A Terrorist By Any Other Name …

On February 15th, just over two months ago, Christopher Paul Hasson, a U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant and white supremacist was arrested after federal investigators uncovered a cache of weapons and ammunition in his Maryland home.  His plan was, in his words …

“I am dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on the earth.”


Christopher Hasson

Hasson had a ‘hit list’ that included almost every journalist who has been critical of Donald Trump, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and most of the democratic candidates for president in 2020, among others.  He had been searching the internet for the home addresses of two Supreme Court justices.

Now, if Mr. Hasson had been an immigrant from anywhere in the Middle East, he would have been labeled a terrorist and treated accordingly, right?  But … Hasson is Caucasian, and thus rather than calling a spade a bloody shovel and charging him with domestic terrorism, what did the Department of Justice do?  They charged him with weapons and drugs violations … not plotting to murder, not terrorism, just weapons and drugs.  But wait … now for the really great news …

Judge Charles Day

Judge Charles Day

On Thursday, United States magistrate Judge Charles Bernard Day of the United States District Court for the District of Maryland decided to grant bail to Mr. Hasson and release him from jail pending trial.  If he had been charged with domestic terrorism, as would have been right and proper, he would not be eligible for bail or release, but since he wasn’t, his public defender argues that her client hadn’t made any direct or specific threats to harm anyone. She said prosecutors are seeking to punish Hasson for “private thoughts” that he never shared.

“They have not come forward with evidence that Mr. Hasson is a domestic terrorist because he is not.”

But listen carefully now to a part of her reasoning … she compared Hasson’s racial slurs and targeting of Democrats and the media to similar views that Trump has taken and said his hit list “looks like the sort of list that our commander in chief might have compiled while watching Fox News in the morning.”

Does anybody care to give me that argument again that Donald Trump’s horrendous attacks on those he perceives as his ‘enemies’ are not causing harm?  NEVER in the history of this nation have we had a president who bullied as he does, who referred to our free press as “the enemy of the people”, and who threatened any and all who cross him.  NEVER! 

When Trump was asked his opinion of the Hasson case, he replied that he thought it was ‘sad’.  When asked if he believed some of his harsh language might have played a part in Hasson’s plot, he replied that his “language is very nice”.

Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe is one of the names on the list.  His wife and fellow anchor, Mika Brzezinski, is understandably upset, saying …

“I think Trump’s doing this. How can I not do that math in my mind that the attorney general is making a clear decision here to make sure the lives of people who are being targeted continue to be in danger because they will not put together the pieces of this case? A stockpile of weapons, a list of people that he wants to kill. Are you serious? There’s no way not to let this guy walk? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Oyer also said Hasson has had a lifelong interest in firearms and likes to hunt and target practice. She said the number of guns he owned isn’t unusual in North Carolina, where he lived for years before moving to Maryland.  Oh for Pete’s sake … give us credit for not being totally stupid, Ms. Oyer!


Part of the stash found in Hasson’s home

And thus, because Hasson was not properly charged, he will likely walk out of jail one morning next week, a free man, at least until his trial.

Hasson pleaded not guilty last month to charges of illegal possession of firearm silencers, possession of firearms by a drug addict and unlawful user, and possession of a controlled substance. He faces a maximum of 31 years in prison if convicted of all four counts in his indictment.  Thirty-one years.  And a conviction on all counts seems unlikely at this point, even though the evidence is plentiful.  But think about something else.  Even if Hasson is sentenced the full 31 years … wait for it … Donald Trump could pardon him.

I shall leave you to ponder on that one.

54 thoughts on “A Terrorist By Any Other Name …

            • They appear to have forgotten to whom they are responsible, and have fallen under the ‘spell’ of the madman in the Oval Office. I’m of a notion that Barr should be arrested if he does not show up tomorrow, and left in jail until he decides to testify. Not, mind you, that I would expect the truth from him, for these people do not take their oaths seriously, obviously.

