A New Batch … Hot Off The Press!

Some days I think I have turned into a huge cynic, a shrew, and I remonstrate with myself about it.  Now, I’ve told you before about these three-way conversations with Me, Myself, and I, right?  Well, in this particular conversation. Myself convinced Me that it wasn’t my fault I was turning into an untrusting, cynical human being, and I thanked Myself, while Me felt a bit hurt and left out.  Confused yet?  Welcome to my mind!  Anyway … today I am feeling like a bit of mockery at the expense of Trump & Co., for they deserve it, and it makes me happy.  So … snarky snippets it is!

And the award goes to …

Donald Trump has mentioned a few times that he believes he will be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.  It galls him to no end that his nemesis, President Obama, earned the award, and he has not a snowball’s chance.  However, there is one person in our government today who is being honoured with a prestigious award.  Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, is to be awarded the 2019 John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award. Nancy-PelosiCaroline Kennedy, the daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy, said in a statement Sunday that Ms. Pelosi is “the most important woman in American political history.” Pelosi is being honored because of her efforts to pass former President Barack Obama’s 2010 health care law and for helping Democrats reclaim control of the U.S. House during last year’s elections.  Kennedy said Pelosi “leads with strength, integrity and grace under pressure.”

The award will be presented to Pelosi on May 19 during a ceremony at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston.  I smile thinking of what Trump must have said when he first heard this news.  😊

trump tantrum

And speaking of awards …

The James W. Foley Legacy Foundation, founded in 2014, advocates for the safety of journalists and the release of Americans held hostage abroad.  Each year at its annual dinner, the foundation issues a “hostage freedom award” to someone for “courageous work for hostage recovery, press freedom, and humanitarian efforts”.  This year, the award was initially planned to go to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, but the foundation changed its mind because of what it felt was an inadequate response by the administration to the killing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

Pompeo did not take the loss of the award with good grace, however.

“I regret that there was pressure applied by the media for that award to be withdrawn.”

Ultra-conservative Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen did not miss an opportunity to accuse and abuse the media, saying that the award was rescinded only because “media partners’ promised to boycott the event if Pompeo got the award”.

If you can’t somehow blame the democrats, then blame the media, eh?  However, the foundation published a “Letter to the Editor” of The Washington Post on Friday …

“The decision with respect to the James W. Foley Hostage Advocate award was mischaracterized in Marc A. Thiessen’s April 4 column … While it is accurate that our foundation intended to present our hostage freedom award to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and we extended the invitation to him on Nov. 19, 2018, we ultimately decided we could not present the award as planned because of the dramatic change in circumstances when the Trump administration did not press for genuine accountability from the Saudi government for the brutal murder of Post contributing columnist Jamal Khashoggi. We communicated the reason for this decision to the secretary’s team on Jan. 11.

Our decision had nothing to do with whether we received media pressure. In addition to advocating for the safe return of U.S. hostages abroad, the protection of free speech and promotion of journalists’ safety are key pillars of our foundation, and this award would have been in conflict with that key principle.”

Simple, straightforward, and honest, but Pompeo exhibits the same character flaw that his boss does … he is a sore loser.  Suck it up, Mike.

Even dumber than Kellyanne …

Donald Trump has a ‘campaign press secretary’.  I had never seen her until yesterday when she swooped across my radar.  As I read the headline, I thought … this one is even dumber than Kellyanne!  And that, folks, is a tough act to follow!

Her name is Kayleigh McEnany and she is actually just about to become 31 years of age, though I wouldn’t have guessed it based on what I’ve seen so far.  I think you can see, even before I go any further, why Trump chose her for his campaign press secretary.

She even looks a bit like Kellyanne … that is, before Kellyanne aged 40 years in a month from having to go behind her boss and pick up his messes. McEnany-3But to the point.  McEnany has pulled some dumber-than-dirt moments in the past year or so, but this one takes the cake.  Yesterday, following the lead of Trump and Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, McEnany claimed that Trump should not be forced to release his tax returns to Congress.  She said that Congress doesn’t have a legitimate reason to ask for them.  (Forgive her, but she’s likely never heard of the word ‘ethics’ before).  Her reasoning?  Because Congress isn’t asking for the tax returns of other presidents.  Let that one sink in just a minute, folks.

