The Mueller Report-Final thoughts and takeaways

Last week, I re-blogged a piece by Jeff of On The Fence Voters fame, of his initial thoughts as he began reading the Mueller report. Today, he has finished reading the 448-page report and has written an excellent summation which I am sharing with you. I think his thoughts are on the money, and I share his hopes that the ongoing investigations will bring further results. Thank you, Jeff, for your excellent work and for permission to share it.

On The Fence Voters

So I’ve finally been able to read the entire Mueller Report. I actually read Volume II, which dealt with allegations surrounding Trump and obstruction of justice, first—then read the rest of Volume I, which dealt with Russian hacking and the Trump Campaign’s involvement. You can read my first assessment from a post I wrote last week. Here are some final thoughts and major takeaways, now that I’ve read the entire report.

Paul Manafort

I’ve always felt that Manafort was the critical piece in Mueller’s attempt to see what links the Trump Campaign had, if any, to the Russians. He served as campaign chairman for Trump for only about four months, but during his tenure, many of the significant instances of Russian interference was taking place.

For one, he was at the infamous Trump Tower meeting on June 9, 2016, along with Don Jr. and Jared Kushner. They thought they were…

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26 thoughts on “The Mueller Report-Final thoughts and takeaways

  1. The Mulller Report is a large document, but has been dwarfed by the amount written about it.
    Here is my own humble offering in a concise manner which may encapsulate the circumstance Trump found himself him:
    ‘Hey numb-nuts! Youse got played, ya joike!’

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    • I agree with you, but I suspect the time is not yet right to start impeachment proceedings, for a failed impeachment would doom the democrats at all levels next year, and we for sure do not want that! We don’t have a super-majority in the House, so it will be essential to sell some republicans on the idea.


  2. Dear Jill,

    I have read portions of the Mueller report, enough to know that it is a devastating report where I’m convinced that the US House cannot allow a precedent to be set, where President Trump is not to be held accountable for his numerous attempts to obstruct justice. In my mind, the Democrats cannot avoid doing their duty. History will hold them in disdain like the GOP lawmakers who have been covering for their “standard bearer,” if they choose to avoid doing their constitutional obligations because of political expediency.

    For those who complain about Mr. Mueller not making a decision, he was constrained by the US Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel’s memo that the US president cannot be criminally indicted while in office. This means that he did what he could. He delivered an indictment for the US Congress to take over and run with it.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I agree … if he gets by with what the report covers, which is only a small portion of the terrible things he has done, then we will likely never see an (relatively) honest person in the White House again. Can you imagine if Obama had done all these things? Why, they likely wouldn’t have waited 15 seconds before filing articles of impeachment. I caution, however, that with no super-marjority in the House, we must exercise some degree of caution, for I believe that a failed impeachment would doom the democrats in both Congress and those running for president next year. And can’t you imagine Trump gloating for the next five years? I swear I would jump off a cliff or tie myself to a railroad track!


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  3. I am not proud to admit that I have not read the entire 400+ pages of the redacted Mueller Report. I began reading it online late on April 19th and doggedly made it through part of Volume 1. Then, life got in the way until today. I shamefully admit that rather than go on trying to read the small print online, today I ordered a copy of the report from Barnes&Noble for $19.99 with free shipping. When it arrives I will give it the time and attention that it rightfully deserves, while sitting comfortably in my bed and hope that I do not suffer from nightmares afterward. I have read with interest from many sources their opinions about the report, both parts of the On The Fence Voters among them. Thank-you!

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    • If it’s any consolation, I have not finished it yet, either, my friend. Major depression, a blog to maintain, a household to run … all conspire to keep me from finishing it. But I will … give me time. Until Gronda’s earlier comment, I did not know it had been published in book format! I hear it’s in the top ten bestsellers … surprise! Hugs, my friend.


