It’s rant time….

Probably close to half of my most frequent readers are citizens of the United Kingdom and many have truly become good friends. Therefore, I have learned much from them about things transpiring on their side of the pond, Brexit of course being the biggest and most divisive, but other issues are worrying to them as well.

One of those friends, Gary, has written a post that I felt worth sharing, in part because it is an eloquent and heartfelt piece, in part because it helps us understand some of what our friends across the pond are dealing with, and in part because much of what he writes about is happening here in the U.S. as well.

I don’t live in the UK, so I make no attempt to judge from afar the Brexit issue or any other, but I think it’s important for us to understand that they have their troubles, and many of them aren’t much different than our own. I hope you’ll take a couple of minutes to read Gary’s post.

A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent.

I’ve talked about walks quite a bit recently. Hopefully I won’t stray too much onto old ground on this rant. Apologies it is a rant.

One of the benefits of a walk in nature is that it helps you forget about our world, my country.

Deep breathing and it begins…..

We are so lucky to be sitting on this magical rock, in this special little place in the Universe. We live on a planet which is beautiful and can provide for all of us (if we let it).

I live in a stunning county in a once lovely and diverse country.

I used to love my country but I deeply hate what it has become.

A place where someone thinks it’s ok to string dead Jackdaws on the gates to a TV presenters house because he makes a stand for animals in our country.

A place where one of our…

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13 thoughts on “It’s rant time….

  1. Good share Jill.
    A few more folk with mouths where their brains are need to read Gary’s post
    Yep, we are in a mess. It’s hard to say when it all started. Truth be known we’ve probably always been in a mess of one sort or another only these days with the media in all its forms we are more aware of it.
    Nothing new here folks, just move on…
    Ah yeah, but don’t forget to blame someone else and support the most simplistic sweeping generalisation solution some loud-mouth with their foot in the media door comes up with.
    Meanwhile blame Westminster & the MPs for this mess…Of course it’s all their fault. I mean they invented Brexit didn’t they?….It’s not like 52% of the public voted one way, 48% voted the other….that’s those who bothered to vote, I mean it’s not like the public has had any say in the matter is it?
    I mean it’s not anyone’s fault apart from ‘those MPs’ is it?
    As one hard-left guy I knew back in the 1970s once said to me. ‘You know the trouble with this county is everyone knows their civil rights, but no one knows their civil responsibilities,’
    A few more folk with mouths where their brains are need to read Gary’s post.

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  2. It is a great rant, and actually not so much a rant as a perceptive view of what society has become.

    I really want to see politics revamped. In my local elections I could find only one candidate that I was willing to vote for. I did not base it so much on party, as what the individuals brought to the table. I will not name the parties, because for me they are not relevant. I tend to follow the guide of Dr Brian May (Guitarist for Queen), who says use common sense and vote for candidates with good conscience, truth, and genuine determination to make the world a better place.

    The first candidate was a tongue-in-cheek independent rebel obviously trying to point out how we all vote on selfish agendas and he had chosen several issues only of importance to himself. So No Vote for him

    The second was wishy washy, extolling his virtues as a model scholar and executive, competent in running the status quo. So no vote for him.

    The third candidate was up his own bum and posted lots of pics of his social gatherings in pubs and had little to say on how he intended to work on local issues. So no vote for him. Incidentally, he turned out to be someone that my husband had worked with years before I met him. After I made my decision, my husband smirked, and said, “Yes, he’s a total pratt!”

    The next candidate was young (so I was hoping) but his brashness and hard line attitude, mixed with hard line partying and vulgarisims when I checked out his social media. No vote for him.

    There were three more candidates that were clones of the above descriptions. No vote for them.

    I found one (out of the two I am allowed) to vote for. He was barely acceptable, but he did use his social media to focus on some local issues and he had bothered to read a long report on how city centre commercial space might be developed by 2030. He was the only candidate that I saw not extolling his own virtues, but genuinely looking at issues that affect people’s lives. He was also young, giving a voice to a demographic that often feels ignored. He had no experience, but there was enthusiasm and that goes a long way to helping society. His party isn’t what I would have picked, but then, I have issues with all of them.

    Sorry, for long reply, but I think Gary will actually understand the tiredness that all of us Brits feel with the old ways of supporting politicians.

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    • Yes, I didn’t see it so much as a rant as an assessment of the status quo today. Gary rants much more gently than I do 🤣

      Sounds like you have some real winners over there … not. Yes, you guys have more than your share of troubles as I know from you, Gary, Roger, David, Bee, Mick and many others. We have some good candidates, but I have a terrible dark feeling about next year’s election and thus the future of this country.

      Hang in there, my friend … try to find something to smile about each day, even if only for a minute. ❤

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