I Just Couldn’t Resist …

… Concluding the week with a few little tidbits.  A couple may border on being ‘snarky snippets’, but I did not start out with that intent.

Another one  😞

Another synagogue shooting.  Another death.  More injuries.  Why?  Because we are becoming a nation of haters.  We are becoming a nation of people who think that the lighter their skin, the more worthy and deserving they are.  We are becoming a nation of “Christian” vs everybody-else.  We are becoming a bunch of jerks.  The latest in the long series of jerks is John T. Earnest, age 19, who entered Chabad of Poway synagogue north of San Diego, California, on Saturday while about 100 people were inside celebrating the final day of Passover.  He opened fire, killing Lori Kayne, age 60, and injuring four others.  One of the injured was Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, who was leading the service, and bullets penetrated both hands, shattering the bones.  Among the others injured were Noya Dahan, age 8, and Almog Peretz, age 34.

What possessed John T. Earnest to do this horrific thing?  John Earnest posted an anti-Jewish screed online about an hour before the attack. He described himself as a nursing school student and praised the suspects accused of carrying out deadly attacks on mosques in New Zealand last month and at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue Oct. 27 last year.

I. Don’t. Get. It. What the Sam Heck makes a Jew or a Muslim any less worthy than a Christian? What makes a black man less valuable than one with lighter skin?  What makes a man more important than a woman?  What makes people hate based on nothing more than superficial differences?  We may be African, Israeli, French, or Iraqi … it does not matter!  We are all a part of the human race!!!  Isn’t it about damn time people wake up and realize that???

Update on the migrant children …

I haven’t written lately about the migrant children who, upon crossing into the U.S. at the U.S.-Mexico border, had been separated from their parents.  Other things have occupied space in my mind and on my blog.  But, last night I decided it was time to check in and see what, if anything, had been happening since my last post on the subject, the one where I reported that the government had said it would take up to two years to reunite these children with their parents.  Quite by accident, my timing was good.

On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw, the same one who ordered the children be returned to their parents in June of last year, gave the administration exactly six months, not one day more, to straighten out the mess they have made.  I really like Judge Sabraw!

“It is important for all government actors to have a time frame, a deadline. You tend to stand on it.”

I will make a note to re-visit this one each month, for this is too important for us to let it fade into the background.  Trump claims there is a ‘crisis’ at the border.  Yes, there is a crisis … a humanitarian crisis in the form of potentially 2,800 children who cry for their mamá every night.

Finally, a bit of justice

The song, Too Much, Too Little, Too Late comes to mind.  Trayvon Martin’s murderer got off scot-free.  Philando Castile’s murderer got off scot-free.  Alton Sterling’s murderer got off scot-free.  Samuel DuBose’s murderer got off scot-free.  Freddie Gray’s murderers got off scot-free.  And more.  What did these have in common?  The victim was an unarmed black man, and the killer was a white police officer.

On Thursday, however, the tables turned for once.  Former Florida police officer Nouman K. Raja was sentenced to 25 years in prison for each of two counts:  manslaughter by culpable negligence and attempted first-degree murder with a firearm in the shooting death of Corey Jones.

On the night of Oct. 18, 2015, Mr. Jones was on the side of an Interstate 95 exit ramp in Palm Beach County at about 3:15 a.m. calling for a tow truck, as his vehicle had broken down. Mr. Raja, an officer with the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department who was on duty in plainclothes, approached Mr. Jones’s SUV in an unmarked van.  Mr. Raja did not identify himself as a police officer. Within moments of approaching Mr. Jones, Mr. Raja fired six shots and struck Mr. Jones three times, killing him.

Mr. Raja’s defense team tried to invoke the infamous “Stand Your Ground” law, but after listening to a recording of the incident by the tow-company’s dispatcher, that argument held no water.  This is the first time since 1989 that an officer has been sentenced for an on-duty killing in Florida.  It’s about time.

And just a few mini-snippets …

  • Attorney General William Barr is scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, May 2nd, regarding the Mueller report in general, and also over those portions he, Barr, chose to redact.  But apparently Mr. Barr did not like the format that committee chairman Jerry Nadler plans, and is now threatening to ignore the hearing.  Mr. Barr seems to think that, just as he believes the president is above the law, he himself is also above the law.  I hope he is proven wrong, and quickly before his ego has a chance to grow any bigger.

  • It is just possible (highly unlikely, but possible) that in some states next year, Donald Trump’s name will not be on the ballot!  Fourteen states are attempting to pass legislation that requires every candidate to make public their tax returns in order to qualify to be placed on the ballot.  If the legislation passes in those states, and if Trump continues to hide his tax returns, he might find himself out in the cold in states like North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, all states he won in 2016.  Just thinking about this makes me smile.

  • As our friend Gronda noted in a recent post, Fox ‘News’ commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano wrote a piece earlier this week that was fair and honest, therefore not kind to Donald Trump.  Napolitano opines that Trump is, in fact, guilty of obstruction of justice which we know to be an impeachable offense.  He concluded by saying, “… ordering obstruction to save himself from the consequences of his own behavior is unlawful, defenseless and condemnable.”  As you might guess, Trump didn’t take kindly to his own personal media venue allowing such a voice to be heard, and he came back with … what else?  Tweets, of course!Trump-tweet-1

Well, that’s a wrap, folks.  Enjoy the last few remaining hours of your weekend, and I’ll be back with Jolly Monday in the morning!

