A Jaw-Dropping Headline …

The headline:

Failed Texas Bill Would Have Made Death Penalty Possible in Abortion Cases

Say WHAT???  You have got to be kidding me?!?!?! The story …

A bill considered by members of the Texas House of Representatives this week would have criminalized abortions and opened up the possibility for women and physicians to receive the death penalty.

The bill would have allowed women who obtained an abortion or doctors who performed one to be charged with assault or criminal homicide, the latter of which is punishable by death in Texas. It would have allowed no exceptions for abortions in cases of rape or when the health of the mother is at risk.

Yes, the bill failed to pass the Texas state legislature, with even some legislators who identify as being strongly “pro-life” feeling it went too far.  But I find the fact that somebody even thought of it to be chilling.

So, a young mother who already has two children, works two jobs to support them and still struggles to put food on the table and pay the rent, gets pregnant.  Knowing that she cannot possibly manage to support yet another child, she struggles, searches her soul, sheds many a tear, but at the end of the day she sees no choice.  She has an abortion.  Does anybody honestly think she should be punished at all, let alone be treated in the same way as a man who goes on a shooting spree in a mosque, or an African-American church and kills 10, 15, 20 people?  WHERE is the logic in this?

Worse yet, picture the woman who discovers, at the same time she finds she is pregnant, that she has cervical cancer and carrying the fetus to full term would likely cause her death.  Somebody in Texas thinks this woman should be arrested, sent to prison and put on death row for having an abortion in an effort to save her live?  Again I ask … WHERE is the logic in this?

Nobody can dispute that the U.S. has moved backward in terms of civil rights over the past two years.  Bigotry in all its ugly forms has expanded, obviously including misogyny.  One of Trump’s selling points in his campaign was that he would put judges on the bench who would be willing to overturn Roe v Wade, and he has placed two such judges on the Supreme Court so far.  What happens if Roe v Wade is overturned?  If we have people who honestly think that abortion is akin to murder, then folks, we are in deep trouble.

Women make up only 28.7% of all state legislatures in this country.  There are 127 (23.7%) women in the U.S. Congress.  It’s an improvement, but still not what I would define as equality.  I repeat what I said not too long ago … how would men like it if women decided whether or not they should be allowed their Viagra prescriptions?  Ponder on that one for a while.

Oh … one last thing here.  All those who claim to be “pro-life” … why aren’t they out there fighting hard for universal healthcare, for an expansion of social services to protect and preserve the lives of those who are living below the poverty line?  And why aren’t they vociferously speaking out against the death penalty?  If they aren’t doing those things, if abortion is the only area in which they are concerned about human life, then they aren’t ‘pro-life’, but rather they are misogynists, considering women to be second-class citizens.

44 thoughts on “A Jaw-Dropping Headline …

  1. I would like to write a new law: It shall hereafter be illegal for a male to impregnate a woman who does not want to become pregnant. It is the male’s absolute responsibility to protect a woman from getting pregnant in every situation, including sexual assault and rape. EVERY PREGNANCY will hereafter be investigated to be sure the woman’s willingness to be impregnated by any male, including her husband. There will be NO exclusions. Further, any man who impregnates a woman without her consent will be thrown into jail for an absolute minimum of 10 years. No minimum age shall be set for this. If during the investigation of this crime it is determined the male deliberately desired to impregnate the woman against her wishes, he shall be sentenced to death forthwith.

    Let us see how the patriarchy likes this law. It will no longer be the woman’s responsibility. Every male who does not take full responsibility to keep a woman from getting pregnant shall be declared an Unwanted Baby Maker, punishable by 10 or more years in jail, and up to and including the forfieture of his life.

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    • Seems fair and just to me … at least as much so as the one they tried to pass in Texas. It is interesting that they propose criminal charges for the woman, the doctor, but not a word is said about the man who contributed to the pregnancy just as much as the woman. Isn’t that typical. My first thought was to call in Lorena Bobbitt to mete out justice to the men, but then I knew that would get me in trouble. 😉


      • LoL. Lorena was a bit extreme. Most men would rather lose their lives than their penises.
        Men see no responsibility in getting a woman pregnant. All they are doing is having fun, which they tjink is their right. Take that “right” away from them and watch how fast things will change.

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        • Yeah, I guess I figured since we are talking about women potentially losing their lives, it seemed only fair to propose an equivalent punishment for men. 😀 And that would solve any future problems, too! But, your way would work too, except for one minor detail … it would never pass, for Congress is more than 70% male and … well, can you see a single male agreeing to it?


