Time For ‘Toons!

‘Tis time for a few ‘toons to lighten things up, don’t you think?  I sometimes wonder, once Trump is gone and hopefully out of our lives forever, will half of the political cartoonists be in line at the unemployment office?  For today, though, they have plenty of fodder for the grist mill.

Starting, of course, with Attorney General William Barr …

Bruce Plante Cartoon: Mueller's letter to BarrBarr-2barr-3

This week, Trump hit the 10,000 mark on the lies he has told since taking office.  Now, we all know he’s told more lies than that, but those are just the ones that are confirmed by The Washington Post’s Fact Checker.


Also this week, Trump announced that he plans to change the rules for asylum seekers.  He plans to charge them money that they don’t have, and limit their rights to work to earn money — in other words, he is essentially halting any migrants from seeking asylum in this country.  It is, in my book, an illegal move, but when has legality ever been a problem for him?


Robert Mueller’s investigation confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt, that which we already knew — that Russia did interfere with our 2016 election for the purpose of getting Trump elected, knowing he could be played like a puppet.


I’m retired now, but back when I worked, this was always how I felt among my coworkers …


I’ve made the point numerous times in the past few weeks that Trump is trashing the rule of law in this country.  He and William Barr, among others, seem to feel that the laws of the land do not apply to them.

rule-of-lawrule-of-law-2Question of impeachmentrule-of-law-4

And finally … just a few bits ‘n pieces I found …


34 thoughts on “Time For ‘Toons!

  1. Political cartoons allow us to laugh at the unlaughable, that is an art in itself! My sense of humor is getting trampled along with just about everything else within Trump’s reach. I like rawgod’s suggestion, though you will have to wade deeply into the swamp to find something remotely funny. Thank-you!

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    • I think all of us are finding it harder these days to find our sense of humour. I actually am planning to act on rawgod’s suggestion … once I thought about it, I thought it might be good for a few laughs, AND nobody could ever accuse me of presenting only one side, right? 🤣

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  2. Political cartoonists take aggravating facts and give them life. And laughter.
    But what about republican-leaning cartoonists, what are they putting out? How about giving us a glimpse from the other side (if there is one!)? I bet your readers would find them even funnier than these.

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          • Tune in. Turn on. Drop out. Directions on how to become a hippie, courtesy of Dr. Timothy Leary.
            When you start to put them into the past tense, tuned in, is okay, but turned on become a whole different kettle of birds. It leads to that sex stuff…

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            • Ahhhhh … Timothy Leary! Now I get it. I literally wracked my brain on that one. Tonight I started work on your suggestion for tomorrow’s (Saturday’s) afternoon post, but … do you realize the angst if one spends time at conservative news sites??? I got sidetracked and am STILL not sure where this post is going … have to wait and see. Sex stuff? Where? Turned on is nice …


              • Yes, I know that angst. It even made me run. But I cannot believe so many people can repeat the same ideas over and over and not examine them for what they are. Maybe it’s just one person writing under hundreds of different names. The words were structured differently, but it all came down to the same things, which I refuse to repeat on a Social Justice Website. SJWs are a swear word to them…

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                • I did manage the post … it will be out in about 2 hours … and while it made me want to start throwing things, it also made me think. We really DO need to look at these sites sometimes, to see what the “other side” is saying. It almost explains why the right think as they do, for they are fed a steady diet of being told that democrats are evil, are out to get them, etc. I’m thinking to try to make a point to read at least a bit on those sites each week, to try to gain a better understanding.


                  • Just don’t put on the blinders conservatives wear, and don’t stay long. Come up for air regularly, or you will forget how to breathe. And yes, it is necessary, but it is hard to cope with. I travelled there with good intentions, but the land was so filled with sickness I could not stay without getting sick myself. As I said above, I ran.

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                    • Oh there’s no danger of that! No, I couldn’t stay long … it’s sickening, maddening, but I also realize that knowing WHAT they are putting out there gives us another tool to combat the ignorance. I won’t go there often nor will I stay long. I haven’t lost my self-preservation mode completely yet. 😉


  3. Jill, it is amazing how the Trump sycophants can rationalize trashing our constitution and checks and balances to support a man who truly is undeserving. I think his trashing of the firefighters union for supporting Biden may have caused even more damage than the acquisescent Barr.

    Also, his unwillingness to have due diligence done on people vying for jobs is still amazing. Financial reporters have long said Trump does not have the patience for due diligence – it was not very hard to confirm that Cain and Moore were not good candidates for the Federal Reserve. The same has held true with more than a few candidates. This is why he uses acting directors as he does not take the time to do it right.


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    • Under normal circumstances, his actions and words would make him his own worst enemy. But, in this world of alternative facts, of hyper-partisanship, divisiveness, hatred and more, it seems that the worse he gets, the more his base love him! I have yet to figure it out. Well, for one thing he’s feeding their bigotry, like his decision to allow health care workers to refuse to treat a transgender person on the grounds that it violates their religious beliefs. I guess they judge him only on what matters to them individually, and simply ignore the rest.

      I laughed today when I read that Stephen Moore had withdrawn his name from consideration for the position on the Federal Reserve. Pretty soon, Trump may run out of boot-lickers! What will he do then?


      • Jill, apparently Moore was surprised too. His letter of withdrawal arrived after Trump’s announcement and Moore saying everythimg waa a go.

        What is underreported beneath the untruthfulness, chaos and name-calling is the incompetence 0( doing basic things. Not counting people like Moore and Cain who withdrew before being nominated, Trump has seen 62 of his nominees withdraw. Plus, the turnover rate is well beyond other White Houses and unfilled positions are rampant. Keith

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        • Heh heh … I would feel a bit sorry for Moore, but he’s such a jerk that I can find no empathy for him.

          Basically, then, our government is unraveling like a sock with a loose thread. Ripe for the plucking, so to speak. I understand that Trump had an hour-long call with Putin this morning where they discussed, among other things, the Mueller report. Is this appropriate? I think not, but then … what is anymore?


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