Trampling The Constitution — Part I


Mueller letter to Barr – page 1


Mueller letter to Barr — page 2

The above letter was written to Attorney General William Barr by Special Counselor Robert Mueller on March 27th, just three days after Barr presented an abbreviated 4-page “summary” of the full report.  Mr. Mueller followed up with a subsequent phone call in which he again expressed his displeasure at Barr’s handling of the report.  Robert Mueller has spent the better part of two years digging and investigating the Russian’s influence over our election, as well as the relationships between Trump, his family, and his campaign staff with the Russians who were de facto interfering with our elections.  He is much more well-versed and knowledgeable on this topic than William Barr, who has only been in his position since February 14th, less than three months, but Barr purported to know more than Mueller about what Mueller’s own report said.

Yesterday, Barr testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, headed by Trump sycophant Lindsey Graham.  When asked about Mr. Mueller’s letter, Barr discounted it, saying he thought it was “a little snitty”, and concluded it was probably written by a staffer rather than Mueller himself.  Excuse me?  Under the circumstances, it seems to me that the letter was quite cordial. And, he called Barr in person to follow up, so that rather negates the idea that a ‘staffer’ wrote the letter.

I have heard it said numerous times over the past month that AG Barr is acting more like Trump’s personal attorney than the attorney general who took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution.  I would agree.

Barr attempted to blame the media for Mueller’s displeasure of his handling of the report, but as you will note, at no point did Robert Mueller even mention the media.  He tried to argue that Trump directing Don McGahn to “get rid of” Mueller did not constitute obstruction of justice.  Barr claimed that Trump never told McGahn to “fire” Mueller but rather to remove him from his position due to alleged conflicts of interest.  First, there was no conflict of interest, and second, that is splitting hairs. In May 2017, the Department of Justice made clear that Mueller had no ethical conflicts and was perfectly capable of overseeing the special counsel investigation.  It was a month later that Trump told McGahn to get rid of Mueller.

Senator Kamala Harris asked Barr one simple question:  Did anyone in the White House ask or suggest that he open an investigation into a person or people?  Easy, right?  Barr, who has a good, solid education and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from George Washington University Law School, struggled to understand the meaning of the word ‘suggest’.  He stumbled about with that question, never actually answering it.  Now, you can make of that what you will, but … I take it as outright obfuscation, and why, unless there is something to hide, would he struggle with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question that contains the word ‘suggest’ … a word most of us knew and understood by age five?

Senator Patrick Leahy asked this question:

“Special counsel [Mueller] did uncover evidence of underlying crimes here, including one that directly implicated the president. Did we learn, due to the special counsel’s investigation that Donald Trump known as “Individual 1″ in the Southern District of New York, directing hush payments as part of a criminal scheme to violate campaign finance laws. That matter was discovered by special counsel [and] referred to the [United States Attorney for the] Southern District in New York. Is that correct?”

Barr answered simply: “Yes.”  This is, by the way, a felony.Barr-Senate-Judiciary-CommitteeOkay, so that covers the highlights of Barr’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, though I do have more to say another time about Lindsey Graham, but that must wait.  Today, then, Barr was scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary Committee, but apparently yesterdays testimony must have given him a tummy-ache, for he is declining the ‘invitation’ to testify.  Not only that … the full un-redacted version of the Mueller report was subpoenaed with a deadline of yesterday, but it was not produced and all indications are that Barr has no intention of producing it.

Some House democrats have called to begin impeachment against Barr, but Nancy Pelosi, again the calmer head, prevailed when she suggested it would detract from the greater issue of the investigations into Trump, so they have decided to ‘give him a day or two’ to have a change of heart.  If he fails to do so, then they will seek a contempt citation against Mr. Barr.Warren-on-BarrPersonally, I am of a mind that we should impeach the entire corrupt administration and start over.  Of course, my opinion is largely irrelevant, so don’t hold your breath on that one.  However, we need to step back a minute and take a look at the big picture.  There is enough factual evidence, even in the redacted version of the Mueller report that we have, to know that Donald Trump did, in fact, obstruct justice.  However, he and his trained pets in the form of Barr, Graham, and others, are continuing to obstruct justice, making the case against them stronger by the day.  How so?  By ignoring subpoenas, or in Trump’s case, suing those who have received subpoenas, tying the matter up in court and disrupting the flow of information.

Folks, what Trump, Barr and others are doing is criminal.  It is a crime against the U.S. Constitution, and it is a crime against We the People, We the Citizens, We the Taxpayers.  I am not exaggerating when I say that our very system of ‘separation of powers’, of ‘checks and balances’, of ‘rule of law’ are being trampled as never before.  If Trump & Co. get by with this, if they are allowed to impede the investigative committees, then it will have been confirmed that Trump and his cabinet members are, in fact, above the law, that the law only applies to us peons, not to them.  And you know what the next step is, if that happens?  Think about it.

