Game Over? I Think NOT, Donnie Boy!

The republicans are, once again, dancing in the streets and pouring champagne over each other’s heads.  Party hearty, republican friends, but guess what?  The game isn’t over, but has just begun.  The redacted report that we were given is only part of the story, but even that part is proof that Trump & Co are guilty of having conspired with Russian agents to rig the election in 2016 and put Trump in office.  What more there is, will eventually be discovered.  But … republicans?  Let me ask you a question.  Why, if Trump had nothing to hide and was guilty of naught, did he make this statement when apprised of the hiring of Special Counsel Robert Mueller …

“Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I’m fucked.”

And then he proceeded to berate the bearer of the news, then-Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Why, guys?  Doesn’t that sound like the voice of a guilty man?  Sure does to me.

Now on to the present.  Yesterday morning, as I noted in my snarky snippets yesterday, Attorney General William Barr felt it prudent to give us his version of the Mueller report.  Unnecessary and unwanted, but here are a few of the proven lies he told in that event:

  • … We now know that the Russian operatives who perpetrated these schemes did not have the cooperation of President Trump or the Trump campaign – or the knowing assistance of any other Americans for that matter.
  • … The Special Counsel’s report did not find that any person associated with the Trump campaign illegally participated in the dissemination of the materials.
  • … The White House fully cooperated with the Special Counsel’s investigation, providing unfettered access to campaign and White House documents, directing senior aides to testify freely, and asserting no privilege claims. (This one damn near caused me to choke to death!)

Even Fox News’ own Chris Wallace criticized Barr, saying …

“The attorney general seemed almost to be acting as the counselor for the defense, the counselor for the president, rather than the attorney general, talking about his motives, his emotions.”

Let us consider, for a moment, that even if Mueller’s investigation did not turn up indictable criminal activity on the part of Trump, it damn sure did turn up improper behaviour, especially toward the investigation itself.  According to the Associated Press …

Donald Trump tried to seize control of the Russia probe and force Mueller’s removal to stop him from investigating potential obstruction of justice by the president. Trump was largely thwarted by those around him.

Mueller laid out multiple episodes in which Trump directed others to influence or curtail the Russia investigation after the special counsel’s appointment in May 2017. Those efforts “were mostly unsuccessful, but that is largely because the persons who surrounded the President declined to carry out orders or accede to his requests,” Mueller wrote.

I ask you … is this the ‘man’ you want to lead this nation?  Seriously?

Jerry Nadler, Chairman of the House Committee on the Judiciary, has appropriately determined that the committee needs to hear directly from Mr. Mueller, and as such sent him this letter …Nadler-letter-Mueller

This should make for some real interesting conversations in the White House.

Of course, the republicans are reading into the report what they wish to see … or more likely, are simply accepting Barr’s version, for that is what they want to believe.  Take the blinders off now, people … time to wake up from that little nappie.

“The report is one-sided, it has an incredible standard of proof. It’s that ‘we couldn’t be convinced that he didn’t obstruct justice,’. Can you prove that he did? That answer is, no they can’t. That is like a cheap shot, but if they can’t prove it, why don’t they just regurgitate all the garbage that they have? It’s all one-sided, a lot of it not true, a lot of it exaggerated. Even if it’s all true, which it isn’t, he didn’t commit a crime. He didn’t do anything wrong.” – Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is preparing a rebuttal to the Mueller report

I liked what Jim Wright had to say, and I fully concur at this point …

Impeach Trump.

There is more than enough reason to begin impeachment proceedings. We impeached both Nixon and Clinton for far less than is in the Mueller Report.

So, impeach Trump.

Impeach him in the House. Take up the investigation, one he CANNOT stop or obstruct or redact, one his pet Attorney General and his cronies cannot impede, one that Trump himself has NO control over whatsoever, and impeach him if that’s where the evidence leads.

THEN if the Senate refuses to convict, if Mitch McConnell refuses to take up the impeachment, refuses his duty and the Senate stands by him, hang it around their dirty cowardly necks like a fucking albatross.

Make them own it in 2020. Make them own it forever.

Surely, if they can read, even the republicans in Congress must now agree that Donald Trump has committed, if not indictable crimes, certainly impeachable offenses.  He does not operate in the best interest of this nation.  He is a president in name only.  Game over, Mr. Trump?  Far from it.

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  1. The way I see it is that any impeachment proceeding even without a conviction is an intolerable public relations nightmare for King Trump. Why wait for him to continue meddling illegally in the 2020 election?

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  2. here’s another interesting take from someone who also doesn’t agree with a lot of trumps ideas and thinks they are naïve. What do you guys say to this video?

