It’s Time For … Snarky Snippets!

You could probably have predicted my angst would be running high today and I would pop up with a new batch of Snarky Snippets, yes?  You guys know me so well!  I have been pounding my keyboard so hard that I no longer have an ‘I’, ‘O’, ‘L’, or ‘N’ … the keys work, but the lettering has been worn off.  Good thing, I guess, that I took that typing class back in high school so I know where the letters are even without lettering to guide me!

Aw shucks, Mr. Barr … we can read as good as you … maybe even better!

I don’t know about you folks, but I learned basic reading skills at an early age.  Since then, those skills have been enhanced and honed, and I am now quite capable of reading many things.  There are things I choose not to read, for they either bore me or are offensive, but my literacy skills are at least on a par with most people’s.  Why, I have even read the U.S. Constitution, something that has not, as I understand it, been done by the ‘man’ who swore under oath to uphold said document.

Along comes Mr. William Barr, the alleged Attorney General of the United States, who determines that We the People are not capable of reading a 400-page document, the Robert Mueller report, and that we haven’t the intelligence to understand it, even if we could make out the words.  So … Mr. Barr decided that he would just save us the trouble of having to struggle with all that reading, and he would call a press conference and ‘splain it all to us!  Why, isn’t that nice of him?

Barr-puppetAnd, guess what else!  Mr. Barr delayed the release of the document in order to have numerous meetings with Trump’s lawyers.  Why, you ask?  Well, remember back when Robert Mueller first presented the report to Mr. Barr, and Barr wrote his own 4-page little summary, whereby he informed us that Trump, Ivanka, Kushner and all the rest were innocent of any and all wrongdoing, and that Mueller’s report cleared their names?  Turns out that Barr felt Trump’s lawyers ought to write their own little report to ‘splain just how, even though Trump & his cronies were in frequent communication with Putin and other Russians, there was no wrongdoing, for we might mistakenly decide on our own that there is some guilt there.  William Barr — Trump’s puppet on a string.

I will not be watching Mr. Barr tell fairy tales at 9:30 a.m., nor do I have any immediate interest in the rebuttal document by Giuliani and Co., though I will no doubt read that later just to see how the spin doctors played their hand.  I will, however, be reading the document prepared by Mr. Robert Mueller, whom I trust emphatically.  And I will draw my own conclusions based on the modicum of intelligence that I possess.  The next act in this play needs to be for Robert Mueller to testify before Congress, specifically the House of Representatives, where not everybody is drinking Kool-Aid.

Two thumbs up 👍 👍 for New York City!

Some good news from New York City.  While Donald Trump and his cronies trash regulations to protect our environment and do everything they can think of to hasten the demise of the human race, New York is taking a big, positive step.  The New York city council is expected to pass legislation today that will set emission caps for buildings and impose strict fines for those buildings that are found not in compliance.  Their stated goal is to achieve a 40% overall reduction in emissions by the year 2030.  It’s not enough, but it’s a start, and a damn sight better than our federal government is doing!NYC skylineAccording to the New York Times

Buildings are among the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions because they use lots of energy for heating, cooling and lighting, and they tend to be inefficient, leaking heat in the winter and cool air in the summer through old windows or inadequate insulation. An inventory of greenhouse gas emissions published in 2017 found that buildings accounted for 67 percent of the city’s emissions.

I admit a bit of demonic glee picturing Trump trying to figure a way around the law.  That is, until I remember that he is ‘above the law’ and will likely be the largest violator.  I hope the city goes after him with the big guns!

It makes sense … it makes perfect sense!Bernie-Sanders-FoxWhen I first heard that Bernie Sanders, not only a democrat, but a democratic socialist candidate, was appearing on Fox ‘News’, it was one of those wtf moments.  But then I pondered on it, did a bit of reading, and suddenly the 💡 came on over my head.  It’s positively brilliant, for a few reasons:

  • Most Trump-supporters are Fox viewers, and vice versa. Therefore, they really have no idea what the democrats stand for, because all they have to judge by is what they are told by the likes of Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro, Tucker Carlson, and of course Trump himself.  This gives them an opportunity to see that democrats are not, in fact, the big bad wolf, but people whose goals are humanitarian.  Now, I don’t look for them all to jump up and go change their party affiliation after seeing Bernie or another democratic candidate on their favourite news network, but it might open their minds a bit, might actually cause them to start thinking about some of the issues, realizing that there is more to it than they have been told.

