Saturday Surprise — Under, And Other Fun Stuff

Hello friends and welcome to theweekend

I went in search of fun things last night, and I found just a few that I think you might like.

Under …

First, I found the world’s largest underwater restaurant.  Now, I’m not sure how I’d feel about being underwater for that long … I never thought I would do well on a submarine, but this place is rather cool.

Under-2Under is the world’s largest underwater restaurant with a total seating capacity for 100 guests, it’s the first of its kind in Europe, and it also functions as a research center for marine life. The Snøhetta-designed dining experience only started operating on March 20th, but people are already adding it to their Norway destination lists. Under-3Half-sunken into the sea, the building’s 34-meter long monolithic form breaks the surface of the water to rest directly on the seabed five meters below. With the thick concrete walls lying against the craggy shoreline, the structure is built to withstand pressure and shock from the rugged sea conditions.Under-1Like a sunken periscope, the restaurant’s massive window offers a view of the seabed as it changes throughout the seasons and varying weather conditions.The restaurant seats 35-40 dinner guests every night, in a dining room protected by half a meter-thick concrete walls.Under-4Its culinary focus is to create a fine dining experience based on high quality, locally-sourced produce, with a special emphasis on sustainable wildlife capture.  Now, I may have mentioned before that I do not have a very adventurous palate, and frankly don’t think I would be brave enough to try any of these …

Um … do you think I could just order a …


For more, be sure to visit their website.

Hand-held …

There is a pedestrian bridge outside Da Nang in Vietnam that made me do a double take when I first saw the picture. golden-bridge-1Known as the Golden Bridge, it stands 1,400 meters above sea level above the Ba Na hills, offering majestic panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.  It appears that it is being held aloft by two giant stone hands.golden-bridge-2

The design for the footbridge came from a company called TA Landscape Architecture, and while the hands look like they are carved from stone, they are actually not.

“We designed the skeleton of the hands and covered them with steel meshes. Then we finished with fiberglass and added the theming on it. The entire construction of the bridge took about a year.”



Pretty cool, eh?

Inspiring ‘toon …

I came across this cartoon in my travels last night, and while it may not fit in with the ‘fun’ theme of today’s post, I liked it … liked the message.inspiring-comic


And lastly, before you head out for a weekend filled with fun (and likely the first mowing of the year), I bring you Simon’s Cat and a Guide to Spring!

Now, go forth and have a great weekend, my friends! 

23 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — Under, And Other Fun Stuff

    • Ha ha … you’re the second reader to agree with me on the sandwich, and as I read your comment I’m picturing a bunch of us walking into this restaurant with brown-bag lunches in our hands! 🤣

      You’re right … perhaps we forget the power we have and the tools at our disposal: a kind word and a smile. I had an interesting response a year or so ago when, in the grocery store, I passed a man and smiled as I try to do, and he glared at me and said, “What have you got to smile about?” Ah well … there have to be a few like that, I guess.

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  1. I have seen that restaurant on TV. I imagine they charge extortionate prices (for very little on the plate) and the restaurant, despite its fortified viewing glass of the ocean, looks like a minimalistic cafe with plastic seats like a Wendy’s burger joint. It’s not a place I’d go for a fancy dinner!

    Love the footbridge and cartoons… Simon’s Cat, is one of my favourites! Always makes me laugh out loud! 🤣😆

    Liked by 1 person

    • Y’know … I didn’t even think to look at the prices! I usually do when I write about an innovative restaurant, but I was filled with a bit of angst when I wrote that last night and was struggling to try to make a ‘fun’ post. No, I wouldn’t go there for a fancy dinner, but then … I don’t do fancy any more … wait … I never did!!! I prefer laid back and casual, especially these days.

      I am the same about Simon’s Cat … it is a guaranteed mood-picker-upper!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing bridge, what an imaginative work of art. The super powers cartoon strip has a lesson for us all. Loved the cats. Dunno about an underwater restaurant personally, but innovative none the less. Good selection Jill

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think the underwater restaurant would likely have me gasping for air, even though I’m sure there is sufficient oxygen, but sometimes just the power of suggestion will trigger an asthma attack. I watched the Poseidon Adventure on television long ago and had to turn it off, for I was turning blue! The cartoon definitely has a lesson for us all … it rather made me stop and think when I first saw it. 💡

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  3. The footbridge is cool, but kinda scary too. The comic strip (Canadian, did you notice?) told a much-needed tale. And cats cannot be uncool. The Under, well, I would never eat there, but that is me. You have a good weekend, too, and keep your Sunday quiet, lol.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Glad you liked it! No, I failed to notice it was Canadian … I was rather in a grumbly mood at the time, tired & frustrated, but when I saw it, it was rather an “AHA” moment. I think a lot of people don’t realize the power we have to either positively or negatively influence others moods with naught but a word or even a look. Anyway … I plan to have a very peaceful Sunday 😉


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