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    • Sigh. What do I think? I think … I think I am exhausted and ill from listening to so many opinions from all sides. The woman … both women … make some valid points, BUT … when the second woman said that Trump’s references to Russia, wanting to “give them Korea .. ” etc., were policy decisions and even though wrong and stupid were not evidence of collusion, I disagree. Trump panders to Russia in a way that he doesn’t even to our allies. Trump praises dictator Putin (president in name only), has removed sanctions against him, even taken his word over our own intelligence officials. That says, to me, that Trump is somehow beholden, indebted to, Russia. I’m sorry, Scott, but I really am too exhausted and have too much of this filling my head at the moment to discuss it with any degree of rationality. I’m going to read the report, word for word, and I will then let all my readers know my opinion, which of course, paired with a five dollar bill, will buy a cup of coffee. Smile. Hugs!


  3. Before they quaff too much expensive alcohol, they would do well to check on the lessons of history….many is the odius undemocratic and hate powered regieme which has staretd out so very well and gradually…..kerrrthump!

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  4. I am trying to wade through two days of information from many and varied sources about the Mueller report. What I am finding is that I have neither the strength nor stomach for it, but I persist and have more questions than answers. I admit to not being the brightest bulb in the box, but I’m not understanding why there seems to be more groundswell for impeachment on the basis of what I have read. Not to say that I don’t understand that there are most definitely grounds, but with the GOP controlled Senate impeachment does not have a chance of succeeding from the start. I think the only thing that caused me to laugh as I painstakingly plodded along is a comment made by Kellyanne Conway to reporters : “We’re accepting apologies today.” To which I would reply : “By all means, do hold your breath!” Thank-you!

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    • I think the general thinking is that at this point, McConnell and his band of thugs in the Senate are going to have to open their eyes … it can no longer be denied that Trump is guilty of impeachable offenses, and if they continue to support him slavishly, they will go down in flames next year. That’s the thinking. How well it will work, I don’t know, but I, too, am in favour at this point of beginning impeachment proceedings. I very much fear what the megalomaniac will bring down on our heads if he remains in office another 18+ months. He’s spiraling out of control already, and there are those, such as Kim Jong-un, who are far smarter than Trump and will play him for an every bigger fool. ‘Tis time for him to go. Now.


  5. The rules of your republic both amaze me and frustrate me. Is this “impeachment” process supposed to be a way for the people to recall an elected official and remove them from office? If so, why is it left in the very hands of other elected officials to do so? Why cannot the people themselves do it directly, with no other parties involved?


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    • @rawgod
      You answered ur own question, it’s b/c US is a Republic based upon Democratic principles, we elect officials to represent our needs and demands. Now politicians being who they are, would rather be bought by special interests and choose not to fulfill their promises to their constituents. Hence the hopeless situation we’re all in.
      Of course we can start a revolution, or a coup to overthrow the President by force, like the Romanians did with Ceausescu, or Iranians with Saddam, or the Libyans did with Gaddafi.
      Hmmm… I’m noticing a trend here. Oh that’s right, the CIA funded and armed these so-called rebel forces (paid mercenaries) to start colored revolutions with the objective of overthrowing sovereign leaders. OK, so it’s not likely that our so-called “Intelligence” community, military or police force would take orders from we the ppl, so I’m thinking any attempt at a civilian militia led coup will fail on the spot.
      Gov’t serves it’s own purpose, it’s like Frankenstein’s monster which takes on a life of it’s own. Gov’t has learned that perpetual war is very lucrative, plenty of gov’t contracts, weapons to sell, drones and bombs to kill and maim.
      Is our gov’t acting on the best interest of everyday Americans? The answer is painfully clear. And to answer ur question, that’s a definitive HELL YEAH!


    • Impeachment requires a 67% majority of the House of Representatives to vote to impeach. BUT … that does not remove the impeached person from office. In order to do that, the Senate must, by a 67% majority, vote to convict the person. Then, and only then, will he be removed from office. Why is it left in the hands of elected officials? Because, the premise is that they will be honourable, have integrity, and only impeach for cause. Now, while that may not be working out too well at the moment, can you imagine if it were directly in the hands of the people? My guess is that every president would be impeached by the end of his second year! So, while it isn’t perfect, it is what we have to work with.

      The elected official that is the subject of this conversation has lost the confidence of some 60% of the people, however, that has relevance only to the extent that those 60% can convince their elected representatives that if they don’t get off their patooties and impeach Trump, they themselves will not be re-elected. It’s a slow, tedious process, and most likely next year’s election is the most probably means of removing Trump from office.


