23 thoughts on “Wordless …

  1. Sad and despotic thing to happen. There are no words really.

    We are seeing the resurrection of old hatreds and something evil taking hold of humanity. We must resist and rise above it. To do otherwise has unthinkable consequences.

    Much sadness about this brutal act against innocents in the wrong place at the wrong time. 😔

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    • You are right that we must rise above the hatred and bigotry, but it seems that some portion of the people in this world will always be this way. If we haven’t learned after however many centuries humans have inhabited the earth, then I think we never will.

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  2. This is an amazingly sad day,though it does not compare with France’s disaster which luckily did not cost lives. This shows how far man has descended that he will take the lives of people simply because they have different beliefs because it’s sure that there is no other reason for this abomination.The Sri Lankans will not be major fighters of some evil group of terrorists whose fight is really with the West and who base their ideas of religious conquest on a thousand year old war for which we can be grateful to the Catholic Church. We should no longer be in any country of the Middle East running up more resentment.

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    • While the Notre-Dame fire made me very sad, this makes me sadder … and more angry, for this was no accident, but the work of bigots and madmen. Isn’t it about time for the human race to learn to coexist without harming one another? Sigh.
      Cwtch Mawr

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  3. Let’s see how much the billionaires of the world are willing to donate to this tragedy? And nothing from the RC Church, either, I’m betting.
    When did I get so pessimistic? Oh, yeah, the day I found out there was… no god? no Easter Bunny? no Santa Claus? no Tooth Fairy?

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    • I agree … I don’t look for anything from the world’s billionaires or most any church. I’ve learned today that probably 80% of this country don’t even know where Sri Lanka is and don’t care to know. I have a friend from Sri Lanka … he lives in Canada now and works for Honda … otherwise, perhaps I wouldn’t know anything about it either. Sigh.


      • In Canadian schools, we learn where Sri Lanka is, at least, if not much more–unless we do it on our own. I cannot even imagine not knowing the general area of the earth every country on Earth exists in, and most of their capital cities. But with the internet, one does not need to know these things anymore. If you need to know, just google it.
        If the world loses the internet, our children’s children will not know anything beyond their own back doors…

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        • I’ve had the same thought about the internet. While I greatly appreciate having almost any information I could ever need or want at my fingertips, there is a downside in that we rely too heavily on it. What happens when, one day, the internet is gone? It can happen. Maybe only for a few days, but maybe for months. Does the whole world just sit staring at their blank screens … waiting … waiting … meanwhile, the minutes of their lives tick on by?


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