‘Toons To Make You Laugh (Or Cry)

I think it’s time for another batch of toons, don’t you?

The two biggest topics in ‘Toonland’ this week are ones I refuse to touch, so let’s start with the third biggest.  Recently the Idiot-in-Chief declared that wind turbines, or rather the noise from them, cause cancer.  This notion came from the cavernous depths inside his rather spongy head, but it made for some good humour at his expense.


And of course one of the big topics remains, as it has been for over two years now, immigration, or rather Trump’s use of immigration as a fear-mongering tactic.


On a related note, there was his demand for Kirstjen Nielsen’s resignation because, although she was a cruel and heartless b**ch, she was not quite cruel and heartless enough to suit the ‘man’ without a conscience.


Let us not forget about his determination to squash ‘Obamacare’ and replace it with … the grim reaper.



And beyond all of that, it’s pretty much the usual chaos and insanity that define the reign of Donald Trump.


Have a great weekend, folks!  Wha … WHAT???  It’s not the weekend yet?  It’s only Wednesday?


33 thoughts on “‘Toons To Make You Laugh (Or Cry)

  1. Hey what’s this business with giving Trump compliments??….
    7th Grader indeed!…..The very idea!!! Way over his head.
    I want see his Kindergarten reports!

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  2. These are funny but would be even funnier if they weren’t so true and causing trouble. Trump was happy briefly when the Mueller report was announced but then his other self-imposed problems landed on him with both feet. 😦 — Suzanne

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  3. Dear Jill,

    Most of us are pulling our hair. I hate to admit it but I found my self laughing. For some reason the Dumbo movie cartoon hit my funny bone. The rest are somewhat depressing.

    I’ve come to believe that George and Kellyanne Conway have faux spats. She just likes her fat pay checks.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Gronda, the “Dumbo” movie analogy hits home. What got overshadowed this week is the Secret Service director who he forced to resign was referred to by Trump as “Dumbo,” because he had big ears. He called Adam Schiff “pencil neck” two weeks ago. And, earlier that week he picked on a dead hero. The man is a perpetual 7th grader. He name calls and denigrates anyone in his way. Why is he supported? Keith

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      • “Perpetual 7th grader” says it all. What sort of leader goes around mocking people at all, let alone for their physical attributes? I still cannot put it out of my mind that he mimicked that handicapped reporter a year or so ago.


    • Yes, I am in danger of being bald by the end of this week, in fact. Sigh. I can usually laugh over the political cartoons, but this week I did not. Sigh.

      A few others have made the same observation about George and Kellyanne. Somebody even mentioned that she had once said she couldn’t stand Trump. I have no respect for somebody who puts their values on a shelf just for a fat paycheck.


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