24 thoughts on “I Just Couldn’t Resist …

  1. A whole bevy of relevant point here Jill and it is hard to reply to them all without overflowing the reply box (WP has a habit of crashing on that sometimes. It’s a case of Where Does One Start?
    I’ll give you one sour note though:
    “Nouman K. Raja” and a white victim. Now if the case would have involved an officer of Caucasian descent with an ‘Anglo-Saxon’ name and the victim might have not been of Caucasian descent…..
    Just saying, that’s all

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  2. Jill, Napolitano’s piece is well-written and should have more gravitas given the personal risk he is undergoing. Former AG Sally Yates echoes the same tboughts. Yet it frustrates me how little air play these stories get.

    Former Speaker Newt Gingrich was on CBS Morning News today and he is echoing Trump’s “failed coup attempt” mantra. The CBS people pushed back on the 10,000 lies, but Gingrich basically said Trump is a business man, so he exxagerates. I worked in business, if someone lied like this, we would not do business with that person.

    What frustrates me is they brought up Senator Romney’s remarks and Gingrich blew them off as Romney does not like Trump. To me, I would have retorted with Napolitano’s op-ed. Keith


  3. Yes, Rawgod, I want to read it. And Jill…my sentiments exactly. I no longer am bothered by our eventual extinction. We seem to be a f- – -up in evolution. It’s just. Shame we will dessert many other creatures along with us.
    My consolation is that the earth will survive and prosper once we are gone.

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  4. I’ve been slowly working on my next post for blog, not because it needs a lot of work or background material or research, but because I keep losing my focus. Anyway, it is about the very first meeting between early hominids. What goes wrong? And after some time of watching each other, trying to decide how to proceed, the group with the bigger individuals suddenly attacks the smaller people, killing the males, raping and enslaving the females. They could have just walked away from each other. They could have joined forces and thus created a stronger group. But the larger and stronger males decided the other males were wimps, and they wanted their breeding members for themselves. This set the tone for the rest of time. The same reasons might not be relevant today, but humans still choose battle over peace. We have not advanced one bit from that time. We look at what divides before we look at what unites.
    As for the other things in your post, we still have those who think they are better. Nothing really changes.

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    • 😥 No, nothing really changes. Oh sure, superficial things do. Now we have instant telecommunication, and no longer have to use a stone and chisel to carve out a message. We have gadgets to do every chore imaginable to mankind. But at the core, we are are no better than we were centuries, millennium ago. We are still selfish, greedy beings. You know what I think? I think the human race was a test … and we failed the test miserably. No, opposable thumbs do NOT make a being superior. The ultimate extinction of the human race used to scare me. No longer. Now I welcome it, for we are a wart on all living things. I look forward to your post … well, given what I know, perhaps “look forward” is not the proper phrase. I will read it and I will know that it is written by a good man who would have changed the world for the better, if he only could have.

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      • Thank you, Jill. I would have loved to have been able to, but it is not really possible, is it. People have to change themselves.
        Other living things get along fine without us in the equation. They do what they are born to do, and somehow it all fits together. Humans have no idea what they are born to do, and nothing fits together. It is in fact disruptive to every other species on the planet. And now that we know how, we change DNA and we are creating new forms of old life. That life has nothing to do with evolution, natural selection, or any of Mother Nature’s tried and true methods. These things are foreigners, aliens, and not that there is anything wrong with being a true foreigner or alien, but they are not part of life as we know it. They have no niche. And neither do we!
        This is not a happy realization, yet it is a true one.

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  5. What makes someone commit these hate crimes and write manifestos? First, mental illness…in other words, a defective brain.
    Throw in a dash of questionable or abusive parenting, influence of bad friends, indoctrination of far right religious beliefs through fear and intimidation, our love affair with violence…look at movies and TV, maybe drugs or alcohol, repressed anger and have you listened some of the horrible and violent phrases in some current types of music? Not to mention our current political atmosphere with all the racism and hatred hailed as some very fine people

    Seems rather self evident…

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  6. I’m wondering what tempting little bribe I can offer the other States to adopt the same legislation to carry only those candidates who provide tax rebates. We could bankrupt the NRA or the ‘Conservative Christians’ who would have to bribe everyone to get the legislation revoked to keep a Republican up there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like the way you think! Unfortunately, some of those states are so red that there is little hope for them. And also unfortunately, even the states who DO pass this legislation are likely to be struck down in the courts. But, the intent speaks volumes, doesn’t it? sigh. The NRA is suffering some internal problems at the moment that could, if not resolved, lead to their ultimate demise, or at the very least a reduction in their relevance. But, I’m not holding my breath. And the evangelicals? They have nothing anyway, beyond an overblown sense of self-worth and self-righteousness. And the ear of the sad-excuse-of-a-president. It is rather a dire situation, but I admit taking a bit of joy from the mental image of a die-hard Trump supporter going to the polls next year and finding that his hero’s name is not even on the ballot!

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  7. As you were asking your questions in the section related to the synagogue shooting, you asked: What makes a man more important than a woman? As I read that, it made me shudder a little. And wonder: is this the next step? It may sound ridiculous, preposterous, absurd , but …

    In the world we’re currently living in, it seems “anything goes” and the consequences seem to fall by the wayside.

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    • You’re right … anything goes. For some, my words are already reality. Remember a few months ago when a woman, having been abused by her husband, was told by the leader of their church to “submit” to her husband? There is still a wage differential in many large companies between men and women doing the same job. Women are still discriminated against in the workplace. Not always, but enough. It is chilling. It is chilling that there is a growing bias against African-Americans. It is chilling that the courts uphold a business that discriminates and refuses to serve a gay person. It is chilling that we are told to fear the Muslim immigrant, to fear the Latino trying to make a better life for his family, when in fact the biggest threat to our safety resides right in our neighborhoods … those who believe their pale skin gives them carte blanch to hate everyone else. 😥


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