  • It gives the democrats an edge they would not otherwise have … it shows they are not pandering only to their own supporters, but are reaching out to everyone. That’s important, folks, if you remember my post from last night where I posited that Trump is not our president because he speaks to and for only those who praise him.  The democrats, by appearing on Fox, are showing that they are for the entire nation, not just their own corner.

  • It is irritating the heck out of Trump! Could this be the end of the romance between Trump & Fox?

Other democratic candidates are slated to appear on Fox as well, including Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Julián Castro, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Cory Booker.  Sanders’ appearance at a Fox Town Hall garnered the biggest television audience of any 2020 Democratic candidate — more than 2.5 million people.  This is a great way for the candidates to begin ‘reaching across the aisle’, and who knows … maybe a few Trump supporters may decide to sit on the other side of the aisle.

Well, I’m about out of snark for tonight, so I’ll return you to whatever you were doing.  great-day

50 thoughts on “It’s Time For … Snarky Snippets!

  1. I agree with you Jill, as an outsider the masses aren’t yet ready for Sanders, so he will never be president, but there is room for a bridge-builder. Sadly too, over here we have a cliched view of the US populace, so it’s hard to get to a real picture of the population and how the next election might go.

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  2. WOW moment! I have done what I usually do not, comment on a comment. I had come upon “Anonymous” near the top of these many outstanding and thought provoking comments. I always start at the top and read through to the bottom and so had not seen that 1EarthUnited added the video first. No matter, it is just as good the second time! Also loved Michael Seidel’s Barr theme song and concur that it works well for Ms. Huckabee Sanders. WOW moment again…I never before noticed that Bernie Sanders and Sarah Huckabee Sanders share the same last name. They certainly cut from very different cloth. Thank-you!

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    • Yes, I thought Michael’s choice of theme song was brilliant. And I didn’t realize that 1Earth had shared the same one … so many people have been posting videos in comments of late that I get confused over who posted what, and in truth, I don’t always have the luxury of having time to watch some of the longer ones. Yes, same last name, but thankfully, no relation! 😉


  3. Being intelligent has great advantages in the present “dummy down” world fostered by Donald Trump. At least I find time to actually read about news events every day and examine each of them critically

    has great advantages in our present “dummy down” world of Donald Trump. At least, I actually read the news

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      • For once, I wish that I could be “anonymous”…this is an excellent video to share. While Jimmy Dore does like that “F” word, otherwise he is spot on. Bernie Sanders was very compelling on the Fox News Town Hall at SteelStacks in Bethlehem, Pa. on April 15th and I was quite surprised and pleased with how hosts Brett Baier and Martha MacCallum treated him. Even the Tweeter-in-chief was surprised as he tweeted on Tuesday : “So weird to watch crazy Bernie on @FoxNews…very strange.” I would also suggest the CNN Town Hall with Sen Bernie Sanders and moderator, Wolf Blitzer, from Feb. 25, 2019. Thank-you Anonymous, and you too Jill!

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        • For just a second last night, I thought that perhaps it WAS you who had sent it, but the comment just wasn’t your style. 😉 Yes, I’m not a fan of Dore from what I’ve seen, but this video was spot on!


  4. Like any other bully, Donald Trump’s power lies in the people he has put in place that does his bidding and Mr. Barr is one of them.. and Donald Trump expects everyone to believe what his minions say, everything else is “fake news”.. 🙂
    In order to maintain their image, Trump and the Republicans will take credit for the good things and everything else is the fault of some other… 🙂

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      • You are not going to convince his sycophants to do anything… the opportunity existed for those sycophants to get into the position they are in now and they are “seizing on the moment” to benefit themselves, caring little for anyone else… one needs to deal with the voters that allowed the gates to be opened and Trump and his sycophants to get in… 🙂

        “Absolute power does not corrupt absolutely, absolute power attracts the corruptible.” ― Frank Herbert

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        • As always, your words are wise. Methinks those voters who put him where he is and who are still ‘charmed’ by him will wake up one day when they realize that he has robbed from them also. Until then, nothing changes. Fortunately, they are in the minority. I hope that matters next year.


