The View From The Other Side …

Earlier this week when I posted some political cartoons, our friend rawgod wrote a thought-provoking comment:

Political cartoonists take aggravating facts and give them life. And laughter.
But what about republican-leaning cartoonists, what are they putting out? How about giving us a glimpse from the other side (if there is one!)? I bet your readers would find them even funnier than these.

And admittedly, I typically don’t post the cartoons I run across that are opposite of my own beliefs, but … that makes me seem not very open-minded, doesn’t it?  In truth, I don’t run across many, for I don’t haunt conservative news sites, but I do see several a week.  So, I thought … “Why not?”  But, a funny thing happened on the way to the right … I became side-tracked by a few headlines …

  • Anti-Semitic New York Times Runs ANOTHER Cartoon Attacking Netanyahu

  • Jews Simply Must Arm Themselves. Now.

  • Parents Who Let Their Toddlers Choose Their Own Genders Are Either Mentally Ill Or Evil

  • Kids In Philadelphia Muslim Society: ‘We Will Chop Off Their Heads’ For Allah

  • Administration Expands Conscience Protections For Pro-Life Health Care Workers

  • Why Facebook’s War On ‘Hate’ Is Just A Thin Excuse To Censor Conservatives

  • Democrats Search for Ways to Downplay Trump’s Great Economy

And on and on and on it goes.  We have asked ourselves so many times in the past 2+ years how on earth Trump’s supporters can be so blind that despite his many atrocities, they still think he is great.  Well, folks, here is our answer.  They are being fed a daily diet of this cow poop.  They are being told that poor Trump is the victim, that Muslims, liberals and democrats are out to get them and they must be constantly on their guard.

I literally had to go take a shower at 2:30 a.m. after visiting several conservative news sites, for I felt filthy.  And while trolling through the conservative sites was enough to make me want to punch something, enough to raise my blood pressure, it also made me realize that … we need to know these things.  We need to know what these outlets are feeding their followers.  It is knowledge we really need to arm ourselves with.  Just a thought.

Anyway, I did not find the plethora of right-wing cartoons that I expected to find, but found enough.  I may do a second post next week, but I’ve spent about as much time on New York Post, Washington Examiner, Breitbart and The Blaze as I can stomach.  The ones I’m presenting today fall into three main areas:  Jerry Nadler’s call for Barr to testify before the House Judiciary Committee; the 2020 democratic candidates; and of course, Nancy Pelosi.

Naturally the invitation to Barr to appear before the committee is a fertile ground …



And it’s no surprise that both sides, actually, are finding humour in the sheer number of candidates vying for the democratic nomination …



And then there’s Nancy Pelosi …


And that is as much as I can take for today … this must be digested in small doses, else it causes massive indigestion, as I have learned.

34 thoughts on “The View From The Other Side …

  1. Political cartoons are generally sarcastic or scathing humour. I know, I drew some years ago and was published by my local town newspaper. But as you have found Jill, when they don’t follow your own line of thought, they tend to make you cringe. Hence, the reason that I did not follow such a career. I feel that creating such pieces, demands that one be cruel and unkind beyond reason (just to get the laugh), though my distaste for Trump makes that rather too easy.

    I enjoyed Sklawlor, rg’s and Keith’s comments. Tends to bring things into perspective a bit more. I believe it is good to try and balance the viewpoint if we are ever going to have a cooperative world. 😊

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    • I had no idea you had such talents until your email the other night! Too bad you didn’t pursue it, but I do understand. Yes, Trump makes sarcasm altogether too easy … I wonder if the ‘toonists will be bored when he’s finally gone?

      I agree … I like it a lot when a post gives rise to a variety of comments and opinions. I can’t always keep up, but I do love it!


  2. A fitting post on the eve of National Cartoonists Day celebrated annually on the 5th of May. Not national as in presidential proclamation, national because of its roots. It was the brainchild of The National Cartoonists Society in 1999. The society has an interesting history itself, dating back to its founding on March 1, 1946…I love something older than myself! They are a rather exclusive society and at its inception was a boys only club, until challenged in 1949 by a woman. Six months later in 1950 three women were admitted to membership. The holiday is no longer officially endorsed by NCS as some cartoonists felt is was self-serving, but is still unofficially celebrated by cartoon lovers…like me! This is a different group of cartoons and cartoonists. While I may not agree with their perspective they are talented artists and may well be NCS members in good standing with dues paid in full. Hats off and thanks to rawgod for the suggestion. A standing ovation Jill, for courageously wading through the swamp to gather the necessary material for this post. Hope your tetanus shot is up to date, manure is filled with hazardous critters! Thank-you!

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    • I was just becoming immersed in “Niksen : The Dutch Art of Doing Nothing” when a thought entered my mind. Total aside, doing nothing is hard work for me. It just occurred to me that I may have crashed your party, so to speak, by commenting yesterday about the now today’s celebration of National Cartoonists Day! You could have been busily engaged in creating a magnificent post filled with cartoons of all sorts, well researched facts and trivia and capped off with your own delightful brand of humor…while I was busily popping your balloon! The arrogance of my dismissing the possibility of your knowledge of the event is inexcusable, unless…you were unaware and in that case, all is well. My sincere apology if the former is true, no thanks necessary if the latter is true! Thank-you!