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              • It’s so frustrating and emotionally distressing that I have to take frequent days long breaks from social media because I can’t stand the news or the trolling designed to keep us focused on side shows. It feels as if our system is completely unprepared for this kind of deeply embedded corruption.

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                • I can relate. I find that I am unable to take breaks though. I don’t even look at ‘news’ on social media, but I find that I cannot turn off from the mainstream news sources and am constantly getting ‘breaking news’ updates on my phone. Of course they define what is “breaking” news differently than I do, but still … Yes, it does feel as if our system has been breached, the fortifications we thought so strong are crumbling. It does wear on one … I know this well.

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                  • Racists are child abusers and their ignorance and abuses of power destroyed my childhood and mind. I know this sounds irrational, but it feels as if they are stalking me. The only way I can function is shut it out, which is why there is no weekly news update on my blog this week.

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                    • I wish I had words, my friend, but unfortunately I don’t. I can only hope you find a bit of peace somehow, somewhere. The world is becoming a scary place and we all find our own coping mechanisms. Hugs!

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                    • Adult survivors knew what Trump was in 2015. Watching him gaslight the world is a nightmare and the only way to cope with it is to shut it out. If I could remove trump from office by myself I would. But that will take all of us and in my despair I begin to think that Americans are too decadent and cynical to protect our ourselves.

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    • The judge said he would likely be confined to his home, but that doesn’t mean much. Yes, he may well be turned loose again on society. I walk into a shop or restaurant these days, and I find myself looking at people, wondering … is he carrying a gun? Is he a radical extremest? Would he shoot me if he know I hate Trump? But the worst part is that some days I don’t care if he is/does. Sigh.

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  1. Good Morning, although that may be considered a highly subjective view at present! While this piece that I read in CNN Politics does not make one feel less distraught, it does give some needed information about this ruling. Chris Cillizza in the April 26th “The Point” has a short article titled “Behind the mind-boggling ruling that may allow suspected domestic terrorist to go free”. He interviews Josh Campbell, a CNN law enforcement analyst and former FBI special agent, and you may find it a bit clarifying. It is horrifying to learn that Christopher Hasson may be released to further implement his goal and one can only hope that he is under intense scrutiny if and when that happens. To look at that photo and read the caption that this is but ‘part of the stash’ is beyond belief. The man enjoys hunting and target practice…what does he hunt and what are his targets? That anyone finds this normal is also mind-boggling and disturbing, at least it is to me! What is also disturbing is that Trump finds this ‘sad’…his stock answer that covers almost everything that he does not find to be ‘amazing’. I try very hard to avoid using either of those words, any synonym is highly preferable. What is also disturbing is that Trump believes or he says that his ‘language is very nice’. One might ask, very nice as compared to what? His MAGA rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin just last night does not support his statement. He disparaged some of the very people on Hasson’s hit list. And still…they cheer! My Gram used to say that the “unacceptable has become acceptable”…how prophetic! Thank-you!

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    • Thanks for pointing me to that article! We need to start pushing for domestic terrorism legislation now! Most terrorism in the U.S. IS committed by citizens, not by immigrants, and that fact has been proven time and time again, so why haven’t we done something? Sigh. Like you, every time I start to use the word ‘sad’, I back off and find another word. Funny, isn’t it, how Trump has re-defined the language for many of us. Yes, your Gram’s words strike at the core of it … what was once horrific has now become “the norm”. Sigh.

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    • Oh, I think if he had succeeded he would get plenty of comfort and shelter … a nice home in a jail cell, three meals a day, free medical care. But because he only threatened it, and did not issue a direct threat in the form of a letter or telephone call, he should be allowed to be free … until it’s too late. Sigh. Cheers!