  2. There are some very strange people out there who have managed to get into politics. Everyone has already made cogent arguments as to why this is one of the most damn stupid pieces of nonsense ever to appear anywhere outside of a loony website or a bar just before the proponent is thrown out.
    A complete absence of understanding the gospels of the New Testament and why Christ Died for Us (chew on that guys)

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  3. Anyone who votes for a bill like that is not truly “prolife”. I not only don’t believe in the death penalty for abortion, which is outlandish, I don’t believe in the death penalty for anything. In my opinion, it’s archaic. It belongs right there with Trump’s wall. Texas was a “hang um high” state about one hundred and fifty years ago. They figured they didn’t need to bother with the written laws. They made their own on the spot. Someone like Trump would have probably fit right in–unless he’d tried to cheat someone. —- Suzanne

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    • I agree with you … I am strongly against the death penalty for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that so often someone who has been in prison for many years is found to have been innocent. It would be all too easy to execute an innocent person, and you cannot undo dead. Hah! Trump is a wuss who never would have survived in the Olde West! Remember, he was too much of a wuss to even join the military, or last year, to walk in the rain to honour war heroes?

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  4. Wait. Wait, wait, wait. The audacious lunacy of it! There is not even such a stiff penalty for adults who abuse and murder CHILDREN. This is purely a selfish, self righteous, dogmatic, back woods, thick necked, idiotic attempt at judgmental control over women. I have a friend who is a teacher and can hardly get CPS to investigate the cases of obvious negelct and abuse she sees daily, and lawmakers are going to force women to bring (sadly) unwanted children into this world, all the while also discontinuing the few operational health clinics that provide birth control education for young people. I have never supported late trimester abortions but to simply try to turn back time to before Roe vs Wade is insane.

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    • Whew! I get the feeling this one raised your blood pressure by at least 50 points! It did the same to me, and I used many of the same adjectives you used, and a few that even made my cats blush. Fortunately, good sense prevailed and the bill apparently had only a few supporters. This time. But the fact that somebody even thought of it simply floors me.

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  5. Jill-Your last paragraph gets to what frustrates me, to no end, about the whole “pro-life” movement. It’s only about saving babies, nothing else. Case-in-point: When I went to the March to End Legalized Abortions (aka the March for Life) in HS (What can I say? My politics were conservative on some issues then.), I made a sign that protested abortion and the death penalty. The death penalty part made my sign a lightning rod, to say the least.

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    • You are right … they are not ‘pro-life’, but rather ‘anti-abortion’. Once a baby is born, they are not willing to have their tax dollars go toward providing food, clothing & shelter, nor education. Once it’s born, it’s “not my problem”. You may have been, or still be, conservative on some issues, but even so, I can’t imagine that you would have ever supported the death penalty or even imprisonment for a woman who had an abortion, especially if to save her life. One can be against abortion, and I can even understand it, for I’m not keen on it. But it’s rather like religion … they ought not to impose their own values on another. It’s the epitome of arrogance. Sigh.

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  6. Jill, many of them are the same people who are literal, inerrant, infallible interpreters of the bible including many passages from the OT which promote murder and violence. And as pointed out, they are not truly pro-life, but merely anti-abortion.

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    • The more I think about it, the more the word “arrogance” comes to mind. I have imagined a number of punishments for whoever first thought up this idea! I will do you a favour, though, and not share them with you 🤣

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  7. A woman viciously raped finds herself pregnant. She can’t have an abortion but psychiatric counselling is no help because she can feel the violation until the 9th month. After the birth she may be able to have the baby adopted but how will her mind in turmoil be at that point.These Zealots need to have a little consideration for Momma too.

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    • Good example. The people who crafted that bill, obviously have no concern for anybody. And even if they outlaw abortion, what happens once the child is born? They fight against their tax money going to help feed, shelter and clothe it, they are against their tax money going to educate it. They just want to make sure the mother suffers as much as possible. It’s encouraging that it had so little support, but still shocking that anybody would think of it to start with.

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  8. Jill, until we remedy the underrepresentation of women in the legislative halls, male legislators will continue to consider and pass legislation that restricts women’s rights. What frustrates me is data driven solutions are right in front of people that have been proven to reduce abortions, improve women’s health and get this – save healthcare costs.

    It is a multi-faceted approach combining family planning, sex education and access to affordable birth control. The numbers are compelling.

    Family planning beyond abstinence and the rhythm method is essential. It is a truism, kids are tempted to have sex regardless of their piety. If religious doubt this, a friend of mine referenced how kids off at religious colleges are as curious as anywhere else. Keith

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    • You are so very right! The big push to de-fund Planned Parenthood makes no sense whatsoever! And then there are companies who refuse to allow their employer-sponsored health insurance to cover birth control. Well, how the heck to they want to reduce the need for abortions then??? To expect abstinence at any age is impractical. If religious institutions curbed sex, why would we have priests sexually abusing kids? Human nature is what it is, and trying to stop it is rather like trying to stop Niagara Falls from flowing!


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