Saturday Surprise — Who Knew?

toonGood morning, my friends, and welcome to the weekend!  I almost skipped out on Saturday Surprise today, for I’m afraid Jolly is very sick, and I wasn’t sure I could do it without him.  Oh no, don’t worry about disturbing him, for he is deep down in the rabbit hole at the moment.  Anyway,  then I came across a couple of things that had me shaking my head, saying “Who knew?”, and I thought I would see if I could do this post on my own, without Jolly’s help.

Drive it or eat it???

When you think of Volkswagon, what do you think of?


This, right?  Well, it turns out that Volkswagen sells more sausages than Beetles!  Yes, you heard me right … sausages! In fact, in 2015 and 2017, it sold more sausages than cars overall!  Who knew?  Some would say it makes sense, since sausages have both a lower overhead cost and a lower purchase price than the average car.

In 1973, the company started making the currywurst sausages, known as “item no. 199 398 500 A” in the Volkswagen factory, at the company headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany. Meant as a breakfast or lunch item in the company’s cafeteria, the sausages were served whole or chopped up and tossed with Volkswagen’s own factory-made curry-flavored ketchup. I guess they must have gone over well, for these days, 30 kitchen staffers, most of them trained butchers, are put solely on weiner duty, making 18,000 sausages every day. The pork is sourced from local farms, and the recipe, which includes curry powder, pepper, and ginger, is a company secret. The sausages come in two lengths, and are dried, smoked over beechwood, and then steamed at 350°F for 100 minutes. The finished product is shipped in packs of five to VW dealerships all over the country, who then gift it to customers after a successful sale.

vw sausagesIn 2017, Volkswagen sold nearly 7 million sausages, more than the number of VW-brand cars sold worldwide that year.  Given their role in the recent emissions scandal, perhaps they would be better off to stick to sausages?

Send it via pigeon …

I use a free greeting card service to send an occasional e-card for birthdays, get-well wishes, or sometimes just to let somebody know I’m thinking of them.  The one I use is 1-2-3 Greetings, for they are quick, simple, remember your contacts, and have a fairly decent selection.  And free … did I mention free?  So, a couple of days ago, I received this email from them …

123 pigeon

Back by popular demand:
Our messenger pigeons

Hi Jill!

Following the requests of many of our users, we are resuming our pigeon delivery service. Starting from April 8, it will again be possible to send real greeting cards by our top trained pigeons.

We are proud to announce that we had the top bird trainer in the country – Barbara Heidenreich – training pigeons for over a year to deliver your greeting all across USA. Currently we have over 20 pigeons available. This amazing service will start in United States only, but please be patient as more countries are to follow.

This extraordinary option will be available starting from $199 for each delivery and, due to limited availability, will have to depend on the geographical location of the sender.

More details here

Rather than a “who knew?” moment, this was more of a “Say WHAT???” moment.  Who in their right mind, using a free greeting card service, is going to pay upwards of $200 for a carrier pigeon to deliver a card???  I can mail a greeting card for 45 cents, for Pete’s sake!

Now, I saved this message because I was so incredulous.  Just last night, as I was cleaning out my email box that had gotten up to over 600 messages, I came across it again and notice the “More details here” at the end of the message.  I had not clicked on that when I first received the message, so I clicked this time to see what else they were trying to profit from … perhaps you could have a bottle of Dom Perignon delivered by carrier pigeon.  Well …

Embarrassed insecure emoticon

I now have a bit of a sheepish grin on my face, for … had I bothered to look at the date of the email … April 1st … April Fool’s Day … Oopsie.  Got me!

More Lego art — kitties!

Remember … was it last week or the week before … when I posted a bit about some magnificent Lego sculptures?  Well, last night I came across another … the sculptures are not huge like the ones from last time, but they are … well, take a look for yourself …Lego-cats-1Lego-cats-2Lego-cats-3Lego-cats-4Lego-cats-5Lego-cats-6Lego-cats-7Being a housemate to currently six, and at one time as many as ten of these furry critters, I thoroughly enjoyed these!

I saw this on a friend’s post on Facebook last night and found it humorous.  Might be an idea for some of you who are parents of teens!humour

Well, folks, without Jolly to help, I’m afraid that’s all I can come up with for this morning.  Let us hope that Jolly feels better by Monday!  But never mind, for it’s the beginning of the weekend, and you no doubt have better things to do anyway.  Take care and have a great weekend, my friends!  Thanks for stopping by!

39 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — Who Knew?

  1. Should the thought have crossed your mind that I have way too much time on my hands, this will confirm it! The “Lego” cat sculptures intrigued me so much that I had to, with my limited internet abilities, search for the source of these fantabulous creations. Might I just boast a wee bit, unbecoming as that may be, that I am certain that I have tracked them to their point of origin…all by myself! Following several unfruitful attempts, I came upon a site called “” and opened it to find the words : “Goods for people happily owned by cats”. Then, what do I find but a section that shows what appears to be the very same cat sculptures as on your post. By exploring the site, I found that they are made of JEKCA bricks by one Daniel Ling in Hong Kong. That is an interesting story in itself. But WAIT, as Benjamin says…the life-size sculptures come in kits with instructions for the non-builders like myself! They are rather pricey, but a work of art is expected to be costly…even a do-it-yourself one. YOU must visit the site, it contains a plethora of all things cats. Sign up for their emails, it is amusing. Now as I have yet again indulged my propensity for loquacity, a thought that is more of a question crosses my mind…where exactly did YOU come across these cat sculptures, was it! In which case it would have been wiser for me to simply ask that question, which just goes to show you that age does not always bring wisdom! Thank-you!