44 thoughts on “Trampling The Constitution — Part I

  1. The Founding Fathers must be constantly spinning! There are many times when I think that I can not really be experiencing this national nightmare, but only dreaming. Then more often, I wish that I were only dreaming. 2020 seems so far away and the hope of many Democratic victories at times seems merely wishful thinking. Should that hope be dashed come 2020, I shudder to think about what would come next…truly the things that nightmares are made of, I’m sure. Thank-you!

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    • For a long time after Trump was elected … maybe a year or more … I genuinely kept expecting to wake up one morning to find that it had all been just a really bad nightmare, that Barack Obama was still in the White House, and all was well with the world. Somewhere along the line, I stopped expecting that and came to realize that this is our new reality. I started writing a book a while back … the premise was that a few of the Founding Fathers somehow returned to earth in the year 2018 and … well, you can imagine their horror at how their work has been misconstrued and misused! Especially the 2nd Amendment! However, I am not good at writing fiction, and it resides in a folder in my laptop with the hopes that perhaps one day I will find an imagination, a bit of creativity.


    • It wouldn’t matter … they see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear. I’m convinced that Trump was right when, back in 2015, he claimed he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and he wouldn’t lose followers. His followers are that blind. Luckily, they are not in the majority, but still …

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            • Now that, I couldn’t say. One part of me hopes that happens, for it’s time for us to say “ENOUGH!”, and what better way to show our displeasure, our angst. The other part, however, knows that in the current environment it will lead to violence and almost certain loss of life. That may become the only solution, but I’d prefer peaceful solutions if possible.


                • No, there is no need for violence, but with the current state of divisiveness in this nation … I think there is no possibility of protests along these lines without violence erupting. Plus … remember that the Trump supporters are the ones who have arsenals and would not hesitate to use them. And … while I agree that it may come to that … who is there to effectively lead a mass uprising? Oh where is Martin Luther King when we need him???


                    • great, more of this right-wing and their guns nonsense. How about the left when they rioted after Hillary lost or antifa who throw bottles of urine at people during protests, all documented on the net.

                      This silly right-left paradigm has got to stop because each side perpetuates and calls for violence in its own way under its own divisive beliefs.

                      You can’t hold a whole political side guilty because of a few nutjobs who would choose their guns over their families or who have stockpiles of ammunition. It’s silly and illogical.

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                    • Nearly 40,000 people died from gunshots in 2018, and more than 100,000 injured. I think that qualifies as a bit more than “a few nutjobs”. The U.S. has THE HIGHEST per capita number of gun deaths, far exceeding any other nation. How is this not a problem?


                    • True. But the right-wing extremists have been doing a lot of stockpiling. A lot more than the left. It’s an empirical question, you’d have todo a count. The majority of the domestic terror attacks have been by done by right wing magazine supporters. Still, it shouldn’t be an impossible task to hold non violent rallies and elections.

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                    • The right-wing ones are the ones with arsenals in their basements, garages or spare bedrooms. But what really makes them scary is that they believe their rights are more important than those of the rest of us. No, it shouldn’t be impossible to hold peaceful, noon-violent protests, but … when you have a “leader” who encourages violence …

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  2. This is clearly a whitewash of justice, pun intended. Sen Graham was particularly distasteful with his counter allegations of Democrats’ wrongdoings, including Hillary’s email servers! I guess Repubs will never let that issue go regardless of the hypocrisy… I recall Trump & family also used personal email for official business… OOOPSIE!

    Still wondering why our Constitution seem trampled under foot lately? Latest tweet from Sen Graham says all:
    Great milestone for the Trump Administration with the confirmation of Rodolfo Armando Ruiz to be a U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of Florida.
    That makes 100 judges confirmed since President Trump took office. 💯

    If Repubs keep stacking judges to vote in their favor, both supreme and local courts, what do you expect the legal outcomes to be? You think we’re ever gonna see Trump’s taxes or financial shenanigans?
    They’re covering up the smoking gun, we the ppl must demand to see his taxes. Pelosi is working with Trump so she’ll keep Dems in line, no impeachment proceedings, mark my words. *Sigh* 😦

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  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This is SERIOUS … have to copy all … ‘Folks, what Trump, Barr and others are doing is criminal. It is a crime against the U.S. Constitution, and it is a crime against We the People, We the Citizens, We the Taxpayers. I am not exaggerating when I say that our very system of ‘separation of powers’, of ‘checks and balances’, of ‘rule of law’ are being trampled as never before. If Trump & Co. get by with this, if they are allowed to impede the investigative committees, then it will have been confirmed that Trump and his cabinet members are, in fact, above the law, that the law only applies to us peons, not to them. And you know what the next step is, if that happens? Think about it.’

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  4. Jill, I think a key point should not be understated. Mueller took the time to write a letter with his concerns. He did not just call. He knew the letter was discoverable.