  5. Jill, kudos to New York! More candidates like Sanders need to go on Fox and discuss their ideas and issues of import. Whether you agree with the ideas, they are talking about healthcare, inequality, climate change, job retraining, etc.
    As a former Republican, I see issues being couched as name-calling or over-simplified solutions, Immigration is a chronic problem made much worse by Trump.

    When Dems are blamed, there are two history lessons. A bipartisan Senate immigration bill was passed in 2013, but John Boehner refused to take it up in the House, as he felt not doing so would help politically. The other is Trump had a deal on $25 billion for a wall for a DACA solution in the AM, but reneged when the Freedom Caucus got in his ear before the PM meeting.

    As for Barr, it is informational that he is going to so much trouble to tell us to not look behind the curtain. It is reported the press conference is Trump’s idea, my guess is to give him some talking points.


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    • PS – In essence, three key takeaways for me:
      – the Russians successfully influenced the election and Trump officials were unwitting participants and guilty of horrible judgment
      – the President is tried to obstruct justice; he would have been even more guilty if colleagues did not act on eleven illegal or unethical acts
      – there is a very interesting addenda item – there are 14 cases that have been recommended for prosecution. That should scare many.

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      • I’m not so sure they were unwitting participants, my friend. I think at least some, and I would include Don Junior in that, and by extension, Don Senior, knew exactly what was happening, or at least a large part of it. Yes, there are still cases and ongoing investigations. Today, Trump said “Game Over” … I think not. Which is the subject of my a.m. post.


          • No … it’s 438 pages, so I haven’t read the entire thing. My post is not intended to cover the entire thing, but a few key points and, of course, my opinion. If you’re interested in reading it, I will be happy to send you the .pdf copy? I DO plan to read the entire report in the coming days, but at this time, I’m not attempting to assimilate the whole thing, for I haven’t yet read it. I am taking my information from those who have read the whole thing, and from what portions I have read. Hugs!


    • I agree … Bernie and the rest of the democrats are talking about things that matter to us all. What is Trump’s platform? The only thing I could tell you is his bloody wall! I’ve not heard another word of ‘policy’ from him, and at his campaign rallies, all he does is rile the masses, not talk serious business. He is a very bad, unfunny joke. And this week … or was it last week … Congress finally managed to agree on something, both chambers passed a bipartisan bill to cease U.S. participation in the war in Yemen, and what does Trump do? He vetoes it! I want him gone so bad … sigh.


  6. regarding Bernie Sanders and healthcare for all run by the government, what do you say to this video. Be sure to watch it to the end because these three make some interesting points including that the republicans don’t really care to fix the problem either.

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    • Right-wing bullshit propaganda.
      We have universal health care in Canada. It is slow, and tedious, and a lot of things, but it is there for everyone. I would not be alive today without it, and neither would a lot of other people. How poor Americans can afford to get medical care in a capitalist health care system I cannot even manage. The prices Americans pay for health care are so outrageous they are not tied to the value of care, but to charging as high a price as possible for your life.

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        • All I did was watch the faces of the three “reporters” or “commentators” on your video. I have no idea what Bernie said or anything like that. These guys were enjoying themselves, not having a serious conversation at all. You asked that it be watched to its end, and that is what I did, despite wanting to turn it off halfway through. It was a comedy skit, not news. They could not keep straight faces if they tried.

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          • I have the disadvantage of not being able to see body language or facial expressions so I suppose I miss a good bit regarding how things are presented. For instance, if someone’s voice inflexions sound like they’re serious but there are visual indicators that would show the opposite I would have no way of coming to any other conclusion if that makes sense.

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            • It makes a lot of sense, and I am sorry to hear that, Scott, I did not know. But depending on voice alone does miss so much of a communication. Reading something is hard enough, you don’t get tones or other signals you get while listening. Both areas miss the body language face to face communication can bring. For as much as I understand this, it is so easy to forget.
              But I doubt I am saying anything you do not already know. I will try to be more aware of your needs in future.