  4. You who live in the USA can believe Mueller’s report or not depending what side of Trump you are on, defending his back or attacking him to his face. You are for him, or against him. But to this outsider, Mueller mucked it up. He went as far as he could, then he absconded with the jewels. He split hairs. He set the stage, but fired the acors before the curtains rose. How else can I say it, he stunk the house out.
    It was not only his responsibility to investigate, but it was his job to utter a decision! By saying Trump and his cronies did not “break the law” he took his football (and the money) and went home, dragging his tail behind him.
    He lead the people of America to the brink of the precipice, then refused to jump. It was in his power to jump, it was his responsibility to jump, but he stopped, then turned away. I hear people worshipping him, he did a great job. No! He started to do a great job, but in the end he wimped out. All he had to do was interpret the law, which is what prosecutors do all the time. Let it go to court and let it see kow it all played out. But he turned coward. HE TURNED TRAITOR TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
    He refused to stab his party leader in the heart, or the back.
    That is how this non-American sees this failure of a man. He had Trump on the gallows, the noose around his neck.. All he had to do was open the trap door. But he could not do that.
    And by so doing, he failed not only Americans, he failed the world. Now we all will suffer together.

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      • I expected most people to disagree with me, so no problem with that. Mueller had a chance to at least get Trump into court, and possibly behind bars. Losing a legal case would not have affected an impeachment case, but with DJT the more shots you take the better the chance of victory. Mueller has wiped out 99% of the opportunity to put him behind bars where he belongs. Impeachment has to pass the Senate. Mueller knew that. So he left you with an almost impossible task. Trial was the best option, in my opinion.

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    • WOW, very well stated and insightful. But you do realize Mueller was severely restricted by the DOJ to investigating a very narrow aspect of Trump’s crimes and misdemeanors, of which there were many! Clearly there was obstruction and collusion with Russians, dirty politics and tricks ala Bannon, Stone, Manafort. But legally he can only report that Trump did not knowingly and/or directly colluded with Putin or Russian operatives. DUH, even Trump is not that stupid. One more step was necessary, if Mueller was allowed to investigate Trump’s finances…. there would be the hidden gun in plain sight!

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      • you know, if the dems feel so strongly about impeaching the president, yet they don’t want to do it right now out of political expediency, what does that tell you about what their priorities really are? If a political party is truly outraged at a situation and has the means to do something about that situation but won’t just so they can get elected in 2020 and hold onto more power, I’d say that their moral hand wringing for the last couple of years is merely empty rhetoric and virtue signalling.

        Think about that for a moment.

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        • Sigh. Okay, Scott … here’s the thing. I speak only for myself and what my opinion/thought is, but to me, the goal is to remove Trump from the White House before he causes even more irreparable harm to this nation. Now, if impeachment proceedings begin, but there aren’t enough votes in the House to impeach, then it will fail. If it fails, there are no second chances. If it fails, Trump will have become a de facto dictator and we will have lost much more than just an election or our pride … we will have lost our due process, our democracy — what’s left of it. There is a democratic majority in the House, but not what they call a super-majority, or 67%. Impeachment will require at least a certain number of republicans to vote for it, else it fails. So, in order to convince those republicans, there must be indisputable evidence, even in their eyes, that he blatantly defied the law. In my eyes, such evidence already exists in the Mueller report, but in the eyes of the republicans, it will take even more. This is why the committees investigating him are trying to obtain his financial and tax records which are almost certain to uncover that ‘smoking gun’. And then, there is the Senate, that has to convict him before he can be removed from office, and that’s a whole other story. Hugs!


          • I guess I’m not as well informed about some aspects of things, like I didn’t know the impeachment was a one-time option so thank you for clarifying that for me. I appreciate it.

            This whole thing is just getting crazier and crazier, I have said for a while now that I feel like I’m watching some weird episode of the twilight zone, apologies to the creators of that brilliant program for tainting the brand by even a lose association to Trump but I have nothing else to compare it to.

            People have remarked to me that this has parallels to what was happening in 1968 and I was only 1 and a half so I had no clue about much obviously.

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            • No need to apologize … and there are some valid opinions both for and against. I have another post coming out at 3:00 p.m. (EDT) that presents another opinion that I think is very important, though I’m not yet sure to what extent I agree with it. Take a look at that piece and let me know what you think. It’s titled “Something to Consider”.


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