Jolly is Back … Sort of …

jollyWelcome to Monday, friends.  You’ll be pleased to know that Jolly is back … (he’s still under the weather and not quite himself, but don’t tell him I said so) and determined to show up today to help start your week out on the right foot.

So, grab a treat and a cuppa something and let’s go in search of the fun and funny, shall we?


A fool and his money …

So you think you cannot afford a nice vacation this year?  Think again!  For as little as $19.99, you can have a marvelous vacation at Disney World, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, or even Hawaii! Or, at least, you can make your friends think you did.

The company is called Fake A Vacation  and, according to their website …

Can’t make a vacation or vacations are expensive. How about “Fake Vacation”. Now you can fake a vacation and don’t have to be an expert. No messing around with pictures, photo-editing, learning or worrying about perfection, leave that on us. The professionals in the industry for it.

Get your vacation pictures delivered in your inbox and get ready to brag to your friends on where you went. We take care of everything from providing pictures to educating you about the destination. Excited!!

Do you know more than 33% of men say they faked a vacation and the number of millennial doing it is  56%. Vacations are expensive and almost always over budget. So next time when you can’t make a vacation, fake a vacation.

They advertise on such notable venues as Fox ‘News’, Daily Mail, New York Post, and Mashable, so they must be a straight-up business, right?  Sheesh … have people really got nothing better to do with their money?  Remember that expression … “A fool and his money are soon parted”?  Seems there are companies like this one looking to assist in that parting.

When in Idaho …

Back in 2012, the Idaho Potato Commission commissioned a giant potato sculpture to mark its 75th anniversary.  For the past seven years, the potato has toured the nation promoting … potatoes.  Well, the day came that the commission decided they needed a new potato, but what to do with the old one?  I mean, one doesn’t just throw away a perfectly good potato, right?potato-1And so was born the Big Idaho Potato Hotel.  Now, I think that calling it a ‘hotel’ is a bit of a stretch, for it only accommodates one person or couple at a time, but so be it.  The structure is 28 feet long, 12 feet wide and 11-1/2 feet tall, weighs six tons, and the bathroom is in a nearby detached silo.

The Big Idaho Potato Hotel has now been outfitted with insulation, a wood floor, electricity, running water, heating and air conditioning. The room is furnished with a queen-sized bed, two chairs and an antler chandelier. The hotel is listed on Airbnb for $200 per night and reservations begin in late May.

Here’s one you don’t hear every day …

A man named Dion Calloway is an experienced skydiver and last weekend he and some friends went for a dive out in Sonoma County, California.  As he was falling, a gust of wind caught him in just the wrong way and … his leg flew off!  Did I mention that Dion wears a prosthetic leg?

When he landed, he and his friends went in search of the $15,000 appendage, but with no luck. Dion-legOn Monday morning, employees at the Cloverdale Lumber Yard arrived to work and were scratching their heads, puzzled by the sight of a prosthetic leg in the yard.  They called the Sheriff’s department who did some investigating and found that Mr. Calloway had reported his leg missing to airport staff the previous day.  Happily, the man and his leg were soon reunited.

Dion-leg-2But the ultimate irony is that Dion lost his natural leg a few years ago in a skydiving accident!  Personally, by now I would have decided to keep my feet … er, foot … on the ground, but Dion says he will fashion a tether to ensure it doesn’t happen again, and will soon be right back up in the air!  My hat is off to him!

And what would Jolly Monday be without a cute animal video.  Jolly picked this one out himself.

jollyAnd now it’s time for you to go work or something, and leave me to my chores, for it is Monday and as you can see, the house is in sore need of some attention today.  Please share your smiles with others today, for they are even more valuable when shared.  Keep safe and have a wonderful week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly!

30 thoughts on “Jolly is Back … Sort of …

  1. POTATOES DON’T HAVE ANTLERS! Nor do they have any need for them. Deer have antlers, and they need them (Why else would they have them?) KEEP ANTLERS ON DEER!

    Extinction Rebellion has something going for it. I knew nothing about it till Colette told me about it the other day. But it harkens back to the things I was saying a year or two ago. Get off your duffs and rebel. Use civil disobedience. I never thought about the Common Sense angle. I had forgotten about it, it was so long ago I last read it. But I gave up shouting when Gronda asked me not to comment on her blog anymore. Maybe I should have disobeyed her request. But I obeyed, and that shut me up. Go, Extinction Rebellion!

