The Mueller Report–First impressions

Jeff, over at On The Fence Voters, has been wading through the 448-page report issued by Robert Mueller regarding the Russian interference into our 2016 elections, as well as the involvement of Trump, his family, and his campaign. I, too, have been wading through the report, but I took yesterday off from it, for it was taking a toll on me both emotionally and physically. Not to mention that I had cleaning, shopping, cooking, baking, and Easter-egg dyeing that had to be done yesterday. Anyway … Jeff has shared a few of his thoughts and observations about the report, and they are well worth sharing with you. I will have my own thoughts at some point in the future, but truly, what Jeff has said here mirrors my own thoughts. Thank you, Jeff, for this excellent summation and for your generous permission to share!

On The Fence Voters

I’ve tried my best in the last 24 hours or so to read as much of the Mueller Report as I possibly could. While I haven’t completed this endeavor, I nonetheless have consumed quite a bit. Here are just a few of my thought thus far.

Robert Mueller has produced a report one might expect from a man who has spent a good portion of his life in law enforcement. It’s a thorough, fact-based account on what transpired between the Trump campaign and their alleged involvement with the Russians in the 2016 election, and an equally comprehensive look at the actions of President Trump after the appointment of Mueller as Special Counsel in May of 2017.

In no uncertain terms, Mueller lays out the facts of what the Russians did to try to sow discord in our democracy and help elect Donald Trump to the presidency. Their actions were systematic…

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14 thoughts on “The Mueller Report–First impressions

    • No, the diehard supporters will be convinced by nothing. We can only hope that at some point, the majority wins over the minority. A smoking gun would be nice, but I’m not holding my breath. Trump is his own worst enemy, and his recent lawsuit against his own government and his own accounting firm speaks volumes.


  1. Many thanks for the summary. Trump supporters who are spiking the ball after escaping criminal action, need to be mindful, this is merely halftime. It should give pause that 14 cases are recommended for prosecution, only two of which are known. It should give pause that the Mueller Report validates the same chaotic, mercurial environment (including ignoring his command) found on the two well researched books “Fear” by Bob Woodruff and “Fire snf Fury” by Michael Wolff.

    I agree there is more to the Russian link to Trump, than Barr let on. And, he clearly obstructed justice. But, why? And, why are folks like Guiliani celebrating how they obfuscated the truth?

    There is more to come as there was a lot more done. Keith

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    • Question: Do you think we will every know everything that transpired between Trump & Co and the Russians? And another: Do you think the Senate republicans will, at any point, agree that Trump is causing more damage than he is doing good and agree to convict him upon impeachment?


      • And I have more or less lost the will to fight. Not that I ever had power, but at least I had the determination to try. Right now I am without the energy to even care. I am living on the fumes of the past. I know how I “should” feel, but I have never liked shoulds–they carry baggage with them. I need a rejuvenation, and I don’t see one on the way…

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        • I still have the will to fight, but not the energy. I care … too much … but I become mired in it and it’s rather like trying to claw one’s way out of a complex web. Sigh. Today, the sun is shining and the sky is blue, for now at least, so perhaps that will help ‘reset’ me for a bit. I wish I could help with your ‘rejuvenation’, but I think only you can do that. I usually find being outdoors helps the most … perhaps a walk in the woods? How’s Ginny Clanton doing, by the way?


  2. It is a lot of reading (even with the numerous redacted bits). I have already been surprised (shocked), at the by the stuff I’m reading about IRA (Irish Republican Army) involvement! That is not a complete surprise, but certainly did not appear in Media reports. It is worrying as there is a resurgence of IRA violence in Northern Ireland… Peace has been around long enough that everyday citizens are really shocked. What I want to know, is where is the IRA funding coming from?

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