        • It isn’t, and of course it is the victim of partisan politics, but I’m not sure I can think of any better way. Funny, isn’t it, that they impeached Clinton for lying to Congress about consensual sex that should have been nobody’s business, but they won’t impeach this dufus for violating rule of law … over and over and over again. 🙄


          • yeah, that was silly. I didn’t have an issue with Clinton having sex in the oval office, but what I did have an issue with was him lying to the grand jury about it. Trump lies every single day of his presidency and people, at least some of them, don’t seem to give a damn. I understand why he was elected, people were tired of the elite ruling over them and they wanted an outsider but he is clearly the wrong choice. I could never run because I don’t have the patience to deal with people who never ever directly answer questions and that would include every single member of congress, just for starters.

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            • I’m with you, Scott. I could never run because it would eat me alive within the first six months. I don’t have the stomach for it. What’s going on now is eating me alive, costing me sleep, appetite, patience, and more, so I can only imagine what being in the fray would be like. Sigh.


          • Because rule of law no longer matters to him, or his pets. Grabbing women in their nethers no longer matters, it just the way he is. As long as they are getting want they want, he can do anything.

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  6. Jill, it should be noted Fox News’ Shepard Smith has also admonished Barr and both he and Wallace have reported on the concerns of the obstruction of justice.

    Two other red flags gave me pause. In the addenda, it is noted Mueller passed along 14 cases to prosecutors. That should scare many. The other is Senator Richard Burr, the Chair of the Foreign Relations committee telling the White House who the FBI was investigating. Between Burr and Nunes, who had to resign as Chair of the corresponding House committee for similar reasons, that does not come across as constitutional behavior. If you fly to close to Trump, you will damage your reputation. Keith

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    • Yes, those 14 open cases will strike fear in the hearts of many, including I should think, Kushner and Don Jr., and of course Trump himself. The problem is that when Trump gets scared, he reacts impetuously and vengefully, and that scares me. I cannot understand how anybody could work for him … I surely couldn’t. Gonna be a long year, methinks.


      • Jill, true. I also read Trump tends to make his worst decisions after perceived or actual victories. Think his recent healthcare mistake that even McConnell backed away from.

        I had shared in writing and with the staff of Senator Burr is Trump the man you want to spend your dear reputation on? Apparently, Trump is and Burr did. The Raleigh News & Observer wrote an editorial today saying Burr must win back trust. As for Barr, he decided to flush his reputation down the toilet. When you give in to Trump, it does not end, as Michael Cohen discovered.

        By the way, assuming what people told, did not remember or plead the 5th on, the collusion decision is criminally unclear. The best summation I read said if this were a bomb attack and not a cyber attack, would people let Trump’s folks off the hook? They talked to Russians, met with Russians, encouraged Russians, discussed financial investments in Russia and some lied about it. So, I am puzzled on that one. Keith

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        • @Keith
          Apparently talking, meeting with Russians, discussing financial investments is not a criminal offense. If no money changed hands, i’m not sure if DOJ can nail the SOB. Besides, Trump now has the corrupt establishment machine fully behind him, that includes both mainstream Democrat and Republican congressmen. If the gov’t chooses to protect it’s own, like it did with Hillary, Trump will never get indicted/ impeached even tho he’s guilty as sin.
          Read my explanation in the comment below addressing Scott’s link.

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        • It is my opinion that both Burr and Nunes are guilty of treason. I hope they are both ousted when next they come up for re-election, and I hope it’s by a sound margin. It is past time for us to send a strong message that we demand some integrity in our government. I am puzzled by the same, my friend. The only thing I can figure is that this nation has become so partisan that many simply do not care that their elected officials are crooked and lacking in honour. It’s all about … party politics, not about governance anymore.


    • The problem is systemic. If Hillary can get off from all her high crimes and misdemeanors, so can Trump. It all depends on if your party machine has your back and willing to fight for you! Make a deal with the deep state and you’ll go all the way. Why do you think Trump offered a blank check for military expenditure? Why do you think he rolls back environmental protections and let corporations off the hook for all sort of violations. Lifted restrictions on banks that were put into place after the financial collapse of ’08? Tax cuts for the wealthy?
      Politicians learn real quick, if you play ball with the establishment… you can get away with murder!!
      Scott, I happen to agree with you. No matter what this bozo does, he’ll get off scot-free. Just be a good little puppet, and use Putin as a convenient pretext, spin Russiagate. It’s all a huge scam from the very beginning and rigged against the citizens, we live in a freaking banana republic and the system is rigged in favor of the elite class.
      Can you say plutocracy? 😦

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      • yeah, absolutely right. These politicians, all of them, need to be totally accountable to the people. The government is here to serve us, we are not supposed to live our lives paying for this monstrosity. They’ll take everything you have and give you what you need. The founding fathers of this country would be mortified at what we have become on both sides of the isle, democrat and republican. It’s all shameful and I find myself not so proud these days to be a citizen of this country.