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    • Ha ha … when I looked at those ‘antlers’, my first thought was that it made the potato look like one I threw away from my veggie bowl a few weeks back,, for it had ‘antlers’ growing from its eyes!

      It is gaining in size and getting some media attention. I hear they are starting up here, as well. Did you watch the video Bee sent? As I listened to the guy, I thought of you, thought of the many times that you have said almost the exact same thing.


    • A few Saturdays ago, we went out and stopped at several different places. I’ve never seen so many discarded pieces of clothing in parking lots in my life! In one, there was a hat, in another a glove, and in another a shoe! But the kicker was on our last stop … I was exhausted (I don’t handle shopping well at all) and decided to go out to the car and leave the girls to shop, and on my way back to the car, I saw a discarded pair of men’s jeans! I tried not to speculate the hows and whys of this, but it was hard to keep my mind from it. 😉

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  2. Jill, from a fake vacation to a lost and found fake leg. One says perception is more important than reality, while the other helps make one’s reality better. Keith

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    • Good summation. I find it sad that people are so concerned about what others think that they will throw money away that could be used for much more important things, just to provide a fake image of their life.


  3. “Namaste, Miss Jill! It’s me, Benjamin. Did you forget my juicebox? Was it an accident? I like the sprinkled donut, but you burned the toast again. I like the house potato with a potty in it, you need that in your house. The animal videos are funny. But, the vacation video is bad cause you don’t tell a lie and that is a lie. I’m happy to see Jolly. A neckbuster hug and a kiss for you and Jolly from me. Bye and thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Benjamin!!! Namaste! Yes, I’m so sorry but I did forget your juicebox. I promise to remember next week, though! Jolly was actually the one who burnt the toast, for he was thinking about his girlfriend, I think. You are so right … the fake vacations are a BIG lie, and it is never right to lie. I’m glad you know that, because a lot of people seem to forget it. I already have too much stuff in my house and I have 3 potties, so I don’t think I would have room for the potato house! I love you and I hope you have a fun week! Thanks for the neckbuster hug! Those always make me happy! And here’s a hug 🤗 and a kiss 😘 for you! ❤


      • Ah Jill, Benjamin was not saying that you needed the potato house in your house. He was potty obsessed when toilet training over 3 years ago. The first thing that he looked for when entering a new house, store or restaurant was…where is the potty? As long as he knew where it was, no problem but he had to know. Not that he used the facilities often while out and about, he just needed to know that they were there…just in case. He was saying that the he liked the potato house and the potty because a house needs a potty!

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        • Ahhhh … my mistake!!! He would love my house, then, for in a small townhouse, only 1,190 square feet, I have 3 bathrooms … I know this because I seem to spend half my day cleaning them! 🙂


  4. Happy Monday Jill. I think our whole world has become fake and largely at the expense of the real world. When did we stop caring about life, but start pretending we have the best life? And who exactly do we fool? Next stop, virtual reality. Then, we can pretend we are living a wonderful life filled with fake nature, fake surroundings and fake air and oceans, when we are living underground because everything is dead. Not a very jolly picture.

    I shall now start to look up more often, there may be prosthetic limbs falling from the sky! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy Monday to you too, my friend. Sigh. The picture you paint is deeply depressing … I shan’t be around to live like that. Yes, do look out for falling limbs! Have a good week, Colette, as much as possible.

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  5. Good post, Jill. I wouldn’t even waste money on a fake vacation if I was that tight for money. Any friend who cares less about you if you didn’t go on one isn’t needed. What kind of friend are they? I always enjoy the cute animal videos. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  6. The fake vacations are the reductio ad absurdum of a commodified culture! How sad — and just a bit sick. Let’s work to be even more dishonest, shall we? But the potato hotel is a wise use of a “product” that would otherwise have to be wasted. Clever. And I won’t even bother to comment about the man who keeps jumping out of planes despite repeated warnings! Thanks to Jolly and may he recover fully soon!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I found the ‘fake vacation’ thing sad, too. That someone would spend money to show off to their friends, that it matters so much to people what others think. The potato hotel is kind of cool, but it gets downright cold in Idaho and I wouldn’t relish having to get up and go outside to get to the silo for the bathroom in the middle of the night. 😉 Jolly is actually down in the rabbit hole at the moment, and I don’t know but he may be terminal. But, I won’t let my readers know that 😉 Have a great week, my friend!

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