    And, Barr can be as smug as he wants, but as Judge Napolitano said on Fox, Barr has a lot to answer for. As he noted, Mueller is part of the Mueller team, so the answer Barr gave the house was “purposefully misleading” as noted by Senator Leahy. Keith

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    • You make a good point. Mueller is a pro, and he documented his objection, as I’m sure he has documented his work every step of the way. AND … I’m betting that there are multiple copies of his work, just in case the copy he submitted to the DOJ should happen to get ‘lost’ in the shuffle.

      Barr certainly does have a lot to answer for, but sadly, short of impeaching him, there’s not much hope for removing him from the DOJ in the near future. I certainly don’t hold out any hope that he will realize the error of his ways and resign.


  5. Getting off my high horse, with this further information, I may yet owe Special Investigator Robert Mueller III an apology. I cannot go quite that far yet, still needing to discover more, but indications are I was misled by the initial release of information, although I knew that to be faulty–I was not yet aware in which ways that felease was faulty.
    For now I will give my apologies to you and your readers. I jumped the smoking gun.

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  6. Excellent post and summation Jill. Yesterday’s debacle….today’s debacle…the Trump debacle. It never ends does it? It just seems to me that the Democrats don’t have a lot of options here. All I really want to see is Mueller testifying. Enough of Barr!! He’s made himself totally irrelevant in that he’s fully and completely in Trump’s orbit. I hope to hell that Mueller is truthful and confronts what is an obvious attempt to coverup and quash his Report so that it shows Trump in a more positive light. I do fear that we may not see a confrontational Mueller…but a career-by the book justice department lifer who may not want to come across as vindictive in any way. God I hope I’m wrong!!!

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    • ‘Twould indeed seem that it never ends, but it will end, one way or another. A number of possibilities … none of them particularly pretty. What we must make sure of, though, is that we elect people to Congress who are dedicated to implementing safeguards to a) prevent Trump from becoming a dictator and canceling such things as free press and elections, and b) make sure this can NEVER happen again! First step, in my book, is get rid of the electoral college. Yes, it will take a constitutional amendment, but I think it MUST be done.

      As to Mueller, I think he’s straight up and unless prevented from appearing before the House Judiciary Committee, as Barr is attempting to keep him from it, he will be forthright. And I think Don McGahn will, also, if he testifies.

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      • I hope you’re right Jill. I think the same about him as well. I’m just keeping my expectations in check. Nothing would surprise me these days!!

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  7. Would you determine that a president who was a Rhodes scholar, who testified before congress saying the following “It depends on what the meaning of is is” to also be uneducated and that a 5 year old would have more education than Bill Clinton? I’m just curious. I also agree with you that the whole administration should be impeached but while we’re at it, let’s impeach the entire corrupt immoral parasitic congress and start over. How about that?

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    • Stick with the present, Scott. We can certainly learn lessons from history, but conjuring up the past to try to justify the present serves no purpose.

      As to cleaning house in this administration, there are certainly some members of Congress who have been around way too long and their self-interest takes precedence over the interest of the nation. What needs to happen there is the voters in their states and districts need to be educated so they can vote more intelligently next year. No, I wouldn’t recommend cleaning out both the administration and Congress. There are a few in the administration, however, who I think should be gone as of yesterday: Trump, of course, Pence, Barr, DeVos, Bolton, Pompeo, Wheeler, and Bernhardt for starters.

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    • Thanks for that link … great historical context, and you’re right … people have their limits and some days it feels as if we are moving closer and closer to reaching those limits. The deliberate refusal to allow the truth to be discovered may end up being the straw that breaks the camel’s back, though there are certainly enough other abuses of power in this administration that may well lead us there. I hope not, for I’m really not much in the mood for a civil war at the moment, but … I’m also not in the mood to be under the rule of a dictator, especially one as stupid and unconscionable as Donnie Trump! Thanks for the link!

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  8. This whole thing is showing (as is happening in the U.K.) that our constitution and government infrastructure are out dated, designed in a bygone era. Often based on the assumption of trust and doing the right thing. We have 3 options. Keep the system and change the people we have running it. Change the system to stop numpties and charlatans screwing about. Or do nothing and the implications of this are beyond awful.

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    • I fully agree, and of course think that it needs to be a combination of options #1 & #2, for until we get the people who are currently in power out of power, there will be no consensus for changing the system. As it stands, it benefits the current bunch, so why would they agree to change it? Option #3 is not an option, in my book. Sigh.

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    • The Constitution is not outdated. The problem is those we have elected to serve are not using the Constitution as a baseline for our republic. They are picking and choosing words, phrases, in and out of context which results in the failing of our nation as a whole. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not s self evident as they once were because those freedoms are being taken away daily. We the people are the responsible party. Not the liberals, not the Democrats, not the Republicans, it is we the people who truly hold the power funny we don’t teach our young children that anymore. The government does not run us it is we the people who run the government.

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      • I couldn’t agree more.

        People love to take things out of context to further drive and validate whatever narrative they have in their minds as true. This happens every single day with the mainstream media.

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        • Truth is if you want to fix the problems in America the simplest way to do it is to return to the Constitution which limits the power of congress and with the 10th amendment returns the power to the States and the people

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