes to work for President Trump, he/ she had better be prepared to do some jail time.
    I’m wondering what category that Mr. Barr fits.

    As for RBG, she doesn’t plan to leave until President Trump is out of office, but that’s another story.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I think we can both guess where Barr fits in. As well as the others. I do not like the pattern I’m seeing though …
      As for Justice Ginsburg, I know she promised to stay until Trump is gone, but … well, it may not be in her control. Let us hope she remains the picture of good health! I want to send her a bouquet of flowers!

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