“Ironically, the only person whose tax returns they’ve asked for — the only president — is Trump. So it’s a sham reasoning.”

Oh, Kayleigh … please … do go back to school!  I hear they offer GED courses at most community colleges?  You’re definitely not ready for this job!


Wow!  Really???

Now, as we all know, every other president starting with Nixon has released their tax returns voluntarily, so Congress never had a need to demand them.  And even if that weren’t the case … none of those other guys are president today!

President Barack Obama released his tax returns for every year between 2000 and 2015. President George W. Bush released his returns for 2000 through 2007. President Bill Clinton made public his returns from 1992 to 1999 (and then his wife, 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton released their returns from 2000 to 2016).  And Trump?  Not. One. Single. Year.

If you ask me, Trump is down to dredging the bottom of the barrel to find people willing to work in the chaos that defines the current administration.

And on that note, I shall go see what other mischief I can dig up.

33 thoughts on “A New Batch … Hot Off The Press!

  1. My mother never voted. Her mother probably never voted. She was born in 1901 before women had the vote and I guess was used to women not voting. She didn’t know anything about politics and apparently had no desire to learn. My dad’s mother was born in 1876 and was just the opposite. Her father had been very interested in politics. 🙂 — Suzanne

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    • How interesting! I cannot imagine not having an interest in politics, but back then, with no television or internet, the only way one kept informed was the newspaper, and I suppose it was easier to ignore politics and just get on with the business at hand — home and family. Perhaps they were happier than we are.

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  2. Dear Jill,

    President Trump likes women who fawn all over him and tell him how wonderful he is. How long do you’d think we’d last if we were in his employ? one lousy minute.

    It’s about time that Speaker Pelosi is given this 2019 John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award. She helped navigate us through some rocky waters. You know that GOP Freedom Caucus crowd in the US House of Representatives of about 20 who are used to throwing their weight around as they get their way, had convinced President Trump to order that 35 day government shutdown. They were convinced she would cave. They were willing to do harm to 1000s of government workers as they played their game of chicken.

    I love that the President’s lackey, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Mr. Thiessen were both caught with their pants down.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Ha ha … somehow I cannot picture you or I sitting on his lap and fawning over him … we both have better sense and better taste in men!

      Wouldn’t you have loved to have seen the look on his face when he heard about Pelosi getting the award? My hope is that one of these days he’ll just keel over in a fit of apoplexy when he hears these things. Pelosi is very deserving of the award and I’m beyond pleased.


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  3. For what it’s worth, I don’t consider you cynical, just keepin’ it real. Also blowing off steam to maintain sanity is a requisite if you continue covering Trump’s crazy antics. Best wishes to you and Gronda, I can’t do it without going nuts. The man just never stops, filling that big ole swamp. Looking forward to your Good Ppl post!


  4. I really must find a pro-Trump blog site, rush on it and type ‘Nancy Pelosi. Yeahhhh Girl!!’…Nothing like spreading well deserved apoplexy.
    Ya gotta love the new one…Kayleigh ! I mean she’s straight out of central casting for the ‘dumb one’ in a sit-com. Which mall did she graduate from? …I mean like totes!

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  5. Nancy Pelosi, as has been previously noted, is second in the presidential line after the vice president to succeed Trump…should the occasion arise. Forgive me, but one can dream! She is another strong woman that has achieved what many men have not. The John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award is a well deserved honor for Ms. Pelosi. Carolyn Kennedy’s words are well chosen and true. Standing applause for the James W. Foley Legacy Foundation’s decision to rescind Mike Pompeo’s award. He, as his boss, can never admit their own shortcomings and failures…if not the Democrats it must be the media, as it couldn’t possibly be of their own doing. Why is it no surprise that Trump surrounds himself with mouthpieces that have little or no knowledge of even the more recent history? Thank-you!