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        • Just to clarify, Bernie advocates democratic socialism, not socialism! That’s means demanding certain basic human rights like free healthcare, cheap or free education, clean water, clean environment, and a strong gov’t social net which 70% of the world’s countries have already implemented – including most of Europe, Asia, Russia and Middle East!
          Mind you Bernie is not asking for MORE gov’t handouts, just a fair redistribution/ allocation of money that we the taxpayers have already contributed. So instead of spending trillions on regime change wars, corporate welfare, allowing the medical industrial complex to bilk it’s own citizens, Bernie is simply asking to spread the wealth more fairly, give back to the ppl the very basics for maintaining an adequate quality of life. What a novel idea!
          Change the rules so that corporation don’t make biliions every year at the expense of the ppl, and hold ppl’s lives hostage b/c they can’t afford to pay into an extortionist medical system, or be debt slaves to banks for outrageous student loans which burden young ppl financially for the rest of their adult life.
          Bernie is just trying to reform certain fundamental aspects of predatory exploitative capitalism – ie GREED.
          I sincerely hope that Bernie and other progressive candidates don’t get railroaded like he did in 2016 by the DNC,
          DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) which promote the status quo of rich & powerful interests.
          Here’s a good video describing corporate democrats’ agenda to stop Bernie Sanders in the 2020 primaries:

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          • Tulsy gabbert, sorry for the misspeling, is also advocating for an end to regime change wars which cost billions. That money could be used right here at home since that’s where it comes from in the first place I’m sure.

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            • Absolutely right Scott, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is the only peace advocating candidate fighting to end US regime change wars all over the world. No other Democratic candidate can say that b/c they all take corporate PAC money, and beholden to the Military Industrial Complex. I can’t wait to see Tulsi debate the other candidates in the primaries, she’s gonna wake so many ppl up!
              Google Tulsi Gabbard + Jimmy Dore, or Joe Rogan, Kim Iverson on YouTube for progressive POV. Time well spent!
              Cheers. 🙂

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          • Thank you, 1Earth! Too many people do not understand, have never bothered to try to understand, the concept of democratic socialism. They run screaming in fear at the very mention of the word ‘socialism’, and allow their ignorance to dictate their behaviour. I appreciate your clarification … I have a post in progress on this, but haven’t had time to finish it as yet.

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    • Scott … I have to second what rawgod said … it is right-wing propaganda. Bernie Sanders makes a good case for universal health care in the U.S. It works elsewhere … the UK and Canada are two examples that I’m aware of, and frankly, there are people, myself included, who will not go to a doctor when they need to because they aren’t willing to spend their life savings to do so. I must order my insulin from Canada, for otherwise it would cost me $1,300 per month, whereas from Canada it costs just over $500. Health insurance in the U.S. is a huge scam. People run in terror when they hear the word ‘socialism’, but what Bernie represents is democratic socialism, and there is a world of difference, as 1EarthUnited says. Hugs, my friend!

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  7. I saw a recording of that Town Hall on Fox and heard a number of Bernie’s supporters were in the audience. That must have let some fresh air in. Of course, someone had to talk about him being the first Jew in the White House if elected. Bernie is one of the most interesting speakers I’ve heard in a while. He makes ten times more sense than Trump and his gang. It’s refreshing to hear the truth from an intelligent person. 🙂 — Suzanne

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    • I agree … Bernie makes a lot of sense, and I like his ideas, but I doubt he can win the election, or likely even the democratic nomination, for people run screaming in fear when they hear the very word ‘socialism’, for they have no understanding of the concept.

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        • I was very fortunate. Government 101, first year of high school, I had a teacher who was so into the subject that he literally vibrated when he talked about it … he bounced around the room, used visuals, engaged ALL the students, and made it fun and interesting. I already had a love of government and politics, so it was only natural I would follow that path in college. Unfortunately, I also had kids to feed, so I double-majored and also earned an accounting degree, but give the choice, I would have gone into Constitutional Law.

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