Happy National Honesty Day!

I began getting a daily email of the “National Day” events a few months ago, for our friend Ellen occasionally teased me for not knowing that it was a certain “National Day” on the calendar. It has become a nightly ritual for me to read off the many national days on a nightly basis, to my girls, and we have a bit of fun over such things as National Hug-a-Plumber Day, National Shrimp Scampi Day, etc.  However, as I was reading off the National Days last night, one in particular caught my eye.  I pondered, and daughter Chris said she could smell the wheels turning (a bit of rust … the wheels need to be oiled).

National Honesty Day is celebrated on April 30 in the United States to encourage honesty and straightforward communication in politics, relationships, consumer relations and historical education. It was invented by M. Hirsh Goldberg, who chose the last day of April for two reasons. First, since the first day of that month, which is April Fools’ Day, celebrates falsehoods. Second, it is the anniversary of the First inauguration of George Washington on April 30, 1789.

Trump-pinocchioBy now, I’m sure you know where my mind is headed, yes?  Interestingly, this month, according to The Washington Post Fact Checker, Trump logged his 10,000th lie since taking office!  I debated writing a little made-up conversation with Trump in which I asked questions and he answered honestly, since it is Honesty Day, but even when I allowed my creativity to flow freely, I simply could not imagine him telling the truth.  So, instead I thought I’d feature a few ‘toons related to the subject.  But first, a bit of related trivia I came across:

  • According to Times Dispatch, a recent Gallup poll found that nurses are the most honest people. In contrast, lobbyists, salesmen, and members of Congress are supposedly the least honest people. (This was from 2012, in the ‘pre-Trump era.)

  • Book-of-LiesAccording to Goldberg’s book The Book of Lies: Fibs, Tales, Schemes, Scams, Fakes, and Frauds That Have Changed The Course of History and Affect Our Daily Lives, the average person lies about 200 times a day with lies including omission and white lies.  (Seriously???)

  • According to a poll conducted by London’s Science Museum upon 3,000 British citizens, the average British man tells three lies a day, while the average woman tells two lies a day. The average lie for a man is “I didn’t drink that much!” and for a woman it is “Nothings wrong, I’m fine”. Also according to the poll, people are more than likely to lie to their mothers.

Trump-lie-1trump-lie-2Trump-lie-3Ed Wexler / Cagle CartoonsBruce Plante Cartoon: Trump's "Best People"Donald Trump lies


And my own personal favourite …


37 thoughts on “Happy National Honesty Day!

  1. Jill, Malcolm Gladwell in his book “Outliers,” wrote of 10,000 of practice to make someone highly proficient at a discipline be it music, sport, programming, research, etc.
    In this vein, 10,000 lies makes the President highly proficient at lying. After witnessing his boss lie about a conversation with the Australian PM, Former Economic Advisor Gary Cohn called him a “prodigious liar.”


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    • And to think … that 10,000 is only since his inauguration! How many in the 70 years prior? How does anybody sleep at nights after living such a falsehood of a life? I may be poor, but I’m a lot happier being me than I would be being he.


  2. According to The Book of Lies, at 200 lies a day, Trump would be a rank amateur. The “average” American would have told well over 150,000 lies since Trump took office. If he is only at 10,000 lies he in incredible honest. But we know that is a lie, so it must be that the Book of Lies itself is lying. I am more inclined to believe the British stats, coming from someone who had to learn to be a professional liar at an early age, just to survive.
    How many people does the average person speak to in one day? 20 to 50, depending on one’s occupation? 100? That a lot of lies to each person. (Being honest, it was Gail who said the Book of Lies” is lying.) Does that still count as a lies of omission for me?

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    • I strongly suspect that 200-per-day figure is either a misprint, or a joke, for I don’t speak 200 sentences a day! Surely every word out of my mouth is not a lie. Like you, I’m more inclined to believe the British stats, especially as I know that every woman in the entire world has used that “Nothing is wrong, I’m fine” one time and time again, including yours truly. I’m betting Gail has used it a time or two also. 20-50 interactions a day? Well, I guess if you count blog comments and email, I have hundreds a day, but actual face-to-face communications is usually limited to 2 per day, and about once a week, maybe 15-20.


              • Yeah, that’ll be the day. I used to work in a warehouse, and made my way up to warehouse supervisor. I totally streamlined the operating procedure so orders were filled faster, with fewer mistakes than before. What thanks did I get? “Why don’t you cut your hair? I hate bringing customers here to show off our warehouse and have to introduce them to you.”
                But I got my due, kind of, when the big boss was visiting from back east. My boss told him to ask me to cut my hair, and he asked, “Does he do the job you hired him to do?” My boss answered, “Well, yes.” And the big boss said, “Then why do you want him to cut his hair?”
                My boss turned red, and scurried into his office… But he hated me more after that. I finally quit. No way was I giving in to an a$$hole.

