Filosofa’s BIG Announcement!

Okay, folks … here is my big announcement:

I’ve decided to run for President of the United States in November 2020! 

Um … don’t everybody wear your hands out applauding now … well, a little bit of applause might be nice … okay, I’ll settle for those few chuckles I heard.

Now, I can’t afford a huge campaign, and I will NOT take a single dime from any business or lobbying interest, so that puts me at a disadvantage before I even get to the gate. However, I do have a few advantages over the rest of the pack, but I’ll get to those in a minute.

First, a few of my highest priorities:

  • Environmental
    • The United States will immediately, the day after I take office, rejoin the Paris Accord
    • All regulations on the fossil fuel and auto industries that were revoked by my predecessor will immediately be re-instated
    • I will petition Congress for emergency funding to re-build the Environmental Protection Agency and will nominate a conscientious person as director of that agency
    • We will enhance our renewable energy resources and provide incentives for companies to develop new sustainable energy sources
  • Constitutional Issues
    • I will support freedom of the press to the fullest, even when I don’t like what they say about me – the free press is our only hope for remaining a free people
    • Separation of church and state will be the law. There is no place for religion in government, and this government will support no particular religion over another
    • I will petition Congress for a ban on all assault weapons, and for expanded background checks, as well as training and licensing in order to obtain any sort of firearm
  • Education
    • All funding for the Department of Education will go toward public schools where all children will be treated equally; taxpayer money will NOT be used for ‘charter’ schools that benefit only the few
    • I will propose that Congress introduce legislation to provide free college tuition for a minimum of two years to all students whose annual family income falls below $100,000
    • School curriculums will be evaluated and re-designed as necessary in order to provide students with a well-balanced education that includes both career training and a liberal arts education
    • Religion will not be taught in public schools. Parents who wish their children to obtain religious training may send their children to religious schools at their own expense
  • Health Care
    • No person in the country will be without affordable healthcare. Most will pay according to their ability to pay, without such payment placing undo hardship.  Those who cannot afford to pay will receive free healthcare
    • There will be an ad hoc committee to study prescription drug costs and appropriate caps will be put on all pharmaceuticals
  • Taxation
    • The tax brackets will be expanded for those earning over $100,000 per year. Those whose net worth is $1 million or more will fall into the highest income tax brackets, to be determined before year end
  • Economy
    • Unfettered capitalism will cease to exist. My administration will place a higher value on human life than on GDP
    • The Chairman of the Federal Reserve will decide at what point it is prudent to raise or lower interest rates without coercion from myself or others. This is not a political agency, but one based on the best interest of the nation
    • We will aim for a balanced budget, or at least reduce the deficit by 20% each year, and will not increase the national debt beyond its current levels
  • International Relations
    • We will begin re-building trust among our allies in whatever way possible
    • We will hold Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman accountable for the brutal murder of our journalist Jamal Khashoggi last year by severing any arms agreements, and imposing other sanctions as seen fit
    • There will be NO wall on our border

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but merely the top bullet points of my platform.  Now, what do I bring to the table, since it damn sure isn’t money or fame?

Honesty and integrity, for starters.  I will take not a single dime from any organization that seeks special favours or sees their donation as creating an obligation.  I will not lie … if I cannot tell you something, I will simply say that I cannot discuss it, but I will not lie or over-inflate my achievements.  I will demand the same from any cabinet members that I select.

Compassion and humanity.  I will put the people of this nation … all the people … ahead of profit.  One thing this means is that I will never demean or mock another human being.  We’ve had enough of that to last a lifetime.  I will not tolerate bigotry in any form. The emphasis of this government will be people, not weapons of war, not profit for the biggest corporations, but the well-being of people.

Literacy.  Unlike my predecessor, I have studied politics and history all my life, hold a B.S. in both Accounting and Political Science, and an M.A. in International Relations.  I have read the U.S. Constitution at least 50 times in the past 30 years and have taken a number of classes in Constitutional Law.  I have studied past presidents.  And I can write more than 5 words without a spelling error.  In other words, I know the difference between ‘origins’ and ‘oranges’.

Common Sense.  I am smart enough to realize that there are many, many things I will not know, but unlike my predecessor, I am willing to seek the advice of those who do know those things.  I am also smart enough to realize that sometimes we all make mistakes, but the important thing is to admit those mistakes, then take steps to rectify the errors.  This I will do.

And that, my friends, is all I have to offer.  Now all I have to do is find a running mate who shares my values and vision.  Any takers?

81 thoughts on “Filosofa’s BIG Announcement!

  1. I guess I’ve waited long enough. I would like to offer myself as one of your “behind the scene” advisors, since I can’t legally be part of the scene. And, you can always fire me whenever you want. Isn’t that the standard Trump has set, lol.
    Anyway, you already know a lot of my ideas, some of which you like, some of which you dislike. Still, I will offer then for free if necessary.

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    • Awesome!!! I was hoping you might be willing to lead my campaign in the south! Thanks! I guess I better head to the Goodwill store now and buy some new professional clothes, for I don’t think jeans and sweatpants will quite be appropriate on the campaign trail! Hugs!