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    • Yes, I do seem to have that effect on people these days! Take heart … tomorrow is Wednesday, so time for a ‘good people’ post to help calm the angst. But yes, to your point, the worst possible thing we could do would be to become complacent or apathetic over the current situation. Hang in there, my friend! At least we’re in good company!

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  6. Jill, thanks for the update. So, Thiessen mischaracterized. Do you think he will do a mea culpa? I am sure the Pelosi award will irritate the man with the large ego in the White House. I do think she frightens the President, as many strong women do.

    I think if they want Trump’s taxes, they should say he lacks courage. But, like the Mueller report, there are few good stories therein in the tax returns. Keith

    PS – It is reported that Secret of Service Directot Alles, who was asked to leave by Trump, was referred to by Trump as “Dumbo” because of his big ears. This adds to the list of derogatory name-calling. What kind of leader does that?

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    • No, I’ve never seen Thiessen apologize for anything. As for Pelosi, I’ve always thought the same … Trump isn’t used to women who are strong and intelligent. There’s a reason he prefers the stereotypical blonde bimbo, for they pose no threat and are … pliable.

      I stand by what I’ve long been saying about Trump’s tax returns: If he has nothing to hide, then what’s the problem, what’s the big deal? He could put all the rumours and speculation to rest if he would simply release them. Methinks there is something fishy about his adamant refusal to do so.

      What kind of leader does that? The same type who publicly mocks a disabled reporter and a war hero. 😥

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  7. I actually think Kellyanne is not dumb at all. Have you noticed how she’s kept her job and others have gone down like bowling pins? It could also be she and her husband are great actors. They should be quarreling but stay together. When you see the family out and about they’re smiling and seem happy. This is not a family where they’re quarreling all the time. She’s making darn good money and so is he. They’re smart cookies. It’s probably a show mainly for an audience of one and also for the press. I read once that she actually can’t stand POTUS. Imagine that. 🙂 — Suzanne

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    • Yes, Nancy Pelosi is one whom I greatly admire. And you are so right … he has an obsession with that type, and it seems he prefers the ones who don’t have a lot inside their head, too! I honestly believe he sees women as second-class citizens that were put on earth only for the purpose of giving men pleasure. He’s afraid of the strong ones like Pelosi.

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      • He’s a man of his generation. I’m from that same generation and knew it well. Women were portrayed in movies that way. They were occasionally put over a man’s knee and spanked. They were also shamed and thrown around at times. Fifties ads showed them as the little woman who stayed at home with all the children and welcomed the great man when he returned from work. She nursed him when he had a bad cold. Some couples could afford that then and it was encouraged by those ads. In real life, it was often different. I knew married women who worked. A couple of them helped their husbands with a family business.run from home. Poorer women often worked and left the children with a relative who stayed at home, often a grandmother. —- Suzanne

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          • Some of us moved past that generation’s ideas. Many men might have enjoyed a movie with the hero’s rough treatment of women but would never have treated a woman that way themselves. My dad liked John Wayne movies but had a strong mother and wife and knew it wasn’t the way to treat women in real life. He yelled but it went no further. My mother was great at “the silent treatment” when she was displeased and it worked with my dad. I told her it wouldn’t work with me.though. I didn’t give her much trouble. The men (cousins and brothers) who married on my dad’s side and my mother’s side all married strong women so I just saw it in the movies. I always believed you shouldn’t start hitting out because you burned a bridge when you did that. I also think many men from what’s called the “greatest generation” saw enough fighting and dying in the wars to last them a lifetime. They came back and wanted peace and big families. —- Suzanne

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            • My family was similar to yours in that sense, but today, nearly 1 in 4 women experience some form of spousal abuse, so there are obviously a heck of a lot of men out there who think it’s their right to beat their women. And children. I even have one friend who allows her husband to tell her who to vote for! I wonder if humans will ever, on the whole, come to realize that women are as strong, as intelligent, and as worthy of respect as men. Not if some women keep bowing to them, I suspect.

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