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                • Wow. Your boss was indeed an asshole, and I won’t even bother to substitute the ‘s’es. But, I’m impressed with the head honcho who understood that it isn’t what a person looks like, or how they conform to society’s norms, but the job they do. I had a boss one time, Tom Rapien, who was a jerk. He took me to lunch one day for the sole purpose of asking me who in the company was gay! I refused to answer, told him I had no idea, for it didn’t matter and wasn’t my business. He kept pushing, saying, “I know you’re friends with everybody … what about Brian? Is Brian gay?” I was so furious … but then came my annual “review”. Now, I did a decent job, gave it my all. I never put in less than 60 hours per week, and often 80-100, even though I was on salary and did not get paid overtime. So, he couldn’t find a damn thing substantive to nail me on, so he said, “Well, one time I noticed you were interviewing a potential applicant and you wore corduroy pants, so I’m taking points off of your evaluation.” I worked there until I retired in 2008. He was terminated in 2005. Sigh. The ‘good ol’ days’.


  3. Jill, Jill, Jill…I was waiting to see if you would make use of this “National” day and you have not disappointed me. You are a “Johnny Come Lately”, or Jill as it were, to the celebration of this day! It first came across my radar in 1993 upon reading an article written by M. Hirsh Goldberg himself about the day and the book (“The Book of Lies” is strongly recommended reading, as is “The Blunder Book”) although I no longer recall exactly where. Permit me if you will, as my P for L is just warming up, to point out two errors in the information you included. National Day calendar is interesting and entertaining, but in this case ill advised. National, as applied to this day, is untruthful in and of itself. There are no congressional records or presidential proclamations establishing it as a national observation. Might I add, there is little hope of that happening any time soon. There is no connection, except by date alone, with George Washington’s first inauguration. The cherry tree myth, albeit not George’s doing, is not factual and makes the connection less believable. Mr. Goldberg gives out “Honest Abe Awards” on this day because of Abraham Lincoln’s well known virtue of honesty. I am proud to say that the nursing profession was so honored in 2007. Over the years it has been said more than once that Honesty Day was a gimmick to sell the book. In all honesty, I can neither validate nor refute these claims. What I can say in all honesty and well beyond any reasonable doubt…Trump will never receive the Honest Abe Award! Love the cartoons! Thank-you!

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        • I’m guessing that is more or less in Spanish, it seems to me that I have heard those words somewhere before. I must apologize for making a joke at your expense, it was unkind at best. I strive not to be unkind and have failed miserably. I only tease you about “hits” because I know that they are not the driving force behind your work on this blog. Then again, the amount of hits are not revealed by the amount of comments…are they? Which means that, little do I know, there could be a bazillion hits on this worthy post! Thank-you for forgiving my breach of manners, you do don’t you ?!

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          • Indeed, it is ‘more or less’. There sometimes seems to be no rhyme nor reason to why one post goes over well, while another flops. There are some topics I know will flop, such as starving children in Africa … most people really don’t care. Idiot of the Week was always popular, and sometimes I think about reviving it. Anyway … what the heck are you apologizing for??? You did nothing that hurt or offended me, silly! You were not unkind at all! There is absolutely nothing for me to forgive, but if there were, then of course I would forgive you. Now smile!


    • Whew!!! I am so glad that, just this once, I have lived up to your expectations! Yes, I knew it was not “officially” a national day, but in truth, it should be. I mean, let’s face it, it is more worthy than “National hug-a-plumber day”!!! I will definitely have to take a look at Goldberg’s book(s) … another new bit of knowledge! No ma’am, Herr Trump will never ever ever win the Honest Abe award, though Playboy Magazine may have some award for which he qualifies.


      • The vast majority of the National Day Calendar’s national days are honestly not national by a presidential proclamation…else, what else would a president be doing all day other than signing proclamations. Although, at least it would keep one particular president otherwise occupied, were he able to read the big words! These “national days” are mostly bought and handsomely paid for by those wishing to promote one thing or another. There are of course, some that are actually by presidential proclamation such as Reagan’s National Ice Cream Day back in the 80’s. Whether actually a presidentially proclaimed holiday or not…they add humor to a day when otherwise there might be none to be found. They certainly provide some for me! Thank-you!

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        • I actually knew this one, and in fact many of them, weren’t national holidays, and some of them are so ridiculous that I figure they are just basically for the purpose of humour. But, it is fun … the girls and I giggle over it most every night. And this one, Honesty Day, was just too perfect to pass up!


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