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    • Now Ellen … picture me hanging my head in shame (yet again) for I wasn’t aware of National Cartoonists Day or the Society until reading your comment, and … well, I just didn’t have time or energy to do it up right. I did do something with it, and I hope you’re not too terribly disappointed in my efforts. I have given myself 30 lashes for being so negligent. And by the way … thank YOU for the info about the day and the society!


  3. Jill, good post and comments. As a former member of both parties, I find most people are similar to me – they are conservative in some aspects and more progressive in others. I do not mind folks being more conservative or liberal than me, but what I do mind is taking things out of context, not considering data, demonizing opposing views, etc.

    I left the GOP about 12 years ago due to three reasons, which have actually gotten worse – stance on climate change, unhealthy embrace with evangelicals and NRA and a tendency to make things up. Both sides do the latter, but the GOP does far more.

    The President deserves credit for the tailwinds he added to the 8 year old growing economy, but he also added headwinds which will show up later due to debt, retrenching from trade agreements, adding tariffs and stymieing immigration.

    The Dems need to focus on governance and find common ground with the Reps. And, it would be nice if the President told the truth more than he does not and govern all Americans, not just his base.

    All of that is hard to sum up in a cartoon. I have never been a huge Pelosi fan, nor McConnell for that matter, but she is far better at her job than the man in the White House is at his. Keith

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    • Thanks Keith! All you say is true, and I directed Scott to this comment by you, for I think your reasons for leaving the GOP speak volumes. You have first-hand knowledge that most of us do not. I respect and admire Pelosi … she knows how to get things done, and she is a humanitarian. She has essentially the same problem as Hillary had … she isn’t warm & fuzzy, so therefore she isn’t considered “likable”, but then … she’s aware of it and that’s why she never ran for president, though I think she would be well-qualified.

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      • Jill, my main beef has been a tendency to grandstand. Yet, I will tell you there is no one better at shepherding the varied passions within the Dems in the House. Even Trump is a little scared of her, which is not unusual as he fears strong women. Keith

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  4. Thanks for the post, Jill. We do need go look at what the other side is doing. “Know your opponent,” and all that rot. You did a vefy fine job of reseafching the other side. I cannot believe some of those headlines. Some of them look appealing–from a research point of view. Oi vey mir!

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  5. There is quite a bit of paranoia from the right but as with most things, I wonder if some of it is based on legitimacy? Take conservatives who feel that their content is being banned purely because of a political bias? I’ve heard this argument before but don’t spend enough time on the platform of facebook to know if it is true or not. I do know that videos of conservative and libertarian content creators have been demonitized on Youtube from what I’ve heard.
    All of this nonsense of them talking about transgenderism as a mental disorder is just silly but just as there is unfounded paranoia on the right of some imagined boogiemen like sharia law and the like, the left has it’s own share of paranoia on issues too don’t forget.
    My point is that both sides have their grievances, each with the other, the extremes of both exhibit extreme irrational thought as well as action and the only way out of all of this mess and ongoing polarization is to find commonality within our humanity.

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    • Hi Scott, I have no idea of your spiritual or religious leanings, if any, but may I ask you a question (or five, we’ll see where this goes):
      With the number of religious people in the US (or even the world), as compared to the number of atheists, can you tell me why the religious right feel they are under threat of attack and of being wiped out by atheist forces? There must be at least 1000 christians to every atheist in the USA, and probably way more, so why are they worried. Read some of the right-wing religious websites and blogs, and you cannot help but be paranoid. That is propaganda. Except for a few, most atheists have no desire to wipe out anyone. Certainly, we would like to see less proselytizing, and letting their religion stand on its own merits rather than shoving it down other people’s throats, and more understanding of who atheists are as opposed to who they tell us we are, but they cannot allow that. We are not even humans to them, we are evil monsters with no morals and no purpose for us go be alive. Is some of it based on legitimacy? Only if it is legitimate to denigrate those who are not like you…

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      • I agree with your points for sure. I think the Christians who shove their religion down the throats of others are an abomination to what Christianity really is and they don’t have what I would consider strong confident faith or a solid belief system because if they did, they would allow their actions to represent their beliefs and not have to shout it to everyone.

        This is exclusive of those who use religion to kill and terrorist like Timothy McVeigh or anyone else like nuts who have gunned down Muslims or Jews in synagogues. People like this who profess a belief in a God sicken me because that is not what a creator of the universe would represent, at least in my study of religion and personal view of things.

        Mother Teresa of Calcutta is a good example of how Christianity is best represented, someone who is humble, helps the poor, is charitable and wouldn’t think of using terrorism as a way to control others.

        Those with the very large mouths are usually the ones with the smallest intellects and they are like clanging gongs, loud in voice but empty of substance and quiet activity that could do more good for their communities than their endless proselytizing.