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  2. This was a gem of surprises today! I’m not sure how I feel about the VW Currywurst (I don’t like currywurst and it’s weird ketchup topping anyway) or the Lego Cats, but I sure did love the e-greetings joke! The staff member who thought of that should get a raise. Delivered via e-card. 😉
    Happy Saturday Jill!

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  3. WAIT!!, as Benjamin would surely say!! While it is distressing to hear that Jolly is unwell and a speedy recovery is my ardent wish…Jolly does not do Saturday Surprise, Jolly does Jolly Monday posts! Unless, perhaps, you have not been acknowledging Jolly’s input on Saturdays…no picture, no mention? Benjamin was saving last week’s Jolly Monday for Wednesday, because he was all about last weeks Saturday Surprise post this Monday. As it turned out, we were out all day on Wednesday and he has not been back since and it remains to be seen if Monday will find him here either. A long story, but I will spare you the details, it goes without saying that I am in the throes of Benjamin withdrawal. But, I digress. These Lego Cats are fantabulous and were I nimble-fingered and talented, I would attempt them myself. As I lack both, I will have to find a talented Lego builder…Benjamin needs a bit more time, or find a place to purchase them already constructed. It also goes without saying, Benjamin will love them any day of the week! The Volkswagen sausages interest me, but I’m not going to buy a car for a free sausage. That said, considering what the taxes on imported cars may rise to, it might be in their best interests to expand into a worldwide sausage business with factories in every country…a factory right here in the USA? Love the carrier pigeon tale! That Mother is brilliant, imagine the response of her kids!! Air kiss to poor Jolly! Thank-you!

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    • Well, Jolly Monday is Jolly’s forte and he gets equal billing. But he also plays a role in Saturday Surprise, for without his input, it is never quite as humorous, never has quite the same … je ne sais quoi. In truth, I fear Jolly may be ill for a long time … I’m only hoping it isn’t terminal 😥

      Now you know you’ve got me worried about young Benjamin with your cryptic “long story not told”, so I’m just hoping that neither of you are ill.

      If you had the nimble fingers, I have no doubt that you would have both the talent and the patience to create such things with Lego. I can picture you doing one of Benjamin! I, on the other hand, have neither talent nor patience, though the fingers are still fairly nimble.

      Jolly and I both thank you!


  4. Oh wow. I just had a thought. In Baton Rouge we had this crazy Cajun car dealer named Price LeBlanc who gave away his country sauasge with every purchase of a car. How cool would it be if, with every Volkswagon beetle purchase, they throw in a trunkload of sausages? Brilliant, right?

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  5. I sure miss Bugs on Saturday morning. And Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. And Captain Crunch. And Captain Kangaroo. Boo hoo. My troublesome little brother too. See what one image does? 🙈Meanwhile…sausages?! Really? 😳

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  6. Saturday… Does this mean I won’t hear the word ‘Brexit’ today? I do hope so. 🤮

    Love the lego cats… How sweet.

    I got fooled on Twitter on 1st April… How embarrassing was that? I had just eaten a really good replacent Vegan Soya mince that we used in a delicious Lasagne that meat eaters would not guess was other than meat filled. So I went online to find the company and Tweet its praises. I should have left it there, but instead went to look at its Twitter page. It had the usual promotions of its product, but then I spotted one that said its latest offering was a grow your own option. The plant would provide a crop of seeds that could be used as meat replacement. Stupidly I retweeted it. They sent me a reply that it was an April Fool. It was a good one. Hooked me in all the way!🤭
    In hindsight, it was very similar to the famous April Fools documentary put out by the BBC in 1957

    Sorry, no Limerick today… 😔

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    • Enjoy the weekend Jill… Sit back a bit. I have a feeling there will be loads to report by Monday… build your strength.
      Me… I’m taking a break from the outside world today and maybe tomorrow… Somebody, hide my phone! 🙄

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    • Regrettably, although you won’t likely hear the word from me, I cannot guarantee that you won’t hear the word at all. In fact, I would almost bet that unless you stay home, keep the computer and your phone turned off, and let nobody in, you likely WILL hear the word. Note, however, that I did not say it. 😉

      I loved that video!!! And it isn’t surprising that some people fell for it … remember Orson Welles War of the Worlds prank?

      While I miss your limerick today, I do understand that you aren’t in the mood. Try to have a good weekend, my friend.

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    • Agreed! I have neither the time nor patience for such creativity, but I am in awe of those who do. From a distance, I could almost believe some of those cats were alive! I had a VW once too … loved that little bug! It didn’t try to kill me, but I ultimately killed it trying to drag race with it. 😦


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