  2. And after he’s walked calmly in and shot up a bunch of people it will be said few had any idea how dangerous he was. Others will say they complained about it but no one will accept the blame. The man is a walking threat. His thinking is seriously disturbed. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • The biggest difference, I think, the one that makes the U.S. even more of a madhouse, is our gun culture. There are literally more guns in circulation than there are people. And the majority of this country will fight to the death to keep their automatic weapons, handguns, etc. I had never heard the song “Funhouse”, but as I listened, I thought “Yes, this is the perfect analogy!” Sigh. 🙋


        • When I take a moment to raise my head from the muck here in the U.S. and look around at the rest of the industrialized world, I know that you are right. Brexit, right-wing populism spreading like wildfire … and the effects of humans upon the environment being ignored by those who are raking in the big dollars/pounds/euros. And it is depressing those of us with functional brains to the point that we are becoming less capable of fighting the good fight. Perhaps that was the master plan all along? Now I start sounding like a conspiracy theorist, and I’m really not … but I am tired and ever so down the rabbit hole, with nobody to pull me up, for most of us are down the same rabbit hole. Sigh. Hugs, my friend.

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          • Ah, dont dismiss the good old conspiracy theories. We might learn that some of them actually bear a corn of truth in them. But I guess it is more a question of new technology and humankind getting used to it. I said it in several posts, that I believe the internet is an invention like the wheel and book print. It will or already has changed humankind irrevocably. In theory we do not need corporations anymore to buy stuff or teach ourselves. We could get everything directly from the producer for example. The bigwigs know that. They’ve figured it a long time ago. But that is why they try to get “dominion” over it. I do think it is fair to say that a lot of brainwashing of us normal people is going on and it is more important than ever to use our god given ability to use our brain. But also to know that nothi g stays forever. Things change. Sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse like a wheel goes up and down. This too shall pass and people like you get us through. I bet authors, scientists and resistance fighters felt the same in the 1940’s and everything changed in the end. We’ll get there eventually 🙋‍♀️🐝

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            • You’re a smart woman … what you say makes a lot of sense. Modern technology, when used for good, is a marvelous thing. I can do the research for an in-depth post in a matter of hours, not days. I can be in touch with people like you in a matter of seconds, whereas I know from recent experience that a card takes 2 weeks to get from here to the UK. Unfortunately, though, there are those who use it as a tool for either a) pursuing their own greed, or b) disruption. I’ve often thought the same, that this must be the way those who saw what was happening in the 1930s & 1940s must have felt much the same way. Thanks for your words of encouragement, sweet Bee! 🙋

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  3. Wow what a load of crock! That US district court of Maryland should be investigated for playing politics in a criminal case. Of course I can see why the judge could not possibly charge Mr Hasson with domestic terrorism, he’s an officer of the US military. That would reflect poorly on our military superiority and standing in the world {sarcasm}. G.I. Joe Blow terrorist simply wouldn’t fit in with the official gov’t narrative: Americans can do no wrong doncha know!


    • There has always been an element in society that believes the way to achieve their goals is with violence, but you’re right … it is escalating and I don’t really see an end when we have a president who thinks it’s more important to use security resources, to harass women and children at the border than to go after these thugs. Sigh. Where does it end? I have no idea. ❤


  4. Is it possible he might have all his weapons returned to him if he is found not guilty? Wouldn’t that make his “list” of friends feel safe? I know El Dumpo has been pretty confident the 2020 election is in the bag. Is it because of people like Hasson? Given enough crack-pots (pun intended?) someone will succeed.

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    • I’m sure they won’t return his weapons before the trial. However, if he is tried and not convicted, then yes, they will return them. While he is out on bail, technically he cannot buy firearms, but you and I both know that where there’s a will, there’s a way.
      The odd thing is that these crackpots (good one, by the way) are ALWAYS Trump supporters, which I think says a lot in itself. Yes, someone will succeed … the FBI has eyes and ears all over the place, but … look at 9/11. They discounted the intel they got on that, thinking it wasn’t important. Yes, someday it will happen. Again.


      • Nowhere is immune. And with Trump confounding the issues, praising white supremicists, dissing people who like peace and social justice, America is breeding its own terrorists. (Despite the courts not calling them terrorists if they are white.) No, the world is headed for disaster from many directions. All it takes is one to succeed, the rest won’t matter.

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