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  2. Something, yet again, fell out from within one of the convolutions of my addled brain and I had to track it down. Now this is not intended to in any way suggest that you might not garner the Democratic candidate position for the presidential election in 2020, think of it more as a gentle push to move forward with your campaign. The New York Times had an excellent article on April 13th by Matt Flegenheimer titled “The Many Reasons to Run For President When You Probably Don’t Stand a Chance”. Don’t be discouraged by the title, it has a very positive spin to it, what he claims is the “victory-in-defeat incentive”. I had read it with interest, but gave it little thought until later today while mulling over the tossing of your hat into a ring that is growing larger. Then this article came back to me, I had to sift through some deleted emails to find and share it with you. How about this one : What a thrill, I’m with Jill! Thank-you!!

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    • I read that article, and in fact it may have subconsciously played a role in this post. Thank you, Ellen, for your confidence in me! That slogan is catchy! I also considered “Vote for Jill, not run-of-the-mill”. 😀


    • Thank you, Robert!!! Drat! I was hoping for either you or Jeff of “On the Fence Voters” to join me as my running mate. Well, perhaps you could be my Secretary of State once I’m elected! Meanwhile, the slogan is good, so you can be my campaign manager! Welcome aboard! 😊

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  3. If tRumpsky could read, I would love to send this to him with a note saying … now THIS is how a true POTUS sees the country. Of course you would have to remain anonymous or he would shred you to pieces on Twitter!

    Seriously though — like many others, you most definitely have my vote!

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    • You’re right … he probably wouldn’t understand half the words, and in his view I would be considered a nutcase. I’m not afraid of him shredding me on Twitter, though … I would actually welcome the opportunity, for at least I can spell! Sometimes, anyway. And thanks for your vote!

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  4. From my view across the northern border, I would say you are WAY too qualified for this job as it exists (and is supported by both Republicans and Democrats) today. You need to find your way into a position that can reform this idiocracy that is the US Federal Government.

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  5. Jill, how refreshing, a politician saying what she will do about tangible issues. The issues are real and not contrived. The ideas have merit, obviously needing more flushing out.

    People who support the President say he is doing what he said. Not really. He should have told people he was going to give a huge tax cut to rich people, harm the environment, increase the debt problem, belittle our allies, not honor agreements, and attack the free press. Keith

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    • Thanks Keith! Yes, the ideas need to be expanded, but I didn’t want to write a 500,000 word post, so I went with the main points. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a president who never lied? Perhaps some day.

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  6. A wonderful idea and you would have my vote…but, in reality, YOU have more credibility, influence and greater freedom to help with your present circumstances than being President… the American dream was not created by one person in the White House… 🙂

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  7. JILL FOR PRESIDENT!! JILL on the HILL! Skip the folly, vote for JILL and JOLLY (That’s if you choose Jolly as a running mate)! JILL will fill the bill! Forget the run of the mill, join JILL! Say you will vote for JILL! Okay, they obviously need some fine tuning but they are catchy. Those are just off the top of my head, imagine what I can come up with given ample time. I will gladly join your campaign team, when do we start? Thank-you!

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    • Thank you, Ellen!!! Who knew there were so many things that rhyme with my name? You are now officially hired as my speech writer, for you have a way with words, in addition to a propensity for loquacity! Thanks. The job is unpaid for the moment, but as funds become available I’ll see what I can do. We start … NOW!


  8. Well, I try not to discuss politics outside of my home, to avoid fights, tensions on friendships and death by fury; but once a customer foreced me into a mini debate and being the crab I am when backed against the wall, I drew my claws and gave him my unadulterated views. This was during the Clinton/Bush years. When I was finished he siad, “That sounds great! When are you running? I’ll vote for you.” It was served with a side of snark, as if my idealism was surely something akin to a unicorn. But at least this man stopped for a second to admire my ideas. I love your platform!

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  9. Jill, while I said I was taking the weekend off, I was intrigued by your post…

    Now, while, I can’t imagine that you are totally serious in your bid for the Presidency (Jolly has been delirious it would seem), I can’t help but think it a shame that you are not in politics.
    Perhaps you can send this list of lofty goals to your chosen candidate. There are some really great ideas here. Unfortunately, paying for some of those great programs are not a simple task of taxing the rich. The rich have always had means to take themselves to other countries to hide and protect their wealth.

    Actually, rg mentioned the idea of a ‘world government’ to me. I think this will come as AI starts to influence our lives in ways we can’t currently anticipate. No one will be able to hide anything then. That will be the time we need a set of ethics that puts people, nature and environment before any other principle. What are the chances we will get that?
    Perhaps you should run for office!

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    • Thank you, Colette! Your words inspire me … and yes, Jolly has a very high fever and was in the throes of a delirium when he came up with this “brainstorm”. 😊

      As for paying for what I have in mind, my goal would be to close as many of those loopholes and shelters for the wealthy as possible. Nobody, in my opinion, has ever really tried hard to do so before, for the pushback is strong. I don’t mind if the rich want to remain rich, but they are going to share some portion of it, else they can go live elsewhere. Yeah, I know … it’s an idealistic notion and won’t ever happen, but I’m enjoying my little fantasy anyway.

      Yes, Jerry has mentioned that notion before, and while I don’t say it can’t or won’t happen, I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Frankly, if we keep sitting on our patooties and ignoring climate change, we will be gone by the end of the century anyway and none of this will matter. Sigh.


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