        I am still on a way to discover exactly what my spirituality is, though I suppose deism is still closest at this point. I find the fundamentalists and literalists to be the most narrow-minded and exclusive of others not like themselves so don’t associate with them.

        I hope that helps answer your question but please feel free to inquire further. I enjoy our discussions.

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        • Lol. I’m kinda like a parasite, I grow on people. When I first came to WordPress, and read some of Jill’s posts, we had a fiery difference of opinion. But like you and I, we worked our way through it and now we are very good friends. Yeah, I would love to hear your backstory, and where you are at right now. By deist, as opposed to theist, are you saying you believe in an absent creator god? One who created our world, or our universe, then moved on, letting life progress on its own. That is more possible to me than an Abrahamic god, though I still don’t accept any idea of gods. To have one show up on my doorstep and create miracles in front of me would only make me angry for all the things he/she/it allowed to happen in their absence. A prodigal god is not my idea of responsible. But really, that is neither here nor there. I am always open to hearing other’s thoughts and experiences, though I recently learned to add a qualifier to that, “providing their minds are not closed to possibilities outside their boxes.” I appreciate questioning minds…

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          • yes, deism is the idea that God created the universe but then just left it to run on its own. The idea of a personal God is hard for me to wrap my brain around. I grew up Catholic and then went to a southern Baptist university and it was quite a shock for me to hear literalists say such silly things like “if the bible says Jonah was swallowed by a whale, then I believe it”, not willing to explore what else the metaphor could offer if they just looked a little bit beyond the literal writing to possibly infer something else. I’m sure I drove some religion professors a bit crazy. lol.

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            • Congratulations. So from catholicism to baptistism, to what. I have heard the term deity in reference to those sects and a lot more, but the term doesn’t seem to fit. Is this meaning a new definition, or has deity always meant an absentee creator? Surely this meaning of deism has no connection with theist religions?
              But what does deism involve? Is there a set orthodoxy, or group of tenets? Do you believe in an afterlife? Things like that.

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              • Hi Radgod.

                Here’s an article that should help on the subject of deism and written better than I can write.


                Yes, I do believe in an afterlife. It never felt right to me that we’re born into this life, grow up, make friends, have significant relationships, work hard to achieve great things, die and then there’s nothing. I always felt that there was a continuation but as for what that is, that’s what a lot of people wonder about I suppose.

                I have exchanged messages with some athiests who have had neardeath experiences who now have quite a profound spirituality and some of my music has been inspired by such events as well as other themes in christianity in particular.

                Here are some links if you’re interested to check out my music.

                Soul Journey


                my favorite track on this one is Divine presence and it’s probably the most complex and took me the longest to get just right.



                The Heavens Grew Silent


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                • Thank you for the chance to listen to your music, Scott. I cannot say that I understand it, but certainly there is nothing bad about it. Is it a form of meditation music, or just simply music?

                  About deism, it too is interesting, but no more provable than theism, but if its adherents do not proselytize it is much more bearable.
                  When you say some atheists have had NDEs I am another of those, two in a short period of time. Most people refuse to accept them, though, because I was under the influence of LSD both times. They were very profound events, but they were self-induced. Still, I survived both of them, and brought back images and experiences that changed my life completely, including my understanding of the cosmos. But I still saw no evidence of any god, deist or theist, however I did see a lot of evidence of life. I now believe completely in reincarnation, not as an afterlife, but as a life after death. I have lived and died easily a million times, and am still here to tell the tale. And I know all living beings are spiritually connected, one to every other, and every other to each other. There is really only one living being, split into uncountable individual beings in order to understand itself, and the energy-force that is life. This one life, though, is not all-knowing or all-powerful, it just is, alive.

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                    • I can see that, yeah. It sounds to me kinda like what the music of the spheres would be like if I hadn’t heard them myself during my NDEs. It’s been 50 years now since I heard them, and while I cannot remember the sound of the music itself I will never forget its effect on me. Total peace felt in every fibre of my non-material spirit. Your music is peaceful too, but it only comes through my ears, and they do not work as well as they used to. Growing old is a bitch!

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    • Okay, for starters let’s consider the banning of the likes of Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos and others. These people have caused harm with their hate speech and conspiracy theories. It may seem as bias, but frankly I do not know of a single group of neo-Nazis, white supremacists or others that are led by or comprised of any but right-leaning republicans. Point me to a democrat who has incited violence in the same manner as these men have and I will do the research and admit I am wrong if that be the case. You know I at least make an effort to be fair, but when I look at the damage that has been caused by these men, I am not mourning their loss of a platform from which to spew their hate.

      Yes, Scott, both sides have their faults and there is corruption in both. However, I have a few friends who recently (in the last ten years) left the republican party for they said it was becoming too radical and filled with the wrong ideas, such as regarding saving our environment. Do you happen to follow Keith Wilson of Musingsofanoldfart? Check out his comment on this post, if nothing else, for he is one of those friends that left the republican party and in his comment he tells exactly why.


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