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        • We citizens need to ask more why questions and demand answers. How and when are also needing answers. We seem to be too concerned with the who and what.

          Here are two easy ones. Why did Trump obstruct justice and why did Barr twice tell us to ignore what we need to read?

          We are allowing harm to our planet, country, relationships, finances and democracy. It matters not what party this man represents. The GOP should actually be as or more concerned about Trump as he is harming their party.

          Right now, give me a boring, competent, and honorable leader.

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          • the first is probably pretty easy, trump is just a bad man and though I don’t agree with a lot of what he says, I still contend that when he does say something that isn’t horrible, the media is still unwilling to give him even the slightest bit of positive credit on anything. My point in all this is not to pretend to say the president is blameless but to call out the media for being the unfair bias political spin machine that it has become for a long time coming. They have lost integrity and nobility in favor of clicks and large profits, which, when applied to corporations, at least the profits, many decry this as injustice while giving the media a pass on this very issue of making large sums of money. To my way of thinking, this is hypocrisy and that is just as dishonorable as obstruction or anything else in this horrible three-ring circus.

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            • I agree with you in part. I have written before the media has focused on way too many things, many of them inconsequetial, diluting the reporting. Trump has been largely untruthful most of his life – I call it marketing schtick. By focusing on so many untruths, we miss the greater offenses.

              I also think the media is making up for focusing less on Trump’s history and the many imperfections of his opponent.

              I try to pay attention to good sources of information. I personally find Trump’s attacks on anyone who dare criticize him, including the media, offensive. His base abd sycophants follow suit, People tell me when I raise legitimate concerns that I just don’t like him or have Trump Derangement Syndrome. No, I just don’t like that the President is more untruthful than he is not and sets policies off that. So, I give legitimate media a needed thumbs-up, but caution to ignore the small stuff. Keith

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      • The difference, of course, being that Hillary did not commit ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’, and Trump has committed far worse. While I won’t argue against your claim of plutocracy, for it is indeed that, I will argue against your notion that the Russian’s successful attempt to rig the election in order to get Trump elected is a scam. There is evidence aplenty that they did, indeed, do a number of things, including propaganda and hacking. And Trump & Co were well aware of it, and did nothing to stop it. That’s fact, not speculation.

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        • I suppose crimes committed by politicians are a matter of opinion. And the bottom line is our opinions don’t matter according to the gov’t. Why was Ms Clinton the war criminal not charged with murder? Why was Trump not charged with collusion even tho we knew he was financially involved with Russian banks and made business deals with Russian oligarchs?
          My point is our gov’t officially controls the narrative, via the news media, the court system, congress… and we can’t do jack about it. Yes Russia interfered with our election via social media and troll farms, that’s pretty much par for the course, all international gov’t do that to each other in varying degree. But did Putin really rig our whole election? Did he really brainwash half of America, all conservatives, evangelicals to vote for Trump? Did Russian FSB really hack our voting platform to throw the election over to Trump? Maybe they did, maybe not.
          My point being it doesn’t matter! Like I’ve been saying, the gov’t ultimately controls the official narrative – and SC Mueller/ AG Barr just announced Trump didn’t do it. So the real question we should be asking: what are we the ppl gonna do about it? Bickering amongst ourselves is meaningless, it doesn’t change the fact that our gov’t has run amok, and no longer represent the will of the ppl. That’s what I meant by our gov’t blaming Russia for meddling in our elections is a scam, a disingenuous pretext to divide a nation.
          Oldest trick in the book, it’s called divide and conquer. No one questions the gov’t if we’re all too busy fighting among ourselves. Get the picture?
          I’m beginning to believe that Trump really could kill someone in broad daylight, the middle of 5th Ave and nothing will happen. He’s become the puppet Tsar of America, and the Powers That Be want to keep it that way. 😦
          Think about it.


      • &feature=em-uploademail

        This is the problem I have with the media in this country, they take one part of a quote and use it to paint an inaccurate picture of the situation.

        Take for example, when the media said that trump called immigrants animals. The quote was actually that ms13 gang members were animals, not all immigrants.

        This is precisely why I give no credence whatsoever to the mainstream media in this country. They take everything out of context to further drive their pathetic political agendas and narratives to further divide the people against each other. The people who make up the press are not journalists, they are political activists. Journalism is intended to report and discover the truth of a situation and these people do the exact opposite.

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        • @sklawlor
          That’s b/c there hasn’t been any real counter-cultural whistle-blowing journalism since Julian Assange/ WikiLeaks.
          Western gov’ts effectively silenced him in the Ecuadorian Embassy, and now arrested him for further torture and scapegoat. If reporters want to tell the truth these days, they better be prepared to pay with their lives! At best, reporters are talented storytellers on behalf of the establishment. We’re on our own Scott.


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